Huffington Post’s Top Five Sexiest Celebrity Female Bodies

Huffington-Posts-Top-Five-Sexiest-Celebrity-Female-Bodies - Huffington Post's Top Five Sexiest Celebrity Female Bodies

Here’s another Hottest Bodies List for your delight! This time, it comes from Huffington Post:

The Top Five Sexiest Celebrity Female Bodies

1. Halle Berry: This Academy Award-winning beauty known for her roles in Monsters Ball, X-Men, Swordfish and Catwoman follows a popular fitness and lifestyle program developed by fitness trainer Harley Pasternak called the “5 Factor Fitness Plan.” I think the results speak for themselves.

2. Jessica Biel: This 27-year-old actress has been criticized for her comments about being too beautiful to be cast for certain roles in film, but then again, maybe she’s on to something. Her youthful glow and lean, athletic physique is most likely attributed to her clean, diet, relentless work ethic, and training with personal trainer Jason Walsh. So maybe he’s the one to blame.

3. Kim Kardashian: This Socialite, model and entrepreneur has always been sexy, but the addition of the services of celeb trainer Gunnar Peterson, along with a built-in fitness support system provided by her Super Bowl bound NFL-star boyfriend and Olympian stepfather have made her a force to be reckoned with.

4. Cindy Crawford: I think “wow” sums her up best. This model, entrepreneur, spokesperson and mother of two, who is known for her trademark mole, is truly a timeless beauty. Now in her 40’s she’s only getting better with age and much of it has to do with her active lifestyle, which consists of pilates, strength training, yoga, dance classes, running and occasionally jumping on the trampoline with the kids.

5. Beyonce Knowles: Several takes of her dance routine in the “Single Ladies” video will have anyone drenched in sweat and gasping for air, not to mention her hardcore workouts with trainer Marco Borges.

Honorable Mention: Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Jennifer Aniston, Eva Mendes and Gabrielle Union

Huffington-Posts-Top-Five-Sexiest-Celebrity-Female-Bodies-2 - Huffington Post's Top Five Sexiest Celebrity Female Bodies

The magazine also specifies the following:

Fantastic physiques like Halle Berry’s are not products of magic pills or trendy equipment promoted on late night infomercials, they are achieved with intense training, sound nutrition, sacrifice, discipline, determination and gallons of sweat. These great bodies are not only admired, envied and fantasized about by all, but they also have directly translated to success in the entertainment industry.

Yes, yes, these bodies are the product of “diet, sweat, discipline”… and, may I add, GENES. And hmm… I thought Quick Trim was one of those “magic pills” 😛

Do you agree with this list or not?

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73 thoughts on “Huffington Post’s Top Five Sexiest Celebrity Female Bodies”

  1. These are some of my favorite bodies in Hollywood as well. Although, that picture of Jess Biel is a couple years old, and she was looking kind of wispy last I saw her.
    Versus? Do you have something newer on her??

      • Agreed with Halle, Kim, Jessica B, Jennifer A, Beyoncé, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, I’m just missing Salma Hayek.
        Notice is just one model on the list and she always been curvy type!

  2. beyonce, halle got the best bodies…
    kims body has been achived with the help of a plasticsurgon.

    anywaysssssssssssss i agree with the list

  3. Jessica Biel’s arms…wow. I don’t think it’s attractive, but I have to respect that kind of dedication to working out. Although now she doesn’t look like that anymore, right? She one of the hungry ones now, if I’m right.

  4. The Huffington Post has turned into such a pile of trash. Not that Arianna Huffington was ever the brightest bulb in Washington but her excuse for “journalism” is a sorry one. Keep dumbing it down Arianna.

  5. kim, NO! NO NO NO. can we please stop giving her credit for being… a nothing who does NOTHING!

    JESSICA BIEL, definitely top 5. her physique is to die for.

    marissa miller is missing. i like that cindy is on the list. and beyonce? meh. not top 5.

    • HELLO…. The list is about bodies, not acting ability or philanthropism or whatever.

