Jessica Simpson in a Yellow Dress

Jessica Simpson in a Yellow Dress 1

37 year-old Jessica Simpon wore a bright canary yellow dress paired with platform heels and platinum locks as she headed to the 2018 Outstanding Mother Awards with her family last week.

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Jessica Simpson in a Yellow Dress 2 Jessica Simpson in a Yellow Dress 3 Jessica Simpson in a Yellow Dress 4 Jessica Simpson in a Yellow Dress 5  Jessica Simpson in a Yellow Dress 6

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16 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson in a Yellow Dress”

  1. She looks blocky and those platforms are not flattering and look dated. She is pretty but tone down the tan and hire a new stylist she would look awesome in elongating high waisted pants or a long dress or something that doesn’t accentuate her stockiness

    • yes, she has a great body–all that muscle, you can tell she works for it–but she needs to learn to dress for it. this looks like she just went to the nearest central tx strip mall in some town between big cities, saw a mannequin in the window, and said “yes, that one.” and don’t get me started on the bag… “the worst of etsy” or francesca’s rejects.

    • Her style does not evolve. She’s going to be like Pamela Anderson, wearing the same hair, makeup and clothes for 30 years.

      I wish she would quit with those platform pumps, they’ll so heavy and make her legs look stumpy, not longer like she thinks they do

        • she’s not even that short, 5’3″.. just a tad shorter than the average woman at 5’4″. The heel is still pretty jacked, without the platform.. about a 3″ incline. She would look so much better wearing a LK Bennet Sledge which adds 4″ of which only .5″ is platform.
          Kate Middleton wears them all the time to add length to her somewhat shorter than average legs, Jessica could pull that off as well

          • I’m so jealous… Are they worth the price? They’re over $500 CAD here for just the black ones, but they look classic. It’s just that at that price I could get Into some Christian L’s or Valentino….

  2. The hair is too light IMO she should go back to a more natural buttery blonde. Her family is so cute tho omg

    • She is a gorgeous woman, and Ive heard in person when she was super famous in 2005, she was even more beautiful.
      Her son and husband are handsome too, she really has it all .. except a good sense of style! 😛 but when you look like that, who’s going to really care?

  3. Those inflated lips look so painful:( why would anyone do that? So ridic… And the hair/skin color contrast… And gigantic muscular legs contrast… Wth? Are these real? So weird…
    Her stylist must like her that much I guess… I can think of a hundred outfits in which she’d look great, not this one!

  4. Hair is way too blonde, go back to a more natural blonde and she’ll look a lot like her younger self facially. Her face is still beautiful and doesn’t seem to have changed at all but that white blonde has to go! Doesn’t have a model body but she is a voluptuous healthy even if she has some treats and not just salad she isn’t unhealthy. Only huge thing on her is her chest. Not a good dress choice but whatever she is happy and her man seems happy as he should be so good for her.

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