8 Naked Supermodels and Their “Very Different” Measurements in Love Magazine

8 Naked Supermodels and Their "Very Different" Measurements in Love Magazine 1

After V Magazine’s Size Issue, here comes another “pro diversity” message (or so they say): Love Magazine put 8 naked supermodels on their covers and posted their measurements with the purpose of showing how different these “ideal bodies” really are.

“For this issue of LOVE, we took eight women who are generally acknowledged as the most beautiful in the world, got them to show off their bodies – widely regarded as the most perfect in the world – and photographed them all in exactly the same position for the cover,” LOVE’s editor-in-chief Katie Grand told VOGUE.COM. “We did this to show how much they differed physically from one another, which is why we also printed their measurements.”

“The point is that ‘perfection’ is not fixed, timeless or transcendent,” Grand – who put Beth Ditto on the cover of the first ever issue of LOVE – explained. “It varies, as the measurements of our cover girls show.”

Are you getting the “perfection isn’t fixed” concept of this shoot? I mean, they all look super good, but they’re basically all tall, thin, supermodels… and even though the magazine tries to convince us “how much they differ physically from one another” , these girls are still all part of 1 tiny group: the tall, thin, almost-identical-measurements supermodel group.

Well, nothing screams “Different!” more than a group of 8 models, 5 with 34” hips and 3 with 35” hips’.

Check the individual pictures after the jump, plus their names, age, origin, height and measurements!

8 Naked Supermodels and Their "Very Different" Measurements in Love Magazine 2
Lara Stone – 25, 5’10”, Netherlands
Measurements: 32F-22-35

8 Naked Supermodels and Their "Very Different" Measurements in Love Magazine 3
Naomi Campbell – 39, 5’9”, UK
Measurements: 34B-26-35.5

8 Naked Supermodels and Their "Very Different" Measurements in Love Magazine 4
Jeneil Williams – 21, 5’9”, Jamaica
Measurements: 32B-24-34

8 Naked Supermodels and Their "Very Different" Measurements in Love Magazine 5
Kristen McMenamy – 46, 5’10”, USA
Measurements: 34B-24-34

8 Naked Supermodels and Their "Very Different" Measurements in Love Magazine 6
Daria Werbowy – 26, 5’11”, Poland
Measurements: 34B-24-34

8 Naked Supermodels and Their "Very Different" Measurements in Love Magazine 7
Amber Valetta – 36, 5’7”, USA
Measurements: 34B-23-34

8 Naked Supermodels and Their "Very Different" Measurements in Love Magazine 8
Natalia Vodianova – 27, 5’9”, Russia
Measurements: 32A-24-34

8 Naked Supermodels and Their "Very Different" Measurements in Love Magazine 9
Kate Moss – 35, 5’8”, UK
Measurements: 32A-24-35

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134 thoughts on “8 Naked Supermodels and Their “Very Different” Measurements in Love Magazine”

    • With Jeneil and a few others, I couldn’t see a discernible 10″ waist to hip difference as indicated by the measurements. Naomi: WOW, she looks great and she’s 39??! Kate: Amazing!

      • eh imo its just another ploy for the media to go ‘look! we are very diverse! its all in YOUR head! or its only other magazines etc that aren not diverse. we are. we are on your side!’ they come out with this crap all the time. Its been happening for years, you get one article a year ‘x magazine is going to use ‘real women’ ‘ then they do a spread of fashion with bigger women (because ‘real women’ in media terms means ‘curvy’ which in media terms means overweight. then its all just back to normal. why dont people get it- they are never going to let the secrets out and make us feel good because they wont sell all their products etc then.

        its just another way for us to be reliant on them and buy their magazines just so we can see we are ‘ok’…for a minute…then they’ll get us again when our guards are down

      • They are actually, very different body TYPES, but they are all toned to their minimum weight. If they packed a few pounds THEN they’re bodies would look VERY different because they would gain the weight on different parts. for example lara has wide and squared hips, big breasts and a narrow rib cage. which completely differs from amber’s narrow hips and wide ribcage, or kristen’s wide shoulders, they all have flaws like Jeneil’s lack of curves, they all have different body types which people don’t notice because they’re all their skinniest. Saying that they all look the same, is like saying that jennifer lopez, beyonce, and kim kardashian have the same body type, because they’re all curvy. And they are not.

