Long Time No See: Jessica Simpson

Long Time No See: Jessica Simpson 1

Long Time No See: 36 year-old Jessica Simpson was spotted out and about with her husband in New York City on two different occasions this week.

Long Time No See: Jessica Simpson 2

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34 thoughts on “Long Time No See: Jessica Simpson”

  1. Holy botox batman! She’d look 5 years younger if she’d stop injecting sh*t in her face.

    Nice figure, tho. She obviously works hard and it shows.

    • You’re so right. She’s been looking super healthy and good recently. Why would she mess things up by botoxing the hell out of her face.

  2. I’ve never found her pretty, the veneers and bleached barbie hair just don’t do it for me. Those boobs must be a hell to live with.

  3. I wonder, how do you get to that point? Botox and fillers in moderation can freshen up the face without it being noticeable. Do you think that, past certain age, those procedures just look bad? Do these celebrities ask for more and more? Or do their doctors just suck?

    • I wonder the same thing. I follow a few practitioners on IG (botox and fillers) and all the patients in the pictures look GREAT after the procedures, nothing to do with the botched faces of a lot of celebrities.

    • I think the past certain age when talking about someone who is 36 is just wrong. I am 30 so I know plenty of 35-40 year olds in real life. Honestly, many of them look way better and younger than the botox injected celebrities. 36 is not old.

    • My guess is that people become addicted and ask for more and more. The doctors are happy to oblige them and probably recommend more procedures. I find the whole thing very disturbing.

      • I hope that’s it. I recently got some treatments and was happy of how subtle the result looked. But these girls scare me. They can afford the best and end up looking like this. If the long term result of using them is looking like a bloated villain, I’ll pass.

        You might be right about the doctors obliging them, mine planted the idea a year ago and she did recommend other stuff.

  4. She did gain a massive amount of weight, her “Botox and fillers” could simply be just excess fat stored in her face. As present in her boobs, she does store most of her body fat in her upper body.

  5. Versus, why are my comments getting under moderation? I’m curious, since I didn’t use any of the banned words. Is there a word limit?

  6. Obviously wants to be cast in the Real Housewives garbage women series with the tacky clothes, fake looking tan and hair, and puffed up overly injected face. Why do these women think that this “look” looks good…it ages them and makes them look fake!!!!!

    • I’m sure she did nothing to her face. This is what happens when a top heavy person gains a very large amount of weight. She isn’t obese, but because she stores all her body fat in her upper body and face, she has a classic obese looking face. She needs to lose a lot of weight for her face to look pretty again.

  7. Remember when she did too much to her lips in like 2007-2008ish, and got major flack for it? Looks like she didn’t learn her lesson.

    She’s a pretty girl- I don’t get why she messed with her face so much. Maybe her skin was affected by her yo-yo weight gain/loss? (Think about it- she was really fit, then gained weight, then lost it, then gained a LOT with her first pregnancy, lost it, then got pregnant AGAIN, then got super fit, now obviously gained a bit of it back.)

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