Jordin Sparks Reveals Her Weight


On how much she weighs:

‘I fluctuate a bit. I go anywhere from 155 to 161lbs. That it is how much I weigh, and I’m okay with it. It feels really good.’

… says 6ft tall Jordin (183 cm and 70-73 kg).

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53 thoughts on “Jordin Sparks Reveals Her Weight”

    • It looks/sounds right to me. I’m 5’11” and used to stay around that weight and looked similar to her.

    • what heavier? strange i think she looks lighter. i am 5’10 (178cm) and about 60-63 kgs, i look smaller than her but idk she doesn’t look big. people often overestimate tall girls weight.

      • i am 1,73m (5’8) and my weight is usually between 68and 70kg (150-154lbs) and i look pretty much the same as her. my legs are a tad bigger but my shoulders are more defined and i have slimmer arms. still her bmi is 21,7 and mine is 23. this is why i would have guessed she’d weigh more.

    • Same– just based on the height. She looks fit and healthy, so I don’t see what’s wrong with just stating a correct number. Although maybe pictures are deceiving. I would just think that at 6′ she’s closer to 170– and still looking great!

      • photos often make people look 10 lbs heavier than they are. dont know why you would assume she is lying just because you think she “looks” bigger.. you really can’t guess someone’s exact weight by looking at them and it seems like she is making a body-acceptance statement in stating her weight so I highly doubt she is lying.

        • But Karolina Kurkova is 61KG ~ 135 pounds, and she is often called “too thin”, Adriana Lima is also that height and 135 pounds, maybe 130 pounds now. I guess different people carry weight differently.

        • Well, at 6 ft, I think she’d look a lot thinner than she does. I think she looks great! And someone pointed out that she has stated herself that she’s actually shorter than that, and I started with, “just based on the height.” So, for 6ft, I’d say those numbers seem off. For shorter than that? They sound about right.
          And since when is it impossible to lie while making a body-acceptance statement? People do it all the time. I’m not calling out her personal character and saying she’s a liar. If I were blaming anyone for that, it’d be the media, anyway.

          • “And since when is it impossible to lie while making a body-acceptance statement?”

            it’s not impossible, it just seems contradictory and like it would defeat the point, which is why i wouldn’t expect it.

          • I’m not saying it makes sense; I’m saying it happens all the time, which is why it’s okay to expect it.

    • I wouldn’t call her curvy, just normal. People, let’s remember she is 6’0″! And at 160 lbs, that’s a BMI of 21.7 which is literally the centre of the healthy range.

      We as women have to start getting used to seeing weights greater than the 125 lb mark, especially for women who are 5’6″ and above, and not freak out as they are perfectly healthy. A weight of 140 lbs at 5’7″ is pretty much the same as being 5’1″ and 115 lbs.

      • I would have to respectfully disagree. I think with that butt, her waist an her shapely legs, she is the definition of curvy. Height and weight and definitely not BMI (what a stupid and antiquated reference) determine a girls body type.

        • What a stupid and antiquated reference? Way to flip out. I was only reminding people that normal weights are above and beyond the low 100s. Way to take a positive post and twist it.

          BMI is an approximation based on easily measurable and repeatable inputs – wight and height – that is used to approximate someone’s size. Obviously to best determine someone size you need a variety of inputs (yours are , buy example, only visual) but for time’s sake, Wt/ht^2 is a reasonable estimate. This is why doctors use it as a bench mark. Obviously its not the end all and be all, but did i say it was?

          The people on this site sometimes – you can’t say anything without someone jumping down your throat

          • Dude, you just wrote an essay as a reply, for someone talking about how sensitive people on the site are you too, my friend, are quite sensitive. my reference was to the stupid and antiquated reference used by doctors it was in no way a negative knock at you. Chillax

  1. She’s 5’10! She made that clear on her facebook page, even though I though it wasn’t that big of a deal…anyways she looks amazing!

    • online it says 183 cm, which is 6’0″ exactly. I wonder if that height is incorrect, or her height in heels?

  2. Seems right… Idk nor do I care really bc I’m not her or her doctor. Those numbers don’t determine anything! While Megan Fox and Jessica Biel have my idea bodies, I actually really love hers. Her legs and shoulders are niceee and she’s super pretty and talented!

  3. She looks great, i saw her like a week ago on some site, she was i think in a bikini with only a sarong round her hips and she looked good, i think she at a perfect weight for her frame and in great shape, her face is quite average though. Also i think she’s one of those celebs that look older than their age, like Victoria Justice or Kate Upton. I hope she doesn’t loose more weight, and i love her voice&she seems very charming.

  4. She’s so pretty but I would’ve never guessed that she’s THAT tall, wow. I admire Jordin for losing weight and achieving such a great body.

  5. Her weight is more believable when you know shes actually 5’8-5’9. The media just tends to round up for any woman whos 5’9 -5’11 and says they are 6 ft. Taylor Swift for example is 5’9 but i constanly see her written as 6 ft. Im 6’1 and 145 right now so jordins weight of 161 at 5’9 makes a lot of sense to me. She looks healthy and on the slimmer side of the spectrum. I think she looks very elegant and beautiful at this weight, its the perfect size for her i think.

    • Why do the media do that? I mean, I get rounding up your height to the nearest inch, but by three inches! Maybe it’s because they fail to take into account they are usually wearing heels of at least 2-4 inches.

  6. well I don’t think she is 6 feet tall…since when she is like 5’10 tops I know she models and was a plus size model but I never remember her like towering over people that much I say 5’9 5’10 sounds more likely..she always seemed like average tall to me

  7. on her weight she has looked slimmer then in past but I think she definitely enjoys being comfortable id like to see her face slimmer…

  8. That site is so full of bs, it hurts. Sorry to burst your bubble, don’t mean to be rude to you, it’s just about the site: just look at other people’s stats and you’ll understand. They are event stating Jordin is 140 lbs, which is almost 20 lbs less than what she actually admits. I also saw Sophia Bush listed with around 32-33 inch hips (she was features on SvC recently, that is why I mention her). And they are generally overestimating weight for skinny women and underestimating it for larger ones. So that everyone end up in the same range, even though it is visible to the naked eye that that’s impossible.

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