  1. different, my ass. they’re all pretty much the same…so in other words, the ideal body is only 1 body type. what a bunch of b.s.

    • Many young women forget that it is not about size that gets you famous, but about how unique a face you have – if you have exotic heritage and/or what the agencies are after. So many women can be a size 0 or a size 1-2, but very few can have a face that is Indo-European. Kate Moss was exceptionally lucky for example, because Britain was not seeking cultural diversity in looks when she rose to prominence, but now the modelling agents want models who are a combination of diverse ethnicity such as Danish-Serbian!

  2. Kate Moss… 5’8″?? HA!

    And these women have practically identical bodies (with the exception of their breast sizes). This article is a joke.

    • hhhhhhhhhhhhhh what i thought since when, she is 5’6 and she should be proud of it for making it in this industry and not lie about her height they make me sick and all the models look the same to me Naomi looks amazing.

      • i know right. did anyone notice that lara stones b❆❆bs are apparently Fs? hahaah what a joke. i mean i know she has big breasts which is rare but come on..

        • I do think they are close, if not exactly f’s.

          You know how bra sizing works, right?

          You measure that skinny, ribby part under your boobs. Then you measure around your nipples. I suppose Lara’s measured 28″, you add 4″ to get the 32″ band size. Then, you take the circum. around the nipples (supposedly in Lara’s case: 40??) , and subtract the 32″ from it, and each digit increase= 1:A 2:B 3:C 4:D ect….

          Sorry if noone needed a bra size measuring reminder, lol.

          Also, maybe you’re right, an F??? So, her upper rib cage is 28″, and her b❆❆b circum. is (+- 1 or 2) 40″?? That does sounds rare!

          • Rare, as in they don’t carry that size in regular departmemt stores, but it still exists.I know becasue I got fitted the same size, lots of women wear bras the wrong size, everyone should get a proper fitting. Lara Stone’d measurements are very simialr to mine : 32F-25 – 36, and I’m 5’5″. I guess the waist difference b/c I’m shorter. I was just going to point out how lara’s ” curves” differ vastly than the other models, with her breasts and WHR especailly.I love how people are claiming to not see any variety and when a measuremnt differs vastly and their wsihes are answered, they are the same ones to point that a size cannot exist because its not common.

            32 inches is more realistic than 34 inches in proportion to her body.I can easily wear 34 DD in cup in theory but nothing bigger because of the waist size. therefore 34F is bigger,32F is big but not as big as people think. Clearly, in the picture you can see just how proportinate they are. actualllly many shorter women have 32 waist bra sizes as well, its actually fairly common and you do not have to be super thin either, (after all I am 115lbs @ being my height) to have those measurements. Lots of women have smaller ribcages ,usually accompanied by small bony structure and shorter stature than the everyday supermodel,however, it is still possible with tall women as seen with Lara.

          • ok well if you are a 32F you must know how they look. But I’m a 32D and mine do not look 2 cups smaller than Lara’s, if anything they look bigger, and I’m 5′ 8” or 5′ 7”… so I think if she really is an F then they are photoshopped or something….I mean Kate Moss is sooo photoshopped…and in the first pic they all look the same size when Kate is obviously shorter!

          • You’re getting bra size and bust measurement confused.

            32F here is used as her bust measurement, as in if you measured her around the nipples, she would be 32″. Which would mean that her bra size, if she truly is an American F, is some crazy custom-made stuff.

        • With a 22 inch waist, I think it is unlikely her band size is a 32. Usually all these models with the 24 inch waists should really be in a 30 band size. It is actually more accurate to add only 2 or so inches to your ribcage measurement or nothing at all. Doesn’t make sense to me that the larger band sizes should only add 2 and yet the smaller ones should add 5.

          The smaller the band size, the smaller the cup size. I’m 30D/DD. Sounds big, but the cups are the equivalent to the cups on a 36A/B.

          Perhaps they don’t let on how small the actual band sizes are because then everyone would be even more shocked at how thin they are for their heights. Most of the women I know with 30 and 28 band sizes are also short and small-framed.

          • @ ella- Thank -you , thats what i was trying to say but it got misinterpreted due to my several typos .i agree with everything you said, which is fairly accurate.
            I was saying :The smaller the band size, the smaller the cup size. I’m 32F. Sounds big, but the cups are the equivalent to the cups on a 34D/DD. This is of course is american/canadain sizing, maybe dutch sizing is a bit different.

