What Feature Does Jessica Simpson Love Most About Herself?

What Feature Does Jessica Simpson Love Most About Herself? 1

“I like my nose, that’s my favorite body part.” 

“I do have a bump, but I like my profile – I don’t think anyone else has my exact same nose, I think it’s unique and a little flawed.”

… says Jessica.

What’s your favorite body part?

29 thoughts on “What Feature Does Jessica Simpson Love Most About Herself?”

  1. I have too agree ,I love jessica’s nose too, But that is not a body part. For some one who claims to super confident about the way their body is , she couldn’t find a favourite body part below her neck? I’m just saying…

    To folllow jessica’s trend, of loving a body part that makes you unique from the general population, instead of my breasts I’m going with long neck and my model broad shoulders:)

  2. She has a cute nose, and i think it’s a body part as much as any other feature. And it can be hard to pick something “bigger” so to speak, i’m quite happy with my body but if i think of my parts separately, they’re not that great. Maybe i’d go with my calves.

    • i like her nose too. I have a similar shaped nose (tho i little less of a bump) but mine is so much bigger so i dont like it! hers is perfect cuz its still so small!

  3. why does she have to pick a body part below the neck to prove that she’s happy with herself? She is just being honest, AND she has a nice nose! Although I would also say that Jessica has great calves.

    Personally I think my smile is my best feature…people compliment me on it all the time, so it must be alright.

  4. Ah, cool. I think we should all follow in “Freedom’s” footsteps of saying all the body parts we love and what makes us unique. I love my long skinny legs and I love my Kim K booty :-D, (you can imagine what turning to the side in skinny jeans makes me look like, yawzow!), I love my broad skinny shoulders and my long pencil-thin arms, I love my waistline, and I love the size of my nose and the hump in my nose. 😀

  5. Jessica is a beautiful girl and I would be proud to own any of her body parts, specially in what comes to her face. About my body parts – people always compliment my eyes and my lips and I think they’re my best feature too. I also like my small waist.

  6. ok I’m going to be unpopular here but could we please stop with “I love my long skinny legs, and leashes, and long long skinny arms, and my long skinny neck and my perfect booty, and strong calves(they are skinny too)…oh and my scalp is so lovely and pretty skinny too” It’s nice to love your self, but please let just not get carried away, okay?

  7. I like her nose too. I like it because it’s not scary perfect (plastic looking) but at the same time it’s a good shape.

    In terms of my own body, I love my waistline/hips, because they make me look very curvy and womanly.

  8. oh common some noses are just FLAWLESS, right now I’m thinking of … um Alyssa Milano’s maybe ? or Emma Watson’s ? Amber Heard’s ? Jessica Lowndes’ ? and the list goes on …

  9. i like her nose too
    would love to have it
    i guess my fav …my arms…my little skinny shoulders…waist and upper hips
    LOL my new haircut too

  10. I’ve always loved her nose! If she didn’t have that nose she could easily just be another blonde bombshell but I really think that her nose makes her unique…
    My favorite bodypart would be my legs…

  11. I’ll definitely have to say my favorite body part is my smile. Both dentists and cute guys say it perfect 🙂 And it adds positivity, it’s something genuine…. As for the rest of my body, I don’t really like it, I’m pear-shaped, but if I had to chose something “below the neck” I’d either chose my calves

  12. i thinks she looks just like another generic blond bombshell… and her nose is just normal and average… Anyways, I’ve read somewhere that she doesn’t brush her teeth! After that, I can’t find nothing pretty or nice abour her

  13. I’ve just learned to love my arms. They’re thin but I have a lot of muscle. They’re like Madonna’s (ugh), but not gross like hers because I’m much younger. Can’t wait to show them off this summer.

  14. I’ve been told I have a really nice big smile – but not creepy big. I also have huge eyes and chipmunk cheeks! LOL. But I have only one dimple…

  15. Hmmmm, well i think she looks awesome, she has great legs, gorge hair and yes her nose is pretty good too.
    On myself i like my ankles, cos they’re skinny even though ive got big calves and i like my eyes, they are a really interesting gold-hazel colour.

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