Kim Kardashian Says She’s 117 Lbs and Fits in Size 27 Jeans

kim-kardashian-says-shes-117-lbs-and-fits-in-size-27-jeans - Kim Kardashian Says She's 117 Lbs and Fits in Size 27 Jeans

Kim Kardashian recently posted on her blog a ton of information about her weight, size and body measurements. What did she have to say?

I am a size 27 jeans… My measurements are 34, 26, 39. But remember I am 5’2″ and 1/2 and everyone carries their weight in different places.

My body frame is small, but since I have curves, many people assume I am bigger and wear a bigger size in jeans. This is simply not the case! The misconception carries over to my weight, too. I am right under 120 lbs, but a lot of people have been shocked to hear that and have accused me of lying! Haha. (…)

I was clear to state that everyone carries their weight differently. I have very skinny chicken legs, so my jeans need to be a smaller size to fit my legs. I have a tiny waist, which is smaller than a size 27 so i always need to have the waist tailored.I also wear stretch jeans, because my booty just gets flattened in any jean that has no stretch and just doesn’t fit into non stretch jeans. I usually wear Serfonatine or JBrand, those fit the best! In those certain brands, on a good day I even fit into a size 26! I am a lot smaller than I look in pictures or on TV and that’s the first thing people say when they meet me! When I first started doing photo shoots, stylists would bring me a size 6 or 8, and they had to come back with 2’s and 4’s. I am only 117 lbs!
I am really sick and tired of people being so mean and nasty and assume I am lying. Why should it upset people that I am a size 27? Kourtney is a size 23 or 24, if she can find her size and wears kid sizes most of the time, and Khloe is a size 30. We are all shapped differently and are proud of our shape big or small….

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308 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Says She’s 117 Lbs and Fits in Size 27 Jeans”

  1. her weight sounds plausible to me, as she's quite short and the only big part in her is her butt. anyways, i feel kinda appalled, that she feels like she needs to explain in wide and lenghth her body measures etc pp. she seems to be a little insecure.

    • maybe cuz people like u question her size its none of ur business….it sounds right to me! im 5’2 and i know exactly what shes talking about! YOU GO GIRL! no matter what ppl say about u U STILL GETIIN ThT MONEY! no matter what the haters say . GOOO ARMANIANS! AND ROMANIANS! MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN IN THE WORLD!

      • Ummmmm nah Romanians have some of the ugliest people out of any country I know. Czech Republic, Venezuela, and Brazil have the most beautiful women. You are crazy and biased!

        • My opinion is based on my long experience of women, the most beautiful girls comes from Hungary and China. But Hungarian women were much nicer before the 80’s since Western culture took place they going down like american got fat, skin, muscle problems too… China has its prime to develop the best girls, due to its raising and diversity of people.

          • China? Chinese women dont have enough curves for me. Ive seen some beautiful Chinese women but as a whole theyre a bit lacking in the sexual features. I really dont like girls with small noses either. With Chinese girls everything is just kinda flat.

        • Ummmmm…..NO beautiful women come in ALL ethnicities and races so YOU are the one who’s actually biased!! Duh!! Lol…I mean what a dumbass comment. Have you travelled the entire world and seen women from ALL cultures and backgrounds??? NO. Then STFU. There are gorgeous women in EVERY country and culture so THINK before you make a dumbass comment like that!

  2. OMG, she went through sooo much trouble for what… to show us that she's a size 27 – so what does that prove? Only the fact that she's looking for extra publicity and that NO, she is not comfortable in her CURVY skin.

      • I dont think she is telling the truth. Im 5’7, 145, and I wear size 27. My butt def not as big as her actually its quite small. I dont see how it would be possible for her to fit into the size Im wearing. It would be wayway to small. Maybe if they were super duper stretch.

        Anyways shes just did that for attention. I wish she would stop.

        • You do realize you are 5 inches taller than her, right? Best friend and I, at one point were the same exact weight she could fit into a size 2 and I could barely squeeze into a size 6. She was 5’7 and I’m 5’2. At the moment I am 133lbs and wear a size 27 but my weight is distributed differently. I have to wear large shirts cause my arms and chest are so big, and I have also large calves. Skinnies are tighter on me against the calves than most girls I’ve seen. But my hips are smaller than Kim’s at about 35/37, but a bit larger waist. It all depends on the body type.

        • Because of what she explained…she’s 5’2″ so the size you wear can also be the size she wears because of height and proportion. Our weight is distributed differently. Did you NOT pay attention to what she clearly outlined?? I’m 5’7″, 124 lbs. and wear a size 27 too. But I also wear a size 2 in dresses and blouses. I’m slender, but I have curves and I’m also toned because I work out. Therefore, everything you just said makes NO sense whatsoever!! Weight is distributed differently for ALL of us women depending on our height, muscle tone, etc. DUH!!

  3. I doubt it that she's 117… really really doubt it. More like 135. The 27 size… well, it can depend on the brand but I think something's fishy about the weight.

    If she tried on the jeans (and 3 pairs, not 1!!), why didn't she also step on the scale??

    • I believe her. I am 5’4″ and 115lbs… I have people tell me that I don’t look like it and that I look more like I’m 120lbs. Like Kim said people carry their weight in different areas… I happen to carry my weight in my lower body. my measurements are 32-26-34. Shes not lying.. and another thing you have to remember is that most people’s weight fluctuates throughout the day. You could wake up in the morning and weigh yourself and it’ll say 117.. but then by bed time you can be a whole 3-4 pounds heavier. I always wake up as 115.. but by the time I’m ready for bed I am usually 117-118lbs..

    • I’m 124 lbs, but I also wear a size 27 jeans and in dresses I wear a 2 and sometimes a 0. BUT.. I have a butt and b❆❆bs – slender, but curvy. I’m toned because I work out. Muscle weighs more than fat, so while some people may look at me and think Kim weighs more than I do, you have to remember she’s only 5’2″ and does not really have muscle tone. I’m 5’7″ and DO have muscle tone. My abs are more defined than hers and I also have a tight rounded butt. You have to remember that height, weight and proportion are what makes different-looking women wear the same size!! That’s a fact!! So don’t be so quick to say you think she’s lying. I actually can believe what she’s saying based on my own weight, measurements and height.

  4. i doubt the weight part too. I am 5'1, waistline 28, bust is 36, hips 37 and I weigh 124 lbs. But then I am 52 years old. I don't know if age makes a difference here.

    • You as a woman should know better than to be so quick to think she’s lying about her weight. I’m 47 years old and I’m 124 lbs, 34-26-36, but I also wear a size 27 jeans and in dresses I wear a 2 and sometimes a 0. BUT.. I have a butt and b❆❆bs – slender, but curvy. I’m toned because I work out. Muscle weighs more than fat, so while some people may look at me and think Kim weighs more than I do, you have to remember she’s only 5’2″ and does not really have muscle tone. I’m 5’7″ and DO have muscle tone. My abs are more defined than hers and I also have a tight rounded butt. You have to remember that height, weight and proportion are what makes different-looking women wear the same size!! That’s a fact!! So don’t be so quick to say you doubt her. I actually can believe what she’s saying based on my own weight, measurements and height. And I disagree with you about the age thing, because as I said, I’m 47 and that has NOTHING to do with how I look. I happen to take care of myself and I’ve worked as a fitness model…still do at my age! So think before you judge or doubt people!

  5. I guess i believe that they were actually size 27 jeans, but HOLY! Did you see her yanking and pulling on those things?! I wouldn't be able to breathe if I had to work that hard to pull on my jeans, stretch or not, those puppies were waaay too tight, she'd be more comfortable in a size up. We all know she's got more generous proportions in the posterior area, who cares what size her jeans are!

    But I think it's an even bigger stretch to say she's 117, she is quite short and petite, but I'd peg her at 125, at least.

  6. OMG I am laughing my a– off. Kim weighs so much more than that, I've seen her IRL and she is short but she's got at lot of fat. And I am 120 lbs and I wear a size 26, so that just can't be true. Look at her a– she is at least a size 31.!!!

  7. That's totally possible. Her measurements aren't that far off from my wife's. And she has the same problem, with people always assuming she's skinnier than she is.

  8. id like to see her stepping on a scale on camera, coz i dont believe her weight, i would of thought at least 130. but hmm wot can i say im nt an expert, but i just dont believe that.

  9. WTF, I don't get why everyone is doubting that she's 117. She's 5'2!! That's tiny! No way in hell she weighs 130-135, as some of you claim. Hell, I weigh 130-135 and I'm five inches taller than her, and exept for my butt I look like I'm pretty much the same size. (btw, this picture is a pretty bad angle, if you look at others she seems much slimmer.)

    Also, I don't get why she needs to justify herself so much. Who on earth cares so much about her measurements/weight/jean size that they need videos to prove it?

    • I agree totally with you people sometimes forget for shorter people especially 5’2 to weigh 135 is overweight and she does not look overweight at all. I was skeptical about the 117 but hell if she says thats what she is then FINE who cares I dont buy her clothes. I’m 5’2 and I weigh 127 I like my size but need to tone it up and i fit into a size 5,6 jeans and 27,26 so if she is 117 she would be slim everywhere except for the a– which seems about right

      • ANYBODY who says kim is “skinny” or in “good shape” needs a serious wake up call. Kim’s a– is so huge it doesn’t look natural anymore.. as to the jeans, NO way that FAT A– fits a 27! NEVER, not even if she were a dwarf (cause ppl here were saying she’s not tall so her she can’t weight that much)
        fat people really should go to africa and get their perspectives right.

        • You sound like another jealous ironing-board-with-a-face flat a– woman to me. Would you call a woman fat just because she had big fake t–s? Of course not. So why are you calling Kim fat just because she has a big (probably fake) ass?

          • is it either FAT a– or no a– at all? you can have a nice a– and not look like a hippo! I agree, kim has a beautiful face and I favor her look to any anorexic woman.. but again, it’s the golden middle. not FAT and NOT anorexic…

        • I dont see whats so hard to understand. Lets go back to the t–s comparison. You wouldnt say a woman was fat just because she had big t–s, so why would you say shes fat just because she has a big ass? If youve ever seen an actual fat woman naked, or even in a bathing suit, youd know that most fat women have completely flat asses. Being fat doesnt make your a– big and round, it just makes it gross and saggy. Just like how lots of fat women have small saggy breasts. Having a big round a– is a specific physical trait, independent of how fat you are. Even if Kim lost a ton of weight shed still have a relatively big and round ass, it would just be smaller than it is now. Look, I understand, women are jealous of how fine she is. If I was a woman Id be jealous of her too, instead of being jealous of the men that get to be with her.

