Kate Hudson: “No meat, no dairy, no gluten and I try to stay away from sugar”


On her diet:

“I live by a rule book of eating alkaline – no meat, no dairy, no gluten (and) I try to stay away from sugar – but I’ll cheat when I want to, since I’m a bit of a foodie. I try not to make it not so much about dieting, but rather everything in moderation.”

On working for her shape:

While I try to keep my fitness regimen consistent, during awards season, I’m especially conscious of what I’ll be wearing and plan my workouts accordingly. If I plan to wear a sleeveless dress, I concentrate more on my arms during my workout the day before. If my outfit includes a short dress, I incorporate more leg moves and squats. If I feel like I need a little color, I’ll get a natural spray tan. Not only does this give me a little extra coverage, but it also allows me to achieve the bronzed look I want without the sun damage.

… says Kate.


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38 thoughts on “Kate Hudson: “No meat, no dairy, no gluten and I try to stay away from sugar””

  1. geez maybe I’m being harsh, but I can’t help but think, all that effort to look pretty ordinary. Anyway has she acted in anything recently? I feel like she just goes to award shoes for fun, like Kate Bosworth.

    • Ha so agree…..could I not eat meat and sugar or be vegan, probably, would I do it absolutely not. What all of these vegans, must have organic, etc. people don’t realize is that sadly our entire Eco-system has been corrupted down to the soil where organic vegetables are planted. Fish absorb Mercury from the surface of the ocean brought on by simple rainfall. Bottom line restricting foods will not make us live any longer eating in moderation laughing and enjoying life will……..

      • funny, her diet sounds remarkably similar to my little sister’s pet bunny. I never imagined sweet Buttons had so much in common with an A-list celebrity!

        • Great, I laughed soooo hart at this 🙂 Absolutely…. maybe she should consider sticking to an oak and carrot diet, because if she tends to animality nutrition and compares bunnies to horses she would rather want go with the more “athletic” corpse type with very much defined muscles which is uberly efficient and like a serious athlete. Well, the bunny is more the fluffy, puffy, cutie one 😉

    • I agree…if I’m doing all this AND busting my ass, I better look like one of those round-bootied “fitness models” on Instagram

      • lol same, and pretty sure I would too… I don’t think she’s doing the right kind of exercise, she doesn’t look to have much muscle.

      • She could probably mimic it if she posed like they do for their selfies! But I agree, she would probably look a lot leaner if all this were true. Maybe she’s just been taking a break lately? She usually looks fab.

    • i follow a similar diet (as a vegan) except i do eat gluten. and sugar is in damn-near everything (esp if you’re veg, it’s unavoidable) so i don’t know what she’s talking about with that–maybe she means she avoids refined or added sugars?
      a person’s diet isn’t always about looking a certain way but FEELING a certain way (in body–energy, and mind–compassion for animal welfare). so don’t always assume somebody’s food preferences are for shallow reasons. but i get it, it’s pretty common for celebs to be shallow anyway.

      and no, she hasnt been in jack squat. her career is her last name, essentially, and her silly over-priced fitness attire + some cruddy/mushy rom-coms years ago. she’d be better off living on an island with kate bosworth, jess alba, and gwyn paltrow.

      • Agreed!! I’m vegan as well and it’s definitely not about depriving myself to look a certain way, I just feel so amazing not filling my body with the crap that I use to. I also eat more of a range of foods as a vegan than I did eating omni.
        I do rarely eat gluten but that’s due to a mild intolerance that causes me to get eczema.

    • i think this way too. I never gain weight, at worst i’m 125 and my clothes look about the same as when im working out a ton. So on one side it’s good that i can never look extremely bad, but at the same time I’ll never be able to extremely good. I’ve tried to do both and I always stay at this “boring middle ground” that kate and many other actresses are in

    • Nope, you must care more about what’s on the outside of your body than what goes/is inside it, while pretending to care more about what goes inside it (“healthy”).

  2. Ok, so she basically admits to restricting and not eating a bunch of stuff then she says everything in moderation? What a contradiction. She doesn’t even look that good. I find this quote really awful in several ways, one is the restriction. But the second part, she sounds so vain. This is what actresses with no talent do, they get all their press by trying to look the best at the award shows.

  3. Hey, do the skinnyvscurvy accounts got deleted? I could comment but not receive notifications through that account and had to make one with Disquss. What’s going on?

  4. What does she eat then?

    Sorry, but what’s the point of life if not enjoying in food (And other things). I’m not saying get fat now, but a plate of pasta for lunch won’t make you fat. Everything in moderation, not stuffing your mouth with food.

    Also you need food if you workout.

    Just to add: I think with this quote she sets negative mindset in women. Eat healthy!

  5. Does doing extra arm exercises just the day before you wear a sleeveless dress make much of a difference? I know she exercises regularly anyway, but does doing more than usual within 24 hrs of an event help with definition or something? Seems like you’d need to start in the weeks leading up

    • Getting a pump in a certain muscle makes a difference in its appearance for a few hours afterwards, but definitely not 24 hrs later… For a permanent change in appearance obviously you have to actually build more muscle mass which takes much longer. I think she’s just confused >.<

    • I feel like my muscles are instantly a little more defined right after a workout but that doesn’t mean they actually are lol

    • It’s often an excuse to lose weight. My sister went dietary vegan lately and I found an Instagram account she uses as a food diary that’s all “fitspo” hashtags and pics of tanned thin models.

  6. I’m sorry… It might work for her… But i do 30 mins to 45 mins of circuit training 5 days a week And eat around 1250 in calories a day ( low sugar foods)… Then my bf and i have date night either at home or out and i eat and drink what i want and i weigh 121 lbs and am 5’9 … I am slim and toned all with not eating too much sugar… I guess of these diets work good for you… But if you’re vegan to lose weight or stay thin that’s stupid… You should do it because you believe in it

  7. Totally agree! It’s not all about looking good – going veggie is good for the planet! And some people care about things other than how round their booty is….maybe not Kate though judging by this quote hahah!

  8. Oh pleeease. Just admit you’re restrictive because you want to maintain your body. This pseudoscience is getting annoying…

    • Yeah ,whats the point of skirting around it? We all know the truth, she’s not fooling anybody. Everybody I know who has these problems with food are always covering up some sort of ed, whether its a minor or major ed.

  9. Hm, and knowing this I am absolutely sure she never ate those Chetoos and drank the white wine on the boat, remembering a certain bikini pic last summer on a boat. It is literally the opposite of keeping it real. That is hilarious. And the “everything in moderation” does really not work if you restrict and avoid that much food.

  10. Bah, ridiculous. Especially if she’s avoiding gluten because it’s trendy (being vegan is great). There’s so much bs in this quote. And as said, all that and she still looks like she looks, lol? Her body remindsme of Gwyneth Paltrow’s, who, be it a coincidence or not, seems to follow similar fad diet(s).

  11. I wish I had that body, but I just can’t give up dairy. What’s wrong with plain yogurt and fresh goat cheese?

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