Scott Disick on Kourtney Kardashian’s Post Baby Weight: “Just lose it faster! 93 lbs is the dream”


Here’s the lengthy story from Daily Mail:

After giving birth to her first child Kourtney Kardashian was so obsessed with her bikini diet that she collapsed on a run after eating too little. So after welcoming daughter Penelope last year the reality star pledged to take a healthy approach to losing weight. But in a new episode of Kourtney And Kim Take Miami her boyfriend Scott Disick is seen admonishing the new mother for not losing weight quickly enough, calling her my ‘piece of machinery’.

He told her: ‘Last time around you tried to watch what you were eating, after you had Mason… at least you were losing weight.’

‘You are so crazy. I’m trying to do it the healthy way,’ replied an outraged Kourtney.

But Scott admonished her: ‘Just do it faster. You’re my piece of machinery!’

Scott then joked that Kourtney was a ‘problem’, reducing her to tears. Earlier Kourtney complained that she was struggling.

‘I feel like it’s definitely harder this time to lose the weight,’ Kourtney said.

Unsympathetic Scott replied: ‘If I would have fell in love with you a couple of pounds overweight, this would be my ideal weight, but I fell in love with you when you were super skinny.’

He then told the camera: ‘Right now seems to be probably the heaviest she’s ever been not pregnant.

‘When we had Mason I remember her trying to whip herself back into shape pretty quick. This time around it seems like it’s the least of her concerns, and the only thing she thinks about are the kids. I just think that she would feel better if she got back into the shape that she feels the most comfortable in.’

And they fell out at the beach when Scott again questioned her about her figure.

‘It would be nice if you were in a wild little flossy bikini,’ he said.

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‘It would be nice,’ she said before packing up and leaving the beach in a huff.

Another scene saw Kourtney weigh herself – after she and Scott admit they normally urinate before getting on the scales to ensure they are as light as possible.

It tips out at 115 lbs – making Kim jealous.

Do you know what you’re supposed to weigh for your average weight for your height?’ unimpressed Scott asks 5ft tall Kourtney.

‘105?’ she says. He then asks what she weighed when they first met.

‘Like, 95,’ she says. ‘I feel like 93 is the dream,’ Scott sighs.

’93 is your dream? He is so disgusting,’ Kourtney said. ‘Actually, when I first met you I was probably more like 100. Then I got down.’

He said: ‘Your body was banging when I saw you on the beach with that little a*s.’

‘How do you feel when he’s like, ‘I want you at 95 pounds?’ Kim asks her sister.

‘It doesn’t bother me because I have to do what’s best for me. I can’t compare myself to, like, supermodels’ Kourtney replies.

‘I think she does want to lose weight,’ Scott told the cameras. ‘I’m just giving you the motivation to get where I know you would be happy.’

Kourtney and Kim then hit the gym where Kourtney says she’d like to get down to 100lbs.

‘Scott’s being rude about my weight 24/7, I mean I’m doing my best,’ Kourtney said.

‘It’s all about being happy, it doesn’t matter what you weigh,’ said Kim as she worked out.

But eventually they manage to work it out.

‘I just feel like sometimes you long to be thinner,’ he said.

‘No I don’t!’ she said. ‘It’s frustrating. I wish I had people around me who were supportive. At least you know now it hurts me and I don’t want to hear any more weight comments.’

He replied: ‘I’m sorry doll. You’re a good looking lady. You’re proportioned properly, you got a beautiful kneecap and a gorgeous little face. I love you.’

Kourtney later goes to a David Barton gym and works with a personal trainer in a bid to get back in shape. And the end of show saw Kourtney striping down to a purple swimsuit to go in the pool with Mason and Scott.

‘I know I’ve got a ways to go before I’m in my bikini body,’ she admits.

‘You’re smoking baby, I love you,’ Scott said.

‘I love her, not her weight,’ a reproachful Scott told the cameras.

