Khloe Kardashian: ‘I’m the ugly sister. I’m the fat one.’

FP_6690056_Kardashian_Khloe_FP1_03_10 - Khloe Kardashian: 'I'm the ugly sister. I'm the fat one.'

Khloe Kardashian brings our quote for the day:

“I’m the ugly sister. I’m the fat one. I’m the transvestite.

“I have had those mean things said about me at least twice a day for the last five years. It’s horrible, you know? But I can brush that stuff off.”

… says 26 year-old Khloe.

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99 thoughts on “Khloe Kardashian: ‘I’m the ugly sister. I’m the fat one.’”

    • 1. Uhm, no, she is not a transvestitte.
      2. I don’t care if you are just “saying the truth”, just “expressing your opinion”. People are way too obsessed with their right to tell others how they really feel – “because as long as I am being honest I am not really doing any harm, I should be allowed to say what is on my mind”. Again, uhm, NO. I don’t CARE if it is honest. You should just speak nicely.

      That being said, I sense a quite a bit of insecurity about all of the Kardashians – I don’t think they’re raised or educated in a way that have learnt them to deal with all the media pressure. It is a shame, really; ever so often Khloe even sounds reasonable in her quotes.


      • its a right as a human being to express your opinion, whether it be kind of unkind. everyone gets made fun of. they are just in the spotlight and bring it upon themselves.

        as for educated, i dont think these girls are literate. some of the most unintelligent human beings i have ever heard speak…

        let people bash her and call her ugly. she probably hears how awesome and beautiful she is 90% of the time. she deserves a little reality check.

        • See, that is what I don’t like. It is a right as a human being…. blah blah, it is so wrong, and I can’t stand that attitude. Seriously. That attitude that everything can be excused as long as it is honest – what happened to treating each other with respect? And before anyone says that I should leave this blog then, I just want to point out that people in general are very nice in their comments 😉 AND what made me “angry” in the first place wasn’t that Khloe gets called fat and ugly twice a day (I guess you will simply have to deal with that kind of stuff if you are famous, unpleasant people are everywhere and you are a easy target if you have your own reality show). It was the fact that K Britt has an attutude that says “well it is true (implicit: why is the whining? People are just telling her the truth, they are allowed to do so).” IMO it is just a wrong attitude.

          • well its true. people can say what they want. its a free country last time i checked, and when you are rich, obnoxious, and have no talent like this girl, what do you expect people to say. everyone bashes celebrities, its not like Khloe is the only celebrity who gets made fun of. she should shut her mouth before she speaks, as she just makes it worse by acknowledging being the ugly sister. all it does is allows for people like us to comment on it, either positively or negatively.

          • i favor with your opinion….people like to wear this mask of honesty in order to play it b—y, which is such a shame…we often take pure rudeness as mare sincerity and we actually are proud or ourselves for being so “honest”! instead, we never really think that our words can harm others….and i’m not defending here the K’s , just generally speaking…

          • i completely agree with you. as if adding IMHO at the end of a sentence makes it allright. that way its not an insult, its not mean, its not going to hurt someone because its just an opinion. no one can stop you voicing your opionion in any free country, just as you can stop them replying. so stop looking acting shocked and saying- ‘but I said it was just my opinion’.
            I would have serious issues with anyone who thinks there opinion on someones arms, or thighs is so important that it trumps another human beings feelings. let me put it simpler- i think it makes you a b—.

          • memmy- I agree with you and understand where you’re coming from. There is such a term as ‘dimplomatic’ which some people don’t seem to grasp. It’s like this guy I knew, had a friend who was dyslexic. They would all make fun of her all the time. I asked why and he said ‘well that’s how she is. She just has to deal with it. If it offends her she should toughen up.’ Sure, if it bothers her it would help to deal with it, to make her life easier. But in no way should anyone feel responsible for ‘making’ her deal with it. If the comment towards Khloe was racist, the ‘freedom of speech’ thing wouldn’t be ok. So, where do we draw the line? Everyone has their insecurities, and as human baings you would think we would understand that, and not play on other peoples insecurities because ‘we should be able to express our opinions and be honest.’ I’m not necessarily talking in regards to this post or the original commenter etc. Just wanted to add my 2cents so you didn’t feel so lonely in your opinion!

          • OMG this is so true. And to all the people who always say “i say it because i’m free and because it’s true”. I’m wondering how would they react if their mothers were fat and ugly and I just say to her “Oh Mam’ you’re fat and ugly ! Sorry but… It’s true…”.

        • Just because it is a right, doesn’t mean u have to do it! If it hurts someone why would u do it, simply because it’s a right? Learn to think for urself.

