Jessica Simpson Talks Body Image

Jessica-Simpson-Talks-Body-Image - Jessica Simpson Talks Body Image

Us Weekly has the scoop:

Hanging out with models while filming her reality show, The Price of Beauty, made Jessica Simpson sick — literally.

“Going to Paris, I had to walk a runway with all these tall skinny models and I almost puked I was so nervous,” she said Friday while promoting The Price of Beauty on a Television Critics Association panel in Pasadena, Calif.

Continued Simpson, 29, “I mean, I can walk a red carpet but walking a runway, I will be the first to fall on my face. And thank god I didn’t. But I was so nervous to walk out there and be judged. To just put myself out there like that. Especially next to people that eat just salad.”

Filming the show “changed me completely,” Simpson claimed. “I haven’t always had an inner confidence and I haven’t always looked at my reflection and loved it. There’s always something I’ve wanted to fix because there’s always somebody that looks better. And that’s what we always try to compare ourselves to. I think the journey really was finding what is beautiful inside of me and knowing that I own it and it’s unique. Rare. It was a very powerful journey.”

Now, Simpson says she feels “carefree” about her looks. “I definitely carry myself different after experiencing this because there is something about myself that is so unique that I found that I’m proud of.

See some more pictures of Jessica after the jump! Thoughts on her outfit?

Jessica-Simpson-Talks-Body-Image-2 - Jessica Simpson Talks Body Image

Jessica-Simpson-Talks-Body-Image3 - Jessica Simpson Talks Body Image

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49 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Talks Body Image”

  1. she’s such a beautiful woman but i know what she means about constantly comparing yourself to someone who is prettier. its pointless really because as soon as you solve one problem you find something else about yourself that you need to fix. you’ll never be satisfied. its all about accepting yourself and learning to be happy with it

    • exactly. and whats more…who actually says someone else is prettier/ sexier etc etc. everyone is unique and its like comparing apples and oranges. not only that…people have different ideas of what is beautiful! and being beautiful on the inside and loved by someone can make you the most beautiful to that person

    • I don’t think her body looks great here either. I think she works out a lot but for some reason it doesn’t show with the clothes that she chooses. I think as long as she is happy that is great and I think she is beautiful but to me her body language in the last couple years and the way her face looks just seems unhappy. She looks like she is sad, but I hope she means what she said and is happy and content with herself and her body.

      • I also think its the clothes. When she was with that douche Nick, she always wore such cute outfits. I constantly stole fashion ideas from her.

        I don’t know what happened…

    • There’s nothing wrong with her body. She just needs a better stylist who will emphasize her good features. She has no business wearing pants like that in public. Awful.

  2. Haha!

    This amuses me because her pictures contradict her quote. She’s talking about being carefree etc yet in the pics she’s posing, lips are pursed and tummy sucked in!

    And no i’m not saying she’s fake or anything. In fact there is no deep meaning behind this comment I just found the contrast funny. Kind of when my mum nods in church when the priest talks about forgiveness then stays mad at me for a few days for something as small as forgetting to say good morning to her (a big deal in my culture!)

    • you are totally right, the pix really contradict the quotes. she looks really insecure in these photos. awkward poses, glancing around kind of sheepishly. its a shame that she cant listen to her own words because she is beautiful

  3. She’s not a skinny-mini , she knows it and accept herself ..that is someone we should all look up to. She is beautiful ,imo.

  4. I’ve always wondered how she feels about her sister’s weight.
    I know she loves her but I don’t think I’ve ever comment on her weight

  5. I seen her at a concert once. She was in the VIP part. Her b❆❆bs are huge and she is really small. She looked great but i don’t think i would want b❆❆bs that big.

  6. I find it strange that she felt like being judged on a catwalk. Because the majority of people who attend catwalks are there to see how the clothes look and judge the clothes, not the models. I would say the red carpet is more judgemental of the people themselves than the clothes.

    I also find her salad comment irritating. It’s like saying, “Look, I’m better than these models because I’m bigger.” A bit too self righteous, aren’t we Jessica? Didn’t you use to be like a size 2?

    • I agree with you, especially about the salad part. It’s like she’s better them them just because “they choose to eat salad and be skinny”. It’s kinda weird…
      I also agree with what Mileah said below:

      Mileah says:
      January 20, 2010 at 6:47 pm
      I don’t believe her. She looks anything but carefree…

      Why does she have to disparage models to make her point?

      • hmmm, I don’t think she meant the “salad” comment the way it came out. It was probably one of those “oh sh*t, did I really just say that?!” moments…we have all had them.

        I think she was trying to make it clear that she was no doubt the biggest one on the runway. I don’t think she was trying to say she was better than anyone else because she eats meat.

        And she did used to be TINY. And she probably ate salads and healthy food to get that way. Which is the topic of her new show isn’t it? Embracing your body as being beautiful (even at a HUGE size 8!!!!) *sarcasm*, even if you do eat a steak here and there.