Note: According to BMI, a healthy weight for 5’0” is anything between 95 pounds and 127 pounds, and not just 95 as Scott mentioned.

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107 thoughts on “Scott Disick on Kourtney Kardashian’s Post Baby Weight: “Just lose it faster! 93 lbs is the dream””

      • Definitely made up…or at least exaggerated. And plus, we don’t see the whole story. They rapidly cut to Scott admonishing Kourtney, but what about the weeks leading up to that? Maybe all Kourtney’s been talking about is her weight, her weight, her weight. And then Scott FINALLY had enough and was just like, “Fine then! Lose the weight already!”

        • Yeah, but even if she was complaining about wanting to lose weight (which I’m sure ALL women post-pregnancy complain about), I think it still makes Scott a d*ck for responding to her in this way. She carried his baby for 9 months and gave birth to his child…..the least he can do is put up with her complaining about her weight & try to be as supportive as possible. If my husband treated me the way he treats her, I’d kick his assh out.

          But I honestly think it was staged anyway. I don’t believe any guy would act that way. Especially since Kourtney’s got a cute body even at this weight.

      • come on its totally made up! i think no one in their family is really stupid, except for kim maybe, just money and attention hungry!

    • haha yup! he just radiates douche-ness. even if it was staged, which it probably was to a degree, that man is the biggest waste of life on the planet…mooching off the riches of his baby momma and her family…talentless moron. would love to see him with a shirt off so I could rip his pasty skinny fat body apart.

    • I’m Kourtney’s height, and 115 pounds is the largest weight I’Ve ever been(and currently am again). My weight is usually stable at 93-96 pounds, but when I’m extremely stressed, I gain. I will honestly say that when you are this petite, even a pound suddenly makes you feel bloated, twice as heavier, and thicker. I’m lucky to gain weight evenly, so people don’t instantly notice it, and due to my frame I can wear my size eu 34 clothes, but I’m very aware that this isn’t my ideal weight, and I should lose some. Probably somebody this height with a larger body frame and more muscle mass could look thin at this weight, but not me, even if its in the normal BMI range.

      That said, even at my smallest weight of 86 pounds, or my heaviest now at 115, my husband never makes any snide remarks about my fluctuations, since he is there in my life aware of the reason behind them, and is 100% understanding. He always mentions that if we ever have a child, he won’t care about the weight, since me carrying his baby would mean much more than such superficial things. I know this whole thing is fake and scripted, but as someone so similar to Kourtney bodywise, it does hit home.. sorry for the long comment 🙂

  1. total idiot, I wish she would divorce him. She is my favourite sister, the only one that is not fame hungry and a good mum too!

  2. I used to think he just is a “character” so to say, that his b—y personality is actually fun because he doesn’t give a f*ck what people say.
    But now that I read that, I can’t help but wonder what on earth makes her stay with him. What he does is mental abuse and she definitely seems to have some issues to just accept his behaviour. I really don’t get it. On the one hand she seems to still think rationally about it & it’s great that she says it’s about health, but on the other hand you notice he definitely hurt & influenced her.
    And tbh I don’t get his last comments. Before he says he fell in love with skinny Kourtney & then he does a full turn and is the “understanding & loving” husband saying he loves her, not her weight.
    What an a*s…

  3. This whole family is ridiculously superficial – it’s not really surprising to hear comments like this from any of them or their associates. They are all obsessed with their weight and appearance, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she has been going on and on about wanting to get to that weight and he’s just parroting her. Regardles, his comment is insensitive, unthinking douchebag 101 and that’s always been his identity to me. It’s a sad indictment of society that people like this are actually in the public eye and paid highly for it. And I shouldn’t be reacting to them, because that means I’m in on the whole thing too – it’s just so hard to ignore these levels of undisguised materialism and superficiality!

    Did anyone see the story about the privates smelling contest the sisters had for one of their reality shows (how on earth did they get one, let alone more than one?!)? I mean, they’re seriously messed up – all of them!