          • okay, I have never seen it this way. as to the breast comparison, you would say some girl is skinny BUT/AND she has large breasts. the common adjective to a big ass, is fat ass.. that’s the convention. I would still (even without the huge ass) say that kim is on the heavy side… plus I would HAAATE having her ass. I thought the silver paint pic was a joke at first… !! but tastes are different and that’s wonderful, sadly kim likes the conventional look of a bodybuilder :))

          • I’m not jealous of her AT ALL. I’m quite happy with the way I look and my a– is not like hers. I have a nice, round tight butt because I work out – been doing so for 20 years so I’d NEVER want Kim’s ass. I’m not saying she looks bad, just that I’m VERY happy with how I look. It IS possible to have a nice butt and still be smaller than Kim. It has nothing to do with size, it’s with how you’re shaped. I’m 47 years old and I’m 124 lbs, 34-26-36, but I also wear a size 27 jeans and in dresses I wear a 2 and sometimes a 0. BUT.. I have a butt and b❆❆bs – slender, but curvy. I’m toned because I work out. Muscle weighs more than fat, so while some people may look at me and think Kim weighs more than I do, you have to remember she’s only 5’2″ and does not really have muscle tone. I’m 5’7″ and DO have muscle tone. My abs are more defined than hers and I also have a tight rounded butt. You have to remember that height, weight and proportion are what makes different-looking women wear the same size!! That’s a fact!!. I actually can believe what she’s saying based on my own weight and measurements, sorry, but Kim WISHES she could look like me! Like I said, I’m 47 and. I happen to take care of myself. I’ve worked as a fitness model and still do at my age! So don’t assume that all of us who are smaller in the a– than Kim are jealous of her!! More like she’d probably be jealous of women like me who are older than her and more toned, healthier with a tighter,nicer butt than her!!!! No thanks. My butt’s been working for me fine all these years – I have NO desire to have a Kim ass! She looks good, but she needs to go to the gym and work that butt otherwise when she gets to my age, it won’t be lifted anymore! FACT!!!

        • What do you mean fat people should go to Africa???.. Respect yourself.. I hate the way people think africans are ugly and always fat.. We’re so freakin stereotyped and you’re talking based on what you see on tv(They only show the poor rural parts btw).. We look as good as any of y’all and some better and we’ve got fat, skinny and average people like you have there.. Go to Africa first(I live in Nigeria btw) and then you can judge.. You’re being plain rude.. And btw Africa is not as crude as it is portrayed on tv and i wish they could stop showing only the bad parts..

  10. Yeah i believe kim…she is a very very similar body type to me…

    we work in kilos here though how many kilos is 117 pounds?

    like 55? that is so believable! camera adds weight and she is short!

    plus who cares??? bit of a shame she had to come out and make a big deal because now evryone will just make it a big deal…

    but i think its believable…

    plus she has lost weight recently!

  11. Yeah I definetely belive her, 117 isn´t THAT little for someone her height (my friend is as tall Kim ja weights 95 kilos and does not look too thin) , but I DO NOT agree with her about "very skinny chicken legs" 😀

    • Uuuu I’m sorry i’m so late to react but 95 kilos is 209 lbs (Convert kilo to pound)…?
      I’m not knowing how tall she is but i think its not right to be that heavy if she is 5’2 feet (5’2 feet is 1.57 cm).
      If you’re friend is 5’2 feet and weights 209 lbs her BMI is 38,5 she has Extreme obesity.

      A health BMI is between 18,5 to 25,0.

  12. its true what she says and if you´re not a woman then you don´t understand…i use size 9 but when i look for jeans the clerk usually says if she brings me a 7…so some of us look smaller other look wider

  13. you kno what you girls are just jealous and some of my girls are between 5'1 and 5'4 and they are about 110 and 116 and they are thick and curvy kim is very pretyy and you fat asses are just jealous get up off of your fat asses and get to the gym instead of talkin ish about people hmmm i smell somethin burnin oooh i kno it must be some jealous a– haters get over it seriously its no annoying that you fat girls have so much time to hate rather than using that time to go take care of yourselfs its always insecure girls that think they are hot and they are actually the ugliest things alive walking around on this earth its liek a girl should run her mouth when she has the looks to go with it umming BOOO HOOOOO get over it stupid a– ugly hatin asses piss off

  14. From an African-American standpoint, she does have chicken legs. Especially in proportion to her upper body. A bigger butt doesn't always mean bigger thighs (it should if it's a real butt). And since we know Kim has a fake one, it's what makes her thighs look every skinnier. Body-wise, the kardashian girls are built like their mother with a big upper body, as in average-sized to heavier boobs, a gut, or at least an appearance of a gut because of their lower-halves, narrow hips and skinny, chicken legs. The only reason Kim seems more proportioned than her sisters is because of her butt.

  15. i dont know……….. im 5 nothing my hips/ass measures he same as hers and i wear a size 8/31……my waist is bigger the hers, but my a– cant get into a size 4/27.

    • Her measurements are off…I am 5′ 3″ and with about the same measurements as her 40-29-40.5 and I wear a 8-10 and weigh much more than Kim K… If her measurements are real should should be a 6-8 in clothes and about 135.

      Something isnt adding up.

      • Her measurements are 34-26-39. Yours are 40-29-40.5

        You are 6 inches bigger than her in the chest, 3 inches bigger than her in the waist, and 1.5 inches bigger than her in the ass. All of that could easily account for the difference in weight.

        But who cares, shes fine as s— and thats all that really matters. No man is looking at the size of the jeans, theyre looking at the size of the a– in the jeans.

  16. I doubt if she has an implant…thats the only way i would consider it "fake". If she simply had fat injections or transfered fat from (lets say her stomach) to butt, then its not fake. My ex girlfriend had fat moved from stomach and waist to butt…and there was nothing fake about it… That would be like someone gaining weight (fat) in their stomach or arms or legs and calling it fake. Its all for show anyways…no matter what type of enhancement people get…breast implants, weaves, nails, eyelashes….if something doesnt look good to you thats fine but as long as it looks good the whole "its fake" thing really becomes a moot point…it doesnt make sense to say something like…"if her butt wasnt fake it would look good"

  17. wooow stop here she is defenetly not 120 actually she wish… she is like at least 20 lbs bigger i wear 28- 29 size jeans and I'am 128 lbs im 6 feet tall but thats only worse because if i'am taller i have to be thinner if I am the same weith………… :X:X:X…

  18. wooow stop here she is defenetly not 120 actually she wish… she is like at least 20 lbs bigger i wear 28- 29 size jeans and I'am 128 lbs im 6 feet tall but thats only worse because if i'am taller i have to be thinner if I am the same weith………..

  19. Ok my measurements are 34 26 40 and I weight 133 lbs and I am 5 2 so she is 1/2 taller than me lol this girl know she is lying….o and I work out so its not fat hahaha…. my pants are a size 5-7 and my shirts are a size small…. kim please get off your high horse and go sit down somewhere.

  20. Well, I am 5 '2, And my measurements are 38-27-40, and I had a baby 3 months ago. My mneasurements used to be 36-26-40 prepreg, but yeah…And I used to be 120 exactly. And when I was 110 lbs a before that, my measurements were pretty much exactly like hers. I think give or take an inch. So its very possible. Although, her jeans…a bit tight…if you cant breathe getting into them and it takes 10 minutes to peel them off…you need a size bigger. but there is NOTHING wrong with that. Skinny WILL be out soon, and curvy will be back in .Real women have curves- deal with it twigs!!

  21. whoever doesn't think she's 117 n a size 27 needs to stop hating. if u look at pics she really does have a small waist. and look at her legs! she really is tiny. i'm about the same exact measurements and i'm the same height as her. being that she's so short, her weight makes her APPEAR bigger, dumbasses. i'm 5'2" and my size is 34-25-36…and ppl say i'm small AAALLLL the time! but my cup is a DD and i have a butt! damn it doesn't mean i'm fat cuz i have curves!

    • I dont believe for one second that she is 117! And im not hating because I am 110 pounds…. and 5’2 oh and guess what I am also a 25 inch waist and she is three times my size! I have never lied about my weight either… there is no possible way that her measurements are that of a victorias secret model…. she isnt built the same way! Her hips are over 40 inches and her waist is like 30 inches. Also her height looks shorter too! Id put Kourtney at 115 not Kim!

  22. well I think it is possible she weighs 120 pounds and her height, she's small, and it "looks" heavier on her, by the way someone who's her height and weight and excercises would look different than someone who weighs that and doesn't. I'm 5'3'' and I weigh 116 pounds and I wear a size 25, and I'm only a bit taller and lighter than her. my measurements are 34, 24.5 and 33 . I also fing it strange that a woman has to justify her weight, whats the big deal if she's 100 lbs or 140 lbs.

    People have got to get over being so obsessed with weight, and thats comming from a girl recovering from an eating disorder …

  23. i don't see why everyone thinks she's 130-135. cuz i'm 135, and 5'8", i can fit in size 27 if i struggle as much as her (but i don't like to so i wear 28) and my measurements are appx. 33-25-39. (yeah, all my weight goes to my butt.)

  24. WOW!!! you people are really hatin on kim k! I am 5 inches taller than her and 135 lbs if you do the math my bmi is around 21, i also wear a size 27 and my measurements are 32-26-39 almost the exact measurements as kim! except i have a super tiny bust, it is very possible for her to wear size 27 jeans but ONLY if they're stretchy! I have the same problem with the booty being flattened by non-stretchy jeans or barely being able to get it in there! FOR ALL YOU FLAT A– LADIES any girl with any kind of booty is going to have to struggle to get her a– in jeans, no matter how skinny or fat she might be? why are you hatin on her for struggling to get her jeans on? that means she has ass!!! hellooo! I'm white so I can't shop at american eagle or abercrombie most white girl stores cause their jeans do NOT stretch! quit hatin on kim!

  25. its possible kim MAY way 117llbs but the fact that her butt fits in size 27 jeans? i dont think so im the Same size as she is measurments 38 24 40 and no way can my a– fit in a size 27 having a butt bigger than a 38 would almost be impossible i do not believe in a million years she would wear that size.. when i put on a 27 the pants dont even fit past my crack kim mustve had those damn pants tailored or something.



    P.S: i WEAR A SiZE 27 IN JEANS!

  28. I don't really see how that weight is possible. I am 5'7, weight 150 lbs, and I measure at a 36D, 26, 40. My largest asset is my bottom, graced with an apple bottom. I don't see how her weight, at that height, with that much cellulite could be so low. Perhaps now a vid of her stepping on a scale?

  29. I don't think Kim is lying. I think she may be right at 120 pounds. She is not that muscular, so maybe this is why she does not weight that much. Muscle weighs more than fat. She and I have about the same measurements (34,27, 39) 5"2 inches,and I weigh 127 1bs. However I weigh a little more because I lift alot of weights. I got a big ol' booty like her too, but small breast B cup. I wear size 27 jeans too. So I think she is telling the truth.

    • hmmm looks like u have a point
      then if her buttox is not muscle then it is fat and that would make sense why she weighs so low.. i think this must make sense since when she is in the bathing suit it does not look packed how it does in this pic up here.. it looks wide and flatter.. so it must be fat.

