Kim Kardashian: “My Curves Have Never Looked Better”

Kim-Kardashian-My-Curves-Have-Never-Looked-Better - Kim Kardashian: "My Curves Have Never Looked Better"

Kim Kardashian did an interview and a photo-shoot with Saturday Night Magazine and of course, her figure was one of the debated issues. Here are the parts that might interest you:

SNMag: Part of what comes with being in the public eye is having your image scrutinized. What are your thoughts on this and having to field questions relating to your body all the time?
I was looking at picture of myself during an appearance the other day, and they always zoom in on my butt and take pictures of just my butt. That’s just pointless. But at the end of the day, I really love being fit and getting in shape. I am an advocate for curves because I have them and that will never change and I will embrace them. But, I am also an advocate for being in shape. Right now I feel like I am in the best shape of my life, and I feel like my curves have never looked better. I spend one to one and a half hours in the gym daily. I really watch what I eat. I love curves, and I am really proud that I can help other girls be proud of their curvy bodies, but I am not into being lazy and not being in shape.

SNMag: What’s your current workout/diet regimen?
I have a trainer and I am in a class called boot camp. I just try and figure out new ways to keep my workouts exciting. It does tend to be boring when you do the same thing over and over again. I have my fitness DVDs and I am doing everything I can for my next workout DVD. Eating better helps. I have the biggest sweet tooth and it ruins everything.

Kim-Kardashian-My-Curves-Have-Never-Looked-Better2 - Kim Kardashian: "My Curves Have Never Looked Better"

I am not one of her fans, but I do like the way she looks in this shoot, especially in the first 3 pictures – they look much classier than most of the things she has done.

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Kim-Kardashian-My-Curves-Have-Never-Looked-Better3 - Kim Kardashian: "My Curves Have Never Looked Better"

Kim-Kardashian-My-Curves-Have-Never-Looked-Better-4 - Kim Kardashian: "My Curves Have Never Looked Better"

Kim-Kardashian-My-Curves-Have-Never-Looked-Better5 - Kim Kardashian: "My Curves Have Never Looked Better"

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68 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian: “My Curves Have Never Looked Better””

    • Of course not. She has little discernible talent to speak of from what I hear. I’ve never seen the show so I don’t know for certain. I’ve never seen her sing, never watched her dance. I don’t think she’s acted.

      Kim K. seems to have little more than her body to rely on for attention but considering the audience she caters to she doesn’t need much more. For certain it is a nice body. These photos look a lot more natural than her bikini shot. One can see what one would expect from a plastic pumped airhead.

  1. if she is so interested in helping other women feel good about themselves, why doesn’t she ever let us see her without such heavy makeup on? she has more “natural” makeup on here than usual, but still tons, and i bet she looks totally different when she wakes up in the morning.

      • Lol!! She’s photographed constantly with no make up on, and to be frank, she looks even more beautiful without it! She is stunning, give her a break in that aspect. however, she does seem like a superficial, spoilt bimbo who’s so obsessed with herself, her looks and her own luxurious comforts that shes completely unaware of social or political issues in society, or in the world, for that matter. but dont diss her looks, because then you’re just hatin’!

  2. She did p—o, showed her big a– and that’s why she’s famous! I’m so sick of this talentless stuck up persona, she should do something meaningful with her life and not devote it to proving to all of us that she looks curvy and slim.

  3. I think she looks great and I like the message she is sending across. I’ve seen so many hourglass shaped girls that think they’re the s*** just because they’re an hourglass. They ignore the fact that they look like jello when they try to run and that it’s gross. No type of body figure is exempt from the toned rule. I think KK is a true example of that…she still has curves but looks much better toned than untoned.

    • There’s a toned rule? I didn’t know people had to live their lives according to some unwritten set of rules regarding their personal appearance.

