Did Kate Hudson Get a Boob Job?

Did-Kate-Hudson-Get-a-Boob-Job - Did Kate Hudson Get a Boob Job?

I hope not! But did she, really? Let’s see the details from Us Weekly:

“I have small breasts, obviously,” Kate Hudson proudly proclaimed at the 2002 Golden Globes. “It’s nice to be able to wear a plunging neckline and have it be elegant.”

Looks like Hudson had a change of heart. An insider says in the new issue of Us Weekly that a plastic surgeon performed a small breast augmentation on the actress, 31, in late March. And the mom to son Ryder, 6, looked noticeably fuller on top while poolside in Miami on April 9.

Explains another source, “Kate makes jokes about her boobs, but her chest has always been one of her biggest insecurities.”

Hudson’s rep did not return requests for comment.

Based on this info and on the above comparison, what do you guys think?

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80 thoughts on “Did Kate Hudson Get a Boob Job?”

  1. I would deff say yes, it totally looks like it. You can notice especially in her right breast, it looks much rounder and fuller. I wouldn’t attribute it to anything like weight gain either, but she doesn’t look any heavier, and even if she were she’d have to gain a significant amount of weight for her breasts to increase that much.

    • true. i mean, i’d probably want bigger breasts than on the first picture…
      but why are her breasts actually this small? goldie hawn’s aren’t! could she possibly have been anorexic during her teeenage years?

      • Well daughters don’t always take after their mothers. My mum wears a 34E and I’m only a 32B….differnet body shapes and weight.

      • Specific sex characteristics like breast size are on the autosomes, so she could have inherited hers from her father’s genes.

        • alright, yes, i know that’s true. i just find it surprising anyway. i don’t know any adult woman with such small breasts, that’s all. but that also means that it was a very specific characterisitc for kate hudson, which is a good thing again…

          • yes she had battled with eating disorders when she was younger however I don’t necessarily think that that has attributed to why she doesn’t have breasts. I really do think that she is a pear shaped maybe even ruler with a– and hips before her pregnancy and due to whether she breast fed or not made her b❆❆bs smaller. Just a thought

          • You don’t know ANY adult women with sucy small breasts? I know women who range from AA cups to JJ cups! Everyone is different.

      • What would make you think that? Are an only child or something? Serisouly, I come from a family of six and guess what five are girls, all came from the same parents, and not one of us have the ‘same’ of anything. Different skin tones, different sizes, different heights, especiallly different breast sizes. How you by chance lived in a box most of your life? cause I can not see how any normal person that leaves their house daily, think such a thing. you appear to be the type of person that makes most people sick.

          • So B who are you talking to ? And thank you Casey my comment wasn’t far fetched or stupid and yes I am aware that a mom and her children can be different I have a darker skin tone than my mom smaller frame and darker eyes! Usually when someone would talk to me that way in real life I would knock the SH*T out out of them or I would curse them out on this site. But I won’t LMAO at Kate and B probably grown a– women or tween trolls. And just so you know no I’m not retarded I’m intelligent and currently enrolled in *gasps* college that is *gasps* outside my house. What a shocker right! I shall by you hooked on phonics so you can learn how to read. My comment deff was NOT offensive and in need of your reply. Maybe you were having bad day much? I’m assuming B is one of those drive by girls! You prob won’t reply! *sighs* *hides under table* GIRL BOOOOOOOOOO!

        • WHOA. That comment from B was so ridiculous I had to laugh. But seriously, B, follow these steps and you might feel better:
          1. Chill the HELL out.
          2. Take your medication.
          3. Have a nap.
          4. Get an education.

          Good luck!

          • natasha i think b meant me…either way, b, i can’t remember when i last heard anyone talking like this to anyone else, except maybe abusive parents to their children, and i really hope you dont talk this way to people in real life (although i would find it a shame aswell that anyone would be more rude to people simply because the communication is taking place over the internet).

          • @Celi thanks for trying to be the bigger person/mediator but no thanks there’s no need I don’t really care what she meant there is no need for you to be her attorney and their was no need for her comment at ALL and I’m sure other people thought so what I said wasn’t fat fetched ignorant or anything stupid of the sort so I don’t appreciate the condescending/down right rude and nasty comments. Thus I don’t like people who leave drive by comments and don’t respond to them because don’t dish out what you take back. I almost felt like because she was siting behind her computer in the comforts of her own house she got courageous and wanted to show out *kanye shrug* And as far a do I talk to people this way when I feel blatantly disrespected in real life YES. To be honest I think it’s time for me to take a little vacay or just look at the posts and keep it moving. I’m done! And I stick with what I said I feel bad for how you took the comment Celi but nor do I apologize or feel sorry. I could care less if she was offended/hurt by my comment……….