    • What the? When you say ‘privates semelling contest’ do you mean what I think you mean!? That. is. wierd. I do have a headache though so I could be totally misconstruing that.

      • WTF!!! I did interpret it correctly! Wow. I seriously thought that my interpretation was just clouded by my headache and initial dirty mind thought that I couldn’t get past. I don’t know what to say. YUK!!! Who honestly does this?! It’s one thing to talk about this topic (personally, I wouldn’t have this conversation with friends, but I am aware some girls are more open and trying not to be too judgementa;)…but to have a contest!!! It can’t be real!? Even if it is staged and not real…it’s just gross! Even for sisters. God, I have gone of Khloe and Kourtney too now. Disgusting.

        • Eww I hate you now because you made me curious and I googled the darn thing :/ These Kardashians are the definition of vulgarity; proof that money can’t buy class. With all that money they could do so much good in the world, too.

        • I couldn’t believe it either! I mean, who in their right mind does something like that? It’s so bizarre and also kind of creepy. Yes, some people are really open about their bodies and sexuality, etc, with friends and family – but this is way beyond just talking about such things! If I didn’t think they were a bunch of immature, narcissistic nut-jobs before, I certainly do now!

    • “This whole family is ridiculously superficial ”

      LOL what? ha ha. Unlike you of course, you are not superficial or shallow at all are you? You only turn your nose up at anyone who doesn’t have the exact same body type as yourself. I would call you both superficial and arrogant! and for the record. I can’t stand the Kardahsians, but your utter hypocrisy bugs me much more.

  4. Well he is an arse on the show. To me it seems like it’s all a big joke, and i do think he’s trying to be “entertaining” at some level, but who knows, maybe he’s a douche irl too. The times i’ve watched the K’s, he’s definitely been one of the most interesting/tolerable characters to me. Obviously i think the comment is ridiculous and if he was or anyone else would be serious in making such comments i’d tell them to piss off. Only a very immature, shallow person would expect their loved one to stay the way they looked the day they met, esp. when it’s two babies later.

  5. It seems pointless to judge the comment when I am positive it is scripted.

    On another note, what is up with that black and white outfit Kourtney is wearing, with the orange collar. I think that outfit is seriously ugly.

  6. It might be scripted. He’s probably afraid she’ll look like Kim…
    That said, everything else she says/does indicates that she DOES want to lose weight. The machinery thing was pretty weird.

  7. Scott D*CK would’ve been a more appropriate name.

    This women just pushed your baby out of her punani! It’s probably largely scripted, but wow, guys like this piss me off. He deserves a punch in the face.

  8. I believe it’s his sense of humor and most likely he was encouraged to say it from producers or what not… it’s for a show. She’s a kardashian. She knows her only source of income is based on her image. That being said I think she looks great and i can’t stand when people assume a woman should just drip of the extra weight after having a baby. Not realistic for all women!

  9. If this wasn’t scripted I would throw everything thing that is in my reach at his little head if I were her. Boys like this deserve to be alone. She needs to get smart and leave that poor excuse of a boyfriend. She doesn’t need to be treated like that, a Kardashian or not, people need respect and love.

  10. it when your man says “This time around it seems like it’s (her weight) the least of her concerns, and the only thing she thinks about are the kids.” that you understand that it was a mistake to choose him to be a father of ur kids, he doesn’t deserve that really…seriously its just not unacceptable, never heard people say its selfish to give more time to ur kids and less attention to urself…and what if smth happens to Kourtney’s health and she puts on weight that she won’t be able to lose, is he gonna dump her and the kids? talks about “true love&devotion”…also agree with other commentors while reading it i also felt like it was scripted, cos if they had a true “reality show” then there wouldn’t have been sooooo many events&dramas constantly happening in their lives, cos for a lot of us most of days are not much eventful in reality….

  11. I think Kourtney is SO chic and beautiful, she is the best out of all the sisters. She seems like an amazing mother. Scott is so overrated and he takes the “lord disick” thing way too far, she could do so much better.