          • I used to wear a 30DDD. It was honestly the most annoying thing in the world so I got them reduced but mine looked WAY bigger than hers do. For some reason I don’t buy that she wears an F cup. I read somewhere else that she wears a C. As if we’re really commenting on someones cup size LOL!

          • The Dutch band size starts at 65, so I believe they measured this by the UK sizing. Converting the UK size to the Dutch, her size would be 70G, which could be possible. My sister has the same measurements as she has and the same bra sizing, you would never guess she had a G cup. But then again, we’ve never heard a thing about her breast size opposed to Tyra Banks complaining about her “big boobs” that makes me think this is not correct.
            But she does have nice breasts.

          • Think her bust is probably 32 inches but that should not be her band size. She is probably like a 26F which is the equivilent cup size of a 32D but on a smaller band.

        • It is quite possible that she really is a 32F. That is the size I am, and around the bust I measure about 34.5. It really is not an insanely HUGE bra size. I have tiny ribs and could probably wear a 30… whatever the heck it would be!

    • They are actually, very different body TYPES, but they are all toned to their minimum weight. If they packed a few pounds THEN they’re bodies would look VERY different because they would gain the weight on different parts. for example lara has wide and squared hips, big breasts and a narrow rib cage. which completely differs from amber’s narrow hips and wide ribcage, or kristen’s wide shoulders, they all have flaws like Jeneil’s lack of curves, they all have different body types which people don’t notice because they’re all their skinniest. Saying that they all look the same, is like saying that jennifer lopez, beyonce, and kim kardashian have the same body type, because they’re all curvy. And they are not.

      • Many young women forget that it is not about size that gets you famous, but about how unique a face you have – if you have exotic heritage and/or what the agencies are after. So many women can be a size 0 or a size 1-2, but very few can have a face that is Indo-European. Kate Moss was exceptionally lucky for example, because Britain was not seeking cultural diversity in looks when she rose to prominence, but now the modelling agents want models who are a combination of diverse ethnicity.

  3. haha very funny ! This article sucks !!I’m french I don’t even know this “love” magazine , is that somethg like glamour or elle ? … Anyway they tried to show that beauty didn’t mean “thin” but their example is not appropriate !! I think they should take celebrities 😉 Christina hendricks/Beyoncé/Carla bruni lol 🙂

  4. Janeil and Amber look great.

    I don’t see much difference though. Aside from the fact they’re a similar size, they all seem to be a similar shape as well…something in between a ruler and an hourglass. The only difference I see is skin color. Maybe that’s what they’re going for?

    • If they meant different by skin color and stick 2 token black girls in this spread and think that it makes it better than that is just plain sad. No wonder Fashion Week has lost it’s sizzle some of these designers are narrow minded idiots. No wonder no one is buying their clothes anymore and jobs are getting cut. I need to see more diversity race wise and size wise. 🙁

  5. Sorry they all look the same and basically all have the same body type. OOOOOOHHH AHHHHH JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE HAS ONE OR TWO MORE INCHES ON THEIR HIP OR WAIST THAT MAKES THEM SOOOOO DIFFERENT!!!! CLAP CLAP BRAVO …………EPIC FAIL. I get where they were trying to go with this but COME ON. If your gonna advertise that the models are different I wanna see some size 2 all they way to size 12’s what they should of done is have a size 0,2,4,6,8, and 12. Why am I ranting though some people in the fashion industry are NEVER GONNA GET IT. On another note the lovelies Daria,Natalia,Lara Stone and Naomi look good!

  6. What’s up with the lightening? On every model it looks like the right b❆❆b is bigger than the left. I’m saying this, because everything else has been said. It’s stupid, a farce, they failed the first time doing that and now again.

  7. Wouldn’t it make more sense to show 8 celebrities that are each considered beautiful? Miranda Kerr, Beyonce, Amanda Seyfried, Penelope Cruz, Britney….well, you get the idea. Isn’t this fashion spread just confirming the stereotype that the ideal ‘beautiful’ woman is a supermodel. Pfft. I think both Miranda and Beyonce are gorgeous and they are distinctly different in proportions. LOVE Magazine needs to get a bit more real.

  8. The pics look hot but I know this is not a reality..I really don’t understand why designers sell us these images when most women will never look like this so how do we know how the clothes would look on us…i know it is fantasy but fantasy never adds up..