    • You are incredibly naive and stupid then. There is no way she is that small with her bottom half that big! That would make her not human! No one has a 20 inch difference from waist to hip! She does not have the measurements close to that of a victorias secret model! She is delusional! Ppl need to stop lying when they say they are a 24-27 inch waist… not everyone wears that and its skinny. Just be honest.

  30. she is telling the truth ! ! ! we are the same hight and weight but my a– is smaller and tummy larger. she looks great ! ! ! give her a break

  31. Delany, Why do you doubt Kim's remarks. I'm an athlete and a proud Brazillian and I have the same body type as Kim. Tiny, tiny waist and blessed with a beautiful, sexy butt. I wear a size 27, 26 in Joes, Citizens etc. It's so disgusting how you would doubt it or why it would even matter. Kim is sexy, healthy. I go through the same thing-people thinking Im larger than I am – then they see me in a swim suit and are like damn you have a banging body…….and I would keep my size rock a– 117 booty than a flabby flat one like you probably have any day.

    • “DATRUTH” – umm, why don’t you let Delany believe what she wants to believe? I mean its not like it matters whether Kim Kardashian is 117 and can fit into a size 27 jeans or not, her body is fake anyway. I have the same height as Kim kardashian; 5’2″ and a half, and am a size 28 in jeans, yet Im proud to say that Im 125 lb., bust is 34, waistline is 25 and hips is 40. Im a size small in tops, and i love my body figure just the way it is, i run cross country and track, so my legs are thick because of muscle mass. Everything all depends on who you are, sometimes girls have to gain a little weight to look her best and others just look pretty skinny. I would not like to lose weight or gain it, i know i look my best at 125 lb., while others can look their best at 110, skinny can be pretty but not on everyone.

      • wow miss priss. Not everything is about you. If you’re so big on wanting datruth to let Delaney believe what she wants, then how bout you do the same for Datruth??

    • “i have the same body type as kim..tiny tiny waist..let me stop you….their is NOTHING tiny about kim kardashian..her sloppy a– is surely not a blessing!!!

  32. I'm not sure what us women are supposed to weigh. I'll step on a scale on camera any day, and I'm 6'1 and fluctuate between 135 and 145 pounds. My measurements are 36, 28, 38. I have no idea whether that's good or bad. I just want to say that Kim and her sisters are beautiful and I would LOVE to have a body like hers!

  33. im sorry, but just the faco alone that her measurements end in 39…. means she does not fit into a 27 jean i don even where 4’s anymore and my hips are 34… 27 is a long ways away from 39… sry kim

  34. She’s def not lying. I am 5’2′ and weigh 108 and wear a size 28 jean but I carry all my fat on my thighs. She’s right everyone carries their weight differently. Even though I only weigh 108, I don’t look skinny by any means b/c I’m so short. For ppl who think she weighs 130 or whatever, believe me at her height she would look like a total porker if she weighed that much!

  35. Well I believe about the whole size 27 jeans but yeah the weight is a bit odd. I’m 5’6 and fit into a size 28 I weigh 148 and I’m slender as well so knock a few inches off and your kim’s size.. and with a booty and legs like that 117 lb doesn’t make a lot of sense plus her breast are big. I mean it doesn’t add up in my opinion. I’m guessing her weigh in is about 125 or 123. But then again I may be wrong.

  36. I completely believe her! there is no way she is 130 or 135! u ppl suck at guessing weight. She’s short and slim the only thing that makes her look so big is her butt. I am 5ft 110 pounds and I look bigger cuz of my height so 110 is big on me but to others is like wow so small! 120 for 5’2” is about the same for me and she looks slimmer than me in the upper body her butt is huge thats why she looks bigger also because she’s short she looks wider than she really is. Idk about the 27 jeans I believe she fits in them but thats not the size she usually wears her butt is too big to fit in them. But she definately weighs around 117 120 at the biggest 125 but i dont think so

  37. Wow, Why does it matter so much to all you people.
    Kim is so beautiful, I suggest you all stop hating on her and get more of a social life.
    I actually wish I looked like Kim.
    My measurements are 34 27 38 and I’m 5’6
    I wear size 27 and sometimes 29..
    I weigh 135 pounds
    But size is just a number.
    Why does it matter SO much.
    I think she is sexy, and I’m working towards having a sexy stomach like hers.

    • I agree she is beautiful and what difference does it make to anyone. However, it is twofold. Kim should have never even taken so much time to prove to a bunch of strangers her size. I mean, as long as Reggie likes it, what else matters????

  38. She’s hot. I like it all BUT her BUTT. Can someone really be a size 2 if their A$$ is the size of Wisconsin?

    I’m just sayin…

  39. OKAY i honestly do not believe that kim is only 117, i can see her being in the 120’s though, i have the exact same body as miss. kim here, exact im 5,8′!!!! im a 42, 28, 45…. so im actually even curvier than here, and its all mine, noooo fat, no implants….. i weigh 145….. 🙂

  40. I’m not too sure WHY she’d even post all that, or why it matters she can squeeze that butt into size 26. But I believe her. A good stretch in jeans is nice because everyone has diffrent shapes. Your meat maybe in your butt, thighs, waist. Buy what fits, not what you THINK fits.
    Kim is short, jeans probably need to even be hemmed.
    I’m 5’7 and wear a 25-27. I’ve also had two children! 27 non stretch jeans so they don’t squeeze my stomach and make uncessary muffin top (even though I could cram myself into a 25)….and 25 stretch so they don’t click when I walk. Ya know? When you have excess material between the legs and they rub and click? I’m sorry but that happens and its frickin’ annoying.

    Good on Kim. She’s lucky to have a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ to cram into pants and tops. Yay!

  41. SHE IS NOT LYING!! I totally believe her..I am also 5’2 1/2 and my measurements are 34 26 38 and I weigh 116…I also wear a size 26-27..never bigger than a 27 cuz then its too big. Plus she wears stretch jeans which fit comfortably. I hate how people who are taller/shorter with completely different shaped/sized bodies compare to someone who is no where near their body shape or size. really..

  42. Kim Kardashian is overrated and super conceited. She tries to talk about her measurements as if she is insecure but I think she just tries to fake it and really she just can’t stop talking about herself. Yea we get that she’s curvy but she kinda needs to get over herself cuz she isn’t the only girl in the world with curves. I don’t care what size she is, she annoys me cuz she’s crazy conceited

  43. This actually sounds pretty accurate for Kim to be 5’2 1/2, 120 lbs. People don’t realize that everyone carries weight distribution differently and that cameras add weight. Not only that but alot of factors can make a person look bigger or smaller: the angle you look at them from, the mirror you’re looking in etc. I’m about 5’2, weigh 120 lbs if that much. I’m pretty petite, like Kim and Kourtney (half of the time when I was in high school I was actually shorter and smaller than Kourtney, I wore like a size 0 @ 75 lbs and was barely 4’11 my freshman and sophomore year of high school) But even though I’m petite I have gotten noticeably curvier over the years. (I’m 20 now) I think my measurements are somewhere around Kim’s but I’m not sure what Khloe and Kourtney’s measurements are. I’m 34D-26-36. My mom thinks my waistline is bigger than that lol. As for my size, I didn’t realize how close me and Kim were to the same size til I checked out some of her clothes on eBay. I usually wear a 5-7 which in foreign sizes I guess is 25-27 cuz I have a skirt that’s a 27. Oddly enough, I have skirts and jeans that are 9 that my cousin gave to me and I can actually fit them. And there are a pair of skinny jeans I have that are a size 3 that I got a few years ago that I can still fit. I’m actually pretty narrow and I’m just now starting to get hips, but at the same time I do have curves and a butt and muscles in my arms in legs. Some people think I wear like kid sizes lol whereas other people don’t even think a 7 would be big enough for me. I think it depends on the person cuz usually bigger people see smaller people a so tiny and vice versa. Overall, I love the Kardashian family and I think they’re all lovely no matter how big or how small they are. Just like the rest of us. So why does it matter what our body types and heights are? We’re all beautiful and sexy in our own way. I think Kim was confident enough to put their sizes out there because they have nothing to be ashamed of! None of us do! Plus, there are loads of different body types out there and 9/10 there might be some of us that fall into more than one category. Like there are petite or slender women that have curves, just like there are volouptuous women with small waistlines. No two body types are exactly alike. P.S. also, like a Kardashian I know what it’s like to be popular and have people hate on me.

    • This is total crap, I wish people would just be happy with their curves. KK was on the Wendy Williams Experience radio show once and Wendy measured her there on the spot- Kim was 35D chest, 26 1/2 waist and 40 hips… But I figured she was about that anyway, being that I am 5 ft 1, 36-28-40 myself. I’m Rican and yes all my weight is in the butt also but that doesn’t mean just bc your small everywhere but one place you fit into a size 27, lol. Kimmie a break.

  44. I think that her claims sound very realistic to me. I wear the same size but I am 5’4″ and I weigh about the same weight. I would have thought that she actually would weigh less because she is only 5’2″ and I know that even if you are that short that you can be a curvy girl and only weigh very little. She does have a big butt, but that is most likely fat like most butts so fat doesn’t weigh as much a muscle would and most people should know that.

  45. i am not being mean but she have butt and that can’t be in a size 27 i am 5’3 or 5’4 116 lbs and i am size 27 i have butt and that make me a 27 so she cant possibly be a 27 she is probably a 30 she is not fat just curvy i dont not why she need to explain herself comment like this make womens think they need to be certain size.

  46. This is TOTALLY possible. I am also 5’2..34-bust, 28″ waist, and 39 1/2 hips..I weigh 118.5 and people ALWAYS are shocked when they see me in person. They say I look a lot thicker and taller in my pictures, but that in reality, I am the tiniest thing! Kim is such a gorgeous girl, in every sense, especially in the way she embraces her body. REAL women have curves, enjoy eating, and aren’t anorexic. Let her LIVE! I swear people can be so vicious and such haters, go get a life.

  47. I totally believe Kim is 117lbs don’t know why people are questioning it! I am 5ft 3 and weight 118lbs and wear a size 24 jean have a 32bust 24waiste and 36hips! people often think I would weigh a lot less than that cause I look smaller…if I was photographed next to kim I wouldn’t look disimilar just maybe a smaller backside. Everyone carries weight differently, one of my friends is the same height as me and only 2lbs heavier and she is a size 28jeans and majority of people would guess she is at least a stone heavier than me.

  48. All of this makes me feel so FAT… everyone on here is 5’2 and talking about being so little. Im 5’2, with measurements of 37, 27, 41 and I weigh 144. I dont have very much belly fat at all (even when I worked out on a regular basis i weighed 145). I dont get it. My thighs are way bigger than Kim’s but I think her body’s great. How in the hell r u guys getting such small numbers on the scale???

