Kim Kardashian: ‘I really don’t like my thighs’

FP_5757600_LIB_Kardashian_Jenner_092010 - Kim Kardashian: 'I really don’t like my thighs'

It’s been a while since we last heard Kim Kardashian talk about her curvy figure, how she adores it, how she’s losing weight and how she’s a tiny size, so it’s about time for a refill from Kim’s ‘I love / hate my figure’ repertoire.

On her body dislikes:

“I really don’t like my thighs. No matter how much running I do, I just can’t get them how I want them to be. I wish they were smaller. But you know what? They are a part of me and I have to learn to love them. I’m still learning, though!”

On her abs:

“I work hard to keep it flat, so I’m pretty proud of it. I make sure I do sit-ups every day – I have to. I try to do at least 200 every day. But then I also do loads of working out and running, so it’s a bit of a combination.”

On being curvy:

“When I was a teenager I hated being curvy. But, as you grow up, you learn to love yourself and everything about you. At every stage, there’s a point when you’re uncomfortable but you grow out of it.”

Let’s hear your thoughts!

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83 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian: ‘I really don’t like my thighs’”

  1. i wanted to be first, then my mum came in, and i didnt want her to think i was a lesbin for looking up pics of chicks in bikinis
    nawwwww 🙁

  2. i think it’s normal for women to feel conflicted and ambivalent about their bodies. personally it’s a constant struggle to accept my body so I understand why her comments come off confusing and contradictory

  3. Totally agree with you Christina. It annoys me that people find her annoying for ‘adoring’ her body. Isn’t that what we all should be trying to do!?

    • She doesn’t adore it. I have never met anyone who ‘loves’ their body. And if I did, I’d think them to be lying. I find it so annoying that this talentless object is famous for being sexy. What kind of society do we live in, where amazingly talented people are completely underminded and understated by absolutely pointless people like this. She talks about her body so much it makes me sick. But then again, that’s who she is; her body. And being as self-centered as she is, it’s all she has to talk about.

  4. That 200 sit ups a day is a load of crap. You should only work your abs 3 or 4 times a week and do variations of ab exercises. 200 sit ups a day isn’t going to do anything because you aren’t giving the muscles time to recover. She really shouldn’t say things like that because now young girls are going to attempt to do 200 sit ups a day and achieve nothing.

    • I say the ‘recover’ thing is nonsense. This past summer I workout (toning wise) for about two hours six days a week, and I got ab definition. So you see, I don’t think that day off would of helped, it would of hindered.

      Oh and I don’t have time for that anymore, full time student, but it was fun while it lasted!

      I usually just brush off and take all Kardashian quotes and quips very lightly…

      • I’m a full time student too and I have done all types of exercises. I found that the one that works best for me is what i’m doing now; 3 days a week doing an ab circuit routine, 3 sets of 4 different ab exercises, 10 second break between each exercise and a minutes rest between each set. The every day ab exercises just never worked for me. Well my summer is coming up now so I’ll be pushing it too haha sounds like you really did.

      • Abs are developed by lowbody fat. If you are any natural shape except lollipop/apple, you probably have an OK stomach to begin with , and the amount of working out you were doing would have meant a significant decrease in bodyfat.

        Everyone has abs, most just have a layer of pudge covering it. The amount of situps she’s doing is overkill- she’d have abs even if she didn’t, because she has a naturally flat stomach

        • so true. thats why i will never have a flat stomach, thats the main area i carry my weight, although most women i know except for pears(and slim ones at that) have a similar problem. You want a flat stomach, you should be concentrating on cardio to lower your bodyfat.
          oh and conisdering the rising obeity in children I think if they all rush out to copy kim and do 200 sit ups, its no bad thing! somehow i don’t think they will tho.

    • ya…buhuu, how sad if all these girls start doing 200 situps a day…totally going to ruin their lives…are u for real, what u said was a load of crap.
      Better then partyin their asses off, gettin wasted n fuggin around, behaviours which alotta so called “celebs” endorse, so if her saying that, makes girls do situps, hurray.

      and, i just have to mention that there is no workoutroutine that is perfect, what works for u (or anyone), wont work for everyone, its common sense. =)

        • I’m sorry, was that comment made to criticize me? I couldn’t really understand what you were trying to say amongst the typos..and I never said there’s a ‘perfect’ workout :S I stated that you have to find one that works for you :S Are you seriously trying to argue with me? I don’t get why.
          and fyi, Kim Kardashian has a sex tape that made her famous. That’s just as bad as, if not worse, than one who parties their a– off and gets wasted.

