Kim Kardashian: ‘I don’t find myself as sexy as everyone thinks’

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Kim Kardashian embraced the cover and pages of Glamour Magazine this month and she revealed a few things on body image, insecurities and being a sex symbol in the interview:

Katie Couric: Because a lot of young women read this magazine, I wanted to ask you about issues you’ve had with your body in the past and growing up and being bullied. You developed early, is that true?
Kim Kardashian: Kourtney probably bullied me the most because she hadn’t developed. She was always making fun of me. I mean, when I was 11 I was a C-cup and I got my period. I was just insecure.

Katie Couric: But how did you sort of come to love, accept and appreciate the body you had?

Kim Kardashian: I remember I would sit in the bathtub, and I would put a hot washcloth on my boobs and think, Please, Lord, just please, I don’t want to grow any bigger. I would cry. My mom would say, “You are going to love this one day.” And she was like, “You’re Armenian. Look at all your aunts. They’re super curvy, and this is your family. This is who you are.” We were raised around all of our Armenian cousins, and I know a lot about the culture. So I think that made me confident in who I am.

Katie Couric: How do you feel about being a sex symbol? Is it empowering or degrading?
Kim Kardashian: It’s definitely powerful. I don’t find myself as sexy as everyone thinks. I’m a lot more insecure than people would assume, but with little stupid things. When I get dressed, I’m always so indecisive.

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123 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian: ‘I don’t find myself as sexy as everyone thinks’”

    • I know!! She’s soo annoying and stupid and she PURPOSELY released that sex tape AND got her own reality tv show. I mean how desperate for attention can you get?? All she talks about is her body it’s like it’s the only thing she thinks about. NOBODY cares about your body! it isn’t changing as soon as you say one thing about it you’ve said everything about it already no need for more, nobody cares enough.

      • She already said all these things in her other interview which is why i could care less!
        If i had a curvy body i wouldn’t have to wait for someone who forced her way into hollywood to say something good about hereself. All bodies are beautiful we should leave it at that, because it’s true! Constantly talking about your body and relying on your body for every headline CONTRIBUTES to insecurities and it’s not empowering. Talking about your body and showing it off only is a sign that you think your body is sexy or at least she thinks it’s the only thing good about herself.

        • well she always talks about her body cuz what else is she supposed to do in this world? is she ganna talk about politics? is she ganna talk about healthcare? NO! so thats all she does, i know its very annoying but the womans’ gotta eat, she needs money to pay for her car and s— 🙂

        • Sarah,
          I think we are going to be good friends 🙂
          I hate her and all her sisters!! She’s not even gorgeous or anything! And now she’s convinced her younger sisters they can be models….pshhh!
          I’m sick of the Kardashions!!!!

    • Exactly if she doesn’t find herself to be so sexy then why pose for pictures like these, do Playboy magazine and a sex tape. She probably thinks she’s even more sexy than the public imagines her to be hence the statement which is the worst case of covert bragging I have ever heard.

  1. I dont get why everyone hates on her.
    Most of the time, isn’t it true that the people who appear the most confident often have the most insecurities?

    I look up to her as a 5ft 1″ 14 year old who everyday battles with body issues.
    One minute I will want to be like Miranda Kerr, and think “I must go on a diet, and lose a lot of weight”

    but then I think “if kim kardashian can embrace her body then why can’t I?”

    I mean I’m 5ft 1, and 112 pounds, so It’s not like Im extremely overweight.

    I love Kim! <3

    • It’s not like you’re overweight, period. And I totally agree, she is empowering for those of us who have felt left out of the size zero obsession. To have her as a symbol of beauty makes me feel good about myself.

      • Just to point out, Kim goes to desperate lengths to prove she’s a size 2. It’s very obvious she isn’t a size 2. With that butt and hips it’s be practically impossible (unless vanity sizing is the reason) and there’s nothing wrong with that yet she goes around trying her hardest to prove she can fit a size 2. She doesn’t embrace her body as much as she likes to think she does Point being, Kim isn’t really a great role model for women that feel ‘left out of the size zero obsession’ because she’s still trying to prove she’s as close to a 0 as possible.