        I think y’all were looking at the wrong side of her comment, that’s all 🙂

        • oh but I totally agree about the dress code!!! Geez jess!!! Get it together, girl. She used to look FABULOUS everytime she stepped out of the house when she and Nick were together. It’s like she forgot how to dress for her body type :/

        • I completely agree. I think there’s a lot of overanalysis. She’s a normal person who probably doesn’t sit at home, try to guess what reporters are going to ask her, and then plan each and every word carefully so that it comes across just so.

          I don’t know about her, but when I’m put on the spot, I don’t tend to critically analyze every comment I’m about to make. I’m sure she’s used to it by now, but I’m beginning to realize how much people pick apart every word a celebrity says.

          • I rarely analyze or dissect celebrity quotes. As someone said, it’s a disparaging remark. Whether she planned to say it or it just came out, doesn’t matter. Her remark puts down models and raises herself up. It’s an irritating thing to do, and I’m just pointing that out.

            It’s like if she called Adriana Lima ugly, and I said that’s a mean thing to say. There’s not much analysis in it.

          • …what makes you think she’s talking about you? It could have been a general comment… I Just don’t see the connection.

            anyway, Katie, I agree with you. It’s irritating when people pick apart every remark a celebrity says. It reminds me about that comment Victoria Beckham made recently and everyone slaughtered her for it.

          • @Brittain, @Katie, @Melissa
            I agree with all of you! I never even noticed it until you three pointed it out. There is a great deal ofover anaysis on what jessica and celebs in general say.

            Then again, celebs live under a microscope and will always face scrutiny. But even she did believe that, she’s alllowed. You can’t tackle everyone who says something you dislike…

            But just because Courtney Cox says “I like tea” doesn’t mean she hates coffee. People make weird connections like that a lot.

          • @Casey,

            Actually, if you follow the boxes, she replied to Brittain not you. Hence why she clicked the reply link under Brittains comment and not yours. Get it?
            People do that.

            (not to get involved. But it’s not like that’s outrageously uncommon. )

          • My comment was indeed directed to Brittain, which is why I said “I completely agree” with HER comment. I didn’t even read what you wrote, so please stop jumping to conclusions that every comment written is automatically about you.

            The post hierarchy and “reply to THIS comment” exists for a reason…

          • I think we all get a little to analytical with celebrity qoutes.

            I think she was just saying that doing her show has made her be more secure with her own body where as before she wasn’t. She obviously doesn’t have a problem with being skinny but she’s happy being more average sized.

            I doubt Ashlee was offended by her salad comment.

  7. Wow, she looks chic & beautiful. The top would look more flattering if it were slightly longer.

    Not so keen on her comments about models ‘only eating salad’.

    • Agreed, she doesn’t know how to dress at all. Wearing leggins as pants is always risky..and in this case I don’t like the results at all..maybe if she would close the jacket or something…

  8. I think she looks gorgeous in those couple of pictures . . . Although I do wish she wore a different (or smaller) pair of pants – those were kinda risky in the crotch area, if you look at the second picture.

    And if what Simpson said in the quotes is what she actually though (and not what her publicist told her to say) I think it was very well spoken. Coming from someone who’s a little ditzy and often has things to say that get written off as dumb, I can really identify with her.

  9. she looks great. made me giggle a little about the models eating salad. i think she was just trying to make people relate to her. my only issue with the outfit is that the leggings are a bit crotch-y. i know from experience that it can’t be helped by size, but maybe try a different pair? or just a longer top?

  10. i feel bad for her, im an apple too and its a b**** gaining weight all in your breasts, torso and face. i bet you she weights less than alicia keys, but because all of alicias weight is in her legs you wouldnt think so

    :/ ive come to conclusion apples only look good when skinny

    -A Sad, Sad Apple

  11. she usually looks much better in dresses.

    anyways, she anoying. next week, she will be 10 pounds heavier and will cry in every magazines that shes a size 2 and not fat. then, she will lose 15 pounds.

  12. okay, she looks BEAUTIFUL here. she is absolutely drop dead gorgeous and in my eyes will always be the bombshell she once was. I think of her as a classic beauty. Sure she has put on some weight but um, she’s practically 30! She’s not the 23 year old we were introduced to on Newlyweds anymore! Honestly, if her and Nick never went through their divorce, people would probably not be so harsh on her. I think that when they split people were just digging for some sort of outcome, like weightgain. Did it happen? sure. But who freaking caressss!!!! She is a KNOCKOUT!!!

  13. WOW,she really doesn’t know how to dress for her body type:(
    I love her hair style, she looks gorgeous with it, but her outfit….those leggings/pants look very unflattering on her …..

  14. I think the outfit is awful. It just makes her look really top-heavy. And her shirt is see-through.

    I think she should wear more skirts and dresses. If she wore things that fit well on top, defined her waist, and then flared out a bit on bottom, she’d have a much more balanced shape and would look quite nice.

  15. I don’t thinks she’s meaning it.
    I reckon within a year she’ll be down to Ashlee’s size and pulling a Tyra – pretty much contradicting herself.

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