  9. this is total BS. What a shame and a wasted opportunity. The measurements aren’t even accurate either. . . I read a recent article with Stone were she talked about being a “big” girl (a size 4) in the modeling industry and said herself her measurements were like 26-37 or somewhere around there. . .

  10. Oh dear. I see what they’re trying to do, they all have similar measurements but you can see they all have SLIGHTLY different shapes…but only within the category of very thin model, it’s like playing spot the difference!

    And have to say Naomi Campbell looks amazing…

  11. don’t believe the measurements. don’t see the point of the article. if you are going to jump on a bandwagon, at least know what its all about!

    • i think it looks that way…but i think its actually cause naomi has a bigger rib cage. stone’s waist is way smaller than her hips, but her ribs are the same size as her waist, so it looks less hourglass. even though she has huge boobs! i bet in clothes her figure looks a lot more hour glass, cause her b❆❆bs and hips are closer.

      love that naomi and some of the others look so hot around 40! gives me hope for the future, lol.

  12. I just surpised to hear they are mostly all B cups. I’m much shorter (5’6″) and unless I’m packing on the pounds I’m naturally an A.I guess height adds breast size..lol.
    And since when is Kate Moss 5’8? I thought she was a shortie!

    • it depends, im 5’4 and 34 DD-F.
      i personally dont think height has anything to do with breast size. ive seen 5’2s withDDs and As, and 5’10s with DDs and As. Its more of a personal/body type thing. for example apples collect weight on their uper body, pears in their lover body. generally pears, unless they are packing extra weight, are small chested. im DD-F but wear size 2-3 jeans, my best friend, same hight as me but 50 lbs heavier is like C but wears size 11-13 jeans

      i read somewhere that kate moss is 5’7. who knows lol

      • I don’t agree with you, Alexad. My impression is that pears usually have larger breasts, b/c the same hormone that directs the development of hips and weight gain in the butt/thigh area also causes bigger breasts (estrogen, of course). Whereas, apples have a less curvy, more androgenous shape…and tend to gain weight in their stomachs, like men.

        • Hm..well I guess it just depends then. I’m a pear shape and have always had small boobies. Don’t forget about genetics!

        • well take for example pear shapes like rihanna, lily allen, beyonce. they all are small breasted. then take apples like katherine zeta jones, drew berrymore, liz hurley, fergie. all big boobs

          heres on body shapes from wikipedia

          Apple (triangle downward)
          Apple shaped women have broader shoulders and bust, and narrower hips.[1] Apple shaped women have (much) higher androgen levels compared to women with other body types[citation needed]. Because of this high androgen level, the skeleton develops in a masculine pattern. Fat is mainly distributed in the chest, face and abdomen.

          Pear or spoon or bell (triangle upward)
          The hip measurement is greater than the bust measurement.[1] The distribution of fat varies, with fat tending to deposit first in the buttocks, hips and thighs. As body fat percentage increases, an increasing proportion of body fat is distributed around the waist and upper abdomen.

          the whole point is that apples gain their weight in their upper body.. and pears in their lower body. b❆❆bs are fat.

          you must be talking about hourglass shapes like kim k. hourglasses are basically pears with big boobs

          i dont want to offend your knowledge of the subject, i just research it a lot because my chest made it hard for me to find clothes that fit so i must shop for my body type

          • not sure if it posted so im reposting’

            @ alexad
            I dont agree with “hourglasses are basically pears with big boobs”; Jennifer Love Hewitt has at least DD’s and she is clearly a pear.

  13. Damn Naomi has a NICE body! She’s my favorite out of them all. Yeah I agree with everyone else, there is seriously not much of a difference with these women. Some have smaller waists than others, some have slighter thicker legs ect. Really nothing noticeable though. Wow my b❆❆bs like exactly like Daria’s.

      • Not just the genes, girl can work it! Remember her in her VS days? She strutted on the runway like no one else. Even though she may not be the best looking, she was definetly the sexiest when she walked.

        • Ohhh boyy the girl can work it on the runway! Yeah her face isn’t too pretty, she’s got nothing on Tyra haha! And her body can look a bit masculine at times, although in this particular shoot her body looks sick!