    • I have no problem with Kim’s figure and she is inspirational for all of us hourglasses! I think what I don’t like is her persona – how she comes across on Keeping up with the Kardashians, etc. Often she just seems super spoilt, kind of uncaring and a very vain. I’m not sure how much of that is for the show – maybe she’s a nicer person away from the cameras.

      I get what she means about feeling awkward with her body when she was 11. I also developed early and can’t ever remember being smaller than a C cup – so I understand where she’s coming from there. But when she says she feels insecure in her body and not as sexy as everyone thinks – it’s just a bit hard to believe because she seems to revel in the attention she gets for her body and the clothes she wears certainly make her look like she’s comfortable and happy with herself. I can believe that she is indecisive about her outfits though – but isn’t virtually every woman like that!?

      • I agree that being indecisive about outfits is not necessarily related to insecurity…it’s just an unfortunate outcome of society expecting women to always look put together (especially celebrities).
        As for her persona, she does come across as shallow and spoiled, but I’m almost willing to forgive her on that one. Clearly she hasn’t really had the best role models (look at her mom!). She has grown up in the kind of environment that fosters vanity, so I would expect nothing less of her. She is also uneducated, so it’s not like she has much else to fall back on…I know it’s really an excuse, and some people can come out of these kind of situations as more well-rounded individuals, but for the most part we are products of our direct environments…Despite all that, I still think she has some good values. For example, she is really close to her family, which indicates she has at least some of her priorities in line.

    • how is being 5’1″ and 112 lbs overweight???? thats perfectly normal!!!!! obviously you do buy into the whole lose weight to look like miranda kerr idea or else you wouldn’t think that you are overweight!!!

    • You’re 14 and you think you’re overweight at that weight?
      What is wrong with the world. You have a lot of time left to grow into your body, you probably wouldn’t even be able to tell at the moment what your actual body shape is. Why do girls look at Miranda Kerr and think they need to lose weight? That’s really just ridiculous to me. She’s tall and gangly and losing weight isn’t going to make a 5’1 person tall and gangly so it’s just unrealistic and silly…isn’t that obvious? I remember at 14, which wasn’t very long ago as I’m only 20, I was happy with my appearance even though I wasn’t amazing looking and felt awkward about myself but I knew i’d grow out of it one day and just accepted that this is how I am at this point in time. You get more beautiful, interesting and intelligent as you grow up and that’s something to look forward to so enjoy being 14 and having these things to look forward to. One day you’ll be an 80 year old saying damn I was a gorgeous 14 year old, I wish I hadn’t let that slip by so do a favour to your 80 year old future self. Maybe I was a revolutionary teen or something but I was never able to relate to the teens writing into Dolly and Girlfriend magazine about their self-esteem issues.

      • I’m only a young teen myself, and an obviously curvy one at that. I cant wait til’ i get to your age Deanna (my older sisters your age) and get more beautiful and intelligent 🙂

      • Yes, if you’re 14 you have no idea what you’re going to look like! Everyone tells me that I look so different than I used to and I’ve even been told by very close family friends who hadn’t seen me for a year or two that they wouldn’t recognize me at all if I walked down the street. Plus, I know tons of people who shoot up after 14. I grew around 2″ after 14, and I’m still growing three years later! Two of the girls I know used to be 3″ shorter than me at like 5’2-3″ and now they are both 5’9″! It’s good to have role models as you grow, and I think while Kim Kardashian isn’t the best role model mentality-wise, she can serve as a good role model for curvier bodies, just as I always look up to Miranda because her body and mine are very similar.

        • I probably haven’t grown at all since I was 14 hahahaha maybe an inch or 2 at most 😛 I’ve heard that your body keeps developing into your 20’s though? Kim K is a horrible role model mentality-wise in my opinion. Anyone who is stupid enough to have a sex tape (particularly a poorly hidden one) is a horrible role model, regardless of their “i was young and stupid” defense but that’s a whole other issue so we’ll just stick with the body right now 😛 I’m trying to think of celebs I look up to for inspiration but I’ve never really been the type to idolise celebs. Hm…

          • agreed, your body at 14 isn’t going to be the same as it is at 20, not worth stressing about right now 🙂

            I thought at the age of 17, I had finished growing but I grew an inch taller and went from a B to a DD cup between 17 and 21!
            I went from a classic pear (not that B cup is particularly small, but on my frame it was) to more hourglass like in appearance, though really I’m probably more of a cello or a busty pear.