    • hey dont feel bad. im 5 ft 1/2 and im 170.. and my measurements are 36-32-39, well actually id say 40 for my butt.. and i ware a size 12.
      I have always been proportioned this way, even when i was 117. When i was 117 i wore a size 4, like what she is saying but there is no way in hell my butt was 40!!!! it would have been much smaller to fit into a size 4..

  49. i just wanted to look up her measurements after seeing her today. wow! what a figure. no one has hips like that anymore. it’s fantastic. i find it disturbing and not sexy to have a 1:1 hip waist ratio like alot of girls nowadays. i grew up on a farm and know thats trouble for bearing young, no wonder there are so many ceasarians these days.

  50. well she said she alters her jeans…she prolly just makes her size 26-27 bigger haha but still claims to wear that size

  51. I actually don’t think the responses to this thread are posted as to be demeaning to KK- she’s a beautiful woman. I think its all about people being fed up with celebs who have normal female bodies lying about their measurements thus perpetuating an idea of what a “young girl” feels she should look like. There does seem to be a trend with celebs insisting they are all size 2 when they are obviously not (2 must be the magic “perfection” number lol). Then you have teens and such starving themselves to fit 2 jeans and believing they are unattractive when they are beautiful, be they a size 2 or 12 etc! For me personally-aside from my opinion above- I also take issue with the media’s take on what constitutes a plus size model (common now! a size 8 is not “fat”), or how they give themselves pats on the back for embracing what they call larger sized women (such as KK or JLo), when those women are not large at all. It just perpetuates self hate for young minds who already have to deal with enough false insecurities.

  52. she def weigh much more than 117lb before she was fat but now she lost so much weight and I do believe she was telling the truth

  53. Eh, I think she’s bulls—ting a bit. A few years ago, I quit smoking and subsequently put on about 10 pounds. At that time, I was 130 and my hip measurements were 38 inches and I could no longer fit into my size 27 jeans. With hip measurements of 39 inches, I would think maybe she’d be able to squeeze into a 29, but not a 27.

    • I agree with unableunwilling I’m 250lbs,5’9″ and I wear a pants size 24,if she a 27 in pants she would be way bigger then me,if she 117,and 5’2″ she would prob be a size 2,or somethin’

  54. I believe shes around 120 pounds. Shes short with a super tiny waist and skinny arms. her legs are definistely not chicken legs but she does look super tiny besides her huge butt. I am 5’3 and weigh 118. I dont have a big butt but I dont have a small waist either. I am a size 26. I believe her. Common lets stop with the jealousy. She shouldnt have to prove to us her measurements.Why do you all care anyways?

  55. I don’t really care about her measurements or if she is heavier than she says. Look at her, her upper body is pretty average and you can’t see her chest from that angle so it’s not huge. Also, it’s obvious that her waist and legs aren’t fat either, and looking at her arms says the same thing. So, get over it you people who are critical, she is an average sized girl, or maybe even who is slightly thin (look at her waist,,,no fat rolls) who has a butt thats quite a bit larger than average, thats it. Thin girl with big butt. Pretty simple I think. But SOME people need it spelled out for them. Also, someone made a comment about her saying about tailering her jeans. If you read it carefully, she basically has them taken in at the waist and legs to fit her, not let out, and she wears stretch jeans so they will fit her butt. Soooo, the size she wears is a compromise between her butt waist and thighs. Anyway, she looks great. Who cares if she fudges the numbers slightly. If she did, then she’s at least super close to the truth.

  56. I am 5’7, 117-120 pounds, with basically the same measurements… 34/25/39… I wear a size 28… for some reason I find if hard to believe that a woman with the exact same measurements as me but 5 inches shorter would be the same weight and a smaller size… but whatever

    • Yea I agree. I think she is buying a size 12 to accommodate her butt but getting it altered at the top to fit her smaller waist.

  57. Ok i am 5 ft 1 and 1/2 and my measurements are very close to hers, 36-32-39 and i weigh 170! My butt is completely muscle and so are my legs.. her butt looks to be completely muscle as well cause its staying up perky in those stretch pants where if it was just fat it would loose its shape immediately. With this being said, having so much muscle in your butt, you have to weigh much more than 117. She is at least 150!.. And is lying.
    She then i agree is not comfortable in her curvy skin.

  58. I am Brazilian, I weight 115 pounds , 5’1 and i got a big booty just like Kim. Shes beautiful and she is not lying so STOP HATING ON HER

  59. No, I believe her because me & Kim have about the same measurements, except i’m 5’0, 114-115 lbs and i fit into mainly size 3 jeans, sometimes a size two. I wear a 32C, waist 25. Some people are just build heavier on the bottom half, just like others who are heavier on the top half. There’s no cookie cutter shape to society.

  60. I believe her measurements are correct. You can have those measure AND have a NATURAL figure. My measurements are 35, 27, 38. Each off by only 1 inch from Kim’s. Now, while it’s true you CAN have a natural body with those measurements, it is NOT true that you can be 117lbs! I myself weight 134 and I am only 5’2/5’3, also around Kim’s height. I can fit into size 26 1/2 jeans, and some 3s and 4s. I have NEVER fit into a size 2 with my current measurements. I think that, due to Hollywood’s obsession with numbers, Kim is saying age weights 117lbs when she really weights more. 134lbs is NOT heavy if you are curvy in the right areas (butt, breasts) in the real world but Hollywood is different. They call celebrities who weigh anything over 115 fat. In my opinion, Kim is lying but only because of the pressure of Hollywood. Realistically, you CANNOT have measurements of 34, 26, 39 or anywhere close to that and weigh 117lbs. It just doesn’t happen.

    • Actually yes you can weigh 117lb with those stats. It depends on build and body composition.

      I’m a muscular 5ft2 and when I weighed 125lb, had measurments 34-26-38…so someone less muscular could definitely have those measurements at a lower weight.

      • She definitely looks muscular. Not defined. And not Hollywood “slender”. My body is 85% muscle, 15% fat. Kim doesn’t appear to have a lot of fat either. She’s lean, not slender. And muscle weighs more than fat. That said, she can’t weigh 117. It’s impossible. You don’t look that lean with tight muscles and weigh 117. I’m close to her height, at most an inch taller. My measurements are only off from hers by 1 inch. She’s at least 130. But there’s nothing wrong with that because she’s gorgeous.

  61. This girl honestly looks like she weighs about 150….
    her a– is muscle and it would weigh alot.. look at it!.
    shes hot but i dont think she is 117….

  62. I have to agree with the people who say that her claims are ridiculous.

    I am also 5’2 and a 1/2, my measurements are 37″-27″-38″, they fluctuate, but because of those measurements I looks like I weigh more than I do and my weight is usually around 113lbs, it fluctuates, but whose weight doesn’t? So is it really so hard to believe that some can’t possible have those measuements? Go look at my G-damn youtube channel if you don’t believe, but than again you prolly wont be able to tell b/c I hide my curves for the sake of modesty not because I am ashamed of them, I love them!!!!

    Either way, us short girls are shaped differently trust me!!!!

    God Bless ~Amy

  63. I’m 5’2″ and my measurements are 34, 25, 36/38, so why the hell does her figure (seem to) look so much better than my own?! I mean, did you see the recent swimsuit cover? WTH?!


    • Photoshop is truly amazing. Using photoshop to touch up images, is truly remarkable and can really make things look nothing like they are. One artist actually played off this and I think its on this site – she took normal sized women and photoshopped them to look anorexic. Truly brilliant work. I have simliar measurements to her but not quite. Im not as wide as her … my but goes out more in the back than on the sides like hers does. I also find it weird how different she looks from photo to photo as all celebs tend to. Just attribute that to photoshop and anyone that tells you other wise has never used photoshop or doesn’t know how much it is used.

  64. i cant beleve you weigh 117 looks more like90 to 95 alot of ppl think u have this real big butt but i tell them its the cameras that do it i tell ppl i sean u once n your butt is small

  65. This is old as sin, but I have to point out here:
    I am 20 years old, 5’1″, 33-27-40 and I weight 125 lbs. If her measurements were indeed 34-26-39 we would be almost the exact same…so why is there an 8 pound discrepancy? I definitely do not have 8 lbs more muscle. I also seriously doubt her hips are less than 42″, because as AWESOME as having a butt like her’s would be (no seriously, she has an awesome shape) my bum and hips aren’t that size.

    That being said, I think she looks wonderful and don’t see why she feels the need to tell her stats.

    • You think just because someone is the same height they must weigh the same? 8lb is nothing…it can be bone density, build, muscle mass, even the mass of your skull!

      Also have no reason to doubt the measurements given, they seem very reasonable. And the thing is she WOULD be a size 27 jeans if it wasn’t for her hips/butt. Highly doubt she’s more than a size 29 jeans (in these ancient pics lol).

  66. I don’t really think Kim being 117lbs is too far from accurate ? I am 5’0 and I weigh anywhere from 110-117 depending on how much I’m exercising/dieting. I don’t know my exact measurements but I am a 34D and I have curves. Most people actually tell me that they think I weigh 105-110, that’s because I carry my weight in my chest. So, being that Kim is only 2 inches taller than me and probably carries her weight mostly in her butt (her legs are pretty small, smaller than mine I believe) I think she is telling the truth.

    Everyone’s responses are so edgy lol, I feel better knowing I’m not the only girl sensitive about my weight. =)

  67. some people need to stop being so crule. as long as she looks great and guys go goo-goo for her than she should be happy. honestly as long as she is healthy and nowhere near obese shouldnt that be all that matters. all you people seem to care about is her jeans size…

  68. well i think the Kardashian sister’s size is sexy too thin is disgusting to me so you know what whatever don’t listen to people you guys are fine the way you are if i was a man I would date all you cause I wouldn’t want bones.

  69. even if kim is 130 she still look good so who cares she is sexy the way she is if any skinner she probably look like she’s on crack who would want to sleep with bones seriously that’s nasty if I was a guy she would be my type and whoever think she’s fat go kill yourself you probably have some problem who would want to be skin and bones that’s so disgusting I mean I know alot of white girls want to be like a size 0 and they just look so disgusting to me like nothing flat everywhere look like a man’s body no a– no t–s nothing eWW who would ever want that it’s like sleeping with a skeleton.

  70. ….pish-posh kimmy….

    I’m 5’3 122, and I am wayyyyy smaller than this chick….well actually I just realized something….i guess she can be “117” of fat….. I am much slimmer but I’m very toned and muscle does weigh more than fat 😉

    • i agree! for sure! who cares how much she weighs… this girl looks good .. its just silly that she is lying about her weight or well might be.. i mean its impossible to tell.. but she looks alot bigger than she is saying… i have alot of muscle and i weigh alot more than people think…. so it maybe would have been in her benefit to over exaggerate her weight to attest to her muscle mass, if she was lying to look good that is… haha

  71. I am 5ft 1 I have a big butt and wide hips my waist is small I always have trouble buying jeans I belive her because my butt gets flatten with non strech jeans I hate it. Am 115 and people think am 125 cause of my butt and hips no matter how much a work out my butt is there and its does not get any smaller and my hips to but o well am 21 and know am started to like. Its nice tu have a curvy body. Kloe and kourt remaind me of my sister cause one is really tall and ligh skin and me and my sister are tan we get are bodies from my grandma and mom my dads side and we are not armanian we are mexican. Don’t hate on kim am sure that people that talk bad about her their just jeoulus.

