Julia Louis-Dreyfus – “Hotter at 49 Than 29”

Redbook-March-NS-Cover - Julia Louis-Dreyfus - "Hotter at 49 Than 29"

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is on Redbook Magazine’s cover in March and wow, does she look good! Here’s a beauty-related part from the interview:

You’ve said before that you feel like it wasn’t until you hit your 40s that you started to feel great about your body and style. What changed?

I don’t know. I think… Well, I started working with a costume designer who was interested in me wearing more fitted clothes. And I didn’t used to do that. I was shy. Because I’m so short and small, I used to wear things that were too big for me, that weren’t flattering. So I got some good advice that helped me find more body confidence. I mean, I’m not a superskinny person at all and I always… I guess I sort of wanted to be. But now it’s like, Yeah, I’m womanish. I can take that, it’s cool. I started to own it. “I am totally womanish – so stick that in your pipe and smoke it!”

When would you say you feel most beautiful?

When I’m superskinny. [Laughs]. No, but I always feel good after I exercise. I run, hike, do Pilates. I try to change it up.

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28 thoughts on “Julia Louis-Dreyfus – “Hotter at 49 Than 29””

  1. Hmmm…I don’t know if she’s “hotter” now than at 29. A lot of older woman say this and it’s quite annoying. You are older now stop looking back and comparing yourself at 20 years ago. That’s like a 29 year old saying oh I’m so much hotter now than I was at nine.

    • Going from your 20’s as an adult to your 40’s as an adult is quite different than going from your childhood to your 20’s as an adult. I don’t think that’s a meaningful comparison.

      I understand what you’re trying to say, but I disagree. I think some people become more confident, treat their bodies better, eat better, and dress best for their figures as they get older. All of these factors can lead someone to feeling more appealing, and it can also be noticeable to others.

      Anecdotal example: My dad has battled cancer in the last year, and to feel in control and take care of his healing he has changed his eating habits and is working out every day. Through this process he lost a lot of weight, gained significant muscle, has an overall glow that he hasn’t had in years. He certainly looks better at 59 than he did at 40!

      • i think Angie got better when she was in her late 20’s/ early 30’s than when she was a model in her teens and early 20’s. i know, different comparison but still…some people just dont get into their skin and feel comfy til older.

        On another note…she is saying ‘ish’ a lot which doesnt come across as THAT confident. BUT maybe she is just saying that to play it down a bit and not come aacross as concieted…i like the sounds of her…she sounds sweet and down to earth. I hope that she is as confident and comfortable with herself as she says!

    • i also disagree with polly. its silly to compare what she is saying to a 29 year-old comparing themselves to when they were 9.

      and i totally believe in the ‘late bloomer’ theory! not only do some people grow into their features (someone cited angelina jolie as an example, i think, and i agree….i hate to ever mention her name with angelina, but i think jennifer aniston is another), but others become more aware of themselves, what works for them, and are more comfortable, so they exude more sexiness. i think its such a healthy and happy philosophy.

      the old saying goes ‘god gave you the face you have at 20, but you earn the one you have at 40.’ doesn’t take much to be ‘cute’ in your 20’s, but i think the most beautiful women peak a little later, actually (early-mid 30’s, for many) and the most beautiful women remain remain beautiful, by taking care of themselves and through their improved demeanor, through their life.

      julia DOES look better than she did in her 20’s. she looks AMAZING for any age. and if she feels hotter than ever before, who are we to day otherwise? a HUGE piece of how hot you are really is how you feel. and you can see that she feels great.

      • mermaid, that was so well said! i really enjoyed reading that and agree with everything! and I was the one that said Angie. Another i think is Mila Kunis (i know she is only 26, but my point is she is getting better with age! she is better now than in her teens and 20’s)…many ppl say girls peak in their teens. I disagree, like you said demenour means so much! I also think the same for Halle Berry

        • totally agree on mila kunis! she looks better than ever. not only confidence wise, but her features look better. and i think she can only go up, up, up. and halle berry, is another great example. maybe its hollywood’s short attention span, but it seems the girls who are ‘hot’ when they are 20 never really last, its the girls who slowly blossom who stick around. look at someone (and i hate to pick on her) but like mischa barton – by age 20, she was IT. but now? men have no interest in her, and women only pick on her. or lindsay lohan. or paris hilton. it is real beauties like halle berry who last. women admire her for being beautiful but not a total tart and she still tops every man’s list! or to me, christie brinkley puts the likes of megan fox to shame! another great one is susan sarandon – i once heard a very young man liken her to a fine wine, as in she only gets better with age!

          i maybe biased, though. i am only 23, but feel so many of my high school classmates peaked then and are taking a nose dive now. and meanwhile, i feel my looks are improving. and really holding out hope that they will just get better and better. 😉

          • i am 23 too =o) I hope mine are getting better too! but im not sure … =S

            I also agree with Susan Sarandon…i didnt really know her before. now, i look at her in late movies and my god she takes my breath away. Awesome fine features and just that confidence…my mums face also got better with age…tho she has put on lots of weight =S and her confidence went down

  2. I’m happy she feels hotter now because we all know how ageist Hollywood can be and most girls complain about how they loved how they looked back then. I didn’t think she was that pretty on Seinfield but she is now :)!!!!!!

  3. She looks AMAZING:) Love her! She is so cute and funny. I agree, she is hotter than she use to be.

    I think many women look better with age. Especially nowadays when some of these women are taking health and fitness so seriously…the results speak for themselves!

  4. Love it. She does look good. And I like what she’s saying. I didn’t realize I would like my 30’s better than my 20’s. So now I’m excited 40’s might be better still. sweet.

  5. Sounds like her problems came more from being petite (5’2 1/2″) than from being young. She said that because she’s short and small, she used to wear things that were too big (as are most things bought off the rack for a petite woman) and therefore not flattering. Sure, she didn’t sort out her wardrobe until she was older, but she could have fixed things at any age.

  6. Well she is right. Remember her in Seinfeld, sure that was a character but the overall appearance was not good. She was nothing different – almost – in her non character days. And recently i’ve seen that Old Christine show of hers and she was fabulous.

    As for the first poster: you are off. And at your 20 smth you might compare yourself to your teen years. I’m 23 and i look way better than when i was 17-18, because back than i was a tomboy. My body is more or less the same, but the feeling is different. And most beauty comes from inside, from carrying your body in a certain way, from your gestures, from confidence and so on.

    • yep agreed. i also think people in their teens can look clumsy. simply on a superficial level i mean! i girls in their teens around my area dress much like tarts =S (as much as i hate to say it) the motto is show as much as possible whenever possible. and it can take away from beauty. I think many people get more ‘refined’ as they get older in their features, body and their personality, the way they dress etc etc. But i am a firm believer in beauty coming from the inside. its just amazing you can think someone is ok in a photo, then meet them in real life and their beauty just wows you! and the whole reason is because their beauty is shining through! its like when you fall in love. that person may be ‘ok’ looking when you first meet them…then you fall in love and they are just the most gorgeous person that walks the earth inside and out (as cheesy as it sounds!) i generally think my bfs at the time are the hottest thing since sliced bread

  7. JLD is a pathetically mega prude. Always with the knee length dresses and not one bikini pic in thirty years. Marginal talent, average looks, and mega prude all adds up to lame.

    • Julia actually wears a D-cup brassiere. Her breasts are quite large. In fact, the producers of her show have required her to wear loose or covering clothing because her bust is too distracting for the “family” theme they are trying to convey. Trust me, I was a PA on Old Christine. Julia is a hottie.

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