9 thoughts on “Kylie Jenner Out and About”

  1. Well at least she doesn’t have the side profile of a duck anymore, so good for her. Also, did she have her implants removed or were they just affected by her pregnancy?

    • her implants need to be redone – her breasts are hanging so much now, i believe she went far too large for her frame. She should consider a smaller size or a different profile/shape.

      seriously, its frightening looking back on what she used to look like (normal) and what she looks like now (uncanny valley)

  2. apparently she’s now a face of adidas, which made me totally lose respect for their brand. IMO only athletes should represent adidas, nike etc… also is it just me or does she look thinner than before giving birth

  3. She looks thinner and her boobs look weird in that dress. The cleavage looks like it belongs with smaller breasts but then she has these huge boobs lower than the cleav indicates they should be. Bad boob job? Bad dress?

  4. My sister totally believes that Kim K had her booty in the gym and she has no injections or bbl whatsoever.When I showed her Kylie’s and Khloe’s transformation into a whole different body shape and wanted her to explain me how they managed to end up like body triplets unless they visit the same surgeon’s office and went under his knife,she was like maybe they all hired the same body trainer.*facepalms* gosh no body trainer can make your boobs this bigger.The dress is just ill fitting and her new hair colour makes her look washed out.Hey at least her lips look ok now.

  5. Her hair looks really unhealthy and it’s such an ugly uniform color.
    She looks pretty unfit here and I can see her badly applied fake tan… But at least this is reality, she looks like a real person here instead of the blow-up doll facetuned mirage she presents on Instagram.

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