            So your body can change in late teens/early 20s too if you are a late developer like i was !

          • I agree Kim K is an awful role model for younger girls!
            I used to find her quite pretty but I think how she comes across has turned me off her a bit, she just seems fake.
            I do like her figure though but would prefer it with a smaller bum

          • im 13, and SOOOOOOOO (did i emphasize “SO” enough lol) much curvier than other girls my age. My mother says that most girls arent far into development enough to have broad hips, etc. And yes, i believe that to an extent, but ive seen grown women I am curvier than, and im sure thats related to body shape. I’m sure I’m going to look much different into my 20’s, as other girls will, but it’s still strange for right now.

          • Yea I was the same…I never idolised celebrities…until i got a bit older (24 now). Still I don’t idolize them, i just relate to them and feel sorry for certain ones. I think Kim K can be a good role model for curvier figures. I dont like her personality at all anymore. I agree with the poster above that said we are products of our direct environment. It is very true. Even if we want to change it (which we can!) It can be extremely hard without a lot of questioning and a lot of insight into our own thoughts, emotions, histories and behaviours.
            I grw another 2″ somewhere between 18 to 24, I weigh more than I did at 15/16 but I am also a lot slimmer in the waist/ tummy area…My body definately got curvier after the age or 20/21. My breasts grew, my waist defined itself more and my hips also grew a tad and just became more defined. My legs also became more shapely and muscular but not bigger.
            You have SO much growing to do at 14, so dont even worry about what you are going to look like! Make the most of it! I never worried about being extra thin at that age…i never used to like bodies like VS girls have…though now I have learnt to appreciate them and like them! At 14 I always had role models similar to me…but they were people in my real life too. Plus images are even more airbrushed than they were 10 years ago! NEVER compare yourself to a magazine image! Even the model doesnt look liek that in real life!

          • @ Clare
            hmmmm I remember my hips start to widen a little by the age of 12, maybe even a little earlier actually. I felt a bit uncomfortable as my breasts hadn’t developed much so I felt my body looked strange (which it didn’t at all looking back at pictures, I looked adorable haha) but it all worked out very soon after. Just don’t continue to compare yourself to other womens bodies, especially not women older than you because they are fully developed and most likely have a different body shape to what yours is forming in to be. I don’t see developing early as a bad thing although I know it upsets parents watching their daughter become a woman (in the technical sense :P) and girls start getting envious (because, what healthy girl doesn’t want to develop breasts? I even remember many of my friends stuffing their bras with tissues when we were 13 to catch up to the more developed girls in the class) so consider yourself one of the lucky ones (= I mean, I wouldn’t mind developing in some areas a little more and I’ve been given hope from some of these comments that it may still happen. Even if it doesn’t I’m still happy! =)

    • What? People aren’t hating on her of how she looks. They hate her because she does nothing. She has no talent, no skills, no brains, nothing and yet she gets tons of interviews because people like YOU admire her for being a rich spoiled bum.

      As for the article, sex symbol? Are they serious? Marilyn Monroe was a sex symbol. This talentless nobody doesn’t come near to being a sex symbol.

    • If you all need a ”celebrity” to make you feel self-worth, I think that’s disgusting! Who the hell is Kim to make you feel good?

      I don’t hate the Kardashians, in fact, I quite enjoy the show and their craziness, and think they are fairly good-looking. However, in regard to self-esteem, and women loving themselves, everyone needs to get a life, and rethink what a role model should really be… Perhaps a strong woman with REAL achievements and contributions to society!

      Girly, you are not overweight at all, as long as you’re healthy (body and mind), with good friends and family, you’re set!

  2. thank god she doesn’t find herself sexy as everyone else does, otherwise she would be a conceited monster.
    As for being indecisive about her outfits, I would guess that has more to do with the fact that she has too many clothes! I don’t think I’ve ever seen her wear the same outfit twice.

