Kim Kardashian Loves It That She Looks Like She ‘Doesn’t Eat’

Kim Kardashian Loves It That She Looks Like She 'Doesn't Eat' 1

Kim Kardashian, who allegedly weighs 119 pounds without hair extensions, posted a video on social media recently, where her sisters compliment her on looking very skinny. During the conversation, Kim is delighted and thankful when Kendall says that her older sister looks like she doesn’t eat.

Watch it below:

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Kim Kardashian Loves It That She Looks Like She 'Doesn't Eat' 2

Kim Kardashian Loves It That She Looks Like She 'Doesn't Eat' 3

Kim Kardashian Loves It That She Looks Like She 'Doesn't Eat' 4 Kim Kardashian Loves It That She Looks Like She 'Doesn't Eat' 5

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19 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Loves It That She Looks Like She ‘Doesn’t Eat’”

      • in some cases it’s a good thing she is being raised by nannies (assuming the nannies know the value of a dollar and have a healthy relationship with food and the body).

          • All of the men in that family are screwed up- Rob is a depressed freeloader, Scott D. is a drug addict, Kanye is a lunatic, Lamar OD’d, the other baby daddies are cheating losers…Bruce is probably the most stable, and even he had to become Caitlyn to do that.

            Her son definitely has the odds stacked against him.

  1. And she’s not even that skinny. Her BMI is 22.5 which is middle of the road normal! She is beyond vapid and she preaches about being a role model for her daughter then she posts this shit and all her other cries for attention.

    • 10 of that BMI is probably in her bootie lol. So the rest of her body can be skinny.. I mean she did look tiny when she was photographed with Paris Hilton.. she does have a small frame.. but her bootie and hips throw it off

  2. People like her wouldnt exist if society stopped perpetuating a certain type of beauty; she wouldnt be able to siphon cash off people’s insecurities.
    Easiest way to rid her from the spotlight is to avoid falling for the trappings of conventional beauty ideals.

  3. You have got to be kidding me! She has fat thighs and fat on top of her butt with implants, and clearly her stomach doesn’t look hardly even toned. I will never understand why anyone posts pictures and articles about the Kardashians. She clearly eats plenty of food, and just wants to pretend she is model skinny.

  4. Yawn. With all her means it’s so boring to see that this is the only way a 38 year old woman chooses to spend her time.

  5. 119 lbs is not a low or unusual weight for Kim’s height—it’s just normal. This story, like much of their show/web content, is manufactured. That a person would require self imposed starvation to be 119 lbs at 5’3” is silly— as is spending any time being outraged by the antics of this family

  6. Just sad how excited she sounds and you can tell she is sincerely complimented. I understand being happy to see your effort showing results but what’s sad is how she posts and broadcasts that it “looks like she isn’t eating”. I guess she’s never cared one bit about being a good role model. Just cares about looking hot which in turn makes her less hot regardless of her appearance. She looks good in the pic with her hair up but the silver outfit is horrible and being that skinny with huge fake chest and butt, with her new darker fake tan, just looks bad. That tone of tanner on her looks really bad. But the goddess look is probably the best she has looked in some time.

  7. Oh, wow… I feel so sorry for her. That she is building up her own self-worth and value around her looks…. She will not be happy in 20, 30 years from now if this is the only thing she lives for.

  8. She should really be thanking her surgeon I guess. He’s the one that moves her fat from other parts of her body into her butt.

  9. More like 130. But come on, her life is so sad. So obsessed with her looks that she probably (or make that ”certainly”) can’t parent properly. I can bet she only has a superficial relationship with her children and the rest is on the nanny. I believe for her focusing on her appearance and looking glamorous stops her from analyzing the serious ”problems” in her life in regards to her mentally ill husband who has to sleep in a separate wing of the house so he won’t go Chris Benoit on her and the kids. So sad. I think she tries to distract the public and press away from this too by all the other tactics from nude selfies, to butt implants, weight loss and wigs. Really, any sensible adult KNOWS her life is a major mess.

  10. Hey Kim, think about how little you’d weigh if you got your butt implant removed – that would amount to another 25 lbs. – then she’d be 94 pounds lol

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