          • natasha, i meant b! who was absolutely rude and all! and i was just trying to relax you because i think b was talking to me! i’m not being her (?) attorney or anything!

          • you must have misunderstoo´d my comment, Natasha. i was the one who asked whether kate used to be eathing disordered in the first place! and i know how you feel. this lack of respect from others makes me want to stop posting comments anywhere.

  2. Well she was really flat chested so i’d find it hard to believe she’d be one of those who gain easily on their breasts (bc she does seem a bit bigger). But idk. Anyways, they still look natural and not like a pair of balloons, so i don’t really care if she did it, though i’m not a huge fan of implants.

  3. i think its fully up to the person whether they want fake breasts or not, i mean every small chested woman in my bfs big family had them done , and its made them happier so whatever
    i can give an opinion. heidis boobs- ridiculous, kate’s- just right in my opinion. i think its most flattering and decent looking when a girl goes from an A to a B or a small C. I think megan fox did something like kate but i might be wrong.
    then again it could be like paris hilton, who went looking from an A to a full C cause of a bra. you never know!

  4. I wouldn’t be so sure. I know I’m not the only one who gains almost a cup size during PMS week just from bloating, and since I’m small, it looks like a dramatic change.

    Also, you can’t tell if the second top has any padding, and let me tell you padding, can make even 99% flat b❆❆bs have that upper curve just by pushing the skin above.

  5. It’s probably just a push-up and some padding. But obviously I don’t know for sure. If they are fake then they look perfectly fine.

  6. if i were her, i would have done the same thing.I couldn’t live with NO breast at all. the b❆❆bs look really good and they are just the right size.

  7. I hope this isn’t true.. my b❆❆bs are about the same size as Kate’s (maybe a teeeeny bit bigger, but not much) and she’s always been a bit of a ‘role model’ for me in that department, in the fact that she always seems so confident regardless of her cup size.
    It annoys me how small breasts are somehow seen as ABnormal nowadays (thanks partly to the media).

    • I agree it seems at times like small breasts would be something abnormal when their discussed in the media, and when discussing implants there are often quite a few of the “i would want them too if i was as small chested as her” comments, but in real life, i don’t think it’s a big deal at all. But basically my whole family is small breasted (aunts and grannies etc included), so maybe i’m just more used to it than some women.

    • small chested role models: olivia wilde, kirsten bell, mila kunis, rachel bilson, mischa barton, haydyn panittiere.

      there are so many! every fashion model out there pretty much, but i don’t know their names.
      it is so much harder to find a role model with breasts over a d cup who doesn’t look like a s— or at the very least a sexy secretary cliche. Its like there is a uniform if you have boobs, fashion doesn’t favour the big boobed.

  8. Although I guess from a aesthetic standpoint, she does loo better, but I REALLY hate when an established well known actress does something like this well into her career. I don’t think it is appealing or admirable, and it’s just awkward.

  9. I don’t know it’s a close call and if she did get it done she got a small or medium b. As for her getting implants I would have expected from everyone except her. Why? Like someone else said it’s hella awkward when your well into your career and you get surgery like this! Not that I’m against plastic surgery in anyway because I’m definitely not wagging my finger at anyone but I just find this very odd. Also I need a bikini pic to tell for SURE!

  10. so disappointing if she did it-she even looks like she has a bigger stomache in that one shot, so maybe it’s weight? time will tell as other photos come out-but i really liked that she never bent to that pressure-it was nice to see a confident flat chested woman-it made her attractive to me….. AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT”S DISAPPOINTED?-i’ve always wanted to be able to wear the low cut tops and sheer dresses and TINY bras, but i look ‘s—ty’…..

    • Bigger stomach could mean bloating from the monthly cycle, which would also explain larger boobs. That’s what always happens to me.

  11. She’s still ugly and talentless.
    Thank god for her that her mom has some strings to pull and some money to co-produce movies so she can turn her daughter into a star.

    She is the movie version of lil bow wow.