          Kate Moss is also grabbing my attention, not because of her body – her bod is probably the least desirable out of them all – but because those eyes, that pout… even the way she has her arms positioned above her head, they are not symmetrical and she did something different. It worked because I noticed her and Naomi immediately. Oh gosh I watch too much ANTM lol.

  14. These girls all have the same shape I do. It’s between a ruler/boyish and hourglass.

    Stone with a 22 waist is a lie. Her waist is clearly 25+

    Most models have 24/25 waists, aiming more towards 25. You also have to remember the rib cage.. I’m 125 pounds, 5’9, and my measurements are 34-26-33. My waist is very boyish and big because of my big rib cage.

    I don’t believe the measurements ONE BIT, unless someone can prove me wrong, the article is BS.

    • I can relate on the big ribcage – I’m 5’5 112 and have a really big ribcage – my sister does too but mines so wide… its small from the side but wide. lol. It’s awfully annoying. Makes me look really thick.

    • Stone clearly has a bigger waist, but don’t forget that some people don’t have much of a ribcage. I’m 5’4″ and 130 lbs, but I have a 25.5″ waist and 32″ bust even though I have D cups because my ribcage is super narrow.

      • Thank-you A, for reconfirming my point that 32 inch bust is more common than people think. They already has less than average body types anyways, what is to disbelieve small bone structure has something to do with it

      • yay we have pretty much same measurements!
        im 5’4 almost 5’5, 130 lbs, dont know my waist, and small ribcage (34) with big boobs(DD). are you an apple? do you feel like youre carrying any extra weight? just curious cause by rules i dont but i feel like i could lose like 15 lbs. sorry for bunch of questions i just dont know anyone else who has my measurements

  15. Here’s proof, from a quote, that Vodianova doesn’t have a 24 inch waist…
    “The next season, I got healthy again, but when I returned to work, my weight was questioned,” she said. “Some fashion houses called my agency complaining that I was two centimeters over [in measurements]. I was extremely upset since I felt very healthy and good about myself. I defended myself, saying it was crazy to consider measurements like [[[[33-27-34]]]] to be normal and not to expect some change.”


    Seems to me, most models are over 24/25+ inches for their waist.

  16. Hot bodies. Amazing tummies and legs!!!! Geeze these girls are great! 🙂 The 5’7″ one works hard to look more like 5’10! She’s very lean all through the middle!!!

  17. unlike most i’m not complaining… i have the same measurements/height as Natalia Vodianov. i personally think that these bodies are beautiful

    • I don’t think people here are complaining about their bodies, they are complaining about not seeing the point of the article and about some of the measurements not even being true.

  18. right…at 5’4″ 28-25-36″ i’m feeling RIGHT AT HOME. Lol how hilarious would it be to have someone like me at the very last page “Oh hey gurls, thought i’d stop by for the photo shoot.”

  19. ok so, i have to first of all say, these girls all look HOT. jeneil is the only one whose body is not really my cup of tea, but she is in great shape and has a beautiful face – just no waist. lara and daria look amazing…curvy but so, so toned. and i have to say – daria looks bigger than a ‘b’ to me. i thought they would all be flat as a pancake! even the ‘a’ and ‘b’ cup girls have a little something! not really any of them look ‘too thin’ in these pics. but, lets remember that they are engineered to make them look muscular and fit. we have all seen kate moss candid in a bikini and she does NOT look like this. she is actually skinny-fat normally. small boned and tiny but flabby. and my foot is she 5′ 8″ – she is 5′ 6″…5′ 7″ at BEST.

    and i agree with everyone. they all have the same measurements, basically- i would like to see a wider variety. i mean, i know they are supermodels, so there is not much variety, sadly. but considering they all have varying visual hip to waist ratios, i find it SO hard to believe that they have the same measurements…hm. kate’s height is a lie. probably some of the measurements are too.

    funny to see how they are all superfit but their muscles take shape differently….for me, seeing that was worth the spread. supposedly, they have similar measurements…but when really looked at, their bodies are pretty different.

    next time, lets see 25 women…all with different sizes.

  20. The bulls— of diversity aside….

    Those waist measurements are ridiculous.

    A 5’10ish person with a 22-25 waist will look INCREDIBLY narrow waisted. Like, freakishly so. These women CLEARLY are more 25-28.

    I’m 5’4, and my waist has been 24. When it was 24 (and keep in mind I have a very narrow ribcage) I looked freakish narrow. If I wore a belt, people would stare. Even now, at a bloated 25.5 it’s clearly slim.