      Anyways yeah all these women have hot bodies… A guy must have wrote the list going strictly by curves though LOL I can think of so many others that should also be up there

  6. yay! i like this list! the real ‘curvy’ women! slim, toned, in shape, blessed with great proportions in all the right places. Sure. there should be more shapes on the list, i.e tall and thin (i guess Cindy fits that bill though), but my point is its nice to have some curves without them being labelled as bigger or fat. Usually the list would be dominated with VS models with their chicken fillet/ airbrush created ‘curves’ aka b❆❆bs only.

  7. Great to see an older ladies like Cindy Crawford and Halle Berry on the list.
    I bet this will turn into another i hate Kim Kardashian thread. People are obsessed on here about her. There is four other people on the list.

    I see they have went for curvy women.

  8. im shocked, kim k, beyonce and halle berry. it seems that curvy is in.

    altho i find it laughable that a bodytype goes in and out of style.

  9. Jessica Biel’s arms were a little too big/muscular for my liking at that point… but I like that they didn’t choose VS models or something of the like..

  10. i know time and time again kim k says she’s not had a b❆❆b job, but how on earth does she get them to look like that?
    when i loss weight, my b❆❆bs are the first to go, it sux!

  11. I actually love Jessica’s muscular body…but then again I also like Jennifer Garner’s body and Evengeline Lilly’s too, lol. I really love that they picked more soft bodies, instead of protruding bones (ugh). There’s a few pear shapes in there, and even Jessica is more a curvy type of muscular. I really don’t think Kim’s body is quite up to par with the other women simply because she’s using a pill to do it and because she just doesn’t look as “solid” as the others (that’s what my famlly calls it, ha ha!) Seriously, they could’ve put J. Lo in her place and it would’ve done the number 3 slot more justice, but that’s just my opinion…

    • I like Garner’s and Lilly’s (she looked GORGEOUS in the season premier of Lost) but not Biel’s.

      For me, I don’t think it’s the muscle (since I like the above girls). I honestly find it impossible to see Biel as attractive because she seems like such an unpleasant person. If she just once had a facial expression that didn’t make me think she’s a huge b*tch, and didn’t say things like “I’m too attractive to get good roles”, I might like her.

      • Yeah, I agree, she got some beyotch points from me for saying that. I think I get why you like the other two better. Garner’s and Lilly’s personality and faces always seem radiant/cheery/approachable, so maybe that’s why. I’d choose them anyday over Biel, but I always give her credit for her physique. As much as I hate it, the chick looks good. It’s kind of funny, though, how someone’s persona throws off their entire physical appearance, lol!

  12. I like Halle Berry and Kim Kardashian’s bodies. The rest are pretty average to me. One thing that I feel about this list is that it’s trying reallly hard to appeal to the average woman. There’s no size 2 on that list. I feel that’s pretty shameless.

  13. i would pick halles body and beyonce would be my 2nd choice. my third would be kelly brook. kim would be neither pick its too much plastic going on with her. lol! dont know whats real.

  14. I strongly disagree with putting Kim Kardashian on this post. she does not belong. First off, I would love to trade bodies with some of the other women mentioned.. but I would cry If i had Kims body.. to me, huge saggy b❆❆bs paired with a gross cellulite riddled a– that can barely fit through the door is NOT HOT. plus shes short, has thick, stalky legs and weird abs that usually have the “airbrush” look. I just wish Kim would go away. PLUS she achieved this so called “hot body” by starving herself and taking weight loss drugs. NO.

  15. i think jessica’s old physique is to die for, she is a bit to skinny now, as you can see in the next post. also jennfier aniston, shold have been on this list, and as well as kelly ripa, she works really hard for her body and it shows.

    • I completely agree.. just saw pics of her this morning on some other site promoting valentines day in an extremely casual outfit. Versus, you should do a post on that! she looks like shes dropped dramatic weight, which I find sad.. Such an amazing fit body before.. wish she didnt feel like she had to conform to Hollywoods stick thin agenda

      • I agree her old body was much better, but I really think the skinniness is from lack of weight training. When you lose muscle, you lose overall mass, and the dramatic weight that you mentioned. Before, she was in action movies like Blade Trinity an Stealth and she had insane muscles that really suited her, but now…I mean, she’s still very good looking, I just agree that the muscular look was much better IMO. Maybe she is conforming or maybe not, but I really wish she’d go back to her “action movie” or “athletic” times. We miss you Jessica…

  16. I would agree with most of the bodies on this list, accept for Beyonce. I think her body is a little overrated. I would put Kelly Brook and Jennifer Aniston on this list, but Kelly Brook isn’t that well known in the U.S. Even though I’m no fan of Jessica Biel’s upper body physique, I can surely appreciate the hard work that goes into maintaining a body like that. I would also put Bar Rafaeli and Candice Swanepoel in there too.

