Kim Kardashian – Yoga on the Beach in Underwear

Kim Kardashian was spotted on the beach a few days ago, rocking thongs while doing yoga with her friends.

Check out the gallery!

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9 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian – Yoga on the Beach in Underwear”

  1. This is a whole new level of ridiculousness, everything is so clearly staged and the pics are photoshopped. Just stop, Kim. My poor sides.

    • in picture 10, the one girl looking . right. into. the camera.
      Im sure this has something to do with something she’s selling.
      They’re all colour coordinated and in matching styles outfits.

      • Maybe some Yeezy Season whatever sh*t
        The only thing that’s missing is that platinum blonde wig they had everyone wear for PR purposes a while back

  2. Strange that she would promote her heavily photoshopped images (we’ve all seen her unaltered behind and it’s as even and smooth as her marriage) with a large group of women where every one of them looks 10 years younger and hotter than her. Some of her group of paid friends are actually attractive and look like they take care of themselves so why would she hire a group of photogs to film her next to them? I get that any publicity is good but doesn’t she care how much worse her brand looks?

    • maybe those girls actually PAY kim to be seen with her and promote with her in the hopes that they’ll be the next big thing.. i mean, think back to how Kim got into the crowds and posses… through the Hilton sisters

      • The light blonde one is Amanda Elise Lee. She already has 12M followers on IG for showing off her “enhanced” figure. I knew I remembered her from somewhere.

  3. I used to hate the Kardashians and Jenners. I am still not a fan and never will be but i must admit they have helped me change perception about my body and weight, thanks to them i am living a happier life, accepting my body shape no matter how much i weight. Until 3 years ago i couldn’t accept anything else but a perfect slim model like body and i was constantly thinking about what i was eating, calculating each and every calorie and weighting and measuring myself on a regular daily basis.
    Now i am having a normal weight and feeling great and happy, feeling beautiful like never before without wearing the minimum size at jeans.
    Thanks Kylie Jenner! You helped me loving myself even if i don’t have the weight of a model.
    In the past i used to weight 118 lbs and putting a hell of an effort to be that slim, and now i am 130 lbs and happy and curvy and healthy looking.
    I hope all women can find in these sisters the inspiration I’ve found.

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