    I have a friend who is 5’7 and has a 23 inch waist. The girl’s waist is so narrow, it looks like a noodle. It is beyond freakish, nothing she wears looks normal on her, like her midsection is missing. I can’t even imagine what a 5’10 22 inch person would look like.

    For people who can’t imagine what 22 inch looks like…there are people with 22 inch *head* circumferences, and they’re not freaks.

    • I agree; my waist is 23 inch. Everything is large on it. I have bigger hips and b❆❆bs so i can find clothes that fit – size xs even xxs – but you know those belts that are precisely made for the waist? They don’t make them my size. I have been searching for one – yes, even elastic ones – for more than a half a year and nothing; everything is big. That Lara Stone does NOT have a 22 inch waist, not in a million years.

      Other than that, yes they look gorgeous but they are in fact very similar. Naomi is my favorite, i always loved her, i agree with whoever said that she has the genes!

    • I know it’s insane that their waists would be that small! I mean I have a small waist compared to my hips and I’m a 28 (5’7″). My shape is close to Daria’s and there’s no way her waist is FOUR inches smaller, that would look freakish

  21. they all look great and have great bodies and all the power to them. But it’s a joke saying that these women have very different bodies. If they threw in a very slender and maybe slightly curvier and maybe a short girl yes, then they would be different. beautiful pictures though. All body shapes are beautiful….except obese people…mwahahahaha

    • BTW how tall is Kate Moss really, Versus
      Or can anyone else fill me in
      her allegedyly being 5 foot 6 inches give hope to average height girls:)
      may anone please source an article

      • I was surprised to see that they listed Kate as 5’8” too – FMD says that she is 5’7,5”, IMDB says 5’7” and I remember Tyra saying on her show that Kate is 5’7”.
        I agree that she may very well be 5’6”…

  22. I understand that runway models have to be skinny and tall so they can wear ridiculous clothes and not look incredibly stupid. But now even fat girls can model….so for me, being 5`1 it`s getting really frustrating that every type of body is being promoted except short ones…..and Naomi legs are perfect imo

    • omg i know!! i totally agree.. but tyra had short girls in ANTM cycle 11 (i think) and the cycle 3 winner eva was pretty short aswell

  23. This article is the fashion industry’s raised middle finger to the world. “F you,” they’re saying, “We only accept one single type of body.” Every single one of these figures looks identical, and they’re ALL freakishly skinny.

    • There’s actually been quite a bit of research in the past decade into the fat distribution differences among various races (usually a comparison between white and black people). I don’t understand it all but I know one of the conundrums is that black people tend to carry more adipose fat but less visceral fat (fatty organs, basically) when compared to white people. And visceral fat is supposed to be a marker of certain health problems. The discrepancy is that a higher percentage of black people die from those health problems, so it seeks like a bit of an unexplained paradox.

      And they’re also looking for a reason. Genetics is a part of it, buthuman evolution and variations in insulin resistance might be factors too.

  24. pointless.

    if the measurements were listed separately and you had to match which numbers went to whom, you wouldn’t be able to.

    because, they are essentially the same!! regardless of measurements, which are just numbers. but the modeling industry and health industry places so much importance on these numbers.

    the differences are mostly found in the heights, not even the bust-weight-hip measurements. 1-2 inch differences are hardly differences.

    oh well, nice try V.

    (and agree with Hazal, but you know how gratuitous and overdone nudity is these days)

    • Some people have a larger bone structure than others, usually, it is V shapes that have larger ribcages (plus broad shoulders and just a larger upper half), but people that are generally bigger boned have large ribcages as well.
      Just measure right under your bust – I would say that if you have under 28” you have a small ribcage, if you have over 33” I would say that your ribcage is large (these are not band sizes, but ribcage measurements).

    • Yes, V-shapes usually have larger ribcages – especially cornets. Everybody has different bone structures / frames: small, medium or large. Let’s say that 2 girls are both 5’7” and 120 pounds. The girl with a large frame will look ‘bonier’ than the girl with a small frame, who will look ‘softer’ because her non-large bones will not show.
      For example, Candice Swanepoel has a tiny ribcage and is close to a pear and say, Ashley Greene has a bigger ribcage, as she is a cornet.

