Kate Upton’s LOVE Advent Video

Kate-Upton-2017-Amber-Lounge-Fashion-Gala-19-662x993 - Kate Upton's LOVE Advent Video

Kate Upton shows off her tennis skills and hot bod at the same time while filming her sexy LOVE Advent video. Check it out!

On shooting for LOVE:

LOVE Advent is a great Katie Grand tradition. It’s silly and fun and I love shoots where I don’t have to take myself too seriously.

… says Kate.

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10 thoughts on “Kate Upton’s LOVE Advent Video”

    • T&A propaganda. based on her form (lackthereof) this girl has never seen a tennis racket in her life. the closeups of jiggling boobies and booty…lol please “stay strong” in trying not to laugh.

  1. Well at least she’s displaying a talent and actually playing tennis instead of just sensually caressing the racket while a camera zooms up her butt. Bella Hadid and Alexis ren’s godawful videos come to mind. I’m getting pretty damn tired of all the close up wedgie shots. It’s really just not sexy. I’m assuming shaking cameltoe is next for LOVE in 2018.

    • Is she displaying a talent tho? I played tennis for a few years and I’m no authority but it looks to me like she«s never played a day in her life. It also bugs me to no end that she’s in heels. But this looks like a mockery (mainly of her) so maybe I’m overanalizing it. I like Kate so when I see stuff like this or the Terry Richardson collabs (why Kate? Whyy???) I facepalm really hard.

  2. Love promoting you can only be strong when you’re also at least half naked. Participating in sports wearing appropriate clothing or footwear prohibited.

  3. Her empowered breasts and empowered butt are bouncing empoweredly while she misses the empowered tennis balls coming at her. And nothing says being strong more than stretching out on the floor submissively while wearing athletically inappropriate clothes. I know this makes me sound like an old lady, but what happened to having some dignity? I think the main reason why Kate became famous after the Terry Richardson video (which this video is very similar to) wasn’t only b/c men find her sexy; it’s b/c they were laughing at her degrade herself to get attention.

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