      • Yes, there is a toned rule and it’s a good rule because it’s more about health than appearance, although it tends to improve appearance as well. You don’t have to hit the gym every day for hours to be toned, but you do have to actually get up and do some walking or jogging once in a while. It’s good for you.

        • How do you know I don’t walk? How do you know what the hell I do with my time? I just remarked on the fact you got up and decided for everyone there was rule they have to live by regarding their lives.

          • I don’t know. It was a general “you” not Ann you. I have no idea what you do and don’t do and I don’t really care. It’s just my opinion not a personal attack towards you in any way. By the way I didn’t get up and decide on that rule. Doctors did.

          • Doctors have no rule regarding “toned” bodies. I have never had a doctor tell me I must have defined muscle tone to be healthy. I have been told moderate activity is important in maintaining health but never once have i been told I must be “toned” to be healthy.

          • i don’t think anyone was saying that there is a specific rule called the “toned rule”. i think they just meant it is better for health and appearance to be toned. this is true. that is why doctors advise you to keep a certain body fat percentage. if you have a body fat of over 25% as a girl, you have too much fat which is not healthy. also, this will make you look much less toned. as long as you get a good amount of exercise and eat well, you should not have a problem with this.
            (“you” meaning general you, not anyone in particular.)

          • ann, get over it now. u have different opinions. this website is about opinions. i personally understand exactly what casey is saying and couldn’t agree more. x

        • Well, i do sports. I did all my life. And yet i don’t consider myself toned. Healthy and fit? sure! Toned? Nope. Athletes and pros are actually toned. Or people who have the time and money to work out on a daily basis with personal trainers and so on. I am normal. Where normal does not mean fat and flabby, not at all, but neither an extremely low body fat percentage.

          • Uma that’s what I meant by toned. The problem is with these words is there is no exact definition and it can mean different things to different people. To me toned just means having muscle tone. I’m thin but for a while my muscles were jiggly. So I started to do a little weight lifting and a little cardio. I doubt my fat percentage changed any, but the jiggling visibly went away. I didn’t look any more muscular. To me muscular is a step above being toned that isn’t necessary but isn’t bad either.

          • Casey: ok, i understand now. For me toned means very well defined muscles and so on. I consider the word fit more appropiate in the given context, but these are just lexical differences, since we agree that moderate phisical activity is great for the healthy life 🙂

          • Ann, a lot of things can cause jiggling, like fat, excess skin or muscle tone.

            The last one is the bad one. It’s due to lack of exercise, and can be helped. I wasn’t exercising because I didn’t want to lose weight. So my doctor pretty much sat me down and warned me that I need to get in shape or my health was going to go downhill. Being thin or not didn’t matter because everyone needs to be in shape.

            I really do agree with him that everyone should be in shape, because it’s healthy. And to me healthy translates into beauty. I prefer thin girls, but I can look at someone like KK and say she is attractive and a good body role model because she looks healthy.

            But that doesn’t always mean not jiggly, because some people are jiggly because of extra skin and they can’t help it…only surgery will solve that problem. However, even extra skin people should work out regularly.

          • Please don’t lord it over people like you care about their health. You wanted to take a shot at the woman. it was plain as day to see “Hourglass women who think they are the s**t”? Could you have made it any more painfully obvious? I think kim K is a mouthbreathing moron but she was never fat nor was she ever dreadfully out of shape.

            If you are going to be catty just be catty.

          • Oh Lord you are impossible. That comment was in regards to two people who I know personally who are BADLY out of shape but blame it on their hourglass figure, when it’s due to lack of exercise and not being an hourglass. I never thought KK looked bad, but I do think she looks better.

            If you want to read viciousness in my comments where none was intended, go ahead. I am done with doing these back and forth banters with people that clearly have some personal issues they need to deal with if they see insults where none were intended.