  25. They do look very similar to each other.
    Although I can’t help but love Naomi’s look, and especially for her age.

    One part in particular I notice, is on Natalia Vodianova and Kate Moss’ bodies.
    The part at the hip bone, then it comes out just a little further at the top of the femur(or ‘thigh’ bone).
    I have this, and always found it to be weird, since I usually only see models/celebrities etc
    to have it to be very ‘smooth’, like Naomi’s in that area.

    So they may all look extremely slim and similar to each other,
    but I do like that little area I pointed out.
    Nice to know even supermodels have that.

  26. Thanks Love for teaching me that perfection comes in so many different sizes! You just have to be 5’7-5’11, have a bust 32-34″, a 22-26″ waist, and 34″ or 35″ hips!

    I’m out I guess 🙁

  27. Lara can’t be an F… o_O I dunno, on Wikipedia (I know it’s not the most reliable but…) it says she’s a 33C-24-35. And FMD says her measurements are 34-24-35 (doesn’t say an exact cup size, but that’s no F)…

    Unless she got plastic surgery recently… Because no other website I looked at said she was an F. She’s always in the C range.

    She’s bigger than other models, but not that much bigger.

    • There’s no such thing as a 33C. If your ribcage measurement is even you add four inches, if it’s odd you add five inches.

      So, that Wikipedia breast measurment is defo wrong!

  28. Wow.
    “We did this to show how much they differed physically from one another, which is why we also printed their measurements.”
    Is this supposed to be a joke? Their measurements are basically exactly the same. 1 inch doesn’t make a difference at all. I’m just baffled. It’s like the people who put this all together were doing it as a joke between all of them.
    It says Natalia Vodianova is a 32A. No. I look at that picture and her breasts look quite full. An A means that you’re basically flat. I would know. What are they trying to pull? I feel quite annoyed after seeing this.

  29. hey, you better watch out! these pictures are extremely photoshoped! compare the lenght of legs of naomi (normally long) and kate moss (so short its difficult to believe she has been modelling)!

  30. Thank you doomy for that excellent photo of showing TRUE diversity in body shape and size, unlike this silly Love Magazine photoshoot. If those are F cups on Lara Stone, I’m the queen of Sheba.

  31. hmm…to me theyre all pretty much the same.
    imho i dont think this really promotes a healthy self esteem in “normal”women.
    take me, im norwegian born in the country where the average height of women is 5’8. Me being 5’4 i was teased for being shorter then all my friends and nobody seemed to notice anything but that and the fact that i have big boobs. it really crushed my self esteem when i was younger and this article is to me, not helping at all. luckily im strong now and ive accepted being a short curvy girl with as my mom calls them “child bearing hips”. Articles should promote healthy eating and excersize rather then showing pictures of nearlyidentical bodies and calling them different. I eat healthy, i work out and im a size US 6. i’m at a healthy weight for me, and thats what should be promoted. Health, not nescessarly looks.

  32. jeez for the ‘generally perceived as the most perfect’ (pissss off) they sure know how to make them look scary and weird and not sexy at all

  33. An inch is a HUGE difference for the clothing industry. Sure they might not look different, but if you’re a patterner or a seamstress you’d know the difference. It’s ginormous.

    As for the waist debate… I’m 5’9″, weigh about 120lb, and I have a 22 and a half inch waist (measured, not clothing size, as clothing size measurements can add an inch or two). I also have a C cup. And a 35 inch hip. My waist does not look freakish.

    Do keep in mind that a 5’10” woman with 34-22-34 measurement and a 5’2″ woman with 34-22-34 measurement look vastly different. Waist can get as small as it’s forced to (I can attest to that), so rib cage is not really an issue (although, granted, it takes more effort to get a small waist for a tall woman than a short woman).

    As for the health… well, models aren’t models for being healthy. They’re models for being able to boost the clothes to 120% of its attraction. You might as well as ask why barbie dolls aren’t made in plus sizes… have you ever calculated what a barbie doll might look like if she was a human size? Nobody’s beating on Mattel. Her measurements are even more impossible than Naomi’s. Or how about a mannequin? Models are just that… living mannequins. When we go into go-sees we get stared at like hunk of meat, scrutinized, and judged. That’s the job. They’re just doing their jobs. If the models don’t fit into sample sizes, the shoot is off and they lose big chunks of money.

    24 inch waist as a model is normal. Naomi happens to have a relatively large waist size.