    • yes but that is exactly it… and im not saying this in any derogatory way… but that means that your but is not straight muscle… like if it was no matter the pants .. it would stick out… but that isnt bad that it isnt.. it just is why it goes flatter when you dont ware stretch pants.. with that being said that is why you weigh so light… because if your but was all muscle it would weigh you down.. with her i think kims actually might be similar to what your describing yours is, simply cause when she puts a bathing suit on her butt sorta widens out a bit and doesnt go as far back as seen here in the pic.. nothing wrong with that… still very nice ass.. just different than if it was all muscle 🙂

  72. Being 5’2 while weighing about 117 lbs (with a size 27) seems perfectly plausible to me. That’s about 157 cm and 53 kg, which is not shocking at all. So what’s the problem? Besides, measurements do not causate with weight, and it’s really absurd that people think they can ‘objectively’ determine weight by using only visual markers. There should be no need to deliver ‘proof’ for petty matters like weight or size. Really, why all the pressure? It’s saddens me.

    Again, it’s perfectly plausible for her to weigh around 115-120 lbs at her height with a size 27. There are many different factors that can contribute to a bigger-weight-than-expected or lesser-weight-than-expected. Body fat percentage and distribution (she’s got a proportionally big butt), bone structure, height, recently consumed food before weighing et cetera.

    Just to demonstrate how easy it is to wrongly estimate ones weight: I’m a female standing at 5’9″ and weigh about 142 lbs. My measurements are 31/28/35. Most people would estimate me to be around 130 lbs or so.

    One important thing to keep in mind, is that muscle is denser than fat, and therefore heavier when considering the same volumes.

  73. So i dont care how short you are, if your hips are a 39, your not a size 2, what an idiot kim is, like just because you say you wear a size 2 doesnt mean people have to believe it, now i myself am 5’9 and am 34, 27 and my hip 29, ya im thin for my height but have hips, hips that havent fit in a size 2 since my hips were a 27, 28. ms.kardashian doesnt want to have such a fat a– she should hit the gym more often, not lie about it.

  74. I say go her for talking about it! I have the same issue all the time. I’m 106lbs but I look like I’m 115lbs (I look even bigger in photographs… camera adds 10lbs). It’s just because I’m 5’0″ and 36-24-36. Clothing manufacturers seem to think I’m a size 2 in the waist, size 6 in the hips and a size 10 in the chest. Don’t see how when my measurements are even. I do wear a size 2 in Express Curvy Fit jeans. They are the ONLY jeans out there that actually fit me (they give room for a butt and cut the waist tiny). It’s totally possible she’s a 2/4. It’s all just the cut of the clothes and the sizing of the garment.

  75. i love kim but i cant believe her on this she prob would have to be a size 29-30 she has a huge butt ..she is prob about 125 atleast .

  76. I am 32D-26-39 5’6″ 140lbs. Since she is 4 in. shorter than me, 117lbs is completely reasonable. I am also a dancer and carry lots of muscle mass. I wear a size 6 in jeans. My dress size is 2 or 0. As far as 27 in jeans, why not, but only if she’s wearing special curvy girl jeans. The fact is that girls with very small waist to hip ratios (.7 or less) do not fit the norm for clothing. (Most girls are .84) She should get over it and just be glad that she has the money to find clothes that fit her body.

  77. I am 5 3. When I was 115 There was no way I was getting into a size 26. There is no way she is 117 pounds and fitting into a 26 or 27 jeans. My a– was never that big. I currently wear 25 at 100 pounds.

  78. This is unbelievable I have never come across website/blog or whatever this page is where so many people have to dispute a certain woman’s weight and dress size … At the end of the day that body makes her money regardless of how much she weighs and what dress size she is … What makes it even more funny are the people disputing what she is saying like … Have you met her in real life? … Have you been there when she’s stood on the scales … Have you watched her with your own eyes (real life) put on a pair of jeans (to be honest the way some of you are going on I wouldn’t put it past you to be peeping Toms) … but nevertheless, this website is yet another example of women at each other over trivial things, it’s childish and to be honest plain down pathetic … fair enough we are all entitled to our opinions but to the extent that it makes one want to leave a video message showing how she can fit into her jeans … I feel sorry for her and hope she can look past all the bigoted people that need to insult her… (probably to make themselves feel better) and realise its her up there and not them …

    Everyone is shaped differently, and weights different like for too long people have told me I look a stone heavier than what I weigh and every time I think who the hell are you to tell me how much I weigh … you’ve never stood on a damn scale with me … I’m 5ft 7ins and weight 140 …

    Furthermore, weren’t none of you ever taught that if your opinion/comment wasn’t going to be nice .. its best kept to yourself? …

  79. I actually believe Kim, I am 5’2 and a half (same height as Kim) and Im a 32″, 28″ and 36″. I look ALOT bigger though then people think..(People have thought Im a size 14-16 UK when Im actually 10-12 UK (if Im lucky, sometimes an 8 in tops) ) Though are giving birth to my daughter Ive obvs had some weight put on but apart from that, I look big when Im actually not.

  80. I believe her 100%. I am 5ft 3, 110lbs but my measurements are 36-24-39. I look like I weigh more but i don’t. It’s so hard to guess a persons weight, even in different outfits you can gain or lose 10lbs visually. Oh! And I wear a UK 8-10 or 26-27 in jeans.

  81. i can believe it! shes really skinny but she has a big butt! thats wat makes her go up in sizes! same with me! im really skinny but have a big but! i have 2 go up sizes lots of times because of it

  82. I’m 32, 5’3″ and 140, I work out daily. I am in a size 27″ (3/4 long) jeans and not one person believes I’m as heavy as I am. I think it’s all in how each person carries their weight.
    I do have to say though, the only reason I care if these people lie about their size is because it influences our young girl to think they need to be the same size even if it kills them to do it.
    My oldest daughter (almost 15) is 5′ 1″, 123.5, and wears the same clothes as me but she is not fat she has a larger butt than me. She also works out daily at the gym with me. I guess it depends if the person is healthy or not to me. Just my opinion…. Traci my of three active kids who I chose to workout with and keep them happy and healthy since I have in my past had eating disorders !!!!!!!

  83. I believe her – I’m 44, 5’2″, and currently weigh between 115-118 lbs., and am 34-25-39, and usually wear 2’s – some 4’s if the garment is a brand that’s built for straighter figures. I have to get everything tailored at the waist; I’m normally 110lbs, and am working on losing 10lbs., so that I’ll be able to fit across the board more size 2’s Her butt has a bit more bubble than mine, and my thighs are a big thicker, but still, same body type; and I’m a white girl who’s Lithuanian – thank my Mama for my sexy-curvy shape! She was built like Marilyn, and my grandma was built like JLo – so now you know!

  84. Jeez…who cares? Look at her…she’s going to be a pear in 10 years. She’s a contender for the Bud Tugley award. She’s a nobody…get real. Her only claim to fame is being the daughter of a man who had a long and distinguished career…only to have it all eclipsed by one case…OJ.

  85. I kinda don’t agree as well. I’m 5’3 and I weigh 120lbs. I’m a size 2-4 and wear size 28 jeans. It just doesn’t seem right because even with my flat pancake ass, size 27 is a little tight on me. But whatever, I just don’t understand why she’s going through that much trouble to prove her point. Who cares!

  86. Why do you all feel the need to rip on her? You know your just giving her more attention. I’m guessing she felt the need to put out the statement because she’s tired of all the teasing. Yeah she’s probably somewhat insecure at times but I’m sure other times she realizes how amazing her body is. And there is no way someone 5’2 is 135 with her shape. I mean come on people, 5’2 is tiny!

  87. Look people, im 5’2 & i weigh 115 which is pretty close to 117. I wear a size 3 in pants & the waist is still big.idk my measurements but i think maybe she is lying i mean yeaa 5’2 is tiny, but her body is to curvacious to weigh that less im sorry. yes yes everyone carries it differently but come on people really 117 ?

  88. People are so weird. Lots of you don’t realize (although lots of you do) that weight/size is all a matter of height and muscle tone. My sister is 5’2.5″ and 104lbs and trust me…most models or even celebs would make her look less than tiny if they were standing right next to her. So many people are right when they say that 117lbs is actually not that skinny for a girl of her height and that her lack of muscle is what is making her look bigger…

    It’s weird how lots of people always call the curvy girls ‘fat’ on this site when most of them fall well within the healthy weight range…its like people dont realize there is a range…and depending on your height it can be up to a 30lb difference.

  89. I’m 5’2″ and a half too I’m more muscular and have a big butt not as big as hers but big.
    My waist is a size 1 but I have to get sz 3 jeans for my butt. I wear a size 26. I weigh 118. But, like I said I’m muscular her weight doesn’t surprise me at all.

  90. kim kardashian is soo fake, most of hollywood is fake!! She’s had sooo much plastic surgery and despite it being really obvious, she denies it all and all her stupid fans believe it. I have a similar body to kims, but my a– isnt that big and im black!

  91. Nancy, your post is dripping with jealousy. Kim has a beautiful body, and her curves were not bought. Maybe your jealousy stems from the rich black athletes who date her? You can think she’s a gold-digging, talentless nobody but try to be less obvious in your attack next time. I know what your problem with Kim K is, I’ve heard it before, your post was very transparent.

  92. Again, I think the comments that Kim is ugly are unnecessary!!!

    I do however believe im’s weight. Why? I am also 5’2 and a 1/2 and I way between 115-120, and my measurements fluctuate, for hips: 37-40, Waist 26-29, Breast 36-39. So I can totally buy that she is that weight AND has those measurements, especially if she has smaller bone frame, which she clearly does.

    If you don’t believe me on my weight, go to my youtube channel, which is the website I put on my link. 🙂

    As for her fitting in to those pants, that is possibly to fit in a size 2 IF they are stretchy, I used to wear a zero a few years back in the stretchy denim. But now wear a 4 or a 6 depending on the sizing, so again, it depends on the pants, her measurements tell more than the pant size does to be honest, that’s what I go by, my measurements, not so much my weight or my pants size. If we are going by true sizing (like seamstress sizes when using a pattern) I am about a size 12-14, which is the equivelent of what Marylin Monroe was (though I have a bigger chest), sizes were a lot smaller in the 50’s/60’s they were closer to true sizing, so really she wasn’t very big if you look at it from that perspective. :p lol

    Nothing wrong with Kim, but the poor girl is sure insecure, no need to call her FUGLY and a B–, she’s definitely beautifu (you’re prolly jealous or a troll or both) and I’ve never heard of her being rude.