          • im not arguing, and i think its hilarious that ur even mentioning typos, its not like u didnt get my point 🙂

            fyi i dont care, u talked about young girls doing 200 situps a day as something “bad”, not her sextape, stick to the subject…or maybe thats too complicated for you 🙂

            about the “perfect workout”, u laid down ur ab routine (thats what u recommended)and im just saying, what works for u is not the best ab routine for other people. period.

          • Deanna, I completely understand what you meant. Maybe it was too complicated for someone else. And btw, it was difficult to get the point of the other post with all the typos.

          • i understood what holyness was saying and i don’t think her saying doing 200 sit ups would make young girls do the same thing. why must everyone take everything a person says so seriously and think people will do the same?

        • its not like deanna said Kim K should be publicly hung for her scandalous comment, all she said was that the whole “do x amount of sit ups a day to achieve great abs” thing is mostly myth. Having abs is about having low body fat more than anything else anyway. And btw – yeah those crunches if done wrong can be really bad for the spine but thats neither here nor there, basicly deanna was attacked for nothing is all.

          • Yes, I was going by what the experts say about doing ab exercises every day and it doesn’t always work for everyone yes.. so you can all take a breather, I was stating my opinion from personal experience :S I don’t understand why you’re all getting up in arms about it. and if she can “lay down” her ab routine, then I damn well can too and I can damn well state how I feel about it 🙂
            Holyness, you really sound like a vicious person :S There’s no reason for the malicious tone in your comments. I think you need to relax, are you secretly Kim K or some thing, geez.

    • I used to do 300 per day to keep me flat (i have double belly syndrome, so the extra muscles flattens it). I certainly didn’t harm myself though my waist grew from the added muscle.

  5. Geez! If her thighs were any smaller, her butt would look even more gigantic to the point of looking deformed! She needs those thighs to help try to even things out on her lower half. Now, if she said she wishes she was smaller from the waist down, I would get what she’s saying. She is always yapping about her body. . . it gets old.

  6. Oh Kim… just get over yourself already!!!!!!!!!! yeah, you’ve got one heck of an amazing body and lovely hair, and loads of money to spend, so what?? Halle Berry has and even better body and she is not talking about it 24/7!

  7. I agree she’s beautiful, that she has a great body and a lovely hair. Also, that she has tons of money to spend.
    But girls, these are the only things that she has, that’s why she doesn’t have anything else to talk about. If you guys understand me.

  8. Ugh if I had a body like that I’d be talking about it all the time aswell. Shes worked hard for it. Give her a break. I bet every interview she has she gets asked about as well.

  9. ugh!!!! how sick are we of her talk ing about her body and how she is 114 pounds and a size two…then losing another 10 pounds which would make her 104 pounds…yeah freakin right. ok yes she is curvy and proud, but stop lying about your weight and trying to be an advocate for curvy girls…ive seen her in person and there is no way she is 104!

  10. girlfriend needs to stop lying about her weight and stop obsessing…google it…the more u obsess the more you will gain. she’s an idiot

  11. I actually don’t mind some of the comments she says – she admits she works hard, and she’s probably asked about this a lot. And she also doesn’t bash thinner women, which I know a lot of curvy celebs do.

  12. i think she is just stunning!!! she talks about it because she gets asked! and she has all the right to do so, how many women are as gorgeous as she is? of course money helps a lot, but her natural, genetic raw material gets everything into shape!
    GORGEOUS woman! love her!!!!! my second best after Angelina’s perfection:)

  13. I agree with most comments… Yes she has an amazing body! Yes she is very very pretty! But it’s all she can ever talk about!! Does the girl has anything other to say??!! I used to think she was really cool, now I think BORING!!

    • Yes i do think she is boring now, i like her sisters more..they seem more real and less robotic lol! I started to watch “Keeping up with the Kardashians” because of her but now i just watch it to see her sisters and crazy mom!

      And another thing, i think its hilarious how ppl are saying she is proud of her body when obviously she is NOT! She is constantly contradicting what she says, one day she says she loves her curves, another day she is trying to loose 10lbs, another day she is promoting crappy diet products, and the next day she is saying “Eat healthy, and workout, diets do not work”.

      To me either she is trying to sell something or trying to get attention.
      Yes Kim K is beautiful, Yes her style is amazing, yes she admits to working out, Yes most women(including myself) are pretty bipolar when it comes to our body lol but if you say you LOVE your CURVES then stick with it lady.

      • thank you…yes…she is constantly changing her stance on things as well as contradicting her weight…she needs to just learn that people like her regardless! If she wants to be an advocate for curvy women, she needs to do it the right way!

  14. her body looks fantastic here. she lost all credibility (sp?) with me after the botox garbage. but none the less she looks hot bodywise to me pretty much all the time

  15. I love this dress on her. As much as I have no interest in her celebrity appeal i do think she is pretty and has a great figure. However, it is a shame that she had a nose job. She looked so much better before and now she always has some kind of glazed appearance like she was glazed with egg yolk and bunged in the oven.

