Kim Kardashian Cried, Prayed and Was Embarassed Because of Her Big Boobs

Kim Kardashian Cried, Prayed and Was Embarassed Because of Her Big Boobs 1

Kim Kardashian (who looks particularly cat-like here) is, for the 999899077th time in a bikini – and this time, it’s on Shape’s cover. From Us Weekly:

“I was the first girl in my class to wear a bra. I remember crying in the bathtub,” she admits.

The future reality star even practiced a ritual to keep her cleavage from expanding.

“I took a washcloth, made it hot, put it over my chest and prayed, ‘Please don’t let them grow any bigger. They’re embarrassing me.’”

Why the self-loathing?

She told Shape magazine: “All my friends were super-skinny and that just wasn’t my body type. And I watched my mum, who was always comfortable with herself and she helped me with my outlook.”

“I have curves and that’s never going to change, so I’d better start embracing them or I’m going to have a miserable life. It took me a while, but I finally caught on.”

These is Kim’s (unwanted, embarrassing) bust at age 14 (Kim posted this pic on her site to prove that her bust is real):

Kim Kardashian Cried, Prayed and Was Embarassed Because of Her Big Boobs 2

And while we’re at it, take a look at how super tall Kim looks in this ad for the Kardashian’s Glam Tan – At 5’2”, she’s as tall as Khloe, who’s 5’9”:

Kim Kardashian Cried, Prayed and Was Embarassed Because of Her Big Boobs 3

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74 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Cried, Prayed and Was Embarassed Because of Her Big Boobs”

  1. I kind of remember being the same when I first ‘sprouted’ boobs. I used to hunch a lot and try to hide them. All the cool girls were athletic and tall and didn’t have much boobage. So I think Kim K’s behaviour was fairly normal.

    Her body right now is what I would describe as perfection. I think she has come around to accept the genetic gift she has recieved.

    I WISH i has such voluptuous hips

  2. no, not THIS woman again….. however this time i get what she says- I had the same problem when I was little. I was wearing baggy clothes all the time just to cover up my chest. I could wear something more suiting just after my other classmates got the upper curves, too. and it took them couple of years.. terrible times. everyone has a different body and comes to a teenage age at different time. and it is hard as hell when you get there much sooner or much later then the rest…

    oh, but I cant help it, but K sisters look soooooo ridiculous in the ad. The same pose, the same (and huuuuge) amount of photoshop. it looks kinda stupid 😛

    • boy is the ad ridiculous!!! Why is Kim so tall?? Are we really expected to believe Kim is 6 feet or what? Why even bother? And I’m sure they spend hours practicing their great pose in front of the mirror, they should have gotten more creative by now.

  3. Every celeb with big b❆❆bs seems to always say the same thing. Idk maybe they did all go through it. I remember in my school, i developed early, but stayed an A cup. When i was 10 or 11 i already had several girls with bog b❆❆bs in my class, and they were flaunting them and getting lots of attention from the boys. There wasw never any mocking over people developing early, it was a “cool” thing. But of course not all girls enjoy the attention, being kinda forced into a sexy role.

    • I definitely did not enjoy the attention. It is hard when boys start commenting and staring at your breasts before you’re sexually mature. I had to start wearing a bra in grade 5 and it was humiliating.

      • same, i hated having larger breasts! i was so embarrassed that someone who notice a bra line or bra straps, because i was ashamed of my big b❆❆bs because i was one of the first who developed them. so this time, i understand where kim is coming from. it took me a really long time to actually discover that big b❆❆bs are a good thing!!!

      • same, i wore huge sweatshirts for 2 years because of it
        that being said, crying in the bathtub seems a bit extreme (just from personal experience)

      • me four. it made me feel gross and uncomfortable, like i was doing something wrong. heck, i’m 19, and i’m STILL not completely sexually mature.

  4. i was the same….i always tried to cover up my boobs…does any one elsenotice the massive difference in her face…..she has to have had plastic surgery….thats not her original nose

  5. Yes me too I HAAATED my boobs. I started wearing a bra at NINE years old… it really sucked because you’re the only child with a strap around your back… Later appreciated it though! ….. Kim’s body is bangin as usual but I miss her old eyes/face!!

    • Me too I was the only one in 5th grade with a bra boys grabbing your b❆❆bs in school. I remember being the first girl to get them all of my friends got them in like high school or in like 8th grade. I am 34DDD and 30yrs young lol. gets you alot of attention though sometimes its not wanted. When you get older its not so bad. I think when most women hit 30 or older you can accept your body for what it is and what it will never be. Lov your body!

  6. she was very pretty back then, i don’t know why she had so much surgery… her face is completely different. but i gotta admit i love her body now, she looks very fit., but she started to ruin her face…in 10 years she might loook like jocelyn wildenstein.

  7. This thread is going to get crazy

    I am going to get the popcorn.LOL!!

    She is a dumb airhead. She is Harmless though. I don’t think she deserves all the hate. The girl is obsessive about her body. Which is not healthy.

  8. i really hate it when she says stuff like ‘i’ll never be one of those skinny girls’. if she really is 5’2 and 109 pounds how much skinnier can a person get?? it’s so incredibly insensitive to people in this world who have real weight problems to contend with!