    • and shes NOT a conceeded monster already? all this girl talks about is herself and her body, seems pretty conceeded to me, and when you watch her show she just talks about how “oh im the number one yahoo search this week” and takes pics of herself all the time,

      • Agreed she’s a vain vacuous self centred attention seeker who cares not a jot for other women unless they pay the $2,500 per head to attend one of her nightclub birthday parties. She’s not only vain she’s greedy with no sense for the feelings of others, just watch any episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s.

    • Guys I’ve said many times: I can’t tell your body shape based on measurements alone. I need to know your ‘thickest part’, if your torso or legs are long or short, if your hips are broader than your shoulders and even cup size. Let me know and I’ll reply!

      • My cup size is 32 B/C (depending on the time of the month) and my thickest part would be my thighs! (21 inches)

        My legs are quite short as im only 5ft 1, but my torso is a bit shorter.

        And although my hips are slightly narrower than my shoulders, my bum area (top thighs) is the same width as my shoulders.

        Hope this all makes sense haha!

        • I would say that you sound like a skittle then – skittles gain on their thighs, but they are quite proportionate, have medium busts and have a nice curvy booty.

          • Versus’ what shape would you say I am?

            I am 5’7 have a long torso, flat stomach,small chest, thin arm and broad shoulders. My waist is defined but have high hips (think brooklyn decker). My hips are a bit narrower than my shoulders and although there is a gap between my legs they are still quite meaty. I have a flat bottom and say i’d gain weight in my hips and thighs. My measurements are 32-25-35. Thanks

          • @ harj,
            You are not a classic pear, but still, this shape is the closest i can think of. You have all the characteristics except the broad shoulders, but since your upper half is thin all over, I would say that you are a subtle, thin pear.

  3. Bla bla. She’s saying the same things over and over again, … But I LOVE the first picture, the colors suit her well, and I like that more natural look on her, no heavy make up, no false eye lashes, no tight dresses, … I LOVE IT

  4. omg i love the first picture!
    i know a lot of people dont like her for various reasons, but i mean you gotta admit she is pretty stunning! Hopefully her face wont fall apart anytime soon since its not exactly natural!

  5. Every Armenian I meet says she and her family are really ignorant about Armenian culture. Regardless, it’s nice to have someone with dark hair, olive skin-tone and curvy in American media. I remember when I first saw a photo of her, I thought she was so beautiful. I still think she is even if she is overexposed at times.

    • That may be because she’s culturally more American than Armenian. I don’t think one can really be ignorant about their own culture, just because they’re not being the perfect stereotype of that culture. There’s a lot of variety between what people do and like to do even within a culture. Maybe she chooses to embrace only certain parts of the Armenian culture, and not others. That doesn’t really make her ignorant.

      • Well it is possible to be ignorant of your own culture, either due to circumstances or choice, but you are right that growing up in the USA she is not going to be your typical Armenian.

      • No, the comments she makes about what IS Armenian and stuff like that; Her and her family are actually known for perpetuating stereotypes as opposed to speaking actual facts about Armenian culture, and this is coming from other Armenian Americans, not people just arrived into the country. We have a huge Armenian-American population in Los Angeles.

    • lol im Armenian and im proud of it! maybe she grew up half american, so she wasnt full on pure armenain, im armenian/russian, and i still celebrate and eat food from my armenain culture, ive been in america ever since i was 3 years old, and im pretty whitewashed, but i will never forget where i came from

  6. i definately dont remember her being that tall or legs that long and skinney. its a shame they always photoshop pics shes a pretty gal..and i heard she got a new set of lips for her new singing career. SMH

    • how did they make her tall? they just shot her close up, i dont get how they photoshopped her to be tall, they didnt make her legs skinnier, they just put a dress covering them

  7. Hey, I’m 15, and even at 11-12 I would have been happy with that big breast. Mine are quite small, although I was one of the first in my class to start developing breasts. But, yeah, I understand her. Being one of the first in your class to reach puberty, IS embarrassing .. 🙂

    • lol that was a funny comment. I think her figure is sexy but I cant stand her face now! I used to think she was so beautiful but i think her personality altered the way i see her face…

  8. Versus, would you please help me out with my body type? I was never able to figure it out. I am 5’8″ bust 33″ waist 24″ hip 33″ low hip 35″ with quite broad shoulders. I am an A cup. I would say my fattest areas are my upper thighs (I do have a little gap) and sides of my high hip. Thanks so much. O.