    God Bless ~Amy

  93. If you have to squeeze in something then it doesn’t fit. A woman with 39 inch hips should usually be wearing a size 10 according to the standard USA women’s size chart.

  94. Ok first of all. Everyone with your negative comments really disgust me! I live in Vegas and I’ve seen Kim in the clubs. She is super tiny! So tiny that you couldn’t pay me to stand next to her! Her butt looks way bigger on film than it actually is, the girl looks like a double zero! You guys obviously don’t know weight and height. I’m 5’7.5 140 36,26,38 size 5/6. Call me a liar!

  95. i don’t believe she is 117 iam 110 and my height is 5’1 and1/2 iam skinny she has 5’2 and 1/2 how come she 117 thats not true she looks like more than 130

  96. I believe her I am 5’2 as well and I’m a 26 in jeans and Im117 pounds…I have a big butt…but ofcourse not as huge as Kim and I always have to wear a belt with my jeans cuz too tight around the butt and too big around my waist!! So stop hating on Kim peeps!!!

  97. I believe she’s around 117, im pretty sure she must fluexuate between 117-120. But she is only 5’2 for gods sakes, and her proportions are somewhat awkward…her butt is very huge 😛 so that makes her look more heavy set tha she actually his probably.

  98. All I am saying is that I am her height and weigh 118 lbs and people still tell me I need to eat. and I dont look anywhere close to her size in pictures. She’s def. not fat I think guys would rather prefer her body shape but why would you lie about something like that? If you take the choice of becoming famous you have to be comfortable with yourself and accept the truth

  99. ha ha ha size 2? There is no way her a– could fit into those. and people who are size 2 do not normally have curves. and people say its cause of her height. i know someone who is 4’11 and weighs 115 and she is like a size 6. and shes not fat but she has curves.

  100. I believe Kim actually. There was a joke made by Chris Rock that the adults in North and South Dakota carry 80 pounds of ass! LMAO! I’m frm South Dakota and it’s sooo tru. I’m 19, 170 LBS!!!! if u can believe it because I’m medically considered obese. bust: 38 waist: 32 and hips: 44 and I wear a size 13/34 in jeans. People tell me all the time that i look like I weigh anywhere from 130-140 lbs. It all depends on how u carry your weight and your muscle mass

  101. I’m actually 5’2 and i weigh about 118 pounds. My jean size is actually 28. So yeah she’s not lying, I wish you people would stop hating on her just because she has a great body.

  102. What bothers me is that she feels the need to go overboard with this. I don’t think anyone would call her thin, because she has a naturally curvy body type, but it’s like she’s trying so hard to prove that she is skinny. Why isn’t she just happy with her body type? Very, very insecure girl. It’s always sad when a girl thinks she has nothing going on besides being pretty. I can’t imagine how many teenage girls are thinking “OMG that means I have to be a size 00 just to be thin!”. Ridiculous and a terrible role model.

  103. Hey people come in diffrent shapes and sizes so weight look diffrent on speople. Take me i am 5ft 10 and i only weight 117 pounds which is 8 stone 5 but iam curry and i do not look it.Thou i do look very slim ,IAM 33 in the bust wasit24/25 hips 33/34 accoring to my bmI my underweight. But when you se me you realise iam just small for my height. Iam just take ane cup for my boobs.

  104. You all need to calm down about weight and fat, oh wait that will never happen because the U.S. is a society that is obsessed with being fat, skinny, thin, curvy… We can’t all be a supermodel, like we all can’t be 108-pounds and a size one/25. I mean thin girls get just as much slack as curvy/fat girls. And fat girls do most of the “s— talking.” Of course that’s probably because they have some insecurity about their weight. All this fat/skinny talk just makes me sick. Love yourself and others will do. And stop talking bad about thin/skinny girls, we don’t all have eating disorders. I am 5’3″ and 108 pounds and I probably can out eat most “fat” people. I am just blessed with a naturally fast metabolism, thanks to my genetics.

    Oh & the Kardashian sisters rock.

  105. I’m a huge Kim fan, but her constant, vehement attempts at debunking public misconception about her weight/figure/size are disconcerting to say the least, since she’s always preaching the importance of being comfortable in your own skin. Clearly, she herself is not. Out of all of the rumors circulating about Kim and her family, she most adamantly disputes those that concern her body. She’s definitely not fat, but she’s curvy, and I feel her popularity has inspired bigger girls to feel more confident. As a public figure, why would she compromise that valuable contribution to society because of her own vanity? I think she needs to practice what she preaches and let go of her insecurities.. she’s gorgeous, who cares how much people think she weighs?

  106. @ Arika:

    I just wanted to say, there are a host of reasons she could be posting her weight and such, and it may or may not be a conscious insecurity, And even if it is, so? She will work it out in her own time, I think its nice to see that I’m not the only one who is self conscious about people’s remarks about my huge a– or t–s. So you know, I’d prolly do the same thing and not necessarily because of an insecurity but because I have a right to say those things. I can’t say what she is thinking since I don’t know her, and she hasn’t said. But she can’t be a poster girl for everyone, at least she’s inspired some people and that’s great, but she’s not perfect, she stumbles too, and you know what, that’s okay. 😀

    God Bless ~Amy

  107. I very much believe her. My sister is 5’2″ and after she had her son was a size 4 and 26 jeans. she actually looked kind of chunky (she isn’t proportioned like Kim) I am 5’8″ and a size 10 30-32 jeans and appeared thinner than my SIS. I am a personal trainer by trade and totally agree that Kim is telling the truth

  108. She’s definitely speaking the truth. I’m 5’0 and my measurements is 33-24.5-35. I only weigh around 100pounds though. She’s taller than me. That’s why it’s possible that she weighs 117 pounds. She can’t be anywhere fatter than that. I can fit in both size 24 and 25 jeans. Stop hating on her! Unless you’re also 5’0 to 5’3, you cannot compare your weight to her weight.

  109. This is most likely true.. she doesn’t have to big of muscles and muscle weighs more than fat. If she’s 5’3″ then 120 is a healthy weight.. im 5’0 and weigh about 105 and wear jeans a size 24. my measurements are 32; 24.5; 37 … so it sounds to me she’s probably the exact size she says she is.

  110. She speaks the truth. I have very similar measurements.
    5’2, 119 pounds, 36,25,39
    and I can wear from a 27 to a 28 in jeans.
    She’s such a beautiful woman.

  111. I don’t understand, I am 5’7 I wait 147lb. and I have the same measurements as Kim only that I’m 32, 26, 39 and I fit in size 8 jeans not 2 or 4. I’m pretty toned, but I dont get how cant she be those measurements and weight 117lb. even though I know height has to do with it too. Not hating just curious.

  112. kim kim kim u sld take tym off the spotlight and see if u can find urself u look unhappy and sometyms long for romance and passion u will find it when u find ur tru self………..ur quite indecisive on some issues let somethingd just happen as for ur weight and size its really no ones buisness

  113. I don’t know how I came across this article, but I am completely shocked and appalled at how many people actually rad this non-sense. Please, if you are reading this comment, do not read this bulls— and all the bulls— comments. Spend your time doing something, like, take some yoga classes or something. Read a book. (though I’m afraid you will chose to read a bulls— book too)

  114. I am 5′ 2 1/2″ so I know there’s not many places for extra weight to hide but I saw her butt and DAAAYYYYYYUM!
    THAT THING IS HUGE! damn..
    Okay, so initially, I laughed because I thought there’s no way that her and I share anything but height in common but I stopped laughing after further inspection and consideration because my body went from totally toned to lacking even enough muscle to stand up straight… (due to a spinal injury.)
    I would look better if I had never gotten that “totally toned and tight” body because lack of muscle is totally different and looks totally different than loss of muscle,

  115. So I’m 5’6″, and weight ~145lbs…yet my measurements are 34-26-36…people hold weight differently depending on their BMI. I have a low BMI, so it appears that i’m thinner than my said weight, whereas Kim has an average BMI and is made up of more fat/soft tissues.

    Either way, she shouldn’t have to defend herself. Who gives a damn?

  116. I am not even a big fan, but she looks real good to me in tight jeans whatever the size.
    Some people just over analize beauty, and miss so many additional, essential aspects of being sexy and attractive.

  117. In who’s world is a 27 small??? I am a plus size woman and i wear a size 20 or a 1X or 2X!! Maybe I just don’t buy the same clothes as you all do! I am confused, cause I am quite overweight and only 5’2″…..

  118. Oh…BTW….I think Kim K has a great body and cannot imagine why anyone would call her “chubby”! If she is “chubby” what would you all have said about Marilyn Monroe…a very large woman by today’s standards. But then today’s standards aren’t meant for a real person…just the anorexic skinny models “club”. It is dangerous and a total lie to promote that as beauty or desirable. Robust and healthy ARE beautiful….

  119. It is possible for her to be a size 27 (which refers to the size of the “waist in inches” for certain brands of pants and jeans, not the American woman’s size, like 2, 4, 6, etc.), so she could be either a size 4, 5, or 6 depending on the brand of the jeans. However, while it looks like her waist is possibly that small, there is no way her derriere would fit into that size (or just barely). I have weighed both 115 and 125, and she is DEFINITELY closer to 130, if not more. I have a petite frame too and if she weighed 117, she could easily fit into size 26 (any brand of jeans). The fact that she “barely” fits into a size 27 means she is pushing 130. So, like many women, she is lying about her actual weight, which you could never exactly figure out based only on the size of her jeans. You could fit into a size 27 a few pounds over 130, but that depends on how evenly your weight is distributed and whether it’s more muscle than fat. Also, if you are 5’3″ or 5’4,” there is NO way to look “thick and curvy” if you weigh less than 120 pounds (unless you have a breast enhancement). It’s a fact, do you own research by weighing some female friends and measuring their height, that is, if they still want to be your friend after you ask them to do this. Otherwise, if you have friends in the medical field, just ask them.

  120. Size 2 4 6 8 10 12 14
    Bust 32-34 34 34 35 36 37½ 39
    Waist 22-24½ 25½ 26½ 27½ 28½ 30 31½
    Hip 33-35½ 36½ 37½ 38½ 39½ 41 42½
    If Kim K. is shorter than 5’4,” which she is, then these sizes would actually be larger for a 27″ waist. Sad reality, ladies, just get your fabric measuring tapes out. The American sizes have been “enlarged,” while the size remains the same. It’s called vanity sizing and most of the major labels do it. Wouldn’t you rather buy a size 4 if you fit into it than a size 6?

  121. So, to clarify because the numbers didn’t line up properly in my last post, if you have a 27″ waist, and you have big hips, like Kim. K. does, then she is most definitely a size 8. She managed to find some vanity-sized jeans, like probably most of us are wearing. However, does it really matter? All that matters is that you feel good and your body fat percentage (NOT BMI) is low. Google the recommended guidelines for body fat percentage in women.

