Kelly Osbourne: ‘I nearly got a gastric band’

Kelly Osbourne: 'I nearly got a gastric band' 1

50 pounds slimmer Kelly Osbourne continues to talk about her (amazing) weight (loss). Here is what she is sharing this week:

‘I got really fat, because I stopped doing drugs. I had just gotten out of rehab and I had been living in America again.

I went to a doctor about having a gastric band because that is what my Mum did and I asked my Mum to take me.  was just too terrified to do it. I just thought it would make me miserable if I did have it because you can’t eat anything, five bites and then you are full.  Where is the fun in that? It’s boring. I want to be able to have a massive roast dinner if I want one.’

I’m a girl, girls are never happy with the way they look. There is always something that you want to change but I will say that this is the most content that I have ever been in my life.’

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74 thoughts on “Kelly Osbourne: ‘I nearly got a gastric band’”

  1. I heard gastric band has some serious effects.. like hair loss,muscle weakness, because it’ really hard to take all the nutrients you need from such small portions of food.

  2. She was never fat enough to warrant a gastric band! I find it a bit worrying that a doctor would have even considered doing the surgery! She really was never morbidly obese or in danger of serious illness – it would have been silly and wasteful to risk her health with surgery.

    I have to say that I am rather harsh about this, but I do find it awful how many people are getting gastric bands or having gastric bypass surgery, when they really are not obese enough to justify the costs (this especially applies to countries that have free healthcare). I understand that some people do try everything to lose weight, fail, and are actually in desperate need of surgical intervention to prevent serious illness caused by their weight. But, for the most part, people can lose the weight through diet and exercise and don’t need to have surgery.
    Also, so many people who have had these surgical procedures to reduce the amount they can eat, lose weight so fast that their skin ends up hanging loose and they often want cosmetic surgery! That can’t be the healthiest way to lose weight – it should only be used for people who are moribidly obese or suffering serious complications due to their weight.

    I am really glad that Kelly was smart and lost the weight through hard work and a healthier diet. I have to respect her for that, even if I don’t like her persona very much!

    • I agree – having a gastric band fitted is a serious (and life-threatening!) procedure that will affect that patient for the rest of their lives, it should never even be considered unless it is the abosolute LAST possible avenue to go down and the person WILL die from weight-related problems anyway if they dont have the surgery.

      Anyway, kelly is looking good but I do feel her new “look” could do with some tweeking. The fake tan on her naturally super pale skin looks flat and orange and very unnattractive, and her hair looks like a cross between the “rachel do” in friends in the 90’s and and an 80’s “glamour” (titty) model

      • ha ha 80’s glamour “titty” model! I love it…dont thik the tan looks too bad on her but I actually like her with her natural pale skin. she is one of those ppl that has the perfect looking pale skin with no flaws. unlike mine, sun damaged and freckly!
        Im glad she’s got extra confidence! and isnt it sad that girls never are happy with the way they look. It really sucks!

    • I can understand why she would want a gastric band drug addicts gain a massive amount of weight because once their metabolism is shot to s— after they give up and weight gain comes really fast. Look at Boy George, Elton John, Liza Minnelli, Whitney Houston, Mischa Barton, Britney the list goes on and on. The smart recovering addicts take up exercise like Robert Downey Jnr. If Amy Winehouse ever gave up drugs and didnt begin a healthy lifestyle she’d become a heffer!!! Ironic considering many celebs take drugs to lose weight in the first place and then become hooked.

      • kelly was overweight before she gave up drugs and went to rehab though – so to be honest I dont really see why she blames quitting drugs for the fact she used to be overweight.

  3. i get that she is very happy she lost all the weight and i think she should be credited for that. But really, Kel, it gets boring to hear you brag about yourself every day…

  4. America is gross and Kelly Osbourne embodies all that disgusts me about our body image obsession and food intake. She has managed to be a disgusting role model as a fat girl and as a thin one.

    • That’s a bit harsh! I don’t think she’s great, but I wouldn’t say she’s a disgusting role model. She was never very fat and I for one am glad that she decided not to get a gastric band – that would have made her a bad role model, imo. The fact that she lost weight in a healthy way makes her a good role model – in spite of what I think of her other ‘contributions’ to the entertainment industry (minimal, at best) she is at least a good example in this way.

      • I agree it was a little harsh, it is a very positive thing that she lost her weight on her own without a band. However, it still disgusts me how she completely values herself based on her weight and at the same time was such a gluttonous spoiled girl when they filmed the Osbournes. I want her to somehow redeem herself with something of substance not relating to her weight.

        • You’re right about her putting too high a value on her weight – but it’s kind of the only thing that gets her noticed at the moment! She’s never been very talented and I thought she was such a brat on the Osbournes – so I agree with you there! Hopefully she will make some kind of meaningful creative contribution one of these days – but at the moment she seems to be completely obsessed with her weight and love of fashion. And I agree that that is not the mark of a good role model – she needs a lot more substance.

          • I agree that she puts too much importance on her weight, but look around at the website; look at the negative comments that some, frankly frightening people write about stars who are a US size 8 at most. Imagine they were saying that about you. If these negative comments were all over the internet, whispered behind you at parties, even said to your face. I’d be mortified and depressed. And Kelly Osbourne was a lot bigger than a size 8, too, so the comments were probably far more harsh.

