Kelly Ripa Brings the Quote of the Day

 Kelly-Ripa-Brings-the-Quote-of-the-Day - Kelly Ripa Brings the Quote of the Day

On her body image: “The first thing you learn when you put on borrowed clothes at a fashion shoot is that someone always has bigger boobs, a smaller waist and longer legs than you do. Actually, everyone has bigger boobs than I do!”

39 year-old Kelly Ripa in Redbook Magazine.

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15 thoughts on “Kelly Ripa Brings the Quote of the Day”

  1. At least she didn’t say anything stupid like ‘everyone’s thinner than me’. Then I would have had to punch her through the computer screen.
    Short. Lean. -A cup.
    That’s what happens when you’re petite and you spend most of your free time working out.

    • Haha Dr. Truth not trying to be a douche bag, but to get a body like that does not mean wasting all your free time working out. That right there is short, INTENSE, workout sessions. Resistance training, interval training (sprints combined with walking) all 20 minute sessions or less. Anyone can do it, it’s not time consuming whatsoever. In the fitness world – these days people are discovering that it is possible to get an immensely effective workout done in the least amount of time as possible with the highest amount of intensity. Granted you eat a clean diet…

      • I know all about working out – I’ve been doing it for the last 17+ years. I’ve also been a personal trainer and in my opinion, Kelly’s body is the result of over training and maybe even some light s—ids.
        Not saying she doesn’t look good (she does) but this isn’t something you can achieve with a clean diet and 20 minutes a day.

  2. Besides that, she’s never admitted to doing short workouts. She does the Physique 57 workouts, pilates AND spinning, regularly. Let’s also remember that genetics play a HUGE role in how lean/toned/muscular a person can get.

    • Hey I really don’t want to bug you about this, but if you honestly don’t know that anyone can get a body like that with short intense workouts, my friend you are in the dark. Check out this website = >

      It is VERY possible to get ripped (lean, fit) with 30 minute workouts and a clean diet. lol and no s—ids… Not that I would want this physique for myself, it is not hard to obtain.

      • 20 minute workouts*

        And one other thing, I use workouts like this, (also HIIT every other day and my body is amazingly fit. I am not trying to brag on myself, because I honestly think it is lame when people do that. But just to show you that this is very possible and getting in shape does not require an hour a day of exercise. Although I don’t eat 6 times per day as [girl on site] Zuzana does because I prefer a slimmer look, like Jessica Alba.

        Check out her sight though, you will be surprised.

        • Sorry one other thing… I should rephrase about what I said, that everyone can obtain this body. While it is mostly true, yes, it will be easier for others and harder for others – getting this body IS hard, you have to be a disciplined person.

          But I meant that although it LOOKS insanely time consuming to achieve this physique, it is NOT in the slightest bit time consuming, actually the opposite – people [that don’t know anything about fitness] just have no idea.

          There done lol. Just trying to help others, I want to spread the good word that people CAN get the body they want without tons of money, or any for that matter, AND they can get it in a short amount of time. If they are willing to put in the work and discipline it’s all down hill form there. Once you realize how hard it is, it becomes easy!

          • Okay- those are some pretty hard core workouts. I am pretty sure I can’t even do ONE pull-up, lol. I’d love to hear about the results people have gotten doing these workouts. I’ve been looking at the site since yesterday..
            Thanks again!

          • Haha I know! That is why they work though.

            High intensity = dramatically shapens body
            No intensity = no results

            Basically, if you can do a workout like Zuzana’s for LONGER than 20 minutes, you are not working out intensley enough. You should be wiped out at the end. If you are blitzed – your metabolism will be on fire.

            Because of the intensity of those workouts, your metabolism will be increased for up to 12 hours AFTER your workout is over. That is why is is so much easier for fit people to stay in shape. People wonder “how they do it”, but the truth is, once you get yourself in a mode – it becomes easy! And after all the resistance training and what not, your metabolism is so high that you literally become a calorie burning machine!

            Haha yes pullups are SO incredibly difficult! I found a secret to work your way into doing one for your first time. Start off with doing “negative reps”. What I mean buy that is you literally “lower yourself” on the bar, instead of pulling yourself up. Place a chair or something you can stand on underneath the pullup bar – position yourself on the bar at the top of the bar as if you just “pulled your self up”, and instead lower yourself slowly. One rep = lowering yourself one time. Do that about 5 times, and slowly you allow your muscles to get a taste of the weight. Pullups are great, your back is a hot zone for your metabolism. If you develop your upper back muscles, your metabolism will essentialy blowtorch calories ha ha ha! Glad you like the site!!

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