  122. WEL…What I really think is Ms Kardashian got the publicity she was seeking!! *LOL* Look at all these posts discussing her A– size!
    Any publicity is good publicity , RIGHT?

  123. I’m 5’1, 124 lbs, have a smaller butt than her, and wear a 28 or 29. She’s probably referring to that one pair of pants that every woman has in her closet that is labelled as a smaller size but fits like their real size. LIARRR.

  124. I call that THUNDER BUTT, anyway you look at it! God created women as her with big ones like that is for the protection of pregnacy(shock absorbers)!

  125. i dont believe her , i am 5.2 and 120, but i look much skinnier than she does even in my worst photos.
    she is at least 130-135.

  126. 117 lbs, eh? Her a– says she’s at least 130.
    As others have pointed out, clothing sizes aren’t really standardized, it varies from manufacturer to the region the clothes were made in.
    That being said, there’s nothing wrong with her ass. If you want a girl who looks like a 13-year old boy in drag, you better go see a psychologist about that. 😛

  127. i have the same height as her but i weigh 120 lbs and i normally wear size 28 normal waist cut jeans but i fit into size 25 if i wear low waist jeans because i have small hips. so true what she says that everyone is built differently.

  128. With the legs and . . . she has there is no way she could weigh 117lbs I am shorter and weigh more and look anorexic next to her. Yes I admit everyone has a different body type. . . Just have the confidence to to say your true weight!!! People know when you are lying. Your are just fooling your self!!!

  129. Shes not a SIZE 27, she has a 27 inch waist. Women’s pants sizes dont go by the actual size in inches, men’s pants do. Obviously a woman thats a size 2 doesnt have a 2 inch waist. Its confusion stemming from the illogical way women’s clothing is sized.

    • Fat ones aren’t but big ones are. Just like how saggy fatgirl t–s arent sexy, but bigs ones on a pretty girl are. Kim Kardashian, regardless of how much of her is real or fake, is flat out physically gorgeous.

  130. no way this HUGE A– fits a 27 jeans. there’s no magic in fitting in a 27 in front of cameras when you have them tailored for you. skinny legs? are you people BLIND? and her a– looks disgusting.

  131. Kim K is beautiful but she isnt a size 2, and there is nothing wrong with that. I weigh 160 and My measurements are a bit larger than hers, not by much. She is about 140, give or take some pounds.

  132. Has anyone seen her in that silver paint pic? That was the first time I realized she did have an abnormally big ass. People who say she’s skinny must be on the big side as well (very common in the US).. I have a problem with fat people. Studies have shown that skinny people tend to be smarter hence they are able to maintain a healthy weight, whereas fat people can’t help themselves. In a world where so many are starving to death there is no excuse for this. But do you think they tell that to fat people’s faces? ha, no way.

    • I agree with everything you just said, except that Kim Kardashian isnt fat. Heres my proof:

      1. Fat girls are unattractive
      2. Kim Kardashian is one of the hottest women on Earth

      When 90% of a girls fat is stored entirely in her a– and t—-s, you dont call her fat, you call her perfect. Kim Kardashian is physically perfect. Especially in that silver paint pic. It would look like someone murdered the Tin Man when i was done with her.

  133. My measurements are 32A-27.5-39 and a little less than 120. Her hip/bottom is over 40 bc i know im not as big as her. shes probably a D cup but we still weigh about the same? Idk..the measuring tape & scale seem off. Im using a Victorias Secret tape so it should be pretty standard.

  134. im 5.2 111lbs n i have a big butt too but shes not 117, no way! i was 115 lbs not too long ago n my body was never that curvy. she has big boobs, a big ass, shes not 117 lbs. shes not even muscular. shes 125 130 lbs. thats what i think

  135. Kim’s a– alone is 130 pounds! I have a girlfriend who is 5’1 117lbs and is far more attractive. Kim is lying about her weight from looking at serveral women I know around 5′ and there weight. It is apparent she is 135 to 140 pounds. And her a– doesn’t look attractive. Doesn’t match her body. Very gross looking if you ask me! Kim you need to do hours of vigorous cardio every day!!!

    • Yeah I find it really hard to believe that your girlfriend is more attractive than Kim Kardashian. You’re gonna have to provide some photo evidence if you want anyone to take you at all seriously.

  136. Oh one more thing with a butt that FAT which is a total disgust..I’m sure there is plenty of cellute on you Kim that get photo cropped. I know bc my girlfriend battled with cellute. Now she is smooth tone and has most sexy ass. Kim your butt is grose!

  137. why is everybody hating on her really get a life stop criticizing her and worry about your own life she is beautiful and so is her body. If you have so much bad things to say about her why are you looking up her pictures and measurements what’s it to you guys if all you guys do is talk s—. don’t hate she’s gorgeous.

  138. SHeeeeeeeeeees lying! 117, no way. I’m of similar height and I was much smaller than her when I weighed in the 115-120 range. I still think she looks great, and she makes herself look bad by lying about her weight. I would place her weight around 135, and there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that!

  139. It would be great if Kim proved that she truly is 120lb or so because then you’d all have to accept people all carry their weight differently.

    Having big b❆❆bs and butt does not necessariy translate to a higher scale weight, especially if the person is small build with not a lot of muscle mass.

  140. I am 16 years old and I’ve been done growing since almost 7th grade. I have almost the same measurements and I am around the height. I am 5’3″ and 120 lbs. My measurements are 34, 25 1/2, and 36. So I pretty much have the same problems with finding pants that fit because of my smaller waist, but I have a big butt and thighs. I am excited to be able to find a celeb’ with the same body type as me 🙂 I don’t consider myself fat. So I don’t consider her fat. Were HEALTHY! All the people who call her fat have some kind of issue.. Maybe there just jealous… Who knows 🙂 Keep representing!!

  141. I saw the video where she tries on a pair of jeans size 26 and one of 27 so I believe her. And although her measures are difficult to believe, remember that fat weighs less than muscle, which is why many people who are thinner than her weigh more. I’m 5’3 and weight 114 pounds and although I am a size 3 I do not look as thin as you’d think must be a size 3, because I am a skeleton in my upper body and have huge hips and thighs.

  142. I think it is possible that she is within that size 8 weight range, but I do think she might be making herself sound a little lighter than she really is. The only reason I believe this is because I am basically the same size as her and built very similar (minus the boobs). I am only a B cup and my butt is definitely not as big as hers. I am 5’2 and weight 118 lbs and fit in either a 26 or 27. I think her butt and b❆❆bs would make her weigh more than I do so I am guessing she is about 122 -125 lbs. Not that it really matters since she obviously has a fabulous body.

  143. I believe Kim kardashian. I weight about as much as her and wear about a 5 in reg. Skinneey jeans. But I don’t have a really big tush.

  144. I think she’s right and who cares what she weighs and who watches a video of a woman trying on jeans. I feel bad that she had to make a video proving it

  145. Will said:
    > 2. Kim Kardashian is one of the hottest women on Earth
    > When 90% of a girls fat is stored entirely in her a– and t—-s, you dont call her fat, you call her perfect
    >Kim Kardashian is physically perfect.
    >…in that silver paint pic. It would look like someone murdered the Tin Man when i was done with her.

    This proves my thesis that any man who considers KK a sex symbol is certifiably nuts.

    There are AT LEAST a BILLION hotter women out there than KK dude, you seriously need to get out more or at least check out a few websites This internet thing is pretty cool, you should check it out one of these days and hopefully learn that there are better things in life than a GIGANTIC FAT ASS!

    There was a time when it took more than a gigantic fat ass, no taste and no shame to be a celebrity. No wonder so many people miss the “good old days”.

  146. I am 5’7 and when I was 117 pounds I could fit in jeans without stretch that were size 25. I am now 144 pounds (and pregnant), and I can fit it my Lucky Jeans that are size 27. So I can see how her measurements are possible.

    Still can’t she make a career out of something else than her butt? Please Kim, go and help some children and do SOMETHING meaningful with your life. Maybe she can donate part of her butt to Brazil, women there seem to like big butts there. Yeah, there’s an idea!

  147. 1. Skimming through the comments, there are women ranging from 110 to 160 pounds who profess to have the same measurements as kim!! I would think that’s proof enough that everyone distributes their weight differently.

    2. Sizes vary SO much from store to store, and even within different styles within a store. You really can’t compare sizes unless you’re literally standing there with a person trying on the same pair of jeans.

    3. Two words: VANITY SIZING. The size 2 or 4 or 26 or 27 that Kim’s wearing isn’t the same as a size 2 fifty years ago (hell I don’t even think size 2 existed 20 years ago!) That’s going to throw everyone’s estimates off.

    In summary…if Kim says she’s 117 pounds, she probably is. Even if she isn’t, who cares? She looks good.

    • She means 27 inch waist, not an actual size 27. Although in a rational world a size 27 WOULD be a 27 inch waist, but no, women like to use smaller numbers because it makes them feel prettier.

  148. hummm……………very interesting – there’s nothing wrong with Kim K. My measurements are 36-29-39 and I fall between a misses or petites Size 6 – I have to say because of my hips and butt, I’d be comfortable in a Size 29 Jeans, although I can also wear Size 28 depending on the designer. Oh, by the way I’m 5ft. 2 in. tall and weigh 126. I’m also 57 years old and make my friends jealous (all ages) with my body. Enough said, all women are beautiful! Let’s all grow up here!!!

  149. No hate she’s beautiful but I just cant stand lying and she does it too much, she was gorgeous before she changed herself with the botox and stuff now she looks like a doll all the time that’s so unnatural it does not look good aaallll the time, for 1 pic or 2 ok, but for life? and another thing she looks soooooooooooo skinny in front frame pics your telling me She’s just a big butt,where are the hips and thighs to proportion your butt? go lying somewhere else, what bothers me the most is little girls out there believe this sh’t and go anorexic and bulemic when she’s living the good life getting implants, eating like sh’t, wasting money in fat and cellulite sucky machines, complete body hair removal, makeup and hair dressers with her all the time, beautiful clothing and a good trainer to fit what’s left of her, damn no wonder how she looks the way she does. Girls study become someone and with half her money you still can do all that he does without a p— vid to get you there . Open your eyes and see, if you’ve seen her reality shows you should know better.

  150. I’m 50 yrs old & I’m 5’0″. I weight 120. My b❆❆bs are 36DD(bought of course) & 28″ waist, with 36 on the tail end. You have such great conference. Keep looking for that special one. I found mine @ 18yrs old & we are still together.

  151. Beautiful women aren’t gay looking man/boy things chosen by all the homosexuals who rule the fashion industry with breathless, chatty blathering over top of what everyone else is saying as they say it. It’s real men who love real women, no matter what the jealous, emaciated and derelict say.

  152. She is lying big time…im 5’2 and i wear a size 27 in jeans and in US jeans size 3-5..and i weight 135..i work out like crazy…and my measurment is 38-25-35..i wear a 32d in bra thats where most of my weight comes from but i honestly think shes atleast 130…it just dont sound right..

