Kelly Clarkson Amazing Response to Fat Shaming


A British TV presenter named Katie Hopkins (who has the reputation of being quite the troll at times) recently fat shamed Kelly Clarkson (who gave birth 8 months ago) – here’s what Katie said:


Kelly’s response:

“Who?”“Oh, and she’s tweeted something nasty about me? That’s because she doesn’t know me. I’m awesome! It doesn’t bother me. It’s a free world. Say what you will. I’ve just never cared what people think. It’s more if I’m happy and I’m confident and feeling good, that’s always been my thing. And more so now, since having a family – I don’t seek out any other acceptance.”

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29 thoughts on “Kelly Clarkson Amazing Response to Fat Shaming”

  1. Wow that tweet was rude. What a terrible thing to say about someone. I don’t think Kelly Clarkson’s weight is ideal, and she would probably be better off slimmed down a bit, but she looks happy, and it’s none of anyone’s business. Especially not OK for someone to post something like that publicly. But who is Katie Hopkins, I thought Joan Rivers was dead?

    • you’re right! she is so ripping off joan’s shtick. catty and unoriginal–who is she to comment on clarkson? i’m glad she has a great attitude and writes her off because nobody should make time for weasels like that in their lives. esp someone as talented as she is. and yes she isn’t in ideal shape but she sets her own standard (as does everyone else) and that’s what matters.

    • She’s a troll. I personally don’t believe that someone with her views exists in our developed society haha.

      She called Peaches Geldof a bad parent, stated that she wouldn’t ever hire anyone fat, tattooed or with bright hair. She said she wouldn’t ever let her children hang out with anyone called Tyler & that names based on places are stupid (even though her child’s called India). She said cheating is exhilarating & believes that women are jealous of her.

      This is off the top of my head, there’s so much more haha. I find her hilarious ’cause it’s obvious she does it to be on TV. She can’t truly be serious.

      • WTF’s wrong with Tyler? Dissing someone who named their kid Space Pilot I sorta get, but Tyler’s just a regular ol’ name like James or Scott or whatever.

    • Lol- Katie Hopkins is renowned for being a class A b*tch in the UK and not very much else to be honest.

      So far she’s made a name for herself by: a) attacking people who are overweight and saying she’d never employ them, b) attacking parents who name their kids after places… even though her daughter is named India -_- and attacking numerous people’s appearances, even though she’s not exactly the prettiest rosebud on the bush herself.

      I think she mainly just causes controversy in order to stay ‘relevant’- I refuse to believe that a person can genuinely be that imbecilic.

  2. She’s chubby.. She’s gained abd lost over the years… While this isn’t the best she’s ever looked she doesn’t look horrible… Just chubby and she seems happy with her new role as a mother… I have a soft spot for her… Even though she’s republican

  3. I don’t care about her weight, she seems to be the yo-yo type but damn(!!) her hair has seen better days, the roots…

  4. Kelly has put on a lot of weight. I don’t think this weight is healthy but I don’t see Kelly promoting her weight gain as a good thing either. My guess is she knows what she looks like and doesn’t need some D-lister criticizing her for it.

  5. I really liked her response, classy and seems comfortable with herself even though she is overweight at the moment. The tweet was uncalled for and not funny if that was an attempt at being humorous…

  6. Yes, she is overweight now. That tweet was way rude though. And it’s her life, her choice, she knows if she is healthy or not. She says she is honestly happy this way, so that is what counts. I LOVE when people respond the way she did, too! That’s awesome.

  7. LOL!! bet Katie Hopkins feels dumb now. I wish more action was done regarding cyberbullying. Like what Curt Schilling did.

  8. fat-shaming is the dumbest term in existence. when people are being rude, it’s called being rude. it’s not [insert your insecurity here]-shaming.

    • THIS! For the longest time making uncharitable or uninvited comments about another person’s appearance was just called being a b—… When did we begin to categorise different degrees of b—iness!?

  9. What an awesome response! I love how she says her self worth comes from within, and from being happy with herself and her family. That’s a great way to be, so that you can’t be totally destroyed by some nasty, jealous troll who doesn’t even know you. Way to go, Kelly!

  10. I do think the comment was rude, but not any ruder than what some women say about someone who is (sometimes just a tad) overweight.

    • Passive aggressive. We all know who you’re talking about, but thanks for always thinking about me, that’s sweet.

  11. Her reply was awesome. I love that she didn’t get all angry and insecure and say something nasty back. The woman’s tweet was out of line but Kelly stayed classy. As for her weight she’s never been tiny and her weight has fluctuated through her career so I can see why eight months after having a baby she’s not really focusing on losing the weight. She’s not huge by any means and I’m sure she will eventually get back down to a more normal size for her.

  12. Although maybe this will open Kelly’s eyes. But this Katie girl is correct, this is not baby weight. Kelly’s been gaining weight for a number of years. She is an unhealthy girl at this weight, she really should start beginning to care about her health (and career) and start slimming down to a healthy weight. The human body is not designed to carry this much weight, it does a toll to the body.

    • Somehow I doubt a nasty comment from an internet troll will open her eyes. Roll them towards the sky maybe but that’s it.

  13. I always have Kelly really epitomizes what an experiment America Idol was in the first season. Here you have this very normal woman with a really great voice who hasn’t really been groomed or coached or selected for an auto tuned career from a pool of models or dancers and you throw her into a world where image has become more important than raw talent. I kind of love that she hasn’t let it drive her crazy even when she came onto the scene at a time where everyone was trying to be the next Britney. She is still just a real small town woman next door who can sing. Good for her : )

    • Ok, thanks! I didn’t want to put pressure on you or anything, I was just wondering because it seemed like only *some* of my posts were getting published.
      Thanks for the effort.

  14. That coral dress is stunning on her. Perfect for her figure and height and colouring. Yes yes yes. And what a stupid tweet – because her body MUST tie in to her self worth! IT HAS TO, IT HAS TO (is what I hear when I read that tweet lol) She looks healthy to me I have a friend who is a similar shape and in every area you could consider ‘health’, she has me beat. What she eats, how much, water, caffeine and sugar avoidance, not too many complex carbs.

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