  17. No gripes on this list except for Kim who has no body confidence and is always saying she loves her body yet is losing tons of weight to become a size 2 and weigh 109 pounds! If she had body confidence I would have no gripes about her being on this list. Also Megan Fox should have been on this list even Blake Lively I wouldn’t mind having their bodies.

  18. this is what guys want, the hourglass/pear shaped women!
    men notice contures and they love em!
    men are usually drawn to small waists/full lips etc, its about survivial of spiecies…………………………….

  19. Don’t agree with Beyonce her thighs are HUGE! well they look HUGE in that yellow/green bikini 😐 I guess the only ones I would agree with are Halle and Cindy, Jessica and Kim mm not so much Jessica a little too muscular and Kim’s butt is too big I mean they’re still attractive and all but I don’t think they deserve to in the top 5 best female bodies.

  20. I wish I knew what the workouts Jessica Biel did (not does, cuz now she’s lookin sorta unhealthy to me). I wish I had her shape in this picture though!

  21. LOLOL I love how under Kim K’s little bio it’s just a bunch of name dropping and info about those peoples achievements because she hasn’t done sh*t. It’s so funny they couldn’t even come up with one thing so they talk about the famous people shes been associated with…. hahahaha. I really don’t think she has that great of a body, I love curves but who she is just really cancels out the sexy for me. She’s a trashy nobody who only got in the media for being naked and doing indecent things.

  22. they went for the obvious, “safe” choices. i wish they would have included someone thin (not too thin) to make it more versatile; that way they would have included curvy, athletic, and thin bodies, not just curvy and athletic. my top 5 would be:

    mila kunis
    taylor swift
    halle berry
    salma hayek
    sienna miller

    (in no particular order)

  23. GREAT PICKS! almost exactly what i would have chosen…i might bump kim out or cindy down to 6 or 7 for bar rafeli, though. great healthy, curvy, athletic looking women!

  24. Hey guys
    Just wanted your views on something…do u think i shud lose weight
    I’m 5ft 7 140 pounds my measurements are 32-26-37.
    Do you think i shud just tone up…slim down
    please be honest

  25. kim k? hell no..she has the weirdest stomach ive ever seen. and saggy t–s…hally berry looks amazing, jessica biel looks better now that shes rail thin. beyonce’s body is good, legs a little chunky but she gets away with it…cindy-good work for still being on the list.
    is it just me or do they refuse to put skinny girls on the list because it will bring on an uproar from curvy or overweight women

  26. i would put Kely Brook, Laetita Casta and Scarlett Johansson as the sexiest bodiest… OK, the first 2 are not in Hollywood, I think…

    and this Kim has a fake boobs, so, that to me is not really sexy… actually, it’s quite opositte…

    PS: sorry for my spelling… my English is not that great…

  27. Kim K is definitely hot and belongs up there. I know people think she isn’t bright and hasn’t done anything for her fame. While that may be true, the fact is she’s an incredible entrepreneur who took her sex video and expanded into an empire. Now that is genius!

    Beyonce doesn’t belong up there on the other hand. I think they should’ve replaced her with Jennifer Aniston.

  28. Kim Kardashian does have quite a body, but I don’t think that they should include her in lists like these. She doesn’t need more people to feed her ego and give her even more of a sense of entitlement. She is rich and famous when she really shouldn’t be. People like her shouldn’t have that much money. On the other hand, I’m really glad that they included Jessica Biel – she has my ideal body.

  29. jessica? her bodyshape is ugly! and beyonce has an ordinary pear bodyshape, at least she could have larger boobs, so that they would be proportional to her masssive (yeah, i mean sexy) thighs! kim, dita, scarlett, penelope – these are my types!

  30. Jessica Biel? I don’t find her body even remotely sexy.
    Yeah, she is toned (too toned), and slim, and she isn’t skinny, but I don’t think that this is sufice to make anyone sexy…

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