Jessica Simpson: “Stepping on the scale and seeing that number was really scary”


On pregnancy weight gain:

When I had Maxwell I gained a lot of weight. More than I thought I would. And when it came time to try to take it off, it felt overwhelming. Stepping on the scale and seeing that number was really scary. With a toddler on the run and an infant to look after, I knew I needed a plan that’s simple and fits into my life along with the support that’s so important to my success. I know Weight Watchers works so I got on the plan again. I’m a lot more confident this time around. With Maxwell, I didn’t think about the weight I was gaining, and the first time I stepped on a scale and looked at the number – I mean, that wasn’t a number I had ever even considered – I was faced with a pretty serious truth. But since I had already done Weight Watchers, I didn’t put on as much weight with Ace and I just know a lot more now.’

On how supportive her fiance is:

‘The great thing about Eric is that when he played football, he was always conscious of his weight and either gaining or losing, so he knows what it’s like and he’s helpful. Plus, he loves me and always makes me feel beautiful, so he’s awesome.’

… says Jessica.

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19 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson: “Stepping on the scale and seeing that number was really scary””

  1. Jessica can look really pretty and her weight definitely looks better than it did after (and during) the first pregnancy. She sort of seems like one of these people who is mostly famous ‘for being famous’ though. She doesn’t really sing that well (or often) – same with acting. I’m not sure why people still follow what she’s doing….

  2. Pregnancy hasnt made me worry about weight since i’ve kept it in control and havent put on more than the recommended amount but i’m definitely worried about what le belly (and belly button!) will look like after. Two weeks left and no stretch marks :0 *knock on wood*

    • Congrats two weeks in advance 🙂
      I guess that if you watch what you eat it shoud not be a problem.
      Do you use any type of creme for your belly skin?
      Just curious.

      • Thank you! I’m using an organic vitamin e oil; i read that organic was better than the synthetic version. I think the massage of the stressed skin is probably more effective than the oil; i know massage is effective for treatment of scars so i figure maybe it will help prevent the stretch marks.

        • I didn’t get stretch marks during pregnancy either luckily, but tbh it has more to do with genetics/good diet than cream. creams cant hurt of course, but i didn’t use anything special (cocoa butter once a day) and didn’t experience any skin problems. I gained 30 pounds by the end and looked like I was having twins though hehe.

          • I always hear that it’s genetics, but i dont want to just give up. My mom and two sisters all have stretch marks from pregnancy so i definitely feel like i’m pitted againstnature! The most effective thing i’ve done IMO is gainingweight slowly and not excessively. I definitely dont feel like a topical cream is capableof preventing stretch marks since the damage isnt on the first layer of skin; but the vitamin e keeps my skin moisturized and comfy. I definitely believe in the benefits of massage though;i’ve used it (and vitamin e oil) for the treatment of keloid scars in the past and feel like it is beneficial to stressed skin. I’m also drinking a gallon of water a day to keep my skin hydrated from the inside. And i’m doing healthy skin diet that includes lots of foods that are beneficial to skin. Plus fish oil supplements. Like i said, i’m working againstnature here lol. Two more weeks, we shall see.

  3. she is gorgeous! Always has been imo, she just has one of those faces that’s always beautiful and striking. Plus she has nice b❆❆bs and legs no matter what her size. Sure, I prefer her body in newly weds but her priorities have changed now. Plus, I still think she is just lovely. I like her personality too. My fave photo in this lot is the maxi dress…the colours would possibly not be very good on anyone else, but they looks stunning on her! So flattering and a pretty, feminine style too.

    Oh and I haven’t seen Ace, but I have seen pics of Maxwell and she is so beautiful and cute! Just perfect!

  4. I wonder what that “number” was…she certainly gained an excessive amount with baby 1. It was good to see her take a healthier approach with baby 2. I admit I love Jessica from her dukes of hazard days, but she is still a pretty woman

  5. So tired of these famous for being famous “celebrities”. Yeah she has a “clothing and shoe line” but it’s just an already-manufactured clothing line with her name and image slapped onto it.

    Give me a break.

    • Agreed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      And I’ll just add that I’m tired of her always using ginormous handbags as a way to “hide” her body. It looks so ridiculous. When I see pics of her, I can understand why guys think our obsession with handbags is stupid, haha.

  6. i don’t think she’s gorgeous but she looks happy. i think her body can look amazing, never been a fan of her face, not pretty in my opinion.

  7. I want to believe her as she always has seemed pretty honest person…but she still looks uncomfortable at her current albeit perfectly fine weight. I like Jessica, always have !

  8. I will always have a soft spot for her. She speaks without thinking and comes off like such an airhead most of the time, but she’s such a likeable goof. She’s gorgeous at any weight, I just wish she’d add some lowlights to her hair! She’s completely platinum now and it looks too harsh.

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