Catherine Zeta Jones and Kim Kardashian – Nude Beauties

Catherine Zeta Jones and Kim Kardashian - Nude Beauties 1

It’s “Let’s Go Nude” week in celebrity world, so let’s admire Catherine and Kim wearing well, nothing. Catherine went naked for Allure Magazine and had this to say about the clothes-less experience:

“That’s when your dancing days and being in theater pay off. When you’re doing a quick change, you don’t give a sh*t who sees you.”

Catherine Zeta Jones and Kim Kardashian - Nude Beauties 2

As for Kim, she bared it all for Harper’s Bazaar and had this to say:

“I don’t get why everyone is always going on about my butt. I’m Armenian. It’s normal. My butt is probably not as big as you might think, because I have small legs and a small waist, which makes it appear bigger.”

“I was wearing a C cup by the time I was 11. I would go to bed and pray, ‘Please, Lord, don’t let my boobs grow any bigger.’ I hated what was happening.

“I think the message is embrace your curves and who you are. I feel proud if young girls look up to me and say, ‘I’m curvy, and I’m proud of it now.’”

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60 thoughts on “Catherine Zeta Jones and Kim Kardashian – Nude Beauties”

  1. I think they added a curvy butt to Catherine. She is quite fkat there with no hips. Both women are very beautiful. Kim’s comment annoys me. She loves to talk about her body. A fake modesty.

  2. catherine is a perfect woman! PERFECT!

    and pleeeeease please stop with kim and her body/butt….when she will actualy do something worth while, yea talk about her.

  3. there are more pics of Zeta-Jones from this photoshoot and I can say she got totally photoshopped in it. even in this particular photo of her is seems almost like her bust area got there from outer space- neither shadows nor lights fit! *hides*

    • don’t hide, please, you’re right. I use photoshop professionally and it’s a great bit of software but it requires skill, dedication and the person using it needs to give a s**t about what they’re working with.

      Basically, badly photoshopped celebrity pictures are evidence that the person doing the work doesn’t care all that much about making their photos look amazing, they’re just doing what they’ve been told to do to a standard that their boss is happy with. For a skilled designer, this is a boring job, or it would be to me anyway, 🙂

  4. Is Kim really shocked that people are talking about her butt? Maybe they talk about it cause that’s all she has to offer the public. She makes money off her body and she knows it. And for someone who embraces her curves she cnstantly on a diet and trying to claim a size 2 . I honestly feel that if she had an opportunity to pick a new body she would. I really don’t think she likes her body all that much, but not many women do.

    • well if we all decided that excess fat shouldnt define curves, buth rather your body shape, then she can absolutely be curvy at size 2 or zero or whatever. its not like she needs a bunch of excess fat, be overweight, etc, to be curvy

    • “I honestly feel that if she had an opportunity to pick a new body she would. I really don’t think she likes her body all that much, but not many women do.”

      Doubt it, considering her body is what made her famous where would she be without it!

      And I genuinely like her body type, must be one of the minority…..

      • no, i love her body type too. i reckon she would be tiny in real life! you can see her frame size when compared to others is pretty damn tiny! smaller than paris hilton and carmen electra if you google pics of them! (tho i have to admit i do think her butt would be very juicy). but yea i think she is hot as. i am fairly hourglassy but she puts me to shame. and man do i feel jealous at times!

      • I do find her body nice. But the way she constantly talks about her body and is always defending her size 2 status I do feel that maybe she is insecure about it. Maybe she wouldn’t want to change her body, but I know that for me I want my butt to be smaller, but that won’t happen naturally so I’m just going to have to deal with it.

  5. They both look a bit weird. Catherine is gorgeous obviously but i think she could look a lot better.. not big on the shot. Kim’s legs look super super short.

  6. except kim keeps downplaying her curves by declaring to be a tiny size she is probably not. and by doing that influencing impressionable girls to lose weight.
    ur sending out a diff msg, kim. how about take your own advice.

    • No, but it’s not like she’s got a 45 inch butt like some of these urban models, i.e. ‘buffy the body’. So in comparison to them, her butt ain’t so big as it’s under 40 inches.

      • yea, true. But buffy the body is 5’7 tall. kim is 5’2 or so. So her hips would be smaller even if she is very curvy. I do believe she is a size 2 though. She would look TINY if she were to stand next to Buffy. Buffy has said that she is 5’7 and 170lbs. That’s 35 extra lbs. kim has said she is 5’2.5 and 114lbs. that is about as low as she can go without being overweight. so she may be curvy but very very petite while buffy is tall and very thick.