      • agree with memmy here! i hate when people use the lame excuse of “just telling it like it is” or “just being honest” to get away with being b*itchy and/or rude

          • I’m also with you memmy. You may exercise your ‘right’ to bash people but that doesn’t make you some amazing free-speech/human-rights advocate, it only makes you a douchebag.,

          • so with you memmy – of course you have a “right” to be a b—, but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re being a b—!

        • yeah, I steer clear of anyone who describes themselves as outspoken or brutally honest. It’s just a free pass to be a b—, and usually, they’re the ones who have the hardest time dealing when it’s turned on them.

      • “The right to swing my fist ends where the other man’s nose begins.” -Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. US Supreme Court Justice speaking about our rights as Americans

      • If one were raised right, one’s parents would have taught one manners; people would keep their opinions to themselves unless asked (as an opinion should be, asked for).

    • Yeah – she’s super tough if it really doesn’t affect her. It would make me feel so depressed to have people say those sort of things about me – it would be impossible to just brush off.

    • yeah, being compared to your siblings is horrible, it can cause some real issues 🙁

      In this case Khloe isnt being compared by her own family (parents) but by random outsiders, which probably makes it easier to deal with. Also she is most likely aware that even if she is not as attractive as her two sisters, she is still probably attractive by “normal” standards and not actually, as the haters would say, ugly.

  1. That sucks. I’ve been called different things in my life and i know no matter how little i’ve thought of the people behind those things, it hasn’t felt like all the same. It gets to you. Of course, in addition to being sort of bullied, Khloe is also praised quite a bit, and has a thight, seemingly loving family, so i tend to think that would help.

  2. well, atleast she admits it. again, all for attention, just like her whole family. besides, she (and her sisters) are all ugly on the inside. spoiled, selfish attention seeking no talents. its sad they have relevance at all.

  3. i’ve said it a million times and i’ll say it again. khloe is no more curvy than kim. she is just taller and therefore is larger in general.

    i’m several inches taller than my friends but have smaller proportions than they do, yet i always get the “larger” comments.

    it gets old. yes, you can pull off extra pounds easier if you’re taller, but i also believe you catch a lot more flack if you do gain weight when you’re tall (i.e. “she’s just a bigger girl” vs “oh she’s cute and has curves”)

    • khloe is less curvy than kim. Let’s not forget the actual definition of curvy — it’s not synonymous with fat. khloe is straight through the middle, so she’s less curvy.

  4. I’m the ugly sister. I’m the fat one. I’m the transvestite

    Who said you were a transvestite? (i.e. the other comments were right on the money) LOL

    • She’s the funny one, the one everyone wants to hang out with, and the least annoying. I wish she’d concentrate on those things. She’s not ugly or fat, being compared to a sex symbol sucks though.

  5. she’s definitely the funniest sister and BY FAR the most intelligent. she actually has a personality unlike the other two bimbos. (three, including their devil-mother). intelligence lasts forever.

  6. well, in my opinion the worst part in here is that she constantly gets compared to her other sisters and this really sucks…so what i ca infer from her statement is that she is the ugly, fat one only because of the everlasting comparison..this is extremely unhealthy for everyone’s state of mind and actually it happens in so many families. there has always have to be the good and the bad sibling, the beautiful and the ugly one, the smart and the stupid…that’s a curse but people are simply inclined to compare blood-related persons

  7. I don’t care for her body or body type at all or the way she dresses it but I don’t feel people should call her a transvestite and that sort of thing. Although she gets paid alot of money to be in the spotlight so I’m sure there are alot of people who wouldn’t mind getting called names if they could make the kind of bucks the Kardashians are making. The biggest reason I feel people don’t like them is they have made sooo much money and they really don’t have much talent.

  8. For the comment, well, it’s true. That is a lie. Last time a checked, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You may think she is ugly, but obviously her husband doesn’t.

    Also, as for using “it’s a human right” thing to bash people. I really wish people would think before the speak or type. Khloe isn’t going to kill herself over this, but there are people who take it to heart. It’s called cyber bullying. And at some point it needs to stop.

    And as for the Kardashian’s having no talent…. has anyone ever been to one of their stores? I don;t think they deserve reality TV, but they have the brains to run their stores. That is talent. It may not being acting or singing, but its still a skill and a talent to keep and small business open.

  9. There a quite a few bloggers who have called Khloe a tranny. Khloe actually called Perez Hilton out on her blog a few months ago when all the celebs were talking about their bullying experiences.

