Slim Celebs in Jeans: Alyssa, Keri, Carrie and Bar


4 slim celebs, 4 different outfits with a common staple: jeans.

Alyssa’s pretty and looks younger than her age (36), Keri (32) and Carrie (25) pair jeans with boots while traveling and Bar (23), well, she’d look amazing even in a  potato sack.


Check out Carrie and Bar on the second page!



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10 thoughts on “Slim Celebs in Jeans: Alyssa, Keri, Carrie and Bar”

  1. Bar and Carrie look really great. Carrie's legs are in great shape! Keri looks pretty good in jeans, but because she's short, she suffers from having to cuff her pants, which doesn't look all that great.

  2. Wow, even though she's a supermodel with long legs, it shows that those trousers are unflattering and shorten your legs- supermodel or not!

  3. Yuo're right Versus, Alyssa looks great for her age! I like Carrie and Bar. The first one has a nice outfit and the second one is so damn hot!

  4. Alyssa’s , Keri, Bar and Carrie

    all look equally amazing. fresh faced and beatiful

    but bar face is looking long and less atractive than usual in this pic…

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