Jessica Simpson: “I will never understand why people take someone down for what you look like”


On her boobs:

My boobs just have their own life, they have a way of making themselves present. I thought I was going to get a breast reduction…. After having kids, I look at myself and I’m like, you know what, my boobs are actually really big, but I like how they are. They’re an asset, and Eric loves them still.

On her weight fluctuations:

Media scrutiny sucks. I can’t sit here and say I don’t notice it. I will never understand why people take someone down for what you look like. If I had a character flaw, take me down. But a body flaw? That’s not important. I have been every size there is. I know what looks good on a variety of body types. Every woman should feel like she can wear what the model is wearing down the runway.

On her workouts:

Before I was a mom, I was dancing on tables at clubs and that was my workout. Now I’m chasing kids. Your biceps curls are picking up your kids…. I give myself so many excuses not to get on the treadmill, to not do that lunge. Workouts are an emotional experience. I exercise to clear my head. It makes me stronger on every level.

On loving herself:

I’m hard on myself, I believe everything is a work in progress. But that’s okay. I do love my legs, but my favorite physical attribute is my nose, because it’s not perfect. But recently, since I’ve worked out so hard, I’m also loving my stomach—knowing I grew babies in it, and then having to go through a transformation and just owning it.

On empowering women:

It’s interesting because I feel like all women are very jealous of each other, but they are also supportive of each other. If we can all own what we love about ourselves, we won’t have to have the jealous part.

… says 36 year-old Jessica in Women’s Health.

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8 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson: “I will never understand why people take someone down for what you look like””

  1. I’ve always had a soft spot for her. I always thought she could sing very well & was much prettier and more talented than Brittany. She kind of got overshadowed in a lot of ways. I loved Newlyweds though and just watched all the episodes again not that long ago. Anyway I think she looks great. Especially after having two children back to back. Say what you want but she’s definitely done well for herself. Her clothing line has made her a tremendous amount of money. Glad to see she’s successful & happy.

  2. I think for someone who was taken as a bit of a bimbo in her early days, she articulated herself very clearly in this interview, good for her. Plus the way she looks is the ultimate all-American bombshell to me. (I’m not American so my vision of a ‘babe’ or a ‘bombshell’ is probably created by Hollywood and media but still)

  3. Instead of talking about her body she should make some new music or even a reality show she was way more entertaining doing that

  4. I just don’t find her appealing. I’m not a fan of her looks, not a fan of her “work” and I think she’s very attention seeking. I can’t even take her quotes seriously, because I don’t think she’s genuine.

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