Jessica Simpson Is Makeupless and Unphotoshopped in Marie Claire

Jessica-Simpson-Is-Makeupless-and-Unphotoshopped-in-Marie-Claire - Jessica Simpson Is Makeupless and Unphotoshopped in Marie Claire

Marie Claire has a “No Need for Make-up or Photoshop” initiative this month and the covergirl who agreed to reveal her natural beauty is Jessica Simpson. US Weekly has the details:

Glamour girl? For the May cover of Marie Claire, Jessica Simpson went without makeup or retouching.

The reason: To promote her new initiative, “A Beautiful Me,” a program she is launching next month to encourage young women to love themselves and feel comfortable in their own skin.

“I don’t have anything to prove anymore,” says the singer, 29, who once admitted to getting too much Restylane in her lips. “What other people think of me is not my business.”‘

Still, she tells the magazine she likes to get dolled up every once in a while. “If I’m in a mood to go out and feel hot and sexy, I want long hair that I can feel on my back,” she says. “But I also like bed head.”

Although Simpson said she was thrilled to shoot VH1’s The Price of Beauty – which centers on her world travels to discover how other cultures define beauty – viewers aren’t responding. Her show’s March debut attracted around 1 million people, getting beat by a show on The History Channel.

Jessica-Simpson-Is-Makeupless-and-Unphotoshopped-in-Marie-Claire-2 - Jessica Simpson Is Makeupless and Unphotoshopped in Marie Claire

3 more makeupless shots from this spread after the jump!

Jessica-Simpson-Is-Makeupless-and-Unphotoshopped-in-Marie-Claire-3 - Jessica Simpson Is Makeupless and Unphotoshopped in Marie Claire

Jessica-Simpson-Is-Makeupless-and-Unphotoshopped-in-Marie-Claire-4 - Jessica Simpson Is Makeupless and Unphotoshopped in Marie Claire

Jessica-Simpson-Is-Makeupless-and-Unphotoshopped-in-Marie-Claire-5 - Jessica Simpson Is Makeupless and Unphotoshopped in Marie Claire

72 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Is Makeupless and Unphotoshopped in Marie Claire”

  1. I like her hair 🙂

    I like the photos, too.
    They’re very light and they have sort of a…natural feel.

    I watched her show! I thought it was great. I hope that the ratings improve.

  2. I think the pictures are beautiful! I like that she posed without photoshop or makeup and I think it is great that she is sending a positive message to young girls. I hope other people see that this is a good thing that she is starting this program and spreading this message and not complain about how lame she is and how they are tired of hearing about confidence and beauty from Jessica. If you are tired of it, skip the post!

  3. I like her better with this little makeup than full on costume wear you’re probably obliged to put on if you work in entertainment industry.
    I do think she’s suspiciously “dirty” around her lashes on the cover and lucky her if those are her natural lips without lip balm in the last two pics, however 🙂

  4. That’s not makeupless, that’s natural make-up, the kinda look that takes the most work 😀 Or if she doesn’t have make-up, at least her eyelashes are curled a bit, with the perfect hair and shaped eyebrows. Ok no need to b*itch about that maybe, but i just feel like the magazines are always trying to prove a point when doing these photoshoots, when hardly anyone honestly looks like all naturally, on a lazy day.She looks real good. I tried watching her show, but i couldn’t handle the gasping at other cultures and foods like it was something weird. I rather watch the shows where it’s more like just taking in the different things, in a more neutral way, and enjoying.

  5. encourage? to what? not using mascara ? she still looks flawless, even if there was no photoshop involved… great, now i also have to be stunningly beautiful without make up. i think it is much more encouraging when someone who is not perfect steps on the scene, not caring about a perfect nose or perfect b❆❆bs (lady gaga)… i’m sorry, she’s beautiful but so annoying.


    Sometimes we forget how beautiful women are, because we are so used to seeing them all slicked up with so much makeup and photoshop, that when you see a photo of a beautiful woman, who looks natural, and normal, it’s like seeing an effing GODDESS! WOW WOW WOW!!!!

    On her lashes- she *is* a natural bunette, don’t forget! And my lips look like that without balm, however, that’s hardly makeup!

    She is so stunning. The pictures are beautiful. I’m blown away, especially because I never have really liked her character, and always thought she wore too much eye makeup, and didn’t really see why people thought she was even pretty.

    Now, I see.