    • and when ppl guess my weight they never guess right..saying body is different from hers becuz i do workout everyday but im sure shes atleast 135-140 she looks bigger than me.

  153. Are people blind or just stupid? There is no way this woman is 135-140lbs. *I* weigh around 133 and I am of similar proportions – my measurements are 36-26-37 – !!BUT!! I am 4″ taller than this woman! There is no way in hell she weighs anywhere NEAR 130lbs!!! 117lbs with Kim’s physique is perfectly plausible – she is only 5’2″; height accounts for a lot of weight as well and people *DO* put on weight in different places!!

    Oh and she’s not fat. I am not a massive fan of her as a person, but her body is undeniably gorgeous. Sorry to the ladies who were born with the physique of an ironing board – I guess not all of us can be blessed with sexy curves! Here’s a newsflash though – it’s not the fault of curvy women that men don’t want chicks that have 12-year-old boy bodies!

  154. Hahahahaha omg. I don’t know what to say. I am 5’4 1/2, and weight 100lbs, and fit in 27 Jeans size, size between 0 or 2. I don’t actually look what I weight >.< And I look taller than my height maybe because I am thin and have long legs. However I do have my pretty butt and boobs, but of course both half of Kim's hahahaha otherwise I wouldn't look that tall.

  155. I’m 5’2, 115 pounds & I can fit a size one. And my measurements are 34, 24, 37
    Everyone just carries weight differently.

  156. shes my hero because she is wearing skin tight leggings and her butt is big-i have a big butt complex and i thought my butt was big-until i saw ehrs-and shes wearing tight leggings-you are my hero kim-and even though my bum may be not as big as yours(but you look good in it by the way!) i would never bee seen dead in tight lycra in public!!x

  157. I am 5’3″. I weigh 112 and wear a size 27. My waist is 26′ hips/butt 38.5, thighs 22.5….i am very athletic…i have been in the fitness industry for 6 yrs and have been teaching Zumba for 4 yrs. I can believe that Kim is that size, bc although Im muscular, i am short like her w a big booty.

  158. Who cares… Kim is a no talent, attention needing, insecure person. All she really has going for her is her moms money. She is not a star and her celeb status is home made by spending millions of dollars. She just turned 30 and is a complete idiot…

  159. chiken legs??? Those thick legs are more like elephant hooves… I like curves – just dont like attention grabbing, insecure, no talent, think they are the s..t, idiots – like kim 😉

  160. Not being mean- but I honestly don’t believe that she’s 117lbs..and a size 27! girls got an ass, i got one too, and i am smaller than she is and I can fit into a 28 on a good day!

  161. The way a lot of you ladies are talking on here, I would much rather meet, go out with and date you than any Kardashian. If any of you are single and are fit like that, please don’t hesitate to e mail me your e mail.

  162. my sister and i are petite,we are 156cm and 44kg but my sister 46kg,i’m wearing size 25 and my sister size 27. so how can she fit on 27 if her weight like 55kg ??? i bet size 27 cant fit until her ass….she is beautifull but seems she worried too much about what people says about her weight. if she says she happy with her curvy or whatever her body type : ))

    • Yeah I am 165 cm/5’5 and 46 kgs/101 lbs. My lower part is 86 cm/34, so I am like super skinny, and I wear 26 or 27, so I don’t know how she can fit in those sizes!

      • Well youre using the metric system for measurement so youre obviously not in America, which means youre also not wearing American sizes. The jeans you wear are sized differently from the jeans she wears.

        • Ho ho…I am! I live in NYC, I buy from Armani Exchange, Levi’s, Guess, Miss Sixty. Actually I converted the units for the girl of the comment above

  163. OK, while I have made attempts to unsubscribe to this topic (bc its getting effing ridiculous), its not working lol. But I am now compelled to comment on a few things here…

    First off, Someone said some rude crap to ReppinAfrica’s posts which were totally innacurate and unwarranted (and prejudicial as hell). Apparently they were insinuating something is wrong with African women or the like? Whatever, Afram ladies are come in all shapes and sizes just like the rest of us, with many gorgeous “vavavoom” gals abounding. So whoever it was making a neg comment, you are a f—-g idiot. End.
    And as for the original topic: KK is gorgeous, no disputing that- its awesome she has curves! No one one here has issue with that. People who are commenting actually take issue not with her size and shape, put with the fact she lies about it! She should just speak up proudly and say “I have curves, I am not anorexic, the end”. But the fact she gets so crazy in defending her shape/size/weight- now that is the problem!

  164. And for the record, I am a shorty Puerto Rican (5 ft) age 39 and my measurements are 38-28-38 and I wear a size 9/10 pants. My Daughter is way taller than me (almost 6 ft) age 18 and she has a 40 inch butt = same size pants. Therefore obviously KK is full of s— re her measurements and jean size. Considering the difference in these size dementions (tall wise) btwn my kid and I there is no way KK is the size she claims to be.

  165. I definitely believe her. I am 5′ tall, weigh 115lbs and my measurements are 34-27-39, almost the same as hers. She can definitely fit into a size 27 if they are made of a stretchy material. Everyone carries their weight differently and mine is all on the bottom!

  166. So, I know everyone is like “Whoa, not true,” but my measurements are 34-26-40, I’m 5’7″ and at this moment, I am wearing size 27 jeans. It’s not that impossible.

  167. I have a huge ass, and I fit in a size 27 and I’m 5’3. I weigh a lot more than kim though. Her bum is a little bigger than mine but I don’t look as much as a weigh. People are actually shocked that I’d be considered over-weight on the BMI. Kim could be at least 120 cause sheis really skinny everywhere else.

  168. i just want to say, as a woman i believe kim. this is why. i am 5’4 at 125 lbs (i fluctuate like every woman about 3-5 pounds, especially during “that time” of the month). my measurements are 38-28-46 (38-27-46 when i behave on my food habits!). i do not look as curvy as kim, mostly due to the fact that i do not wear super tight clothes and am about 3 1/2 inches taller. my thighs, i would say, are slightly bigger than hers also, so this also creates a less curvy look. i wear a size 9 in junior’s jeans and a size 11 in women’s jeans.

    this is entirely due to two things: 1) my butt/hip size and 2) my thighs. my jeans are always a little baggy on my waist and tend to fall down (i can’t really afford tailoring like kim, but power to her!).

    and due to her height, her weight seems right on point. everything she said makes sense. i know this from experience. i’m glad that she has curves and is proud of them. it makes women like myself feel much more comfortable and confident. i wish more women wouldn’t fight their natural curves.

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  170. I believe her!

    I’m 5’4, 125 lbs,34-27-40. BMI is about 21.5. I have a huge butt however I can squeeze into size 27 jeans provided they are the ultra stretchy types. Stiff suit pants are a nightmare – to accommodate bum, the waist is almost always loose. I usually wear US10 or 12 for bottoms while for tops it’s usually 4 but I have a couple of 2’s too. For dresses, if they are cut generously at the bottom, I’d wear a size 4. I have a very slim upper body. My 5″2 friend who weighs 110 struggles to fit into my tops! Those who can’t accept Kim K’s weight need to face the fact that everyone carries weight differently!

    A few years ago I used to weigh 119lbs with the exact same stats as her, 34-26-39. I look curvy at my height, so imagine someone shorter like her.

    • I believe her too it seems normal to me!
      That’s exactly how I feel about it too it makes perfect since to me cause everyone’s bodies are made differently and I’m like u pretty much I guess lol 5 ‘3 1/2 132 lbs and my measurements are 34-24-39 i have a big butt alao so I know exactly what you and her are talking about I can fit into size 27 and up (the only thing I hate about jeans that actually fit my butt is the fact that its big as hell on my waist it’s frustrating :/) but yah that’s what I always think the shorter the more curvier you’ll look it’s like get a marshmallow bunny and put your thumb on the bottom and index on the ton of the bunny head and slightly squeeze and it’ll look curvier the more compressed (short) it is.

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  172. Im not trying to be mean (to be honest i love kim and her figure, it looks good on her too) but really 117 lb! Im 5’3 and i weight 119 lb. I have the same figure as kim but shes way bigger than me so i don’t believe she really weight 117. She might or she might not, but shes a full grown woman, she don’t need anyone any explanation cause she’s a mom now,she shouldn’t care.

  173. Well, I just wish I had an ass. Tired of s— not fitting me right for having a flat ass, no hips, and skinny legs. Definitely tired of all the hurtful comments from people too.

  174. I weigh 120 im 5’7 and I wear a 29 or a 2/3 my butt and hips are big but no where near as big as hers. her jeans must have alot of spandex in them. If I got any smaller size they wouldnt come up over my butt.

  175. I never knew anyone cared so much about another’s measurements lol. But I believe it is true I am into fitness very much I myself am 5’7″ 140 lbs and I wear in dresses size 0-4 a size 6 dress is usually too large on my waist. I’m taller but my waist is very very small I have a 24 inch waist and my butt and thighs and calves are very large i squat, ride a bike, swim, kick box, etc. so I have a large lower body and very small upper body. If the jeans are stretchy I wear a size small sometimes a size 4-6. Even a 7/8 to fit my butt but almost every Jean I get is wayyy too big on my waist because of my butt hip waist ratio. I wear xs/s shirts and dresses but in bottoms if it’s stretchy I can fit xs/s unless it’s too short because of my height that’s the only issue. But skirts and everything I wear a 0-4 like I said based on waist but pants whoo so annoying unless they are jeggings or leggings I just get a size small. It’s very possible and I weigh 140 I am a lot taller though and have a decent amount of muscle mass in my butt and legs…everyone is different the weight distributes differently I have a huge butt everyone always says I’m so skinny when they see my stomach and always ask how I get my waist so small and what I did to get my butt lol. Everyone is different and shaped different my friend is really skinny but she’s two inches taller than me and weighs 150 and my butt is a lot bigger than here but I’m a little shorter and my waist is tiny. Everyone is different

  176. At first I was questioning if she was lying or not. Why? Because I am 117-120 pounds, 5’3, and wear a jean size 1-3 (depends on the brand), so I was stunned that she would be a size 27 in jeans. However, I then got to thinking, as I looked at the picture above and read her measurements. My hips are 30 inches and hers are 39 inches, so yes it would make sense that her jean size is (a bit) bigger. She also has a bigger butt than I do which also makes it make more sense that she would be a size 27 jeans.

    In the end, I believe her and I feel that her shape is a great shape! Everyone is different, so just because someone is the same height and weight as you (or someone else) doesn’t necessarily mean clothes sizes will be the exact same. We are all unique!(:

  177. kim says shes size 4 but her hips are 41 inches im size 4 and my hips are 34 inches and i weigh 111 lb shes lying

  178. She has huge hips! Almost deformed looking . Each to their own. Fat weighs less than muscle and a brain adds 10-12lbs , she is missing that so ya 117 without the fake tits and grey matter. Who cares? Over rated .

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