    • You sound like Harj above 🙂 Like her, I think that most likely, you are a slim and subtle pear shape, since your top half sounds thin and you gain more on the bottom. If you also gain on the tummy as well on the high hips, then you could be a bell shape, but other wise, a non-classic pear.

  9. Suprisingly well spoken for Kim Kardashian. I don’t hate her at all. I mean, she doesn’t have a lot of talent, but she’s held onto the spotlight. She’s not to blame for her fame, it’s people like me who watch her show when we’re bored and there’s nothing else one. So I don’t hate her at all. She looks fantastic in both pics. she always does.

  10. i find her inspirational at times because minus the b❆❆bs i feel as if i have a similar figure…but for reals, i think she needs to shut up and talk about something else that makes her sounds more intelligent..anyone agree?? i think we’ve heard about this enough…

  11. Too bad she doesn’t do her make-up like this the rest of the time.

    Most of the time i find her face realllllllly gross :/ because of all the make up, her eyes are scary with all the mascara she puts on .

    On this cover, she’s really beautiful. Her body is fine to me except for her booty 😀 She’s curvy.

    But mostly, this girl is quite irrelevant, her and her family are famous for absolutely no reason at all: they do nothing relevant, but I guess they’re not the only ones … 😀

  12. Kim Kardshian is sexy as hell! BUT recently her lips look soooo fake. I forgave her the nose job but her lips were full enough before.

  13. I completely understand where she’s coming from. When I get dressed up, put on makeup, I feel like I’m putting out a false image of myself because I appear so much more attractive dressed up than I really am. It makes me really hesitant to meet people for fear of my “secret” getting out. This makes me incredibly insecure.

  14. I really dislike Kim. She has no talent and no reason for being famous all she did was make a p—o. She has a really nice face and if i was a guy i’d love her figure but i wouldnt want it for myself because it would just be too much curves to handle and she has to work out a lot to keep it up.

  15. wow! surprise!!!! how did i know she was ganna talk about her body and herself again? wow im SO SHOCKED!!!!
    and btw ya kim i know your insecure thats why you get so many dam surgeries

  16. I know this site is about weight and body image so all quotes are related to that – but Kim K is genuinely someone who ONLY seems to talk about her body. She makes paris hilton look deep.

  17. Hi Versus!

    So sorry to bother you, but I have absolutely no idea what shape I am…I have a petite frame, 5″3, my measurements are 37-26-35 – I have quite large breasts (32DD), medium shoulders, slim arms, a changeable waist (sometimes reasonable definition but my tummy and mid-section is probably my first area to gain). I have only average size hips and a medium toned booty with slim legs – my best feature I’d say. My body doesn’t look disproportionate (maybe because I’m only in my early 20’s) but on some occasions I think I’m an Apple, on other occasions I think I am a Lollipop. Not sure. Can anyone help?

    • I vote for lollipop. True apples have much larger tummies, so lollipop sounds much closer. You have the boobs, the slim legs and the weight distribution to be a lollipop.

  18. I also developed very early – I was a small B cup at 10, I was 5’4″ and one of the tallest girls in my grade while everyone else was still around 5′ – and then I suddenly just stopped! It always irritates me because I feel like I didn’t do something right – at birth and at age two, I was predicted to reach a height of 5’8″. Oh well, nothing ever turns out how you expect it to be! But unlike Kim I wasn’t insecure because at least I didn’t have C cups at age 11!

  19. to everyone that’s complaining about how much kim talks about her body–katie couric is asking her ABOUT her body…she’s just answering the questions! stop reading interviews about her body if you dont want to hear about her body! and i think her insecurities are not unwarranted at all; they just make her human, and even the women who everyone is jealous of are allowed to feel self-conscious.