  7. while i think she looks beautiful, its still crazy to see how average-person celebs look when they gain a few pounds and take their makeup off. (before you guys attack me for calling her average here, i live in town where most girls are super skinny and beautiful so i suppose it varies on location)

    • Where do you live? Knowing that you live in a town with people like that, does sound like diets, make up and plastic surgery is probably as common as brushing your hair…but knowing that isn’t as common in 49 other states, would make me think that you would look at her and know she is NOT at all average. Especially when you take into consideration that this is her naturally and bare, whether she put on moisturizer or not, lots of people don’t leave the house with this little to no make up on.

      • i live in Miami, florida 🙂 theres an overwhelming number of hispanics, most people in fact, and they seem to be naturally thin more than white americans. most girls are so tiny and naturally pretty and yes pretty much every other person has had a b❆❆b job etc. i noticed when i went to new orleans for example that people appeared more average size for american standards. i guess in miami also since its always hot you kind of have to look good cause you cant really cover up much. its a pretty superficial place. a little tough when you are a white girl whos not naturally thin like me, lol

      • What? I’ve lived in Russia….NOT TRUE! It’s just like anywhere. There are hotties, but a lot of girls wear SO MUCH makeup there, they look like trannies.

          • Im russian. its actually true women there are majorly beautiful i know cause even though i live in the pretty sexy miami and i feel pretty “hot” here but when i go to russia to visit i feel blah among other women all of sudden im not so hot.. lol

        • haha i always find these comments so shallow and silly! How can people define how many beautiful women are in one place in the world!? it’s really ridiculous. first of all beauty is subjective. second even in different places there are a mixture of cultures. and in those cultures there are different ways that people can look.

          • I dont think thats is stupid.Venezuela always win the miss universe.Beauty is very subjective anyways.

          • thats what i mean. beauty is subjective so its silly to say that the most beautiful women are from one country etc. Also, miss universe contestants imo are very rarely beautiful…so i dont think winning one of those comps means a great deal at all

          • Beauty is definitely subjective in many ways but there are also certain features (particularly a general symmetry of the face) that are universally agreed upon as being beautiful. Detailed and widely accepted studies have been conducted on infants (who have no concept of cultural beauty standards) confirming that infants spent far more time looking at photographs of more “beautiful” faces than more “average” ones. So to say that there are more beautiful women in Russia is not at all unreasonable (or unscientific). In fact, I would have to agree.

            As far as JS in this editorial… she is wearing a bit of makeup to be sure. I can’t buy that she is really doing all this to make girls stronger. I have to suspect that some of her reasons are selfish, since she is clearly beauty-obsessed. However, I do appreciate that she is willing to look so natural and bare. There is definitely minimal editing on those photos, and she looks lovely.

            BUT, hasn’t she had a sh*t ton of plastic surgery? Her lips weren’t looking so hot for a while there.

  8. She’s gorgeous 🙂 and if you watched the show you’d see she’s pretty funny and generally interested in other people. I hope the ratings improve, because I like the show! I dvr it every monday

  9. wish there was a full body photo-bit that i couldn’t see that on any photo of her walking down the street but still….

  10. Looks so so SO much better this way than when she piles on the make up.
    She should go natural, it has a certain appeal and it’s not like she needs covering up anyway.

    Same with Christina Aguilera, she should just ditch it all though I believe she has some deep running issues anyway.

  11. You can’t tell me she is wearing at least some tinted moisturizer blush and lip balm but I can’t really say anything bad she looks great and these pictures are very beautiful and ethereal you have to have alot of balls to be on the cover of a magazine essentially barefaced

  12. She is a very naturally beautiful woman. I remember watching her on “Newlyweds” lounging around the house with no make-up, in juicy sweat suits eating “chicken of the sea” thinking what a naturally gorgeous girl she is. She honestly doesn’t need an ounce of make up. I really believe this is a positive message she is sending. Good for her.

    • She can’t exactly grow out her hair overnight for a photo shoot. I think this is as close as you can get at the time.

  13. “encourage young women to love themselves and feel comfortable in their own skin.”

    Women will only be comfortable in their own skin when that comfort and confidence comes within themselves, not a magazine, whether it’s photoshopped or not.

    So that whole point is defeated. This to me is just like the plus sized issues: take something people dislike (photoshop) and do the opposite for attention.

    Jessica Simps looks nice here. Honestly I think she looks better with natural-style makeup instead of completely natural, but that’s just me. I like the third pictures, but is it just me, or are the others blurry?

  14. yes it takes incredible courage for a young beautiful girl to get her photo taken by a professional fashion photographer, which she can then veto before it ever reaches the cover…
    what a wierd world we live in. i never wear make up. every photo taken of me is barefaced, as are many of my friends. odd we didn’t know we were supposed to hide our pictures in shame and put them up on facebook for everyone to see instead.
    this says nothing. it proves nothing. and of course she looks normal. celebs are to point out the obvious just people. i find her very pretty but no others who don’t. its all subjective. the point i think her documentary is trying to make.