    • I know what you mean Casey. Alot of people think that an hourglass body is sexy and I think it is as long as it’s not just not mass amounts of accumulated fat in your boobs, hips, butt and thighs. It’s a shape like chest to waist and hip ratio, not based on fat proportions ie katie perry who is an hourglass no matter what weight. When she was heavier and now very thin. She is a true hourglass. Unlike some people who may be a ruler shape when thin but when bigger may accumulate fat more in bust, hips, butt and thighs to give an illusion of an hourglass but aren’t really.

      • Agreed. Hourglass is about bone structure, not about weight. You can be a slim hourglass like Katy Perry or Candice Swanepoel, or a bigger hourglass like KK or Christina Hendricks. I definitely think all 4 women are fit and true hourglasses, not just women with unnecessary fat on them.

  4. She’s a beautiful girl and the photoshoot is gorgeous but she seems insanely insecure about her body. She should embrace it and stop obsessing over it now

    • i dont think shes insecure about it. i think its more like a hobby. and also a reason why a lot of people pay attention to her, because shes probably not good at anything else. what i see is a girl who works on her body as a hobby (i do too, its fun to watch yourself transform and become healthier). she IS getting money and fame that way. but who can blame her? shes making money off us and if she quit she would fade away and stop getting money from magazines &appearances.
      i think its more like her place in the world is to take us through her weight loss journey. shes not hurting anyone. dont want to see it? dont read it. dont pay attention to her. dont give her press.
      you dont have to agree with me, thats just what i believe

  5. Ok, don’t get me wrong, i have my share of obsessions concerning my looks and so on (proof: i am on this site, aren’t i?), however i rely on my mind to lead my life. I like sports because they are good for me and because i am happy after i work out. I enjoy food and social life just as much as everyone. But there is more to life than this. And this KK could have the best body in the world, she is still ugly to me. She has no values, she has no personality whatsoever, she only does and talks about one thing. Moreover, she is a hypocrite and a fake and a liar. And THIS is what people are admiring? Wow, talking about idiots. Sorry, but this is fact, not personal opinion.

  6. I don’t understand why we hear so much about her, except she has a disproportioned ass
    but this interview is actually funny: she’s asked what her thoughts are on “having to field questions relating to your body all the time” and when anybody with a brain would have answered “its boring and body image isn’t my one and only interest in life”, she just answers she’s an advocate for being in shape and bla, bla, bla, like we didn’t get it
    her life is about how to make her nose look smaller with make up, finding the right pose for her face to look as good as possible in magazines, keeping her a– fat from flowing down in her thighs.
    I think she’s pathetic and annoying

  7. I must admit that she looks really good in these pics (well, I’m also pretty sure they’re airbrushed) but I’m so fed up of her permanent talks about her body. Is that the only thing she’s worried about?! I imagine her daily routine – getting up, excercising, putting her make up on, going to the beauty salon and all that similar stuff…

  8. sometimes -like every woman- I have one of those moments in which I hate my body and outward appearance. But then I think of people who live in the thick of a war or of people with serious diseases. then I realise how blessed I am. I have a wonderful family, I am healthy, I have something to eat and a roof above my head. what do I want more?
    girls- we have to be grateful! I am everything else than perfect: my butt is similar to Kim’s but not as huge as her’s and I have connective tissue weakness. but who cares? as long as I am healthy I don’t have a reason to complain.

  9. SHUT UP!!!!!!! urrgghhh.. thats all she ever talks about..
    KIm, you are obsessed… normally when someone is obsessed with their body image, they look ALOT better than you. Stop talking about your stubby, meaty body PLEASE, for the love of god, talk about your surgically enhanced facial features that turned out to be quite pretty, talk about your lame reality tv show, or Reggie Bush… anything but your “curvy” body. my god!

  10. Haha it’s so funny, the very FIRST thing she says:

    “I was looking at picture of myself during an appearance the other day…”

    She is O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D with herself.

  11. She’s like one of those celebrities that goes on and on about loving yourself no matter your size, while she’s bigger, and then as soon as she drops a few pounds it’s all about living healthy and working out.
    I actually kind of like her on her show and in other parts of her life, but as soon as she starts talking about her body, she’s annoying again.