  12. He’s jerk,but I think a lot of men think that way:a friend of mine gained 57 pounds during her pregnancy and all that made her feel insecure.after the pregnancy,she started working out and eating healthy,but,for her fiance’ ,that wasn’t enoughso he cheated on her with a sexy skinny girl.
    When she knew it,she started being depressed and instead of slimming down,she gain pound after pound,getting more insecure and depressed.
    So I understand Kourtney’s feeling and when your doesn’t make you feel pretty and attractive after a delicate period like the pregnancy,it’s hard to still be confident and serene.

    • So, because you friend’s loser fiance cheated on her, you have come to the conclusion that most men are like this? You need to meet some quality men!

      • I’ve never said that all of them are like that,but I just exposed you a friend of mine’s experience that has some analogies with Kourtney’s experience.
        That’s all and I’ve never meant to generalize.

    • He is either a real jerk or is exaggerating for the show. I agree many men are like that, and as a matter of fact, many people are like that. I have heard countless stories of men putting their girlfriends down for the way she looks or girls who left their boyfriends because they were too fat, obese guys who lost all their weight and made amazing bodies for a girl that they like. I think it’s very important for you to look attractive, well groomed and presentable for your significant other, the opposite sex but most importantly for yourself. Making comments about his/her image is very superficial and immature. Especially after the women has had your children. The children are priority, she will naturally (with a little bit of effort) return to a normal weight, she doesn’t need to push it, nature takes it’s own course. Looks are not everything. Seriously.

    • Wow Sarah, your friends ‘boyfriend’ is an absolute pig!!! I hope she left him, she deserves better and I don’t even know her

  13. Seriously? She only weights 115 and is 5’1″?? That is on the low end of the spectrum and he thinks she should be 93 pounds? That’s insane. Oh and she also said that a “healthy” weight for her height is 105. That is simply not true and sending horrible messages to young fans. 105 is the LOWEST on the weight spectrum for that height. Period.

    • Actually 115 at 5’1 is healthy, and so is 105. That’s not sending a horrible message, 5’1 is pretty short.
      My little sister is around 5’0 and weighs 95 lbs she is and looks completely healthy, she just has a smaller build.

      • My whole point was to say that 115 IS healthy for 5’1”. My problem with what she said was that 105 was the “healthy” weight, when actually it literally is medically at the end of the spectrum (meaning it’s not the norm but is still “healthy”). That’s all. And also 5’0″ is different than 5’1″. Every inch makes a difference.

        • You’re wrong about saying that 105 is a medically extreme weight for a person who is 5’1″. In fact, the latest weight guidelines in the medical literature are still the same as they always have been: 100 lbs for 5 ft, plus or minus 5 lbs for every inch above or below 5 ft, and the acceptable deviation from this formula is +/-10%, to account for people with heavier and lighter builds. [Source: UptoDate]

          So if Kourtney is 5’0, then her ideal weight is 100, and the normal range for her is 90-110 lbs.

          • Um, seriously? Did I say that 105 was a “medically extreme weight”? That’s laughable. First of all I did not say that at all, AND, she isn’t 5’0″ she is 5’1″ so I don’t know where you are getting that from, and second, look it up anywhere, what I said was that the weight spectrum for a person 5’1″ starts at 105. The End. Don’t put words in my mouth, it’s simply science.

          • I’m 5’2″ and 98 and while I’m definitely thin, I don’t look unhealthy and doubt 93 looks unhealthy on Kourtney. 105 looks a little round on me and I’ve never been the “healthy” 110, so I doubt it’s actually a healthy weight for me. I weighed 105 when I was stressed and drinking too much. So medical charts certainly do not encompass all body types.

            That being said, Kourtney still looks pretty cute and while her husband my be attracted to her at a lower weight that kind of destructive response is toxic.

        • Lulu, you said: “My whole point was to say that 115 IS healthy for 5’1”. My problem with what she said was that 105 was the “healthy” weight, when actually it literally is medically at the end of the spectrum (meaning it’s not the norm but is still “healthy”).”