    • I totally agree .
      Not to be a party pooper here but lets not forget its a professioanl photoshoot. Lighting can do alot,and i have noticed there are no full body shots.and the amont of shadows covering her face These are factors you should also consider. I ‘m not denying she looks good here. I ‘m just not as shocked and in awe like many here.

      This is average,and there is nothing wrong with that. I go make- up less ( make up has a lot of chemicals, with bad long term effects,and clogs pores, and alot of other factors) and unphotoshopped everyday. All my facebook pictures are pretty similar to this shoot (minus the professional photographer in some pictures).My point is this is no big deal.

      Question out of curosity:Is going bare faced that much of a sin? Or Do a majority of women here wear make -up? Are women dependent on it ? I thought make- up was for special occassions. Some ppl just need mascara and lipgloss. What are your thoughts?

      I just what to survey opinions b./c I might be bias

      IMO I just think good skin is key, which is what I focus on taking care of.Excluding the cases of birthmarks, burns. etc., understanding some ppl might be concious about it. I know so many ppl who look better all natural or fresh faced.

      • yea see i USED to go make upless. I have pale skin and light green eyes and dark lashes so people always thought i was wearing makeup when i wasnt. i had porcelain perfect skin. I was like you ‘oh its just good skin care’ etc. but then i hit my 20’s i went on the pill. then off again. 6 months later my skin is FULL of acne and pores. I eat well. very clean, organic. lots of water. sweets but organic dark chocolate, take flaxseed, eat lots of raw food, nuts, legumes, grains. very balanced. i cleanse and tone every morning. do a scrub once a week. but my skin does not clear up. all because i messed with my hormones for stupid contraception. So you should feel; lucky that you have nice skin but dont assume those that dont are doing anything bad! hormones and genetics for some play a huge part. I have no acne in my entire family. yet my hormones are stuffed. its been 6 months so i am hoping it will clear eventually. so yeah, now…i wear makeup because i am embarrassed about my skin. and it makes me thinkn people are judging me thinking i am so unhealthy because of it!

        • Aww,what a touching story
          You have really opened my eyes to not take good skin or anyhting for granted. I should have also considered genetics and hormones as a factor b/c its different for everybody. If your off the pill I’m sure your skin will clear up eventually. you insecurity of ppl thinking your unhealthy based on appearance is one htat hits home b/c I feel that way too. Thats why I focus on such a healthy lifestyle to prevent ppl from thinking that.
          There alot of herbal remedies that you can research that can reblance your hormones and clear up you r skin in a few weeks. I know b/c my mom, who is a herbalist/ nutrionist, had a cleint with a similar problem and her skined cleared right up. So there is hope!

          • hmmm i think i might have to have a look at herbal stuff actually- good thinking! so over my acne face =’o( but meh! i should get over it! there is far worse going on in the world! lol

  15. she looks beautiful without a ton of makeup on.

    It doesn’t however, make me feel better about myself because I don’t look anything like that without makeup. I agree with the person who said that feeling good about yourself comes from confidence and not from a celebrity or a magazine. I know there are days when I walk out of the house without a stitch of makeup on and a feel amazing. Then there are days when even with a ton of makeup on I still see a million flaws. It really does come from yourself.

    • I was just thinking what a naturally beautiful woman could possibly add to an already broken confidence, just by “embracing her flaws” or whatever? Ô_o Sounds kind of pointless to me.

      But, of, well, I do recognise she is really pretty, though I don’t find her attractive at all. And, probably, without the natural make-up, I’d think the same.

  16. She’s obviously wearing mascara, blush, lip balm, and at least some concealer, tilted moisturizer, possibly some natural looking shadows(eye) and eyeliner. Anyways, she looks great, simply stunning, but cmon it’s called natural make up, not makeupless

    • I don’t think she’s wearing makeup. Her brows are styled, her hair is styled but that’s about it.

      You have to remember that when you’re getting your pictures professionally taken, they use high quality cameras, high quality programs, that reduce “texture.” Not to even mention angles and lighting. And then out of that, they choose the best photos. So yeah, chances are you’re going to look like you’re wearing makeup even though you’re not.

      • Yeah. I also think they might have photo-shopped a least a little, I’ve seen her before without makeup on at all, and well, it did NOT look quite like this.

  17. jessica simpson is becoming one of my biggest role models because of things like this. she is so fearless and not afraid to reveal her imperfections, both inside and out, i really respect that!

