Bikini Treat: Kelly Brook

Bikini Treat: Kelly Brook 1

Even though we’ve had one bikini treat today, aka Audrina in the previous post, here’s another hot beach figure: Kelly Brook.

Cleavagey and curvy Kelly was spotted right before a photo-shoot in LA – how do you like this hot pink number on 31 year-old Kelly?

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Bikini Treat: Kelly Brook 2

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85 thoughts on “Bikini Treat: Kelly Brook”

  1. Wooow…she’s perfect.

    A bit off-topic question: Is it true that pears always appear heavier than they are (because of the heavy legs and wide hips+saddlebags)?
    Do all pears have saddlebags?

  2. I don’t know whether it is the body or bathing suit, but something looks off. She has the typical hourglass shape, as said, but I would take my slim, petite body and face over hers any day,

    • I have always said that as well, I think its her thighs that are the problem, they are incredibly skinny compared to the rest of her voluptuous shape which throws her proportions off. It’s like, looking at her top half, you expect her legs to be a teeny bit meatier than they are.

      I prefer the more balanced shape of someone like Candice to Kelly, but they both have nice waists and hips.

        • Well, because of the thighs, I think Kelly Brook is a little top heavy. Looking at her from the front you don’t see it, but from the side, you do.

          I guess you can claim Candice doesn’t have that much bust, but generally looking at her from both side and front-on, she seems more proportional, at least in my opinion of what that means.

        • Agreed. I think it’s Candice that is out of proportion. When Kelly isn’t wearing a push-up top, her b❆❆bs don’t look as big. She looks top heavy in these shots because of her bikini.

    • I agree with you. I prefer my body over hers, although she does have a great one. Our bodies are pretty similar, but I think I’m much shorter and slimmer although I have the same shape. Her bum is also too small for me, and I can’t really imagine having a bigger butt and then just trading it in for a smaller one, lol. I think she looks nice, but I prefer more toned bodies that are still curvy. I do like her body, don’t get me wrong, but I think it’s possible to be curvy and have some muscle definition as well. For example, Candice Swanepoel, who has my favorite body, has lovely curves and a great stomach, as well as muscular legs.

    • I agree with you and what others have said below you. I think the bathing suit is also distracting from her features. I haven’t seen other pictures of her to compare bathing suits, but from what I see now, she doesn’t have a terrible body. Average to me, but still nice.

        • You don’t need to be rude. Why am I not allowed to state MY opinion?
          I’m not a man, why do I need to look through the eyes of a man when looking at a photo of someone.
          I also stated that the bathing suit may be skewing my idea of what her body really looks like.
          Her body does look average to ME. I’m sorry that I’m not looking at her with your eyes or mens eyes.
          I’m looking at her photo’s with my eyes, and can say based on what I have seen about people wearing bikinis, is that she looks average to me in comparison to others. I never said she wasn’t unattractive. Please don’t confuse “average” with unattractive. Men can also be attracted to average…

  3. Hi I’m perfect I can wear trash bags and be stunning!
    Haha, I’m in love with her body… That IS the meaning of a heavier CURVY body! sometimes people mistake fat rolls or actual overweight for curves. Nuh uh!

    • Kelly Brook is a British “glamour” model who has done a few other things. She’s done some fitness commercials, and promotional work on everything from eyeglasses to bike riding instead of driving. She’s also done some acting. She starred in the drama SURVIVAL ISLAND, where she basically parades around in a white bikini (or less) for the entire move, and had a sizable role in the horror flick PIRANHA 3-D from last year, where she performs a naked underwater ballet.

  4. Amazing body stuck in a horrible bikini.
    Although I love her body I’m so glad my b❆❆bs aren’t that big, you don’t get a large choice of cute bikini tops.

  5. While I wouldn’t want her body for myself, I certainly can appreciate that it looks good! I never thought I’d think her body looked nice, but I’ve been working on my fullerness/voluptuousness acceptance and I’m getting there 🙂 I’ve gotta say I would prefer her more toned, but she looks amazing in her own way right now, although that is a horrible bikini. I know others don’t like her legs, but I think they are perfect for her body – one of the things I hate about fuller hourglasses is the non-thin legs, and Kelly really has the whole package – she has a curvy bod without sacrificing the slim legs! I never found her face that attractive, but I have to say she is really cute in the picture on the right.