          “at the end of the spectrum” is a synonym for extreme.

          You are incorrect in saying that 105 is “not the norm” for 5’1″ — it IS the norm and is in fact the “ideal” weight for a person who is 5’1, based on medical guidelines. It’s 115 lbs that would be considered at the end of the spectrum of normal weight.

          Also, the article quoted above gives Kourtney’s height as 5’0.

          • “spectrum” is not a word used as slang, it is a scientific term, saying something is at the end of a spectrum does not classify it as “extreme”.


            This site (including many others) shows the SMALL FRAME female should start at 106 and it continues to go up from there. You can’t argue facts. Look it up everywhere, 105 is the STARTING weight for small frame individuals at 5’1″.

            Oh, and Kourtney said herself on this episode she is 5’1″.

          • I’ve heard a lot of people say that a good estimate of what your weight should be is to start at 5 feet, 100 pounds and add 5 pounds for every inch over 5 feet. But I think this is mostly just meant as a general guideline for appearances, definitely not scientific. So I think that’s what she meant, not really a big deal – it is a healthy weight for her height anyway.

          • for some reason I can’t respond directly to LuLu’s comment, anyway: according to the link you posted, LuLu, the ideal weight for someone who is 5’1 is 105.. so she is correct when she says it’s a healthy weight for her.

          • Lulu is right. That 5 lbs for every inch over 5′ role is stupid and nonsensical – it underestimates weight for short women and overestimates for tall women. For example compare the BMI for a 5′ 100 lb woman and 5’6 130 lb woman – completely different! If Kourtney is 5′ her healthy range is 97 – 128 lbs. Of course BMI is just a guideline, not an exact science. Bone structure plays a role too.

          • As far as I know, the typical weight range for a 5ft1 woman is approx 100-130lb, so 115lb would be perfectly average.

            I also think the rule of 100lb for the first 5ft and then 5lb per inch afterwards is a very, very general guide and should not be taken too literally. Just as various heights have different weight ranges, so do different body types.

    • I’m those measurements and fit. I would have to be 0% fat, lol, & minus several pounds of muscle/bone to be 95 lbs!

      Unless you have a very small bone structure, chances are you shouldn’t be at the bottom of your bmi range.

    • i wish people would stop holding celebrities, especially ones like the Kardashians, accountable for other people’s body image. It’s only irresponsible to say to Kourtney, not her fans.

  14. I bet more than anything this scene is made up and Scott is probably a nice guy. Well, compared to the rest of the family. This is what they did to all the other reality shows. I met Adam Senn and the guy is nothing like his character in The City.

  15. Well, I can’t have any sympathy for her. If he is a jerk, she is the one dating and putting up with him. Don’t get these comments saying she is beautiful, I always thought she was fug.

    • Yes!! i don’t usually use ugly with celebs because a lot of them are just plain and boring butt this one is not attractive at all. I don’t care how skinny she is, just not an attractive girl. The whole family is unattractive actually and very overrated looks wise. The only nice looking one is the tall one Kasey or Krystal or whatever. Give me Karlie any day over Kim or Kourtney.

  16. Ugh. No idea if this is staged but if not…what a spoilt little controlling Brat. The type who’s mum did everything and never told him off. I don’t mind Kourtney from what I see. She was born into the wrong family…Plus Scott is ugly! I can say that because he is ugly inside also!

  17. I can never take this guy seriously. And I’m pretty sure he doesn’t take himself seriously either. I think he just loves messing with people and most people don’t like being messed around with about everything, hence why he comes across as a major douche.

  18. This show is so obviously staged and they are the worst “actors” Ive ever seen. They better thank God for their “momager” because without her they’d be nowhere.

