Kelly Osbourne Looked “10 Pounds Skinnier” With a Tan

kelly-osbourne-naked-pale1 - Kelly Osbourne Looked "10 Pounds Skinnier" With a Tan

This sounds interesting! Let’s see the details from NYDN:

The naturally pale-skinned reality star has come under fire after claiming a self-tanning cream makes her look 10 pounds skinner, London’s Daily Mail reports.

The Prince’s Trust charity – for whom Osbourne is an ambassador – has pulled its endorsement of the star’s St. Tropez ad campaign after parents argued the spray tan company’s message was inappropriate for the disadvantaged children the organisation seeks to help.

Titled “Self Esteem” the advertisements suggested that feeling good about oneself is tied to looking thin and pretty.

“I looked healthy, I looked like 10 pounds skinnier, and it started to make me look at my body in a different way,” Osbourne said in the video, which has since been removed from St. Tropez’s Web site.

“It made me look at what looked better rather than what I didn’t like, and I kind of got addicted.”

The company’s “colour expert” then proceeded to exclaim about the reality star’s physical transformation.

Abi Moore, who founded a group on the impact of marketing on girls in Britain, sent a letter to the company to cease its association with the ad campaign. The letter was co-signed by a psychologist and two authorities on consumer marketing’s effect on children.

Soon after, Prince’s Trust announced it was no longer backing the St. Tropez ads. But the fake tan company will still donate $15 to the charity from each bottle ($75) sold.

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18 thoughts on “Kelly Osbourne Looked “10 Pounds Skinnier” With a Tan”

  1. tan does make you look thinner. at least smother, as it disguises most little bumps, skin imperfections, veins, etc. its just unfortunate that natural tanning can result in skin cancer and sun damage and fake tanning can look real bad. my answer would be biased as i live in the tropics. everyones tan here

  2. I definitely look thinner tan, it’s the shadows it creates, and how all the muscle lines are more prominent where as my natural super pale skin makes my body look like an untoned mushy lump really easily if i’m not exactly at the best shape. But that’s life for you. Fake tan looks orange very easily, i burn and turn red in the sun, if i’m careful i might end up with a decent tan, but it still isn’t anywhere near as beautiful (imo) as if your skin is naturally a darker shade. Even a sun tan turns to red or orange quite easily actually, not just when the skin is burned but bc of the pigment of a lighter skin i think. And there’s the cancer. So i try to keep in shape and be toned, and enjoy my pale skin. And come summer, i try to keep my head straight and not overdo it.

  3. well its easy to lose weight when you move from a liquor based diet to spending your daddy’s money on coke.

    That white diet sure works wonders.

  4. she doesn’t look tan in this picture to me, but anyway, yes tanning is slimming! it flatters the body and skin looks smoother and muscles more toned, which is why body builders are always VERY tan because it creates illusion of bigger muscles. in greece being tan is a serious compliment and does not have the ‘cancer’ stigma that is does here. which of course isn’t necessarily a stigma but a potential health hazard… you get the point.

  5. Honestly, I was talking to my doctor and he and I agreed on this thing…

    Excessively tanning is very bad for you, does increase your chances of developing skin cancer, and will make you look older.

    However, people are taking it to the extreme, covering themselves up in sun, always plastering on sunscreen….that they forget that we are meant to be in the sun 30 minutes a day (vitamin D development). That’s why a nice glow is often associated with health, and pale is often associated with lack of health because people who are weak, sick or lack iron are usually pale (I’m just talking about where the asthetic preference for tan comes from, don’t kill me).

    If you are pale, and cannot tan, there is no reason why you should feel pressured to. There is also no reason why you should get so much fake tan that you look like an orange.

    But it is also ridiculous to flip out every time someone does use fake tanner or sun-tans a few shades darker. Calm the eff down. Tanning DOES make people look slimmer and more defined, and mainstream, a slight tan is attractive.

  6. That is a pretty poor message for a self esteem campaign. How does looking 10 lbs skinnier make one feel healthier? Also as a person with pale skin it makes feel like I must look fat and ugly unless I start spraying a fake colour over my natural skin.

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