Kim Kardashian Has a 24-Inch Waist and 39-Inch Hips

BGUS_1048197_001 - Kim Kardashian Has a 24-Inch Waist and 39-Inch Hips

The full details from People magazine:

Forget talking about books — at Kim Kardashian’s inaugural book club meeting last year, all her sister Kourtney could focus on was Kim’s tiny waist. Kim shared a video from their book club meeting on her app on Monday, and before they could dive in to her selection, Embraced by the Light by Betty J. Eadie, Kourtney turned the discussion to Kim’s body.

“I can’t take your hips seriously right now,” Kourtney said to Kim. “Because your waist is so small and your hips are so big.”

Kardashian hairdresser and BFF Jen Atkin then asked Kim for her measurements, and Kim had Chrissy Teigen guess (she went with 23 inches).

“24,” Kim said, with a smirk.

“24? That’s insane,” Atkin replied.

“It’s never been 24 ever in my life,” Kim said, and after Atkin asked, added that her hips are 39 inches. After giving birth to son Saint West, 2, in Dec. 2015, Kim started on the Atkins Diet and jumpstarted her workout routine to get back to her pre-pregnancy shape, and lose the 70 lbs. she gained with Saint and daughter North, 4. But over the last year, Kim took her workouts and diet to another level with trainer Melissa Alcantara.

“Kim told me, ‘I love my body. I love the way it looks and I love my hips,’ ” Alcantara recently told PEOPLE. “She just wanted more muscle. She wanted bigger hamstrings, which accentuates the entire leg. And she wants those cut arms and abs!” Kim now works out with Alcantara six days a week at 6 a.m., and they focus on different areas of the body each day. “Kim has been getting some really nice results, like with her triceps!” Alcantara said. “She can’t believe how much has changed over the last few months. And when you’re in this deep, it’s hard to go back. She just keeps it up.”

The trainer added that Kim’s body goals have changed. “She didn’t want to be skinny. She wanted to have muscle and feel strong. And she wanted to find something she can do for the rest of her life,” Alcantara said. “I totally understood where she was coming from.”

Kim-Kardashian-Yeezy-PVC-Wedge-Mules - Kim Kardashian Has a 24-Inch Waist and 39-Inch Hips

Do Kim’s measurements sound accurate to you?

See more pictures inside!


4483CD4100000578-4899500-Making_a_splash_Kim_Kardashian_was_happy_to_prove_she_is_in_the_-m-101_1505926252310 - Kim Kardashian Has a 24-Inch Waist and 39-Inch Hips  BGUS_1048197_006 - Kim Kardashian Has a 24-Inch Waist and 39-Inch Hips kim-kardashian-helmut-lang-outfit-237382-1506708026992-main.640x0c - Kim Kardashian Has a 24-Inch Waist and 39-Inch Hips Kim-Kardashian-in-Tights-05-662x993 - Kim Kardashian Has a 24-Inch Waist and 39-Inch Hips kim-kardashian-west1 - Kim Kardashian Has a 24-Inch Waist and 39-Inch Hips

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17 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Has a 24-Inch Waist and 39-Inch Hips”

  1. Ofc she wants bigger hamstrings or more muscle definiton in general because she and her sisters keep lying about growing those butts in the gym yet as they have no tone whatsoever you can tell it is a big fat lie. (pun intended)

  2. Good for her that she’s more muscular (and started reading… something). Her body is still nothing I’d aspire to. Comparing her waist to her head, she must have a really small head if this measurement is correct…

  3. She would look really good if it weren’t for that cartoonish hip/butt area. Also, I’d like to know how much she spends on cosmetic procedures such as skin tigheting every year, can’t be cheap to maintain this kind of look.

  4. I started reading this and immediately felt like garbage, for even devoting an ounce of my attention to anything she says. Fade away, Kardashians! Or shrivel away! Whatever at this point.

  5. there’s no way her waist is 24″. She made her hips huge with fat injections to create the illusion of having a narrower waist, but that doesn’t mean it actually is. You can see how wide Kim is, and I totally laughed with the “her head vs waist” comment here, so true!

  6. In the pic with the sheer pants she looks just like the typical plastic surgery face which is very sad. I can understand insecurities but to the point where you botch your whole face it’s just stupid. She obviously wanted to tighten her face and probably feels like she can’t win when she sees a few comments saying she looks “old”. Well plastic surgery never really helps someone look younger. I think she is interesting looking and attractive minus all the surgery she needs to quit that. Also I don’t think it would hurt to make her hair a little less white and a little more blonde if she’s not going back to dark anytime soon.

  7. I don’t believe those numbers, my hips used to be 40 in few years ago (I weighed 140) and my hips were A LOT smallers hers look to be.

  8. Well, so what? At her height, 24 inches is not that small anyway. Also, she sucked out every fat cell from her waist – and then added it to her butt – so it’s not like it’s relevant in any way. She looks deformed, no matter if her waist is 24 or 34 inches.

  9. lol i hover around 23.5″ to 24″ waist and i can confirm that you Kim are a liar. maybe when you suck it in real tight you got a 24″ waist. my question is why lie? who cares about your measurements, they don’t define your beauty, you look good… saying you have 24″ waist doesn’t make you look better… you look the same.

    • That’s fair. But people do this with weight and clothing size too… “I’m 120 lbs”, “I’m a size 2,” etc. You still look the same no matter which direction you’re lying in!

  10. There is no way her hips are 39 inches. I am 37 inches and I am not very curvy. And I definitely don’t have a big ol fake butt. Impossible. I would say its more like 28 inch waist or more with 45 inch hips or more.

  11. Her hips/butt are way bigger than 39”. Way, way bigger. She’s gotta be over 40”. The waist is probably closer to 28”

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