    • @Mel – I remember a similar discussion on another thread about curvy women with thin thighs. While I find Kelly very sexy, one of her negatives for me would be that her thighs are a little too thin for the rest of her body, and a flat butt. When your hips are that wide, a slightly fuller thigh would look more proportionate.

      The difference between us is well highlighted here, you are looking at her legs separately, while I am looking at the entire figure. There is another recent thread with Kelly in some black leather pants. Her out of proportion legs are well displayed there as well.

      • Yeah, in that sense her hourglass body type is very similar to Christina Henrdricks: massive boobs, wide hips but with slimmer thighs and a flatter butt. Whereas if you look at Scar Jo, Bar Raef, Jessica Biel, Meagan Good and Halle Berry, they’re hourglass types that have big (but not massive) boobs, shapely hips and plumper booties. Then you have ones in the middle like Salma Hayek.

  6. She has a great body, but that’s not the nicest bikini.
    For some reason I thought hourglasses – like pears had a plump booty…I don’t see it -_-

    • I’m an hourglass and my butt is not Kim K-like! It’s not flat, but it’s not very ‘juicy’. I don’t think it’s an hourglass trait to have a really round butt – some pear-shapes don’t have very round butts either. The whr is the major factor in both hourglass and pear shapes, butt shape is more variable!

      • Yes, I am not an hourglass or pear shape and I have a round butt but medium size hips. I’d say wide hips are more of a trait of an hourglass than round butts, but in pears it may be more common.

      • I agree, I’ve seen many pears with a flat butt (but big thights and hips), it really depends on the individuals, there’s also girls who look very hourglass because they have broad shoulders and hips and a thin waist but have little b❆❆bs and butt (usually the skinny ones).

        It’s just like the length of legs, pears are supposed to have shorter legs than inverted triangles but it’s really not always true.

        We don’t really have a body shape, we tend to have one and have slight variations because we are human beings not dolls.

      • I was wondering because I’m a small hourglass/pear and my bum is average. Whereas Kelly is bigger and her’s is average too – not too plump;

  7. She looks great, as usual, but I agree with some of the others that the bikini is not hot! It doesn’t really flatter her shape as well as it should.

    To me Kelly’s figure is as close to the female ideal as I have seen – I love the fact that she is soft and curvaceous and yet no one in their right mind could ever call her fat! Of course beauty is subjective – the majority of comments I have read on this site seem to favour thinner, more athletic and toned bodies. To each her own!

  8. This is not a flattering bikini on Kelly. Aside from that, I consider her body to be one of the best I’ve ever seen.

    For those who say she’s heavy, she’s not. Kelly is actually a really thin woman with a lot of curves in all the right spots. My family saw her in person and they said she had the most stunning body they’d ever seen. They also said everyone at the event was totally gawking at her. I would too!

  9. To me, Kelly has about the perfect body, and is one of those rare celebrities that looks as good or better in candids than in shoots. I think her face also has a lot of character, and she has a smile that is exuberant and disarming.

    All in all, she is so hot that even a terrible bikini like this can’t keep me from loving these pictures.

  10. Thanks to Matthew for enlightening me on KB. She has a lovely figure and a cute face. I really don’t see how anyone could call her fat and this is coming from me, whose favourite model is 5’9″ and 100 lbs.

  11. @flaky, kickboxing type stuff won’t help in my opinion, neither will stuff like swimming. Running, ballet and pilates will.

  12. Now these are what curves realy are. And not the “curves” people claim Christina Hendricks to have.
    CH is just a large plus sized woman. Kelly Brook is slim and curvy and has an hourglass figure.
    Kelly pretty much has the perfect body, not fat, but not too skinny, she is slim, curvy and has amazing long slim legs. She has the whole pacakge really. Lucky girl.

  13. I don’t know. I like her body, but she just looks so 1990s. Everything she does, 1990s. Her hair, her clothing choices…and her face is not pretty, IMHO.

  14. That kind of figure is really high maintenance because it looks best with very little fat on it. She’s so curvy that any weight gain would make her look much, much bigger than she actually is. I prefer more athletic figures. Leaner ones. You can’t choose your body though and she’s still better looking than the average woman though.

  15. Are her b❆❆bs real? Because that’s the only thing that is really outstanding in her body, the rest is average or below.

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