    She’s still my favorite Kardashian…well maybe Rob is first 🙂

  10. i actually love khloe! on the show i think she is definitely the most interesting character, because she has attitude, which she probably got from having to stick up for herself and deal with criticism. i love all the kardashians (and i’m not embarrassed to say so) and khloe is maybe my favorite. i think she looks great 🙂

    • u know what i think if khloe was like kim and wore 10 lbs of makeup and did bikini photoshoots everyone would think shes hot too,, its all about the illusion

      • Anne- well. said! These days…if you take off your clothes and make it into a magazine (particularly men’s ones). Then your hot. It’s quite funny really, considering every woman and her kitten could pretty much get into one if she tried hard enough. Obviously, there is A standard…but tbh it’s really generally not that high anyway.

  11. She looks like a normal young woman to me, not bad looking not the most beautiful girl in the world, but u know pretty, beautiful, non transvestite, not fat… What is this taking down talk?

  12. i doubt, but hopefully khloe kardashian read this note. She is beautiful and have great personality and strength. She must not let bad spirited people bring her down. She inspire shy girls all over world to come out of their shells and take a stand for themselves and they are worth. god bless khloe

    *please excuse. english not my 1st language*

  13. She may be fatter and uglier than the other two, but she’s sure has hell SMARTER and less of a tart. That in itself is worth more than Kim’s p—- sucking lips and WHR. .

  14. HAHAHAHAHA. I’m glad she at least knows the truth. Perhaps that will be her motivation to become something better than her sisters — and thusly STOP talking about her looks and weight. She at least has a stable and nondysfunctional relationship compared to the other two!

  15. People are so rude who cares if shes ugly or pretty or anything for that matter its all superficial bulls—. You all say shes ugly and fat because why? It makes you feel better about how ugly and fat you are? probably people who know they are attracive, know they are nice people, and have confidance dont say mean and nasy things about people because they have better things to do then look at someone and go OMG THEY ARE UGLY LETS TALK S—…freedom of speach is used for thing you believe in and stand by for things that you want to change in the world not for waisting it on calling someone ugly.. Seriously is everyone in kindergarden.

    • I agree, i would never call her ugly because im not a mean spirited person and even if she WAS which she isint, so what? how does it affect my life? Why would i keep b—ing about it?

    • But she HAS based her fame on superficiality. That’s all the Kardashians are known for: being seen doing little.

      That doesn’t mean she deserves to be called ugly, but it’s no secret that Hollywood is superficial. If she hates it so much, why does she feed it? It is possible to be part of a prominent family and not be in the spotlight… she draws attention to herself even saying something like this.

  16. Sorry I love Khloe but she sounds like a hypocrite if she can “brush off” being called the ugly fat sister she wouldn’t feel the need to mention it in every damn interview. Rising above negative comments is all about having the confidence to ignore the remarks in the first place they don’t touch the sides and you don’t dignify them with a comment. But the truth is her self esteem is low and this statement only proves it.

  17. so what? have you heart what people say about kim? its FAR FAR worse khloe! i know it hurts but you know what you have alot of fans too, you gotta take the good with the bad,

    • And honestly, in my opinion, what does she mean “the ugly sister?” I don’t think ANY of them are pretty. She’s not up against much.

  18. whatever happened to the old saying, “if you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all” apparently it doesn’t apply here. i’m no fan of khloe but i always thought she was pretty and had the best personality out of all the family. i’m all for expressing opinions but people need to stop using that as an excuse to call people names and bash them because you think it’s “keeping it real” or “it’s my opinion so deal with it.” no it’s wrong and you wouldn’t want someone constantly calling you a name. but i know that won’t happen here so that’s what i have to say about that.

  19. I feel bad for her. I think it IS hard to be a celebrity and have people talk sh-t about you all the time. they ARE human beings. it didn’t used to be like this — old hollywood was different, and i think there was more respect for stars, and less of a desire to photograph their cellulite. i do think it’s catty of people to be mean about celebrities. but i do it myself, b/c i am a judgmental person and judge everyone around me, and the internet gives me a forum to compare my judgments with those of others on a common subject (celebrities’ bodies). i just hope that the celebrities don’t read my comments, b/c yes, it probably hurts if they do.

    • Well, Old Hollywood stars deserved respect. They were classy, and most of all, had idk, REAL talent compared to about two thirds of the “stars” today. In sense, it’s almost like these kinds of celebrities are asking for it.

      • They weren’t that classy. Old Hollywood was full of scandals, but they had the grace to keep it or try to keep it hidden. Now, scandal doesn’t end your career, it starts it!!

        • I can think of some classy ones that I never heard much scandal around. But yeah, there were some who were scandalized though, but indeed they didn’t parade it around like a badge of honor like the “stars” today. And at least they HAD real careers.

