This Beauty List Is Different!

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We just love beauty lists and all the repetitive Megans, Cheryls and Angelinas that come on top, but this top compiled by fashion expert Sally Allen is a bit different, meaning that 20-something girls are completely absent and 3 ladies out of 10 are from the “Fabulous over 60” category. Penelope Cruz is the top beauty queen and the following ladies are:

2. Caludia Schiffer, 39
3. Kristin Scott Thomas, 49
4. Queen Rania of Jordan, 39
5. Catherine Deneuve, 66
6. Dame Helen Mirren, 64
7. Charlize Theron, 34
8. Kate Beckinsale, 36
9. Natascha McElhone, 40
10. Sophia Lauren, 75

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Here’s how Sally justifies her choices:

“Our top ten women are often the subject of spontaneous and unexpected press exposure yet always manage, somehow, to look great. Sometimes they are caught without their make-up, on bad hair days, or in less than flattering poses, but their natural beauty always seems to shine through.

“There is no question in my mind that Penelope Cruz is a worthy winner. She was an undoubtedly pretty girl when she started her acting career at 16 but, 20 years later, she has matured into a particularly beautiful woman and a fine actress.”

“As someone once said, the difference between pretty and beautiful is that pretty is temporal, whereas beautiful is eternal.”

Spokesman Anthony Edwards said: “Women like Beyonce Knowles and Cheryl Cole are sexy and pretty but real beauty is something that comes from within and usually requires maturity. The days when women were considered past it at 40 are long gone.”

What do you guys think about this different list? Are you on board with their choices and do you agree with the “Beauty requires maturity” idea?

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36 thoughts on “This Beauty List Is Different!”

  1. Very different.

    Clearly they’re beauty includes the whole package ie. more than just the aesthetics.

    But their list is necessarily more valuable than any other list. Beauty is in the eye of beholder afterall and they may say that certain beauty only comes with maturity but they probably see that being mature themselves. Even a young person that isn’t completely mainstream media obessed may name less conventional beauties but younger ones like Nora Jones.

    It’s all relative

  2. While I understand that last point to a certain extent, I feel like that’s a sort of harsh jab at Beyonce and Cheryl. Yes, I do feel the women on the list are more beautiful…..but just because Beyonce hasn’t reached 40 yet doesn’t mean she has not been challenged

  3. In order for this list to be legitimate, you have to include Monica Bellucci. I think she trumps most of the women listed here. She should be in one of the top spots.

    • Agreed, Monica kicks Penelope’s ass. And I would also include Sophie Marceau and probably some others I’m forgetting.

      Penelope is really nothing special without all the makeup and the beautiful dresses.

  4. I admire the effort and it’s nice to see something different. I do think that women can be beautiful without being older, but it is true that a lot of younger women just try their best to be sexy and ‘sexy’ is so different from ‘beautiful’.

    Even though the other lists are mainly due to popularity and sex appeal, they have one plus: there was more racial diversity in them.

  5. Agree with them
    6. Dame Helen Mirren, 64
    7. Charlize Theron, 34
    8. Kate Beckinsale, 36
    and Penelope,but she’s not the most beautiful.
    -“real beauty is something that comes from within and usually requires maturity”-Thanks God,people who think like this still exist!

  6. These are gorgeous women, but it shows it was done by one person only, in my eyes at least all of these women share that kind of classic beauty, “stunning” look, they’re even handsome to an extent. By classic beauty i don’t necessarily mean conventional, but that old fashion glamour thing. Idk if i can explain myself 😀 But a worthy list, Kristin Scott Thomas and Natascha McElhone always catch my eye. Quite the european blend though imo, be it Charlize is from south africa.

  7. i like the idea that beauty requires maturity because it really is still applicable at any age.

    love sophia loren, she’s still a vixen even at 75! she always looks great and looks confident.

  8. I agree. Beauty takes serenity. Although people like Blake Lively and Cheryl Cole have something pretty, I can’t class them with the likes of Charlize or Penelope.

  9. The girl in the last row in the middle..wasn’t she the girl in Jim Carrey’s Movie the Truman show?
    I agree this list is different, but beauty is subjective, beauty lists are a hard thing and are naturally subject to a lot of criticism..
    Although, when i think of people like Penelope, Charlize the word ‘beautiful’ rather than pretty etc do come to mind..! this list is full of beautiful women 🙂 but I would have Kate winslet there for sure!

  10. i like this list…i think the idea about women being ‘beautiful’ with maturity is true. and true beauty IS something that lasts. it doesn’t take a lot to be cute when you are 20, or to be pretty when you are 30, but it really says something to be confident, sexy, and still aesthetically pleasing at 75, like sophia!

  11. I feel like this list is being different for the sake of being different.

    I honestly don’t find any of those women “eternally beautiful” as they claim.

  12. Queen Rania … finally they put a middle eastern girl in the list I just wonder why don’t they put beauties such HAIFA WEHBE, ELISSA, YARA , NANCY AJRAM , AMAL HIJAZI , KAMAR , I mean bar rafaeli isn’t the only hot girl from the east niether is QUEEN RANIA jesus ! we have too many beautiful singers , actresses ,queens and princesseces as well :s :s

  13. i hate these lists. they come out with random batch of good looking people every time, like oh did you know people think this person is beautiful?
    it’s pretty obvious when some one is good looking or not we don’t need a compiled list to tell us who is. Half the time i bet it’s the magazine that decides and not a random selection of people.

  14. Love the initiative and reasoning behind this list.

    But actual list sucks LOL… Too many names (as others have pointed out) did not make it!… esp. Monica Bellucci… plus Salma Hayek… Demi Moore… and how did Kate Beckinsale make it on the top TEN?!?! Maybe top 30… because without makeup she looks plain – not “great”…

    • Agreed! In theory the list is a great idea but seems to have no real follow through. It was as though it was just made without any real thought…I’ve never found Kate Beckinsdale to be more attractive than Salma Hayek, and I really am a little miffed that Iman didn’t even make the list (especially since she’s aged better than at least half of this list) but I guess everyone has her aesthetic.

  15. This list is refreshing! Some women make it onto “most beautiful” or “sexiest” list just because they are in the news, good or bad.
    I could agree to some extent that beauty comes with maturity. Beauty is something from within and as you grow older you become wiser and more at peace with yourself, therefore more beautiful as a person. This will definitely give you a certain glow and serenity.
    And, I’m not to savy about this, but as far as I know none of these women had plastic surgery in order to look younger, which is another breath of fresh air.

  16. Wow, only one person on that list isn’t white and of western european/british descent. I guess white women have the corner on true beauty.

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