  34. u have to realise that models (& their agencies) lie about their measurements. so basically, u can go ahead and add 1 or 2 inches to their measurements, and subtract 1 inch from their listed heights. it’s just something that is accepted within the industry.

  35. I’m not sure what I think about the measurements – when I has a 24.5″ waist and 34.5″ hip, I definitely don’t think I had the build similar to Kate or Naomi (with exception to height) and I know my hip to waist ratio was, and still is, absolutely insane. Majorly noticeable. If Supermodels have measurements as stated, then I think they’re not necessarily “impossible” standards – as I was very fit and ate healthily at the time. Even then, I thought such standards were out of reach, and was even more aware of my place on the “spectrum” of weight. What I mean to say, is that the spectrum of “model thin” and “normal” isn’t as large a gap as I’d previously thought, and it makes me more aware of how much emphasis one places upon their location on said spectrum, making the difference seem more like a great chasm, and one’s own weight all the more heavy feeling. However, I was anywhere between a 0 and a 4 with those measurements, depending on the retailer, and now I still range between a 4 and an 8. How interesting, the psychology of measurements and sizes….

    • Having worked with women who are now very famous I can tell you that all of them do lie about their height – a vast majority of female celebrities are no taller than 5 ft 5-6. Regardless of your perfect measurements, it is ‘who you know’ in right circles that gets you famous – not your physical measurements. Many young women forget that it is not about size that gets you famous, but about how unique a face you have – if you have exotic heritage and/or what the agencies are after. So many women can be a size 0 or a size 1-2, but very few can have a face that is a mixture of Siberian and British combined for example.

  36. @Alias

    Actually, Naomi has a pretty face. Just because you prefer Euro looks on black women doens’t mean everyone is like that.
    No, African women ARE NO MORE larger than women of other races. That’s BS.

  37. I actually feel good about myself after reading this. I might not be as skinny as them but I have good measurements I think! 36.5″-26″-36.5″ Im happy with what I have, this is a new feeling for me. =)
    & about the mag, what a load of rubbish, they’re not very different are they? that just shows to fit into their world you have to fit the criteria.
    In the real world, people come in all different and beautiful shapes and sizes. & it doesnt matter what anyone else thinks about how you look as long as your happy.
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… There is nothing more subjective than what beauty looks like.

  38. They have very different body types. Some are hippy and some have boy bodies. If they each had ten more pounds that would be very obvious, but the point of modeling is to alllllll be able to fit into the same clothes, duh. Whomever wrote this blog and comments need more confidence in themselves. And no I’m not model skinny, it’s an art form and they need to be around the same size. I guarantee each of you that as they put on weight it collects in different places, making their body shapes different.

  39. Stop comparing yourself to other supermodels and turning back around and blaming them for your low self esteem. The only one responsible for that is you! My measurements are no where near these ladies and I’m content with that. Everyone talks about photoshop this and photoshop that forgetting the fact that the majority of these models have been under the camera lights since the mid to late 80’s and I highly doubt any photo editing software existed back then.

    Heh most of these ladies are pushing 30+ and still managed to keep their figure hence having kids and living life etc. This is their profession, there not here to convince you to strive to look like them.

    Quit hating on them and learn to love yourself you’re all beautiful. Why do we always have to tear someone down to make us feel better about ourselves?

  40. I know for absolute 100% certainty super-models lie about their height and age, particularly about height – I have actually worked in theater with now ‘female celebrities’ such as Catherine Zeta Jones who is actually only 5 ft 5 and yet claims to be as tall as the average supermodel!. I do know that she is in fact 5 ft 5 and that Kate Moss is actually 5 ft 7-8 as have also stood next to her during a festival when she went bare footed. These women and the media that heighten their lies, make all average women feel inferior for no good reason at all and it must be stopped one way or another, and that young aspiring female models do not allude to the lies that they are continually being fed.

  41. The specified heights of these supermodels in this article are very misleading. They are all wearing high heels. If you want to get their real height bare feet you have to subtract 2 to 3 inches from the specified height in this article.

  42. My mistake the supermodels are not wearing high heels but they are tiptoeing . So the reader should still subtract 2 to 3 inches from their specified heights in this article.

  43. these measurements seem false since about every girls breasts look the same except the first girl has nice size breasts but her measurements are smaller than some of the others

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