            I think, if an insecure girl heard everyday how much of a ‘beast’ she was, then when she was motivated to lose weight, she’d be talking about it left, right and centre to prove she’s thin now.

            She’s still clearly an insecure girl, I think she possibly needs counselling.

  5. She still has fat legs I will never see her as attractive.

    This just shows how stupid she is because she was never hugely overweight so that would have been the wrong path

  6. She never shuts up about her weight loss! At first it was like good for her now it’s just annoying. While she does look much better, I think she exaggerates. She’s slimmer but curvy, she’s not this skinny little thing like she goes on about.

  7. I actually LIKE her. She’s changed so much since her teen years. She has a great waist. I like her body but I guess she’s got super muscular calves O.o?

  8. Well, there were some rumours going around about her having a gastric band. I hope she doesn’t have it and lost all that weight because she’s now leading a healthy lifestyle.
    Anyway, don’t complain you’re tired of her speaking about her weight. She’s constantly asked about it because she obviously looks and feels better and that’s why media frequently asks her about how she managed to lose all that weight. And I bet many women are really curious to know what kind of foods she ate, what her exercize regime was etc.

  9. I’m happy for her for losing the weight- and I understand she’s proud- as she should be!- but she is awesome for so many other reasons. She was funny on her family’s show. I’m kinda tired of hearing about this. Agree people probably would love to know what she did, not how much she hated herself when she was fat.

  10. I give her credit for beating her vicodin addiction that is a rough road. On another note does anyone else think her hair looks like a wig??

  11. Lol some of these comments are horribly funny. I don’t really like Kelly’s body type, but I think she looks great! However, I suspect that this isn’t a natural size for her, so who knows if it will stay relatively the same in the future

  12. I’m so tired of reading all these comments about how fat she used to be and how confident she is now
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for her decision of starting to have a healthier life but seriously she needs something new to talk about!

    (Sorry if I made any grammar mistakes, I’m from Spain so english isn’t my mother language)

  13. Why do you all go on about her bragging about her weight.
    This is from an interview… and because she was ASKED! Not because she feels the need to brag!

  14. I think the last part of what she said is true … I hardly know anyone who is 100% happy with their body. I mean I can’t blame her for being really estatic about her weight loss because I think most people who lost 50 pounds if they were overweight would be really proud of themselves. At the same time I think she should consider that not everyone wants to hear about this 24/7. On the positive side, I really love her dress, and it looks great on her.

  15. She’s already gaining the weight back, haha too funny!
    It’ll take her longer to shut up about her weightloss than to gain it all back!

  16. I like her legs, mine are really muscular and will NEVER be thing no matter how much I’d starve myself, NOT that I ever would, I love my body.

    But, she does look strange….maybe ’cause I’m used to her being a chubster.

    Anyways, like people are saying, she’s being asked a lot of the time, and it is annoying, but at least she isn’t swearing as much or acting like a snot.

    It’s probably her way of keeping that inner snot away.
    So good for her, attitude change and you all can STFU. 🙂

  17. I completely agree with the last part of her comment! Most girls are never happy with themselves and want to change things about themselves 🙁 Kind of sad really

    • this so true, unfortunately… i should know. i was fat (chubby) and it was bad, i am thin and is still bad, i don’t even know if i want to lose weight, gain weight, gain more muscle or what the heck. i just know i’m not happy. at all.

  18. I agree with the general opinion, I’m glad that she didn’t go the gastric band route (not that that should really have been an option), but seriously, no one cares. I’m surprised no one has tied this girl up and shoved a sock in her mouth by now. Excuse my phrasing if anyone’s been kidnapped lately.

  19. She was on the cover of SHAPE mag this month and her pic looks totally photoshopped. i dont believe shes a size 2, thats bulls—.

  20. I am 5’2 114 pounds and where size 0-2…I don’t know why people find it so hard to believe just by looking at people. I do not think I LOOK like a size 2. But at the same time I am very lean and toned and slim. I think Kelly looks great! I am so happy for her that she is healthy and could be confident and enjoy life. Keep up the good work Kel!! 🙂

  21. She has an unhealthy relationship with her looks/body size and will completely crumble when she gains weight back (maybe not all of it, but it’s inevitable that she’ll end up gaining because her bone structure makes it painfully obvious that she is not meant to be skinny).

  22. I think she deserves credit for loosing all the weight she had on. I think the comment of her thinking like a “fat girl” because she wants a massive roast dinner, are rather harsh. I don’t think she has a nice body because she is very small and her proportions are off, her back is huge!, but I think she was brave for no choosing the “easy” way, getting her stomach cut in half. other than that , I couldn’t care less about her.

  23. I hate to say it but i have a feeling she’s gonna get fat again. One of these days she’s gonna binge like there’s no tomorrow and go back to her old ways.

  24. i think she probably talks about her weight loss incessantly due to the fact that she’s asked about it incessantly. It is what the media concentrates on with her at the moment so she simply answers and they publish it. not really her doing, though we might be tired of hearing about her new figure.

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