Kirstie Alley Brings the Quote of the Day

Kirstie Alley Brings the Quote of the Day 1

“I’m not a surgery girl, I haven’t had plastic surgery. I don’t wanna have it but it’s hard when you see your peers and things and they have. I go back and forth and think, ‘Who’s gonna play grandmothers in movies?’ You gotta be 100 to be a grandmother in a movie! So maybe it just gives our group (actresses without surgery) more longevity to be filming.” 

… says 59 year-old Kristie.

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Kirstie Alley Brings the Quote of the Day 2

16 thoughts on “Kirstie Alley Brings the Quote of the Day”

  1. Dont get what she means but okay ……she would look good body wise if she lost the weight naturally instead of taking some magic pill she invented…….face wise she looks nice …………..

    • she’s saying that everyone her age has had surgery and there won’t be anyone these days to play the older women roles in movies because they all look so young. she’s saying that she may have more longevity in her career since she will age naturally. probably very true.

  2. ..or maybe the movies will keep up with the Hollywood reality and have the grannies look young in the stories too 🙂 Or they can add a bit of age with make-up. Although she was just joking around. Kudos to her for staying surgery-free.

  3. Kirstie Alley has and always will be an inspiration to me! She is a wonderful actress… and one thing that amazes me is that she hasn’t had cosmetic surgery!! She could easily afford liposuction to rid of that weight that annoys her, but she is determined to lose the weight on her own! Plus, for Kirstie, it’s not so much losing the weight, it’s keeping it off thats the hard work! No matter what. she will always be one of my role models!!

  4. The thing about Kirstie Alley is that whenever she gains weight, she seems to just give up on apperance, making her weight gain appear even worse and thus the vicious cycle.

    I’m looking at her here. Yeah she gained weight. But if she was wearing better, more fitting clothing, she would appear perfectly normal.

    I also hate using your breasts as a cell phone holder. It’s so tacky. Use your purse!

  5. I just hope she gets everything she wants out of life because she seems like such a sweet (and very candid) person…

    The candid part is a compliment, by the way, she’s so honest and down-to-earth.

    • You are so right!:)hahah..She looks v good anyway..and the “old”appearance is only because she`s overweight. I like that everyone seems to love her personality and inner self..she does look like a down to earth,funny and sweet woman!
      All in all i want to point out that the most important thing is to be healthy.If we are healthy then we can achieve anything…if not,well thats not a good prospect for the future…the level of stress can increase,the level of concentration can decrease and so on,,,,which leads to other crises in life..and all goes round in a vicious circle…to say it in the simplest way possible. Anyway…easy to say,hard to get going..but with ambition and SUPPORT from loved ones ..i believe one can achieve a healthy and eventually happy life. And thats what Kirstie is doing right Cheers for her:)

  6. Good for her! She looks great for 59- although that’s probably because she’s so heavy again. I hope that doesn’t sound harsh, but because her face is “rounder” she doesn’t have much wrinkles. I’m wondering how she’ll look when she loses the weight.
    Plastic surgery on actors is the dumbest thing anyway, it ruined Nicole Kidman’s and Mikey Rourke’s (sp?) careers.

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