  18. Oooh I love these pictures!! It’s so nice to see a face that’s pretty but actually looks REAL — not like a fake doll face! I think that photoshop kind of ruins peoples’ beauty, b/c it makes them look so plasticky. I would love to see more of these types of photoshoots. Bravo, Marie Claire!

  19. People get real! You can tell from the cover shot to the last two that she is wearing blush and some sort of lip stuff!!!

    She is so fake it is sad.

    She all of the sudden decides to make this her new career move that she is beautiful.

    She was dropped from her record label and her t.v. show is a bomb and she is coping Oprah for that show. Oprah has already done that show from all around the world about beauty from other countries.

    She needs to shut up and stop selling herself to make millions off of people. She has no real talent. Can’t act either.

    Next she will probably go back to her southern baptist roots and release a gospel record because all else has failed. Or she’ll eventually pose nude!

    She is wearing makeup people!!! It’s called publicity!!! She’s a media money w***e.

  20. Seriously, look at her bottom lashine: it’s NOT natural to be darker until exactly half-way. It’s an eyeliner technique. So, yeah, she’s wearing natural-looking makeup, not makeupless. Anyone who believes a completely unretouched, unmaked up photo of a celeb goes on a magazine cover is NAIVE. And yeah, the shadowing, the hair-in-the-face, the lack of a full-body pose— it’s all deliberate techniques to make her look good. Honestly, I think she doesn’t look that great; she looks old here. She gained too much weight and now she wants to justify it by pretending to be Miss Progressive. It’s just an act.

    • Blush, foundation, eyeliner? My God you guys are psychotic.

      Do me a favor and take several pictures of yourself at different angles and different lighting. Transfer them to your comp. Take a look at them. Chances are, some of them will make you look like you have make up on. Pictures change texture.

      Not everything is a mass conspiracy.

  21. i think in the second picture is someone else, that looks like here; i don’t know, there is something with her smile, figure, mouth
    maybe is just me think about this….

  22. i think all of these magazines going ‘oh we arent photoshopping’ are just playing with peoples heads more. its a ploy. a gimic. to sell more magazines. to make us think they are on our side. they really care about womens mental health and body image. i dont believe it. there is money involved people. think on a more Psychological level of WHY they would do this! out of the kindness of their hearts?! PFFT! most of the times they just put natural makeup on the models. they are in flattering poses and clothes. special lighting effects and mirror tricks and camera tricks. there is a lot involved. they will still choose models who are an unattainable image (not necessarily ‘perfect’ imo but many people have been brainwashed to think it is).

    anyway, back on topic. i do like jess. have always preferred her without makeup in candids. always thought she had a great face/ just striking. no classically perfect but BETTER. i would be interested in watching her show! oh i also think her body is great. i love the photoshoot, i think the pics are beautiful

  23. i think she is gorgeous 🙂 but i think she might have some foundation on and maybe eyebrows filled in or maybe lip gloss just what i think..

  24. she has a little blush and mascara on so her face won’t get washed out, but that is hardly any make up and she looks fabulous! i wish women would support her more though and watch her show. she is adorable on it and funny.

  25. I don’t believe she’s fully without make-up.
    That magazine cover pic looks like she has natural style make-up on.

    And why, in the last few photos, are there shadows and hair in her face?

  26. This is a good example to all woman, IF it was completely honest. J clearly has make-up on on the cover of the mag. It is that natural make-up look NOT a make-upless face. It would also be hard to tell if this was photoshopped in any way or not as professionals are hired to do such a great job to make it seem like nothing has been done at all. Jessica is wearing make-up around her NOSE it seems like because most of us have redness around ours however she does not in her photos. Especially on such fair skin tone as she has there should have been some redness or skin discoloration. Her EYEBROWS are filled in a bit with a brown powder or pencil (or very much looks like so) as to give her face a very polished, symmetrical, finished look. Eyebrows frame the face which is why the make-up artist highlighted that feature with make-up. As well as on the cover it is very noticeable that she is wearing EYE liner to make her eyes pop and give the illusion of fuller EYE LASHES that are noticeably curled (it can be cause she has curly hair that they curled up other than using an eyelash curler,) not to mention her CHEEKS look a bit flush in all the right places.
    All i can say is make-up is not whats missing in these photos of Jessica, who i have nothing against, its the truthfulness that is lacking.

  27. i think she’s a geuine person and that’s what makes her beautiful. with or without makeup, i really believe that if you’re a beautiful person inside, it’s easier to see it on the outside. no bullsh*t.

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