Kelly Brook: “I do sometimes worry about getting older”


On being inspired by women who look stunning at any age:

I do sometimes worry about getting older and the fact that I am not going to be a model for ever, but then I look at amazing women like Lauren Hutton (69) and Yasmin Le Bon (48).

‘Monica Bellucci (48) is also a big inspiration, she is so curvaceous and fabulous, and she models, she acts – she does it all! When I think about those women I instantly stop worrying. And, anyway, hopefully by the time I get to that point I will be married with children and I’ll be happy and I won’t care any more.

And the fact that Helen Mirren (67) can look so great in swimwear is an amazing boost for all women. (click here to see her).

… says glamour model Kelly Brook.

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31 thoughts on “Kelly Brook: “I do sometimes worry about getting older””

  1. I used to loveeeeee Kelly, but somehow she has lost her appeal… Now she’s just another Hollywood-star..
    Helen Mirren looks great!

    • right, like she can even hold a candle to yasmin, a stunningly unique SUPER model that has graced numerous covers like Vogue, not some British lingerie chick. Don’t even get me started how far off she is from Monica

      • Well, I never said she was the most beautiful. That’s something I don’t get about some women’s thinking. Just because by comparison someone is less beautiful than someone else, doesn’t mean the first someone isn’t still beautiful.

  2. Yasmine Lebon is just stunnig.
    What a great skin !
    Sometimes I am happy to have an oily skin because I hope it will delay the appariation of the first wrinkles …

  3. don’t know who she is or what kind of model she thinks sheis…..yasmin was beautiful when young, looks ok now, the one w/ the black here has puffy face, puffy lips, strained neck……lauren huttton may not be beautiful, but has a unique look w/ a photogenic face and that’s her strength..

  4. She has good taste in older women! I personally think she will age well herself – she has put on a bit of weight lately and I prefer her like she was a few years ago – but that’s all part of life! I still think she’s very attractive. I don’t think she really has the ‘it’ factor of the others though.

  5. I’m sure it’s hard getting older in her profession. In my field (and many others), expertise and seniority are rewarded, but as a model/actress it becomes SO much harder to have a successful career after a certain age. Good thing the successful ones make enough money in their 20’s and 30’s to last them a lifetime – and possibly feel a small country 🙂

  6. I find it weird that she compares her aging to these women aging… I think she is a UK model (correct me if I am wrong), but the fact that amazing women like Lauren Hutton or Monica Belluci aged well and still succeed in their industry really has nothing to do with somoene who isn’t famous for very much. Maybe I read it wrong, but I felt like she was comparing herself to women who have made HUGE contributions to their artistic field, and I don’t think she is, in any way, in the same league as these women.

    • I did go to some research on Kelly Brook, since I commented without really knowing exactly what she is famous for, and I see she has done some film and tv work, but I still think it is rather audacious to compare yourself to the women she did.. maybe she just meant they were inspiration.

      I am a linguist, but I would never talk about myself in the same sentence as Noam Chomsky (except I sort of just did, ha)… she just seems kinda ballsy to me.

    • That was how I interpreted her quote. She’s making it sound like she is on the level of these women, so she’s not going to worry. But she’s so not on the level of the women she listed. Sorry Kelly…..

  7. Most adults are naturaly afraid of getting older
    as some they feel ageing puts them that much
    closer to getting old. Others that they’ll be infirm..
    Still others that they’ll loose their looks, and that someone will come along to replace them in the
    eyes of others. As ephemeral as life is, Kelly
    Brook has inner qualities that shine through
    that I admire way beyond her good looks.

    It’s the inner nature of any person that evolves as
    they age that earns them the respect of others.
    The take charge attitude of restoring a house
    from the inside out takes real moxy for either
    gender. As people get older they realize that
    what’s truely beautiful about them retreats
    inward so long as they don’t waste their God
    given opportunities to use their limited time
    wisely. It’s said that on the most overcast of
    days, the inner beauty of any person shines
    through like the stained glass windows of the
    nearby Kirk. Men know it takes more sand to
    face life uncaring about age. In the words of
    the poet: ” Life either expands or contracts
    in direct proportion to the courage one applies
    to it “

  8. I pretty understand her fears, actresses, models and singers highly depend on their appereance, once it fades, there is too little of them left and Kelly Brook, unlike Helen Mirren, is not as talented in the acting field, so I don’t think that when she hits 40 she’ll be around very much.

    I, however, do rarely compliment celebrities because of looking godd at a certain age, unlike the average Jane, they work hard to mantain themselves looking young by eating properly at a young age, using certain products for their skins, getting surgeries and working with professional make up artists. Most of them do not look good with a makeupless face.

  9. Worried about getting older = worrying about not dying…being older is a privilige many in the world won’t experince eg starving children. Am NOT saying people who worry about wrinkles do not make sense or are shallow or don’t care about starving children. I am just saying that to my super-logical to the point of weird brain worrying about getting older does not compute. Peace :).

  10. I’ve never found Kelly’s face attractive, really. And I don’t understand the fuss about Monica Bellucci either. She looks like a stately middle-aged woman to me, but not that great. She has quite heavy features and they don’t really work for me…granted I’ve only seen pictures of her and haven’t seen any of her films, so maybe her appeal comes across more on screen.

  11. Kelly Brook is nowhere NEAR the attractiveness of her idols. She is definitely someone who’s beauty will fade early on and so she shoudl definitely be sure to have a backup plan.

  12. i really wish Kelly dressed herself better. just because you toss a pair of Louboutins on doesn’t make an outfit foolproof.

    anyway, Helen Mirren is HOT! and no, not for her age. for a lot of ages. she has a better body than a lot of people MY age! i remember the first time i saw those bikini pics. she, Meryl Streep, and Faye Dunaway have always struck me as perfect examples of plain to moderately attractive women who command attention because of the sex appeal they exude from the way they carry themselves.

  13. I’m really very surprised at these comments. I think Lauren Hutton has aged well, but was NEVER attractive. Very strange looking. The others are attractive but I find Kelly the most attractive of all of them. She should have listed someone like Jane Seymour, imo. I think she’ll age just fine if she takes care of herself. Lovely face and beautiful body shape. No Kelly fans here! Too bad.

  14. Kelly Brook: “sometimes I think of butterflies”. This is really how this woman’s intelligence comes across to me.

  15. When she-ll be older she will start writing books about weight loss, keep in shape, etc, beauty tips. Just like many celebs do eventually.

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