The Hottest Girl in a Short Black Dress Is… AnnaLynne McCord VS Kate Bosworth!


Young, thin and blonde celebs in short black dresses – it’s a classic! Do you prefer AnnaLynne with her toned legs, pompous shoes and revealing backless dress or Kate’s petite figure and strapless dress?

Check them out from the front after the jump and decide:

The Hottest Girl in a Short Black Dress Is… AnnaLynne McCord VS Kate Bosworth!

Pick your favorite!



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45 thoughts on “The Hottest Girl in a Short Black Dress Is… AnnaLynne McCord VS Kate Bosworth!”

  1. kate's dress reminds me of those huge tissue paper roses they sell at six flags–the kind on a long stick.

    for a "blue blood," she makes some tacky choices.

    annalynne rocks her lbd so much better

  2. I think AnnaLynne needs to choose whether to show off all that back or her legs and not both – it looks tacky and desperate. If the dress were a couple inches longer it would look a lot better from the back. Kate looks adorable and comfortable in herself, so I think she wins!

  3. I like both dresses but Anna looks better.

    Whoever says she looks bad or finds too many flaws to her outfit is definitely jealous!!!!!

    • haha wow, im not jealous at all! her outfit is just trashy. she is a very pretty girl with a bangin' body. she just looks like a tramp. and that is not sexy.

      • also, have you ever noticed if a girl thinks another girl doesnt look her best, all of a sudden we're jealous? lol, girls always think girls are jealous of other girls. ive never been jealous, i see the good in others, but I can also see the bad. this was a bad choice.

    • pompous = ornated, pretentious in this context… cause of the big bow. It's not a bad meaning.

      The Victorian dresses were pompous as well.

  4. i'm definitely not jealous of that dress, holly. i am a big annalynne fan, i just dont think the dress is appropriate – all that back showing AND its short, AND its tight on the butt? i dont know, i think its too much.

  5. I say Kate! Even though both dresses look a little odd, Kate's is a lot more tasteful. AnnaLynne's is too tacky and shows too much skin. Her shoes don't match either.

  6. WOW! Annalynne defiantely wins. Defnaely a daring outfit, but the neck lace and the hideous shoes need to go. it makes the poutfit lok so Gawdy.toned fit, slim, and healthy.

    kate dress looks like the feathers of a snow owl, and not in a good way…

  7. kate looks better annalynn is looking way trashy in this pic, she looks like those s—ky girls u see at clubs…ths isnt a lil black dress its basicaly a tee

  8. I agree with everyone's comments about Annalynne looking tacky. She has a beautiful body, she should dress it better. She most definitely looks like one of the million desperate girls at all the LA clubs.

    Kate's dress is weird too, but she looks good!

  9. kates-but only because her sexiness is subtle, and not over the top like anna's. anna is showing off way too much and it looks tacky.

  10. I understand your point of view, however the question here was "who looks hotter?" and not "who looks classier?".

    In my opinion Anna wins and since she's only 20 something she's right to show off a bit.

    If she was in her 40s and still dressed like this she would definitely look like a cheap trump….. (see Pamela Anderson's example ;-))

  11. Uh, no, pompous does not have the meaning of 'highly ornamental' or voluminous, it only has the meaning of 'arrogant, pretentious' etc. You can check in the dictionary or even on Google, there are no uses of it that sense that I can see coming up in the first few pages.

    Either way, her shoes are ugly =/

  12. Kate looks so much better than she normally does! More like her early days. Analynne actually makes her look curvy. Anna Lynne has a nice body, but her dress is a little too much and her shoes, wtf?

  13. I remember when Kate Bosworth gained weight because she looked so skeletal. Now she's lost it again and AnnaLynne makes her look healthy! Isn't it funny how quickly we've accepted this extreme thinness as the norm.

  14. annalynne all the way, she rocks it and damnn her legs and back are sooo sexyy and she’s in fabulous shape!! and i want that dress sooo bad!! nice pick annalynne 🙂

  15. Whew! Annalynn wins. Pic #2 – what the hell happened to Kate? Used to be pretty now she looks like her face fell out of bed. And the hair need some serious work too. Used to be a looker, but it looks like those days are over. Too bad! Annalynn however can get less tacky – she’s a looker.

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