  12. maybe she gained a few pounds or she’s just getting older 😉 my mother always used to have a very small b, now, being 50, she has a c/d and she has just 6-7 pounds more than ten years ago

  13. I dislike her quote. It’s like women with breasts who wear plunging necklines cannot be elegant, which isn’t true.

    But as for her, I’m not sure. One picture comparisons are always hard to compare. She’s older now, she’s had kids, she’s gained a little weight, she’s in differnet lighting, she’s wearing different clothes. Hell my breasts change from a 32B to a 32C just from menstrual cycle alone. So who knows.I would have to see more pictures.

    • well im a size e and i sort of agree with her, if i wear a dress like that i would just end up looking s—ty!! of course some people can pull it off, but generally girls with bigger breast have to be careful about revealing them.. which sucks sometimes cos when we cover them up we look bigger.. :/ or it could just be me 😛

      • totally agree with you, Natalie — with big breasts, you’re screwed either way. Christina Hendricks is a perfect example of that. (I have big breasts myself).

  14. Umm… i think that if she had gotten surgery, there would def be a better side by side than this.. the “after picture” barely shoes anything.. meanwhil;e anyone wearing a triangle bikini vs a tanktop (and possibly pushup) would look flatter in the bikini… I think its ridiculous that they can say she had surgery after looking at that picture. Clearly, if she actually was much bigger we’d be able to see it in many photos from diff angles as well….

  15. kinda makes me sad, i always looked up to her for being so beautiful and not having the biggest chest considering I don’t either

  16. Tbh, the first thing I looked at was her belly, despite the title of this article.

    I’m thinking she’s started to put weight on her b❆❆bs maybe?
    Either way, who cares if she’s got a b❆❆b job.
    It’s her body.

  17. darn that sucks… was she not beautiful enough without them? i think she was gorgeous. still is tho. i have small b❆❆bs and she was one of the few celebrities that made me think they’re okay.

  18. I would possibly say a lil weight gain, though hard to tell from the angle of the pic, and also triangle tops I think make flat girls look just that, flat (aka sporty spice back in the day!).
    But if she has had one done, i think she chose a perfect size for her

  19. It’s none of our business. She didn’t lie about it or misguide the public(like Demi Moore), so it is really a private matter.

  20. If she got a b❆❆b job, it looks really good. She went for the right size, as they are proportional to her body. She may also be wearing padding.

    Personally, I think it’s best to go with what mother nature gave you, but I must admit that I really like a figure with boobs. What I admire most though is a fit woman and Kate is definitely fit. If she has a small chest, so what?


    • Sorry, but b❆❆b jobs are not meant to give you 5 cup sizes. They should add 1-2 sizes max. Did you know most women that have breast augmentation only want to be a ‘C’ cup.

        • There is definitely a significant increase in her breast size considering she was pretty much flat chested before. They are still small-average size but fit her frame and look natural.

  22. I don’t think so. She could have just gained some weight. They aren’t that much bigger, I’ve never seen anyone get such small implants unless she really didn’t want it to be obvious.

    • People need to stop looking at pics of Heidi Montag! In the real world women with AA or A cups usually go up to a B or C cup, not DD’s!

  23. I go with weight gain and different bra. B❆❆bs don’t always look the same. I’m flat like that, too, but sometimes my breasts look kinda decent or rather..existent. I mean, it’s not impossible she got a b❆❆b job, this is Hollywood after all and the pressure must quite a bit higher than in ‘real life’; but I don’t think we can assume she’s had something done from this comparison..

  24. I think she did.

    Personally, I didn’t see anything wrong with how she looked before. I was actually a bit jealous – she could wear all sorts of low cut styles and look awesome, where as I would look like I should be walking a street corner. But the grass is always greener, no? I will say this: I am thrilled that she got a size that fits her body. Especially having just looked at pics of Heidi…

  25. im a surgeon. i can tell she had them done, that bra is not padded at all, it doesnt even have support below.
    i can tell her implants are anatomic subglandular 250 cc.

  26. Ouch, So a busty woman can’t look elegant in a plunging neckline, that hurts, but I guess that is true because I’m a 34DD and its hard to find a shirt where your not showing even the tiniest amount of clevage, but hey if she got it done then whatever makes her happy.

  27. I think they’ve just gotten bigger after her pregnancy. She doesn’t strike me as someone who would get implants. She’s beautiful anyway b❆❆bs or no b❆❆bs she has a gorgeous face.

  28. She was seriously my inspiration as a kid growing up with A cups….I feel bad but thank god I am an adult and don’t look to celebrities as role models any more.

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