  7. Yeah right, Kim poor you! Everyone thinks you have a big butt because of your very thin legs and waist! Also your big b❆❆bs I feel soo sorry for you, but look on the bright side! It’s what made you a celebrity in the first place!!!!

    • i feel the same way. also, i don’t want to be mean and I am not calling her fat at all, but i don’t think her legs are thin at all. they look chunky to me.

        • idk I always thought she had thin legs, almost oddly thin for her butt. Look at beyonce and j.lo. curvy with thighs and butt. to me and possibly any other ethnic minority, her legs are oddly thin. I’ve never seen a woman with a huge booty and tiny legs. It just doesn’t work that way sorry.

  8. don’t like both pics.
    catherine’s body looks good even though it was photoshopped.
    although its said in magazine that Kim’s pic was unphotoshopped, she wanted to go “natural” like Jes simpson in marie claire, i think its obvious that aside special lights,make up,tan, the pic still was airbrushed.
    and what kim “promotes” is not loving your body and taking care of it, but vise versa. it’s obvious that she doesn’t feel comfortable with her body and curves, ’cause she’s at constant battle with her weight. when she riched her goal and sad that she loved her shape and blahblah, a lil time later she already had a goal to shed more weight, and the worst thing is that a lot of young girls are influenced by her and they try the pills she promotes. and i think there are no pills in the world without side effects.
    but i do understand why she always talks ’bout her body, it just gives her attention and money.

  9. KK has an amazing figure! But I think they slimmed her legs a little. CZJ is of course not that curvy, but I think it’s just the angles she is posing in.

  10. Vacay OVER at least for now what’s new……Kim contradicting herself like always ….wasn’t she on on one of those stupid tabloid magazines the other day talking about how she lost 5 pounds….Thus is her life I love my curves but I claim to be a size 2. I adore Katherine Zeta so I lurrvvvvessss her quote and the fact that she is doing the allure nude issue. They try to go easy on the photoshoping and pick very different looking women there’s variety.

  11. Catherine is quite photoshopped, but I’m sure she still looks good for her age. Kim K, photoshop or not, is gorgeous. That real Armenian booty is lovely, and she certainly shouldn’t be ashamed of her curves. Go girl.

  12. boy kim makes sure she doesnt miss out on nothing. reason why people talk about her butt is cuz thats all she does when she poses. i still think her b❆❆bs and butt is fake….. she looks better before she did the reality show..

  13. Did anyone else see that on Khloe’s blog she mentioned this article and said that there was no photoshop involved? I literally lol’d at my desk when I read that

  14. oh please….
    she should be self conscious about her body cuz she’s kinda big all over anyway…so what if she’s curvy
    always had respect for catherine 🙂 I just like her and she’s pretty and working what she’s got

  15. Kim, I don’t care how small your legs and waist are, your a– is still huge. And I’m sure she knows what the big deal about it is, it’s like one of the main reason’s she’s even famous.

  16. i dont get the lets-get-naked-to-show-we’re happy-about-our-bodies totally defeats the purpose of promoting healthy body image when they’re all airbrushed anyway! sorry, but the whole thing is deluded to me. besides…isnt catherine always going on about being a “broad gal” despite losing a lot of weight recently?

  17. Kim Kardashain is a shallow, vapid, vain woman.
    All she ever talks about his her looks and her looks she payed for. Everything on her is fake. including her face.

  18. i dont know why everyone is complaining that although kim says she likes her curves, shes trying to lose weight. CURVES DONT EQUAL EXCESS FAT! excess fat= a problem. seriously if youre a fat ruller shape you arnet curvy, youre just fat. and obviously no matter how small kim gets she will always be curvy because of her shape.
    so she can want/try to lose weight and still maintain her curves. stop bashing her for wanted to look better/ be healthier

  19. I thought Kim’s photos were retouched, but according to Huffington Post, not so. Just great lighting and a professional photog. If so, I say kudos to Kim. Curves in place, body looking great, less cellulite than before, good job girl.

  20. Wow, good for Kim with the non-retouched photos. I don’t even like her much anymore, but at least this is one time I can say she looks genuinely good, but without the shimmer and glitzy photoshop she often does.

    Zeta-Jones=Sexy! She looks like a million bucks and I personally love that she’s arching her back like that. I bet a guy saw it and thought naughty thoughts lol. Plus, she’s maintaining herself and can do no wrong IMO!

  21. Go Kim. Let people bloody well look up to whoever they want. People who call her fat make me feel sick to the stomach.

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