      • Her measurements are not true! I`m a real person with that hight 5’2″ and my weight is 114! I`m skinny and I don`t have those big b❆❆bs or that huge bottom!

        • Well at 5ft2 and 115lb, while I don’t have big boobs, I do have wide hips and a big bottom.

          The way you are built determines your size and it’s possible to be the same weight as another person yet a completely different body shape.

          P.S. Big b❆❆bs do not have that signicant impact on weight. For example 34D b❆❆bs would only weigh about 2lb more than 34B’s, but the person would probably appear 10lb-15lb heavier…it’s just an illusion.

          • boobs can have an impact on weight, if you have d cup b❆❆bs that’s a pound each, so that’s 2 extra pounds, if your a double d that’s 4 extra pounds! DDD is 6 extra pounds etc!

          • “boobs can have an impact on weight, if you have d cup b❆❆bs that’s a pound each, so that’s 2 extra pounds, if your a double d that’s 4 extra pounds! DDD is 6 extra pounds etc!”

            Well 36C cups are said to weigh 2lb each…equivilent to 34D, 32DD or 30E. I believe Kim is around a 30E so that’s 4lb of breast weight compared to if she was a AA cup aka flat chested.

            My point really was that they are not adding some 10lb-15lb to her weight like some people are assuming big b❆❆bs do.

        • It’s funny how different we can look even at the same height and weight. I am the same height and weight as Kim and I am smaller all over. Smaller breasts, smaller waist, smaller hips, slimmer arms and legs… even my fingers look like they would be thinner than hers.

  9. I believe her because, even though mine aren’t that big, they started to develop early compared to the other girls. I began wearing a bra at 11 and I remember being mocked and made to feel humiliated for having to wear one. Then when I got to around age 13 and every girl was developing, suddenly it was the other way around. Unfortunately for me, I was then one of the small ones and got bullied for having ‘no reason’ to wear a bra. People always get picked on for being different from the majority.

  10. I am intoxicated by the Kardashian’s, especially of Kim. I cannot stand seeing her stupid comments about her body everywhere. I doubt anyone wishes to have her big but and her short legs, plus some large hips. This girl seeems like having nothing else in her brain but boobs, ass, body and diet!

    • Hahaha that was hillarious!!

      “Kardashian, whose skills include having a first and second name and a pair of breasts, was becoming increasingly concerned that you might not yet have noticed them”

  11. kim show us a pic of ur “booty” from ur teenage years?
    If u got one…

    like on dis pic, she got hips, her a– may be flat,,just a thought

    • OMFREAKING GOSH! i am sooo glad i am not the only who feels this way!! i was thinking the same thing! i don’t think her b❆❆bs have been as under question as her butt! when she showed the pic (above) on “the view,” i was like, what the hell? more people think her a– is fake than her chest! she and everyone else is waiting for her to admit she got some pushin in that fake cushion. come on kk!

  12. i still think she added to her chest because shes claims she lost alot of weight but her b❆❆bs and butt is still big. and i agree i didnt see anything wrong with her face and she def looks plastic like her mom now.

    • I’ve recently lost a lot of weight, but my b❆❆bs and my but stayed the same. I lost only tummy, arms and legs. It happens, believe it or not.

    • I agree, i read the text but didn’t even notice the pics other than the mag cover, wow she looked incredible.

  13. So now that we see her breasts from 14 have always been big, can the breast implant critics who love to frequent this site leave the darn girl alone now? I notice they’re conveniently not saying a word. Maybe she should show a pic of her bottom too when she was 14 so people will see that the size has always been big, then those critiques can end as well. And to redgiantlipstick, it’s not please someone “shot her” it’s “shoot” her, and even then that’s a nasty thing to say about ANYONE. Pathetic. Tsk tsk.

    • thank you. this picture shows that kim always had big breasts yet people believe she has surgery. you can denied all you want but people will always make it seem you got something. and it’s stupid how people can’t stand kim but love to rant and rave about the chick. i mean get a damn life because you making this chick more famous and in hollywood than she already is.

  14. This is SHAPE not Dr. Phil, Kim. Where’s your workout and diet? I assume it’s oatmeal, fish and veggies. So maybe it’s better to not include it.

  15. They just copy and pasted the glam tan ad on the shape cover it’s exactly the same pose. She was so much prettier at 14 in the face without all the makeup and plasticiness

  16. Yeah, she looks really uncomfortable with her body in that photo…right. I think she’s beautiful but she’s so annoying and such a liar.

  17. BLAH BLAH BLAH…nobody cares. In fact i’m currently hating myself for even wasting the time to post this. When will she shut up?

  18. instead of bashing her from now on I’m going to laugh at her poor girl the only brains she has is the one she gives her boyfriend… like nicki minaj says

  19. I got b❆❆bs early and was told I must have stuffed and was asked for a tissue from the boys all the time Very embarassing …….Of course years later all the boys now wanted my phone number 😉

  20. that tan ad
    kim and klohe’s picture is the exact one i remember seeing on the quick trim website
    like really is it hard coming up with new poses?
    and the face/smile is the same and everything wow lol

  21. oh, gawd. Does she talk about herself this much or do magazines keep publishing the same interview to make it seem new? She’s so insecure.