      • I have definately been jealous of her figure! I love it! But when im jealous I dont get catty…Ive always liked Kim. Its only recently that i cant stand her from certain things that she has said. Otherwise I think her body is absolutely amazing and have always said that (besides imo the bum is a little too big!) and i would prefer slightly bigger, more shapely legs…otherwise. imo her body is perfect!

        • It’s more than that though. I don’t envy her figure or her face(the fact that her body will be very hard to maintain as she ages and that she puts on weight easy, coupled with the surgeries she’s had on her face is undesirable to me) , although overall she is attractive but what I mean is I wouldn’t want her life-to be her. With the whole sex tape ordeal, being famous for absolutely nothing, having a cash cow mother that pimps you out to the extreme for her own benefit etc etc I’d feel rather ashamed of myself and pathetic. I know that sounds pretty harsh but it’s just how I feel. The family seems so fake and anyone who feels the need to film their personal life for money doesn’t have my respect. Obviously not having my respect isn’t affecting them in the slightest haha and I know people say things like “she’s the famous one with all the money so why should she care what you think” blah blah but that isn’t really the point because I, myself, don’t see that as some awesome accomplishment. I just don’t see them contributing to the world in any real way. I’m sure many people agree. Overall, they just make my skin prickle. Yes there are worse people in the world but I still think they are pretty low and I’m just not interested in hearing her talk about her figure all the time. I would feel pretty offended if all people wanted to talk about was my figure lol. I mean, instantly you assumed I was referring to her figure when I questioned other women’s jealousy of her which continues to prove my point. Who knows, maybe she’s deeper than she makes herself out to be and just hasn’t been able to express it although I highly doubt that,

          • i wouldnt wanna be her either, shes not supermodel , her body is hard to dress, and yes i agree it will be hard to maintain hell its hard to maintain now, I find her face to be WAY too long, shes pretty though, but with all the other women in the world, i wouldnt wanna look like her

          • Yea I get what your saying about her life. I wasn’t trying to have a debate. You said ‘there are women who are jealous of her?’ without being specific. So I said my bit about her body because I do like it. We are on a site which discusses body image too…and when people on here comment they are jealous it is most of the time in regards to their body. Kim’s figure has been a favourite of mine for ages. I comment on her heaps!
            I agree I wouldn’t want her life because I am not a superficial person. I don’t think it is something that will bother her though because she is just that. completely superficial.
            Plus, I wasn’t necessarily even aiming my comment at your comment or the one above. I was just stating that I have been jealous of her body BUT it doesn’t mean I get catty. Just a general comment about jealousy. There are always people on here saying if you dont like someone or you dont like somsone’s body then you are automatically jealous. Sometimes I just read something. comment. and go off on a tangent during that comment because I start thinking about other things related…thats why my comments are always so long! I dont really ever expect people to read them! hah!

          • Ha ha go the tangents! I have way too much time to spend on here atm…work is so slow and boring. I’m sure I’ll get in trouble for it one of these days…

          • LOL I’m currently into my second month of uni holidays and I had 2 jobs during the semester and now only have one (how illogical right) so I have a ton of time on my hands. It’s either this site or the beach for me right now. Hard life.

  20. First off, inecure? Of course she is. People who are vain, narcissistic and attention seeking at this level do not have a stable sense of confidence or self worth. They need constant confirmation, and can get very depressed if they do not get it. Secondly, degrading? She yearn for this kind of attention. This is all she thinks she’s got, this is what she identifies with. It actually does make me feel sorry for her, because obviously she has not been raised in a healthy environment, but she’s just too much.

    I’m sorry, but I cannot stand this woman. She is one of the few celebrities (among those; Alba and Hilton) that actually affect me emotionally and get me in a bad mood – for a moment. She genuinly provokes me. I have never, and I’m serious about this, ever read *anything* about her, with her quotes, that wasn’t about her body. Her glutes, her breasts, her face, her curves, her weight, her height, her diet, her “non-existent” plastic surgery and her size. It’s the same thing over and over again – all the time. Everything about this girl is annoying to me. Everything. She is indeed an attractive girl, but her attractiveness ironically fades away due to her extreme need and effort to get people to pay attention to it. A put on baby voice, excessive posing, narcissistic personality and one-dimensional character is just appalling to me. I have never heard this woman state anything even remotely intelligent. I honestly just want her to go away.

