Photoshop Strikes Again: Jessica Simpson in Lucky Magazine

Photoshop Strikes Again: Jessica Simpson in Lucky Magazine 1

If this was a “This Body Belongs to…” game, how many would have exclaimed: ‘Jessica Simpson!’?

Paradoxically, Jessica is distorted by the Photoshop machine, but she also happens to send a pro-body diversity message in the magazine:

Jessica Simpson has undergone a noteworthy personal style evolution, inspired, she says, by coming to terms with some serious body issues over the course of the last year. She stopped fighting her hourglass silhouette, for instance, after realizing that “we all obsess over looking like the perfect Barbie type, and that’s not always what’s beautiful. It’s about making peace with yourself.”

Kind request to the editors: Pick a side! Either go wild and do your airbrushing extravaganza OR promote beauty and body diversity – It’s not a ‘2 in 1 deal’.

Check out the weirdly photoshopped cover on the next page!

Photoshop Strikes Again: Jessica Simpson in Lucky Magazine 2

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49 thoughts on “Photoshop Strikes Again: Jessica Simpson in Lucky Magazine”

    • no s—. when she looked hot and sexy, washing acar in bikini it was all “look at me! look at me!” now that she isn’t as sexy it’s like,”why do looks have to be so important? can’t we just accept people and their beauty?” shut up jessica.

      i don’t think she’s an hourglass btw. i believe she had large natural breasts that were getting saggy and had them lifted and augmented. she has no butt and her hips aren’t very curvy. i don’t know what shape that is but it’s not an hourglass.

  1. wow, this is beyond ridiculous. First of all, she has never in her life had a waist that small! even when she was at her skinniest. And second, she is clearly not an hourglass nor has she ever been – she is clearly an apple or some related shape. Just because someone gains weight does not mean they all of a sudden have an “hourglass sillhoutte”. But then again, our definitions of curvy and overweight are clearly confounded.

    • I totally agree. I had to sort of laugh to myself when they used the term “hourglass sillhouette” to describe her. Not now, nor ever, has she has that shape.

      • I’ll admit that she’s not an hourglass now, but when she’s thinner (like as daisy duke) don’t you think that’s an hourglass shape. I mean, it’s not her natural shape, but she CAN look like an hourglass with a more restrictive diet.

    • Sooo true!! An hourglass is ANY figure where the hips and chest are about the same size and the waist is much smaller! You can be SKINNY and still be an hourglass, or significantly overweight and an hourglass. It’s nothing to do with weight, it’s general body TYPE. Gaah!

  2. what a load of crap.
    if she didn’t care then she wouldn’t be posting and talking about her detox, which her new bf is apparently forcing her to do.
    its unfortunate, i think that jessica is a really beautiful person, inside and out at every shape she’s been at but you can tell by her yo yoing in sizes, that she succumbs to the pressure of hollywood.

  3. Oooh please! Let’s get a star to talk about not being super-skinny and embracing her curves, and then photoshop them all off. What are they trying to say? That the woman in that photo is ‘curvy’, or that someone Jessica’s real size is too big to appear in their magazine? ugh!

  4. Looool!!!
    That was a good laugh. I wouldn’t even recognize her in the first pic.
    Why do they need famous persons on their cover if later nobody can recognize them?

  5. I don’t appreciate her generalization that “we all obsess over looking like the perfect Barbie type.”

    Nope, Jess, that’s just you who is insecure and obsessed with looking like Barbie. Some of us are self-confident in who we are!

  6. I think she tries to believe the words she’s spurting out, the parts about embracing the curves and diverse beauty and what’s important in life and all that that she’s been going on about esp since her show, but she doesn’t perhaps quite know how to do it. There are people who say there are more important things in life than looks but still obsess over themselves to a ridiculous degree, and then there are people who try & look semi-decent or a bit better even but don’t think about it that much. If i’m being really black and white but still. I feel like Jess will always be fretting over her body a lot.

  7. If she is so obsessed with her body and looking like barbie then why does she eat so much!!! I would be embaressed to talk about how I love my curves then have my body photo shopped soooo much.

  8. I hope Jessica releases a statement regarding these pics. Afterall, she IS all about accepting the body you have. I think it’s crazy they made her look so OBVIOUSLY different. I mean, SERIOUSLY??? Where are her breasts? What’s with the ballerina neck and the itty bitty waist? Does LUCKY think we’ve haven’t seen her in years?

  9. as a well known mag one would think they’d have the candidate pool to hire a creative design professional who can make a photoshop job.. ohh..mmm.. believable? realistic, perhaps? or at least fire the one responsible for the above embarassment.

  10. ”Kind request to the editors: Pick a side! Either go wild and do your airbrushing extravaganza OR promote beauty and body diversity – It’s not a ‘2 in 1 deal’.”

    Exactly. It’s so freaking pathetic these magazines promote a ‘healthy’ body imagine, saying you have to be happy, healthy and all that and yet they photoshop the hell out of their models. That’s like saying ‘i’m on a diet’ and yet eating pizza everyday. Stupid comparison but exact same thing.

    • Well they’re trying to sell you their reality; a place with no reason. So no matter what, you’re unhappy with how you look, and thus will buy whatever ideas or material goods they throw at your unhappiness and insecurities.

      Technology and unmitigated capitalism are dangerous things.

  11. other than the fact that they slimmed down her body to like half it’s normal size.. has any one else noticed how weird her face looks? it doesn’t look like her to me at all.

  12. seriously what is she famous for…i get it she used to work but now what does she do…embrace her curves? is that why she’s famous because she got chubby or ‘curvy’?

  13. Maybe if some of these washed up celebs would actually stop stuffing their faces and do real workouts then they wouldn’t need to be photoshopped. Sorry, had a bad day and felt like letting off a little steam.

  14. So…
    Why bother featuring Jessica Simpson on the cover at all if they’re just going to make her look like Katherine Heigl in a corset?

  15. Yes Photoshop! Cinch that waist! What a joke? I can’t believe they would do something so blatant on a magazine cover. Like it’s taking 30 pounds off her. Like their readers don’t know that.

  16. wow! she really is photoshopped! normally i don’t like jessica’s body, she is too short to be so curvy, but if she really embraces her body like she says she shouldn’t be so “modified”

  17. I agree with VERSUS 100%!!! I am so tired of seeing magazines photoshop covergirls/models until they are almost unrecognizable and on the same cover have some sort of article about “Embracing your Curves.” What total BS, pick a side already!

  18. haha.. its funny how they photoshopped her body and NOT her face.. she still has a chubby face, which shows she didn’t loose a s—. Sometimes I really wonder who hired these baaaaad retouchers.

  19. The first picture looks photo shopped in the waist, the second one doesn’t.

    On a side note, I do love that green blazer/jacket. Can’t wait for fall shopping!

  20. How many of you ladies out there actually buy these magazines?

    I just want to quickly put my 2 cents in here. Everytime we buy these shameless magazines it’s a YES vote for photoshopping. We can whine and gripe all we want about them but if we keep buying them they will keep doing it.

    So, in conclusion, STOP buying them. STOP going on the magazine’s web sites. We have the POWER to make the media stop doing it. If you buy these magazines well then it’s your own fault.

    If you don’t currently buy these magazines well then more power to you and thank you for not supporting such a disgusting cause!!

  21. No I don’t think the photo has been Photoshopped. I work with Photoshop everyday and I acn’t see where it has been Photoshopped. And usually the trained eye can see it fairly easily where the average person wouldn’t catch it.
    It truly amazes me that some people are enveous or gealous of others and can’t just be satisfied with reality.
    Find something good to write about!

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