  19. Versus said what the healthy weight range is at the top of this post. 93 pounds is definitely under weight. A low weight would be under a BMI of 19. Some people say that under a BMI of 19 is underweight. I know one reason some say BMI of 19 is underweight is because time to conceive goes up fourfold when your BMI is under 19. I think you also may be more susceptible to diseases as well under BMI of 19. So I think really 100 pounds is the lowest she should go. Even if she were to have the lowest BMI that’s healthy, she couldn’t go under 98 pounds (at 5’1”)

    There are many different ways to measure “healthy” weight. BMI is considered a standard because it usually corresponds to body fat percentage, which is actually a much better indication of health than pounds. The best indicator is waist circumference. Waist circumference should be under 30 for women and 35 for men when measured around the belly button. I wish there was an “ideal waist circumference” or some easier way to measure body fat percentage.

    My personal opinion is that a BMI between 19-22 is fine and whatever weight you’re most energetic and feel strongest at is the best. Tone is much more important IMO than weight. I see beautiful women of all sizes, but normally I find fit women the prettiest, big or small. At 5’6” my doctor said I should be 120-130.

    • I’ve read the ‘ideal’ waist/height ratio in women is something like 42% of the height. This is typically measured above the belly button where the waist is narrowest.

      So for a 5ft6 woman, that would be 27.7″ waist. But you could probably have a range of, say, 38% to 46% to cover various body types. So that gives an ideal waist circumference of 25″ to 30.3″ for a 5ft6 woman.

  20. For someone 5′ the healthy range is 97 – 128 lbs. People have unrealistic expectations on what women should weigh, especially short women are expected to be underweight. My sister is 5’1 110 lbs and looks much thinner than Kourtney. I would have guessed Kourtney is closer to 115.

    • It’s borderline underweight, and therefore the standard in hollyweird lol >.<

      In all seriousness though, I think she's quite a bit bigger than that. At 12 I was a scrawny little thing, no b❆❆bs or bum to speak of, and I was 98 lbs at 5'. Kourtney is super curvy in comparison. These Kardashian girls all lie about everything anyway, so who knows?

      • How close to that borderline are you thinking? If she’s only 5’1 or 5’0, her BMI is 19 or 20, which is not too thin, but definitely not fat.

      • Don’t forget that its different to be 12 and 5’0, or an adult at that height.. your bone structure and body fat distribution changes.. I’Ve been 98 pounds at 12 and 22, and the body shape is incomparable.

  21. Awww I think she’s so cute. Like a little Shaki, but with fake boobs, lol. Listing baby weight is so hard! Even when you get into your favorite jeans and you think you “look” thin enough, getting to the weight you want is a whole ‘nother ball game. Everything feels like it rest itself in a different place, and for me personally, breastfeeding seemed to keep a layer of fluff for some reason. Probably those pesky needed excess calories for boob-feeding. It was probably spliced/scripted, but he’s a real tool anyway and knows he’ll continue raking in ratings with hisantics. I’ll spare myself the whole “hope she leaves him” bit and just say I hope she stays healthy for herself and her babies.

  22. What the heck? Meant to type like a little “Shakira” not shaki and “losing” not listing… Smart phones, I swear…

    • Ha ha! I was about to ask what/ who ‘Shaki’ was…I did think you meant Shakira…but thought ‘wow she must be really fond of Shakira!’ ha ha. At least it was a cute typo! Made me giggle

  23. I wold love to see Khloe hold Scott down while Kim sits on his face and crushes his nose with her wide a$$. Violent much? 😛

  24. I have a three year old and I let him wear pretty much whatever he wants, but anyway, that is a romper Mason is wearing, you can see that is splits into two legs, its not a dress.

  25. what a douche bag. i can’t believe guys think this will work, it will only make your wife hate you and herself. she deserves better

    and she always looks good anyway wtf!

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  27. I felt sad reading this article. I mean it’s nice to have someone pushing you to go get back to shape but it’s different when you feel that he loves you for your sexy body only and that he’ll be leaving you anytime soon if you don’t lose weight as soon as possible. 🙁 I wish he was at least a little more sympathetic, it’s their kids after all.

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