Jessica Simpson Lost Weight from 175 to 110 Lbs


All the details from Life & Style:

With a huge Santa Barbara, Calif., wedding in the works for July 4, Jessica Simpson is doing just about everything to keep the weight off! Insiders reveal in the new issue of Life & Style that in addition to her strict Weight Watchers diet and regular workout schedule with trainer Harley Pasternak, she’s walking six miles a day!

“She’s incredibly proud of the way she’s stayed on track,” an insider tells Life & Style.

Walking that much means dedicating a lot of time to her treadmill.

“She’ll watch TV on it, talk on the phone,” the inside source shares with Life & Style. “Jess probably spends half the day there.”

The bride-to-be has gone from 175 pounds to a slinky 110 pounds — just six months after baby. And with her wedding day approaching, she’s sticking to her Weight Watchers meal points and doing squat-and-lunge sessions with her trainer “three to five times a week,” according to Harley.

“Jessica has gotten her best body ever,” an insider close to Jess tells Life & Style. “She truly feels like she’s in better shape than she was in her early 20s.”


Do you guys think that the weight estimates are correct?


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67 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Lost Weight from 175 to 110 Lbs”

    • Completely agreed. I am 5″4 and when I get to 110 lbs I look borderline too thin. She is a healthy 120 lbs if 5″4. I always think she looks 5″2 though

      • I’m 5’2, 110 lbs…I don’t have her b❆❆bs nor bulky muscles…I’d say she’s closer to 120/30, bc of the b❆❆bs and muscles. She looks fab, really…I just can’t stand the bathing suit pose tho…looks pickle-up-the-butt -ish, imo

        • pick up the butt lol nice.

          im 5’2 too! woohoo! yes when im 110 i look much thinner than her. she’s def 120-30. tho it doesn’t matter. she looks a million times better/healthier than her borderline obese days. too bad she’s irrelevant now. i found her charming on that silly newlyweds show. i went to a nearby highschool too, apparently she’s quite sharp.

          • I’m 5ft2 as well, but a completely different body shape. I guess I have ‘bulky’ muscles as I weight train, but I’m still only 115lb. My upper body is way smaller than hers, but my hips are wider and my thighs are a bit thicker. She could be 120lb+, but I don’t think it’s that unbelievable that she might be under 120lb.

  1. She looks weird in the bathing suit picture.
    But it seems like she lost the weight healthily (as in not too fast).

    • I think she looks gorgeous in the yellow dress, but her legs and hips look to small for her upper body.

      This is a random question, but is it possible to be short (5’4 or under) and have nice, long legs? Does anyone have examples? It seems like every short girl celeb posted has short legs in proportion to their torso. You never see a “leggy” short girl.

      • I’m 5’4 and I have a 32 inseam, not crazy long but I think I have proportionaly long legs, people usually think I’m taller they usually guess 5’6 even 5’7.

        • same, I’m 5’5″ on the dot and 32 is average inseam but I have long hips and a short torso so I look ‘all arms and legs’ and people think I’m tall. Miley Cyrus is only 5’4″ but looks leggy and lanky for the same reason.

          • yep, she’s listed as 5’5 and 5’4, given the fact that she is a celebrity she could be even smaller! (even though I think 5’4 is mostly accurate)

          • I’ve never seen her stats given as any taller, and there are lots of pics with her posing with other celebs who are listed as 5’8″ and up, with her looking very much shorter. She does ‘look tall’ in photos, but then so do I. Being skinny has a lot to do with this too.

          • When you say 32 inseam pants is average do you mean wearing them with heels or flats? Just curious really. I’m new to the “numbers game” of proportion, size and weight, I don’t have a clue whats considered average in terms of numbers.

          • Women’s pants are usually only manufactured with 30″ or 32″ inseams and those lengths will work all right with flats or heels for most women 5’2″ to 5’8″. 28 or 29″ inseams are specialty petite sizes, and 34″ is tall. It is nearly impossible to find a 36″ inseam if you need it. But most tall women have longer torsos and a 32 or 34 works. For me, a 32″ inseam in a boot cut jean will come down to about 1″ above the floor with I’m barefoot, and looks fine with flat or low heeled shoes. If I was wearing jeans with 4″ heels I would probably need to buy a 34″ for it to look right. I don’t do this though, I prefer skirts over pants and only own two pairs of ‘skinny’ jeans/pants right now, with 30″ inseams which hit around my ankle.

          • Thanks Bonnie! that was very helpful! You seem to have long legs, lucky you! Isn’t petite up to 5’4? Is that right? I think it’s kinda funny given that most women I know are around 5’5/5’6.

      • Proportion has nothing to do with height, Olivia Wilde is 5’7 and her legs look super short, on the ather hand Nicole Ritchie and Miley Cyrus, as mentioned by others, have long legs, Miley looks a lot taller than she actually is.

        • I always thought tall girls usually had better bodies because of their long legs, but I think a perfect female figure would be petite frame with long legs. Although, it doesn’t seem to be that common. Just just my opinion tho, others may think differently.

          • That’s funny, I’m the opposite: 5’7 and long legs (I even measured how long my legs are compared to my torso once) and I don’t think I’m that tall but people always used to tell me how tall I am, I guess it just makes me look taller.