      You know whats funny? I use to really like Kim & watch her show 24/7. But the more i see her and hear her talk about her self, the less i liked her! She seems extremely vain. It always seem like she is trying so hard to keep relevant.

    • I agree 1000 % percent. You literally took the words from my mouth, except I actually do not find her pretty in the least bit.

    • ya duh thats all she does, but i cant wait until she gets old and not as sexy or whatever anymore, its just a matter of time then what is she ganna do for a living? oh wait shel probably marry some rich guy and smudge off him ya

      • But what’s the difference between her making money off her looks and a supermodel making money off their looks? I generally dont like supermodel’s figures…and even if they are the most preferred figures then why do they escape critisism of earning money from their body? Or any other actress who mainly focusses on her looks rather than acting ability- like Jess alba, or Paris Hilton or Megan Fox?
        I agree Kim is distasteful and I dont like her personality…but there are a lot of other actresses and models etc that really are doing the same thing!
        I agree with the first comment btw

        • i think theres a difference because alot of people hate her, they say shes famous for nothing and sex tape bla bla, so thats why alot of people find her anoying as opposed to a supermodel who people see that as their job

          • True, I definately see your point! I guess what i was trying to say is even the people who have jobs and meet those requirements for those jobs (like models), havent really done a great deal more than Kim. Except, maybe they had better managers who just made sure they didnt say stupid things! Though did you guys read about Jessica Hart’s comment to men? I though that was very lame personally. And it made me think…really what does she have that is better than anyone else except the ‘supermodel status’, because I dont find her anymore attractive than girls I see in the street. However, I would see Kim as highly attractive in real life (besides the butt and personality!)
            I can DEFINATELY see why people dont like Kim! But I was more just saying that it’s wierd…it’s like a popularity contest and really if the world was to end…none of the stars would really be of any importance to us…that may be a bit abstract…dont know if it makes sense!

          • I’m just interested … what did Jessica Hart say? She is one of my favorite models and I think she is so incredibly gorgeous. I do think supermodels are more qualified though because it IS work … that’s what a lot of people don’t understand. The common misconception is that you just stand around and look pretty. No. You have to go to castings where there are 500 other girls, wear the same darn shirt that 300 others have tried on, be forced to walk in your underwear in front of tons of strangers – not to mention the horrible two-bedroom apartments shared by 15 girls you’ve never met before, the sleazy modelizers waiting downstairs at the hotels, being forced to attend fittings that go until 5 a.m. and then be at your first show by 7 a.m. that same day (on a daily basis throughout the three-week-long ordeal that is fashion week), not have time to eat because everyone wants you to be everywhere at once, not to mention all the undercover perving/drug dealing that happens at these “edgy” parties models get invited to. Plus you have to do whatever the photog tells you to – and I really mean whatever – and spend hours in uncomfortable positions trying to get just the right facial expression that they are trying to coax out of you.

          • jessica hart said that if guys want to come up to me in a bar dont bother dont speak unless your spoken to something like that, when i first heard it i thought she was a b—, but then i thought about it and its kind of true, maybe she doesnt want sleezy guys coming up to her and waisting her time, she has a bf btw

  21. hi versus! thank you for a great site 🙂 i just wanted to ask you if you can still be a lollipop, even though you’re short? i’m only 5’4 but that’s the only shape i feel looks like mine!

  22. I adore Kim. She is one of my body role models. I had an eating disorder about two years ago.. because I was short I thought I should be super skinny. I mean, I’m four eleven and most people that are four eleven are like eighty five pounds. Except that’s impossible for me without being unhealthy, because my bra size is 34D and my butt is large and in charge!! However, now I am definately confident in myself. I think my body is curvy and sexy and all my friends are jealous of it. I realize now that lots of people are super skinny, my curves make my body beautiful in my own unique way! And so do Kim’s!

