Guess Kim’s Shape! Identify the Unphotoshopped Picture!

Guess Kim's Shape! Identify the Unphotoshopped Picture! 1

3 Kims, some minor changes in shape and size here and there and one challenge for you:

Guess Kim’s Shape! Identify the Unphotoshopped Picture!

Come back tomorrow to see the answer!

Note: The picture was edited by for enjoyment reasons only and the above is simply meant to be a lighthearted game.

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39 thoughts on “Guess Kim’s Shape! Identify the Unphotoshopped Picture!”

  1. You know something that I really hate?
    I hate when everybody says: “What’s the matter if you’re overweight or a little chubby? You have a pretty face”.

    it’s stupid consider a woman pretty only ’cause her face or hair…

    • Wow, okay! 0_0″ But you know what, some rare people even look better when a little (but just a LITTLE) chubby, in my opinion! Now why this? xD

      • While I find this incredibly random and off topic….

        I agree with you. It should be the whole package that makes a woman (or people in general) attractive, not just one attribute like the face.

        I personally would rather be with a guy with a slim body and a bad face instead of a good face and a fat body because unless he has some rare glandular problem, the fat body is a sign that he doesn’t take very good care of himself and doesn’t respect himself. The slim body is a sign of the opposite.

        • And to add onto my comment… he didn’t get to choose his face. He can’t help what his face looks like (besides the skin on it).

          • i don’t know where this topic came from but i think it’s perfectly possible to be pretty with a bad body. to say otherwise seems a bit illogical

    • Completely disagree. A pretty face is a pretty face regardless of size. I think you are confusing being pretty with being sexy, generally I would say being sexy takes both a good body and face, yet prettiness or facial beauty is in built and genetic and stays with you no matter the size. For me its all about the face.

  2. I think the left, but I wouldn’t be shocked if it was the middle one, her butt has been looking more and more questionable to me lately. I used to never believe it was fake and thought it was silly that ppl said that but it is just not normal looking I think something is off with it.

  3. i think some people have their right and left mixed up…..

    moving on its pic on the RIGHT although i prefer the left pic

    • Her body is not the same shape though. The girl in the link has a curvy butt yes but also has bigger legs. She has a much more normal looking body that a lot of women have. Kim’s butt is different, it is disproportionally large for her body, especially her legs. Sometimes I think it looks great and sometimes I think it looks just really weird and I find myself staring trying to figure out what is going on with it lol. Don’t get me wrong I think Kim is absolutely beautiful and has a great body, but there is just something weird about her butt. It absolutely could be natural and probably is maybe the undergarments she wears lifts it up and makes it look like that who knows.

  4. Well, I understood that, I just say is stupid, anyways, lol, completly out of topic, yeah.
    The thing here is that some boys confuse sexy with pretty, they think a pretty girl is sexy only for have a pretty face and a bad body.
    That’s weird to me, as the girl above says: I prefer a boy with bad face, but not obese.
    Sorry, but that’s my way to think.

    Oh, and there’s anothing weird thing:some guys get excited with faces????

    Only with the face… that’s weirdo…
    Is like them get excited for everything…

  5. Is like the “butterface thing”, check the last post about Fergie.
    I dont think Fergie is ugly, she have a pretty body and face.
    And why people get hard with faces? I will not make sex to a face, I will make love to a body… needs to take care about themselves, like the chick said before: to have a pretty face is not everything, you couldnt use that as an excuse for not take care about yourself.

  6. I think it’s the left. The middle looks pushed out and too enormous. Then the right one looks as if someone punched her left butt-cheek.

  7. Yes, she is beautiful. But in my opinion she is so overrated. Keep in mind I’m an overweight woman, I get so annoyed when people say “She’s a real woman!”. Shut up, she gets attention because of her a– and her boobs. She promotes “Healthy living” but endorses diet pills? Doesn’t make sense.

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