Kate Beckinsale Is Blonde and in a Bikini

Kate Beckinsale Is Blonde and in a Bikini 1

Who’s looking fabulous in a bikini this week? Kate Beckinsale!

Besides capturing our attention with her slim and toned bikini figure, this fit beauty is also sporting a brand new and much lighter haircolor!

‘Makeover or Makeunder’ post is coming as soon as we get some clear pictures of Kate!

See some more bikini shots!

Kate Beckinsale Is Blonde and in a Bikini 2

Kate Beckinsale Is Blonde and in a Bikini 3

Kate Beckinsale Is Blonde and in a Bikini 4

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58 thoughts on “Kate Beckinsale Is Blonde and in a Bikini”

  1. She looks great, i also like the bikini. I thought the hair was a wig though, and even now looking at it, it’s a bit wiggy to me, but maybe it’s bc of the hat paired with not being used to the blonde.

  2. I hate the blonde hair. Why do so many beautiful brunettes feel the need to be blondes when it looks worse?

    Love her body though. She looks very fit.

  3. Beautiful figure. Defintley her chestnut hair is much better than her current blonde. Body inspiration for me, she looks like a vase, I thought I was a narrow, more angular pear shape, but after looking at Trinny and Susannah’s Body Types I’m most Defintely a Vase.

  4. On some other site, her legs were called fat. I am sure that will happen here too. Personally, while her legs are definitely not skinny, i don’t think they are disproportionate to her body. I love her abs and her body as a whole, really good figure. Cute bikini, too.

    • Agreed Cristina! Her legs are fine,(she doesn’t need to change a thing) I think people (mainly women) have become accustomed to obviously for a very long time of the ideal, perfect body shape and weight very thin almost skinny straight up and down body with unnaturally long skinny legs and arms, Models, Victorias Seceret, many, actresses, reality tv celebs, (Whitney Port, Teri Hatcher, Eva Longoria, Alexa Chung, Jessica Stroup, AnnLynne McCord, Girls Aloud, ex, just to name some of the celebs) I personally take Kate Beckinsale, Maria Menounos, Monica Bellucci Figure and also face over Victorias Seceret Models, most models and all the other Stick Straight figures Any Day, to me that’s REAL beauty face and body wise.

    • People are crazy… i think it’s scary how much the media and the model industry has changed people’s views on what is fat. Some people are born with long skinny model legs, but most people have thighs like this (or bigger of course), and that’s not fat! It’s scary that thighs have to be straight up or even go inwards to not be called fat! For the majority of people that’s not natural. And Kate’s look lovely 🙂
      Luckily i think people on this site have a more normal perception of what’s healthy weight than other sites 🙂 That’s why i go to this site and not theskinnywebsite and similar.

      • Agreed, this woman has fantastic proportions. If her legs were skinnier she would not be this attractive. I would prefer if she had a slightly bigger or more rounded butt.

        Still very appealing!!!!

  5. This is pretty much what my body looks like, I had no idea Kate was my figure twin! After seeing so many celebs with very thin thighs, I have to remind myself that legs like Kate´s still look great.

    What bodytype is she? Slim pear?

  6. From how I understood it, people on other sites who were talking about her “disproportionate” legs, were referring to her vertical body shape, rather than her horizontal one. The photos here don’t show her whole body, so you can’t judge accurately, but she does have the long torso, short legs body shape( not like there is anything wrong with that!!!). I know its an unpopular opinion, but I actually don’t like Kate at all( I think her acting is very lackluster, her face seems mean to me most of the time, and I also find her very overrated from every perspective, looks, acting, personality combined. What irks me the most is how people always refer to her as being so “classy” 😀 Why, just because she is a “british rose” and the way they style her, the outfits they dress her in? In my opinion somebody who talks so much about their “lady bits”, and considers mentioning it as her “best feature” is about as far from classy as one can get… even if she was joking when she did each interview, I somehow think a true lady with class still wouldn’t bring it up, even in this day and age) Anyhow 😀 I think she has a very fit, toned, healthy looking figure, you can see she does exercise for it, and nice, cellulite-free skin, so kudos to her!

    • I remember that interview! I thought that was … interesting … for her to say that. I don’t think she is the classiest actress around, but then I don’t know her that well.

  7. wow i love her body. 🙂 didnt think she was that toned.

    although i see why people might think her leg was disproportionate to her body with these photos. because her stomach is so thin. i dont think its a bad thing. having a bit chunkier legs maybe bigger in the bottom proportion but i think it makes waist to hip ratio a lot nicer. and it looks good on her.

  8. as for the blonde . shes the girl that can rock any hair color and hair cut and still look great. but i do prefer the brunette hair.

  9. Also, I have to mention that I’m really glad she decided to get her breast implants taken out a while back, she looks much more natural and nicer now!

    @Versus: Hi Versus, sorry to be off-topic, but I’d like to ask, whether you could post Salma Hayek’s latest bikini pictures? These are the ones I mean( I know there are more pics on other sites, but I originally saw these at Dlisted):


  10. I love her movies,her body,bikini but I don’t like the bikini top and her hair…She doesn’t look as sexy with that blond hair but I’m sure she did it for a movie and will color it back after she’s done with it.

  11. So a Skittle, Vase combo it looks like 😀 Maybe she’s just a skittle or a vase? 😀 I dunno the exact answer? Versus can help decide 😀 Also help me be 100% exact in it for my own shape since I’m basically the same shape as Kate

  12. in terms of her legs she just needs to work her hamstrings. they’re totally untoned, which is weird bc her quads are toned. i think she’s just working out unevenly.

  13. she acually has a very tiny body, the bikini is right for her it makes her look way curvier i bet if she had on one with no ruffles everyone would be like oh she has no b❆❆bs bla bla

  14. She is one of my favorite celebrity bodies. She’s one of my body idols. (Well, as much as she can be, since she probably is a half a foot taller than me.)

    I actually like her new blonde hair. Not as much as her brown hair, though. Also, I’d have to see her eyebrows and think again if they’re too drastically different.

  15. This woman is totally overrated, she has buck teeth and is horsy looking even though she has had a lot of surgery. she looked a lot differennt in her 20’s. She also get away with being skinny when other celebs who are bigger than her get a hard time for being skinny. I really don’t get the hype for this woman.

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