Kim Kardashian Is 139 Pounds


From E! News:

After nearly five months of hard work and dedication, Kim Kardashian is close to reaching her pre-baby weight. The reality star took to Snapchat to share a photo while standing on a scale, revealing her current weight (139.6) which she says is just 5 lbs. short of where she was before getting pregnant with little Saint West. Just to put that in perspective, that means she’s already dropped about 50 lbs. since December.

“YOU GUYS!!!!! PRE BABY WEIGHT WAS 135!!!!!” she captioned the photo, excited about her progress.

On whether her butt ‘spans’ 55 inches:

“My butt is not that big. I would say it’s about 12 inches off or something, but it’s definitely not 55 inches.”

… says Kim.

P.S.: Kim is 139 ponds at 5’2” / 63 kg at 159 cm tall (BMI 24.9).

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27 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Is 139 Pounds”

  1. Her face definitely recovered nicely from the over-the-top procedures and fillers, she’s been looking really good recently.

    • That really puts it in perspective. That Kim K is thinner than the average person.

      She looks so weird though, like she’s gotten lipo on certain parts and the fat has come back in weird places. I have never seen a butt like that.

  2. Kind of have trouble believing that. At my heaviest (yoyoing with ED and super depressed), I was only 10lbs less than that and wasn’t even close to her size (I’m a bit shorter, too). I’d guess her to be closer to 150 at least. Then again, her boobs/butt could easily throw off perspective.

  3. seems true asf actually, and i love her with this make up style way more than the crap she was pulling before trying to make her self look polished in the way kanye wanted

  4. I think I can buy that. I’m at her pre baby weight and though I look no where near as large as her, I am 3 inches taller. Aside from during pregnancy she’s never seemed fat, just her b❆❆bs and butt can make her look quite hefty depending on what she’s wearing.

  5. If you can get passed the behind she is still a very attractive woman. Most the weight must literally in her butt because her legs and arms are on the skinny side. I agree with what someone else said earlier that facially she is looking really good now. This probably proves that her looks are due to make-up contouring and maybe some Botox but not any major surgery…….

  6. 24.9 BMI is one pound close of the overweight category. I believe her. Don’t think about the pounds, the BMI is what matters.

    • No, BMI does not matter. At a *healthy* BMI of 19, my hair was falling out, I had lost my period, had no sex drive, bruised at the touch of a feather, couldn’t sleep, and was plagued with depression and anxiety. Nobody would have guessed it was because of my weight, I assure you. You CAN NOT accurately assess one’s health based on their weight.

      • Court, did I said something about her health? I’m talking about mathematics, BMI is a relation between height and weight, because most people don’t believe that she weighs 139 pounds (they think it’s too little) but are not considering her height, she’s really short.

        And yes, that puts her close to the overweight category. I’m not saying she’s healthy or unhealthy, just that it sounds like a believable weight for her.

        • When I was anorexic, I had a “normal” BMI too but my bones were sticking out and everyone said I had too eat something so BMI is not always correct. Someone who’s muscular can have a BMI in the “overweight” category while someone with the same BMI can look fat because of the lack of muscles. In this case I agree though. Kim is short so it seems accurate for her.

          • Again, I never said BMI is the way to determine is somebody is healthy or not. What I mean is that you have to have in account the weight and the height (BMI), weight alone means nothing. So yes, it is possible for Kim to be that weight.

          • Again, I never said BMI is the way to determine is somebody is healthy or not. What I mean is that you have to have in consideration the weight and the height (Body mass index), weight alone means nothing. So yes, it is possible for Kim to be that weight.

            I’m going to join both of you sharing my story so you stop saying BMI isn’t correct: When I was bulimic, at my lowest point I was like 19.5 BMI. Of course I felt terrible and my whole body was sh*t because I achieved that with unhealthy ways. 7 years later, no longer a bulimic, I lost weight gradually without even making an effort. I had like a 19-19.5 BMI and of course it was a whole different story.

  7. I’m against weight as a determinator of fitness and all of that, as it’s super arbitrary, and this post, imo, contributes to eating disorders and an unhealthy obsession with numbers on a scale that are in no way important to overall body health, looks, fitness, and shape.

    • I totally agree with you on this , I find it really annoying and disturbing that Kim K in particular seems to be constantly focused on her weight, checking it and sharing it with the world… honestly who cares how much she weighs, what matters is how she looks and feels, she is definitely contributing to an unhealthy obsession with the number on the scale.

  8. I’m 5’2″ and have an extremely similar body type to Kim. I totally believe that she is at this weight, I’m about the same and I look about the same. (My b❆❆bs and butt are a little smaller). However, I’m pretty sure her BMI is not 24.9. It’s actually more like 25.4, by any calculator I have found.

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