  12. ok….well, first of all…… they ASKED HER about her body. so b—ing about how she always talks about her body just doesn’t work on this occasion. second, there are soo many other “celebrities” who got famous for stuff other than singing, acting etc. i have no idea why she’s so singled out. she’s not trashy like she used to be….. is she supposed to disappear just because you all don’t like how she became well known? give me a break…..

  13. I’m so sick of this stupid girl and the rest of her stupid family. If they’re all so comfortable with their bodies then why are they constantly dieting and promoting diet products?? And stop talking about your body too! There’s no reason to even post her on here or any other website. She has no talent for anything except maybe extreme vanity.

    • I understand what you mean, but not all celebs that are on this website are role models – sometimes celebs make mistakes (and we can learn from them) and sometimes they give anti-examples of what young girls should do / should say / should wear and so on, it’s just the way it is.
      I think everything can be constructive.
      I’m not necessarily talking about Kim, but in general.

  14. She may be stupid and she may have an annoying predilection for talking about her “newly toned” body and double-wide ass. But God Damn– is she a raging beauty!. Bone structure so superior she could put Iman to shame.

    Beautiful lady– empty head. Body looks curvy as usual…nothing different there.

  15. You can tell that their is a lot of jealousy going on here.
    The magazine if anyone bothered to read it are asking her questions about her body. I think she looks stunning.

    • I agree with you that she looks stunning but I don’t detect much jealousy on here.

      I think people are slating her because she’s a plastic celebrity. What I mean by that is she doesn’t have any talents or notable deeds that she’s done; she’s famous for the sake of it really. If she didn’t have those curves (which are great I think) she wouldn’t be in the spotlight, and she keeps herself in the media because she harps on about them like a broken record.

      There many women out that can sing, dance, act, play an instrument, write, that do charitable work, present etc that would be more suitable to parade than KK.

  16. She is goo goo gaga sexy. As someone previously mentioned, these pictures are old as dust. I guess they recycled them for a new magazine. I, for one, am so glad that she is famous . . . I don’t know what I would do without her beautiful face in my life. 🙂 I want all of her curves back, though.

  17. Is it me or do these pictures prove that the bikini pics she tweeted the other day were totally stretched???
    she looks bigger in these pics than ‘that’ one.

    Kim is pretty but all she talks about is her weight and body?…why why why?

    • I thought that also, however as someone said above these are old so it is quite possible she lost some since these. However i think the bikini pics are stretched.

  18. she looks nice in these pics but im so tired of her talking about her body. cant she find anything else to talk about…like what on her is real and whats fake!!! she doesnt look like the same person she did when she released those types. i agree she look plastic to me. damn go start and acting or singing career…we already know she cant dance. lmfao!

  19. i think kim is too obsessed with her body. it’s great that she loves her curves and whatnot and i won’t bash her for it but why brag about it but then complain and say i’m this size and not that size? she should not be consider a role model for curvy women because a curvy role model wouldn’t spend their life time talking about just their bodies and more focus on goals and accomplishments.

  20. I’m so tired of this airhead talking about her weight all the damn time. Go find something worthwhile to do with your life, and something intelligent to say. I don’t care what she weighs, when she works out, and I’m sure not a lot of people do.

  21. okk…. suppose you’re with your boyfriend and you two decided to videotape it because, I guess both of you wanted to look back on it later? and then some creep got a hold of it and everyone knows your name and your face and has seen all your bits all overthe internet… she’s not proud of what happened and it was really unfortunuate that it did. she a human with feeling and I really respect for being so mature and friendly. she has her b— moments but whoooooo doesnt with their sisters and brothers… pfft

  22. beautiful body , she looks amazing in the pick n*1-2-3-5 but not in the pick number 4 . beautiful hair and slim arms and of course she has a very small waist !!!

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