Kylie Jenner at the VMAs

kylie-jenner-2018-mtv-vmas-in-nyc-82018-4 - Kylie Jenner at the VMAs

Kylie Jenner, who claims to have removed all filler from her lips, showed up in an all-white outfit at the VMAs last night.

How do you like her look?

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kylie-jenner-2018-mtv-vmas-in-nyc-82018-1 - Kylie Jenner at the VMAs kylie-jenner-2018-mtv-vmas-in-nyc-82018-3 - Kylie Jenner at the VMAs  kylie-jenner-2018-mtv-vmas-in-nyc-82018-5 - Kylie Jenner at the VMAs kylie-jenner-2018-mtv-vmas-in-nyc-82018-7 - Kylie Jenner at the VMAs kylie-jenner-2018-mtv-vmas-in-nyc-82018-8 - Kylie Jenner at the VMAs kylie-jenner-2018-mtv-vmas-in-nyc-82018-10 - Kylie Jenner at the VMAs

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3 thoughts on “Kylie Jenner at the VMAs”

  1. I like this look but it doesn’t seem right for the event. Seems like she really wants to embody the CEO billionaire title, which is always better than being a bimbo everyday.

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