    As talking about her body is what brings home the bacon she won’t be shutting up about it any time soon.

  16. I usually believe Kim when she talks about her weight, measurements and size, but this is where I draw the line. Now she is saying that she: runs, workouts AND does 200 sit ups a day! Somehow, I don’t believe that! When she says she does a lot of running, what does that mean?? to her, 1/day might be a lot of running. I don’t think she is fat, in fact I think she looks great, but I don’t think she works out THAT much. sorry.

  17. I dont think she works out dat much either and i would never buy that diet crap she promotes. and i agree do you Jlo, Beyonce or the rest of them talking bout their bodies….they’re busy using their talent. Kims pretty but i wish she go get married or knocked up cause after that botox you dont know whats real on her anymore.

  18. She has a great body, if she lost weight on her thighs her booty would look very strange. She just needs to accept the fact that she’s hot and stop talking about her body issues.

  19. Gotta love how she says she hates her thighs, & then in the last statement says ‘oh i love my curvy body!’
    she makes no sense.
    i just hope she isnt a role model for a lot of girls because despite her size, every interview she seems to conflict. not only that, but she endorsed a diet pill, which is beyond unhealthy, & then in candids you can always see her walking around with ice cream or some other unhealthy treat. so, i just am not a fan of hers, no matter what size, because of the things that come out of her mouth. kind of stupid and then kind of irresponsible.

          • I agree with Ic. Moreover, why should we respect and even share your opinion about Kim thighs not being fat, and you cannot respect that we think she’s chubby? What is “too far”? That to my opinion she has fat thighs? OMG. Some tolerance here.

          • well mary it’s one to have an opinion. okay i get that but it’s not what she said it’s how she said it. that’s what i didn’t agree with so excuse me if i didn’t agree. we do express our opinions but don’t get mad when someone says something to you because it’s a forum. plus if you did call kim chubby, like i said don’t get mad when someone calls you out for what you said.

          • Well, if I think they’re fat, I can. It’s NOT a fact, it’s your opinion, so please stop trying to pass it off as such. Just get over it.

          • No need to get an attitude? Then leave my comment alone, for crying out loud, and stop trying to pick a fight with me over the computer screen.

            I can have my opinion, you can have yours. If you don’t like mine, well then, just don’t read it.

          • like i said no need to get an attitude. no one is starting a fight but you making it seem i attacked you. say something to someone and want to get a b— fit for nothing. whatever i’m done talking to you. buh-bye.

          • Big V,
            We’ve been through this with the same people in other threads. There are always going to be people who obsess over thinness. That is their problem, not ours.

            When I use the word “fat”, I use it as slang to mean medically overweight. Kim is not medically overweight. She is indeed bottom heavy and some people are turned off by that body type and yes, they could probably express it differently.

          • I have to agree with lc. What’s with people having a b— fit when your opinion differs to theres? If you disagree then just say you disagree and explain why. Much more productive than “WHAT I SAY IS FACT SO NER TO YOU!” You don’t have to be a d—head about it bigvinamac or whatever your name is. I think she’s not particularly in shape, are you going to have a fit at me too? Please don’t, I won’t take it seriously.

          • deanna no one is being a d—head and that wasn’t even necessary to even call me that. i told her i disagree and said why and didn’t like the comment she made. so excuse me for saying something. i disagree, we all disagree. what’s wrong with that?

        • of course Kimberley. that’s what i was trying to say. why not say it in a different way? but i guess i’m seen as being too dramatic or overreacting. we all have opinions but damn some people don’t know how far they can go with it but get mad when someone calls them out for it. you don’t have to like a certain shape whether it’s thin or curvy. if people can’t be respectful then why even bother commenting?

          • Agreed. Diplomacy is always nice but in this day and age, people love to “express themselves”, especially from behind a computer screen. I always wonder what these people look like.

  20. Thats fine Kim, you hate your thighs, me I will go on hating your mouth (or the crap that comes out of it, to be more specific) 😛 Pretty woman but I really dont have any interest in these reality celebs with no point or real claim to fame.

  21. One of the few times I can easily read sincerity into her words, haha.
    Well, she just seems to feel like everyone else about her own body, most of the time, then.
    I, for one, can relate to what she says.

  22. Can she talk about something else? She’s beautiful. Men fantasize about her, women would love to look like her. Talk about something else, Kim.

  23. ooh kim first you say you dont feel as sexy as people say and now you hate your thighs i think you are loosing self confidence because you lack a man in your life and you have a great body dont let just little issues get you down i mean common people some people loose self confidence because they dont have that special person to tell you how hot or sexy you are:D

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