  20. Amazon’s comment earlier is exactly what we need more of. Women don’t have body issues on account of men, women have developed body issues because of how women treat and speak about other women. It’s awful. What you say does effect other people. So yeah, you can go and try to “keep it real” and all that, but when you tear down another woman, that’s exactly what you’re doing. Some accomplishment, eh?

  21. My best bet is she is the one sister who didnt have work done… Kim K prob looked just like this before she decided to get work done.

    • I know right, Kim was only average before her various plastic surgeries. Psh, in my opinion, Khloe is the prettiest one for being the most real. Kim is stuck up and has this sort of “untouchable,” “I’m better than you” attitude. Drives me nuts.

      • Sadly its true. Also Kim is nothing to look at – small eyes, long horse face – she’s all makeup. Without it all and without the plastic surgery – I wonder what she really looked like. I hate her attitude. She’s very full of herself – I’m 112lbs – na, na, na – my t–s are real – I’ve never had any plastic surgery… and then you look at her sister Khloe. LIke – come on, I know they are from different fathers but the apple doesn’t fall that far from the tree!

  22. I think she’s pretty in her own way. She’s compared to Kim, and I think that’s why she considers herself “ugly”
    To me, if you took off Kim’s make up and left her face – minus whatever plastic surgery she had…she’d be pretty average. Khloe isn’t beautiful, but she isn’t ugly. As far as fat, nope…because she’s tall..she’s big. She’d look odd if she were really tall and skinny.

  23. i think people tend to forget that what is on the inside really does matter more. looks fade, no matter how much plastic surgery you get, and in the end if you dont like the person you are, what the hell do you have? so i agree with memmy,everyone needs to stop hiding behind ‘im just being honest’ because its really much more important to be a nice person. khloe may not be as attractive as her sisters in some people eyes, but if you watch the show, shes a much nicer, more intelligent and funny girl. and in the end that is going to matter so much more then if she was ‘hotter’ then kim

  24. It’s really hard to brush that kind of stuff off, and I feel bad for her. It must be hard with an attention wh*re sister, and being the only one without considerable plastic surgery, but I respect her the most out of all of them (which isn’t saying much though, because I have 0 respect for Kim). I don’t think she’s ugly, and she’s not at risk of dropping dead from a fat-induced heart attack, so she looks OK by my book.

  25. Khloe is the best Kardashian!
    Most fun, charismatic, entertaining, natural.
    Love them all but it’s Khloe that makes the show.
    She’s definitely not fat.
    Ignore the haters and just be your amazing self.

  26. I have read some mean things about her appearance but in general she seems to be the most well-liked of the girls. So I guess personality does count for something too.

  27. This is really sad. She’s being compared to faces that have been numerously tampered with. I don’t really ‘keep up with the Kardashian’s’ but underneath I’m sure they’re all the same anyway…

  28. I always thought Khloe was the prettiest one. she looks more natural and fair while the others look too plastic and fake especially kim who could pass for a p—star

  29. all you haters are PATHETIC. Get a life. You obviously have no class and must be jealous if all you have to say are bad things. Grow up. What gives you the right to be so judgemental??? You are all the bullies that this world needs to get rid of.

  30. For the “ugly” sister, she’s not doing that bad … and I wish I were that same ugly sister with the same bank account as hers.

  31. yeah, well she got married before her “hotter” sisters, kim is the hottest and no man wants her, and kourtney is in a super dysfunctional relationship, so i say for being “ugly” shes doing pretty “hott” 🙂

  32. Well, am the ugly sister too, comparing to my 2 younger sisters, but they’re not sexy as i am, the same people who tells me they’re more beautiful, tell me am sexier..but..seriously, who cares.
    i think she mentions half the truth when she talks what people tell her
    I think she’s pretty in her own way, may be if she found another tall sisters things well be ok, i think she looks giant when she stands beside them, not because she’s giant, but because they remarkably short.

  33. I don’t think she is ugly or fat,she’s not beautiful like other women but she is still pretty and curvy…and certainly not a transvestite,they dress trashy,wear lots of makeup and wigs…She looks bigger than her sisters because she’s taller and her body shape is different.I can say I don’t have my sister’s body shape at all,she has long legs and thinner than mine even if she is only 2cm taller but has thicker waist and bigger tummy.

  34. I like her, she looks more real then the other two. Not a big Kardashian fan, but I like her the best. Kim irks me for some reason, the other one I only know of from the pregnancy stuff and mentally abusive boyfriend. But Kourtney cracks me up with her quotes

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