    • so glad to hear you realised this! To be honest, i used to think the same thing at one point. although i am 5’3 and my weight always ranged between 115-130lbs. When i was sick and got under 100lbs i was skinnier than all my friends that were the same height as me and i still weighed more! Now I am probably around 130 (gave up the scales) and i realised that I still havve a very small frame even in comparison to my friends, however weigh more than them. Certain areas on me are skinnier but I do have hips and a bust and butt and thighs that will never go away (even under 100lbs they didnt!) Sometimes your shape can make you appear bigger than other people (pears and hourglasses often do), however you are actually not bigger and in some cases are skinner even though you dont realise!
      Never go by weight! My friends always say im the tiny one (they think i am shorter than them) even though i am the same height and often say its because i have such a small frame and am so tiny…i always think i am bigger than them still! You never see yourself as you actually appear.

    • Good for you! Too many women are unhappy with their bodies. 4’11”? You must be practically all curves! Haha the way you said “my butt is large and in charge!” made me lol.

  23. This is news? Of COURSE Kim’s insecure. It’s painted all over her comments whenever she speaks. She hates her body, it’s the truth.

  24. Kim is beautiful…she may not be a worldwide known specialist in nuclear physics, but she is stunning, gorgeous and simply beautiful….she is so smoking hot! definitely a fan of hers

  25. I really can’t stand her personality. But she does have amazing proportions and gorgeous face (especially before plastic surgeries).

  26. I actually like Kim Kardashian. Very stylish, looks good, loves her family. A couple of my friends have similar ditzy personalities – but I find they are less likely to hate on others because they go about in their own world and ways. For some, self-centeredness and being focused on your own bizniz means you have less time to talk crap and worry about others’.

  27. Annoying, vain, shallow woman, who is in love with herself. All she talks about is her body/looks. She also seems very bitter and jealous of Kourtney who IMO is much prettier and has a better figure than Kim even after having a baby. We have to remember Kim is the woman who claims to be a size 2 when she clearly is at least a size 8. she tells to many lies and in plastic in every way possible.

  28. I don’t know why some people find her attractive. She has very tiny eyes (almost non-existent) and her nose has clearly had work – she looks nothing like her sisters. Also she does not have an ideal body shape… I’m not going to start on that growth of an ass… gross.

    • lol “growth of an ass” that did make me crack up. I personally do like her body but the butt would be least favourite part for sure! Also I personally dont like her face either…some people will think people are attractive though if they have the makeup piled on! Sometimes I just think it makes them look worse. I think I also dont like her face though because i dont like her personality…which usually effects the way I see their face!

    • I think her and Kourtney definitely look like sisters although the other one (whose name has escaped me) looks nothing like them. I even think their half -sisters (whose names have also escaped me) look similar in the face to Kourtney and Kim. Not that this is an important comment but just laying it on the table.

  29. Versus! You should post a body type guide for us girls that want to know our body types! 🙂

    And in my opinion Kim is really sexy! Sometimes she comes along as a little fat to me though. Depends on whats she wears!

  30. oh she dosen’t feel sexy and all because she dosent have a husband or boyfriend to kiss her and tell her oh baby you’r so hot but kim looks like a real woman she shouldn’t feel desperate for a man looks dont matter

  31. i think you are all just jelous whoever is hating on her… seriusly she is a human being with a hot body, she has insecurities just like every body else… so wat if all the guys want her… you all wish that 100000 guys want you. you just jelous, thats ur problem

    kim kardashian is amazingly sex… shes hot and gorgeous maybe not 100% natural… but i never sed she was.. she was always beautiful.. and now that shes more famous there are just more haters.
    get over it, kim dsnt care wat you ppl think… just a waste of time
    kim is my idol… everything she wears and makeup is just perfection… so watever..

  32. who needs a stupid woman like kim as a role model? who needs body role models anyway? and why THIS prostitute? (prostitute is a profession and not bad language, and since she has a selling sex tape she fits that definition) I’d be happy with my body too if I’d had the money to change whatever part I don’t like about it. girls, wake up! don’t be the stupid girls of pink’s music video!!!

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