      • It’s about proportion. I’m 5’2 and have long arms and legs but my torso is short. A friend of mine who is a couple inches taller has shorter arms and legs than me.

      • Im 5,5 and when I was thinner my legs looked a lot longer. Now when I have gained a bit and have more muscles, they don’t look as long anymore:(

  2. I don’t understand the obsession with the numbers on the scale, honestly. She looks great, so who cares if she’s 110 or 130 or whatever? I use a pair of skinny jeans as an indicator of whether I am in shape and it works fine.

    • AMEN! I totally agree. I never see the number on the scale I want… Therefore, I decided to skip it and just listen to my body an whether I feel good or not. (and whether I still fit in my jeans ;))

      • I agree I always weighed 128 at 5′ 5 and I started a lot of weight training I went up almost 10 pounds!
        The thing is everything fits the same I just look more toned and athletic

    • I totally understand and it’s just so frustrating because I really do think it’s just a lie or tell myself that. Because I am so thin. Super thin. I mean my friends and family even Crack jokes about my weight. Yet the scale says I’m 125. I’m like what the hell? And yet people who look straight up 15 lbs more than me weigh much less around same height. Just annoys me

  3. I don’t want to be mean, but I didn’t think she looked too great when I saw that picture in the bathing suit a few days ago. But I do think she looks great with her clothes on.

    • I agree. It’s inspiring how much weight she’s lost, but I don’t think she has her “best body ever”. She used to look much better than this. Very thin legs/hips and large shoulders. I have wide shoulders as well and I have a hard time keeping my proportions when I lose weight, so I can simpathyze, but she looked better during her Dukes of Hazard days. Probably too skinny to maintain, but better proportions.

  4. The bathing suit pic is terrible, her upper body doesn’t match her lower body. She looks uncomfortable and way better with her clothes on…

  5. I heard that she’s 5’2, so she definitely looks 110. Why do people always overestimate weight on shorter women and always think 5’10” models weight 100 pounds? I think it’s really annoying.

    • Because people tend to go by averages and think of how x weight looks at average height. But we all know 110lb looks totally different at 5ft2 compared to 5ft10, not to mention various body types of the same height, i.e. a 5ft2 v-shape looks completely to a 5ft2 pear shape.

    • I think it has something to do with proportions and looking long. The longer you look the leaner you look, the thing is most short women don’t look long and people end up overestimating their weight. I have two friends who are 5’1, they both weigh about the same but have completely different body shapes, one of them is more athletic and has short arms and legs and a wider torso while the other is slimmer with long arms and legs. Based only in apearance I would guess the first girl weighs about 115-120 and the second about 95-100, but I know that they both weigh about 106 lbs.

      • Also bone structure plays a part my friend are exactly the same height but she has bigger bone structure me shes around 140 and I am 126 but if we were to swap weights she’d look much thinner than me and i’d look much bigger than her at that weight.

  6. I think she looked her best in Dukes Of Hazzard. I haven’t seen it though.. But she looks amazing in the photos from the movie..

  7. I think she is Not going to Keep it That Low .she also Sems so insecure,how shes ständig there in her bathing seit.sad,really sad what Pressuregroup this Woman Must feel to Dedicate much of her life into Loosing Weight.instead of being proud and happy to be a mother. Also i think she dös Not Look Great and this is Not healthy to lose that much weiht ,and she gained a Lot During pregnancy .a Lot of women Kind of feel Safe then and Eat all the stuff they denied before.she Sems Not to have a healthy relationship Torwart Food.same like Kim kardashian.all they sorry about is Loosing the Baby Weight…

  8. Weight doesn’t matter all that much, I have a friend who is 5’5 and 100 lbs and another who is 5’4 and 110 lbs, they booth look exactly the same bodywise

  9. Not 110. She’s got wide shoulders, big breasts and muscular calves. I’d guess 120. Definitely 5’2, perhaps shorter.

  10. Can I just comment on how amazing she looks! Wow she looks healthy and glowing.
    I just hope she’s doing it for the right reasons. Like maintaining this for life. As a dieter and recovering ED I know the trap of fluctuating which is extremely detrimental.
    Anyway. Love her.

  11. She looks very good in this pics (exception for the pic in swimsuit), but I dislike very much her hair color. Honey blonde would look much better and more elegant.

  12. We all get stuck way too much on numbers. Numbers mean nothing, especially when we can clearly see she has lost a lot of weight. I like her, and I like her legs. Looks great in that black outfit.

  13. I’m the same height and I weight 175 and I don’t look nearly as big as she did. She had to have been over 200 pounds. She looks fit now! Good for her!

  14. She is the perfect example of an inverted triangle (broad shoulders, large chest, narrow hips and small legs). She looks great in the yellow dress. I think she about 5’2 so 110 pounds seems right to me.

  15. I think she weighs around 120, maybe a little less. Her legs are quite muscular and muscle weighs quite something. She looks great with her clothes on, kudos to her for losing over 60 pounds in only 6 months.

  16. She looks awesome, strong, lean, but that’s really unsustainable. What happens when she has a busy month and can’t dedicate all that time to burning calories?

  17. She looks great. Her legs are over worked though. Short stubby muscles on a short girl just makes youlook shorter and wider. She would look better with slimmer legs and lean muscles. But hey that’s just my taste. She looks good though.

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