    She looks tall in the ad because she’s been ‘shopped to death.

  22. Oh my god will this woman every stop banging on about her “curves”? We can see you have curves Kim, you only spend half your time in a bikini! You dont need to talk about it 24/7 in magazines and press interviews – please stop with the false modesty all ready, I dont think their is a soul on earth falling for this annoying act!

    I also find it really quite disturbing that all she ever talks about is her body – is that what fills up her entire head? No thoughts on anything or anyone else in the world? Really? Nothing? Nothing at all? And yet she tries to be some kind of role-model, role-model for what? Narcissitic personality disorder?

  23. She annoys the heck out of me. She should not be on the cover of Shape, as she is hardly a role model for health or fitness. Just goes to show that these magazines are out for a buck.

  24. Well I think a lot of what people are saying on here they have said before in previous Kim K posts, as just an image of her seems to invoke such rage:D But people lets face it she gets people talking about her, when there is very little she actually does. So maybe even by hating her so much you are giving her more publicity. I personally think she has a great body and face and you can tell she’s a natural beauty just by looking at the picture of her when young. Her face has changed a bit but that could be to do with age.

  25. Yes Kim your b❆❆bs are REAL and yes you ARE 109lbs… now sorry I’ve got to go outside – I just saw a pig FLY by. I’ve got to get my pig catching net…..

  26. a woman that is a spokesperson for diet pills on a cover of the magazine about healthy eating and fitness..hmmm
    her face is just horrible…i mean she looks ok on the old pic but now – ew….but tastes differ…guess she likes her new pointy chin and slit like eyes…

  27. haha i was so opposite, i developed my b❆❆bs late lol it may sound a lil dumb but when all the girls had b❆❆bs i had none and i thought i would never grow any, i didnt grow b❆❆bs til i was 17 and now im like 36DD. bigger than most girls.

  28. Like its such a big problem to have b❆❆bs early ! Thank god for having them ! I understand that it can be a bad thing if they are too big and it influences your health but please , i would celebrate if i have ever had b❆❆bs like that ! Its the much easier role than the one of girls who develope late at don’t at all !

    • You obviously never had to deal with boys taunting you, calling you twin peaks, snapping your bra strap when the other girls didn’t even have to wear bras yet. You kind of lose your childhood long before you’re ready for it.

      • Well, i do understand that part,but id rather “loose my childhood”, then not having b❆❆bs my whole life ! Come on beeing curvy is the most beautiful thing, i dont know why curvy women always have to act as if they arent happy with it !

  29. her b❆❆bs aren’t thhaaat big; being 5’3 like her, I know that my 32Cs can look a lot bigger than my 5’11’s 34Bs

    • Well to be fair she is probably at least a 32DD. I’m 5ft2, 32B and my b❆❆bs are not even half the size of hers!

  30. I wonder.. If she was So0o0o self conscious when she was younger about her “huge bust”, why on earth is she wearing that SKIMPY bikini?!

    When I was self conscious about my bust, I was a black one-piece, that flattened my breasts, and a large, loose-fitting male tee shirt over it.

    Personally, I think Kim gives her self WAYY TOO Much credit about her self consciousness. She is skinny as hell! Sure her hips are a bit wider, but she IS “one of those girls”.
    She doesn’t have the average female body type yet she claims she does as a form of fake modesty. Pity.

  31. I had the same problem when I was younger… I got breasts at the age of 9, and a lot of my classmates would spread rumours about me, calling me a s— and whatnot… I was so self-conscious about it, I wore huge sweaters the rest of Junior High, even though all the other girls developed breasts. It didn’t matter — my confidence was shot, so I know where she’s coming from. Now I WISH I had bigger breasts! LOL. She’s got an amazing body; no doubt about it.

  32. I know that Kim keeps insisting that her b❆❆bs are real, but i’m not sure…. They don’t look real. And i don’t think the picture of her as a teenager necessarily prooves it…. She could have had a b❆❆b job back than, it wasn’t the dark ages lol! She has a good figure, but she looks kind of false to me. Not my favourite celebrity figure or someone i’d try to emulate.

  33. i developed early, i had to start wearing a bra in grade 3, but i never tried to hide my boobs, and i didnt try to flaunt them either. im proud of my girls.

  34. If she was so embarassed, then why did she get breast augmentation later? Please don’t say that I’m just jealous of Kim or whatever, I think she is actually a very striking woman with a rare exotic beauty that is seldom seen in celebrities. However, it is obvious that she has not only had cosmetic surgery on her breasts and butt, but many procedures for her face, as well. In the picture of 14 year-old Kim, she is a well-endowed C cup. Now, she is most likely a DD, and the edges of her implants are clearly visible from certain angles. Her breast implants are not as obvious as some women’s because she had relatively large breasts to begin with, but there is no way that they are real. In addition, earlier photos of Kim show her with a much flatter backside, and her butt projects at an unnatural, shelf-like angle, sort of like overly perky breast implants.

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