Lady Gaga: “I’m not conventionally beautiful”

FFN_er_51243520 - Lady Gaga: "I'm not conventionally beautiful"

On her looks:

“[I’m] not conventionally beautiful. If there was some sort of mathematical equation for beauty, I don’t know if I would be the algorithm. I’ve always been OK with that. I’m not a supermodel. That’s not what I do. What I do is music.

‘I want my fans to feel the way I do, to know what they have to offer is just as important, more important, than what’s happening on the outside.’

… says Lady Gaga in Glamour.


article-2479077-190EEE1700000578-663_634x857 - Lady Gaga: "I'm not conventionally beautiful"

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42 thoughts on “Lady Gaga: “I’m not conventionally beautiful””

  1. I don’t know what to say.
    This woman DOES look good in a certain sense of the word, I love her in that second picture, she reminds me of Eve there, very convincingly so.
    But, it seems as if she tries to hide that ‘pure look’ behind all the atrocious cake-like layers of make-up and baffling wardrobe choices………I guess mostly because she knows that this appearance is the only one that could relate her to her following. After all she isn’t poor, nor is she ugly, there is nothing so ‘different’ to her in reality.

    • brittany murphy had a certain beauty to her, even sans make up, this chick is neither conventionally nor non conventionally beautiful, imo.

  2. I think she naturally is conventionally beautiful, but she dresses herself up and ruins it. I sometimes doubt that she even genuinely likes the outfits she wears.

  3. One of the very, very few celebrities who dares to wear high end runway pieces most are afraid of or find too challenging to style (no one can wear McQueen like Gaga). She treats dressing like an art form in itself, every outfit is a performance piece. Anyone who finds that weird or baffling…remember she isn’t dressing for you, or to please you, but for herself. That is being truly stylish instead of just being fashionable. If you find her clothes ruin her beauty, maybe you should question why you value the beauty of someone based on his or her clothes…

    • Uh considering she’s talking about outer beauty here, I think it would make sense to say that the way one styles themselves or their makeup can take away from what somebody defines as physically attractive.

      • I took away from the article that she was talking about physical beauty when she says outer beauty. But you missed my point. I’m saying that if you’re basing the physical beauty of someone off of his or her manner of dressing, then you’re doing it wrong…and to disregard her natural beauty because she chooses to dress in an avant garde manner is silly. But if you want to, go ahead, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, just seems UH shallow to me.

        • I think it would be shallow if the way she dressed affected how somebody viewed her as a person. Judging outer beauty is shallow to begin with.

          • Of course that would be shallow, but I believe it is equally as shallow to let a person’s manner of dress affect the way one would view his or her natural beauty. If one is unable to see past clothes / unable to appreciate a person using his or her style as a platform for performance / self expression, I find that shallow. Like I said, my opinion, feel free to disagree, it’s just the way I see it.

    • LOL. She is dressing for attention. Because attention=$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in her “artistic” eyes. Just like *everyone* else in her line of er, work.

  4. I don’t think much of her really – she’s not particularly beautiful to me, nor is she unattractive. Some of her outfits are fun, some are totally repulsive, others just plain weird – but, that’s up to her. She’s having fun, I guess, and a lot of people seem to admire her for it! Her music, fashion sense and persona are not really to my taste – but I can see her appeal more than I can for Miley or Rihanna, tbh….

  5. I kind of see what she means but after nose job I think she looks pretty in a conventional sense. She kind of looks like Eva Peron in the kimono. I like that she has her own style even though I am not a fan personally.

  6. On the first pic, yeah for sure!
    Just kidding 🙂

    To me she is the definition of conventionally pretty since I find her average looking: not fat, nor too skinny, average height, average looking face.
    I find her pretty when she does not wear carzy outfits or makeup.

  7. I love her black coat and the bag on the 8th pic, the geisha dress and what she wears on the 7th pic.
    But God, how can you wear those heels (6th pic).

  8. I actually love Gaga and don’t understand the people who say “she would be much prettier if she dressed more normally, wore beautiful makeup etc”. I mean, it’s Lady Gaga-I don’t think that being pretty is what she’s aiming for. She wants to provoke and shock with her outfits and she does that fairly well. She seems to have fun with her outfits. I don’t think that fashion is all about being pretty, fashion can be an art by itself.

  9. I love her style. I don’t see why we look forward to fashion weeks and fashion shows and praise the creators, but then shame one of the rare people daring to wear these costumes. And she wears them well! I especially admire the geisha outfit and the black one above it.

  10. One word: ‘Eccentric”. She is more of an artist than a fashion model. Unique and unafraid to explore different areas of fashion, style… Hence , she stands out from the crowd, which is good in any industry, be it fashion, music, acting.

  11. She could be very pretty if she wanted to, like on the cover of Glamour magazine. Imo she was quite a babe before fame, when she had those curly brown bangs and minimal makeup.

  12. I’m completely bored with her music and her image. A few years ago she was… different. And that made her sort of interesting. Now she’s just copying herself and is a joke.
    HOWEVER, mad props for walking in those heels! I’ve got 1 pair of crazy 8″ stripper heels (y’know, just ’cause… 😉 and I can sort of do a hobble-wiggle thing for short distances in them and thats it. Hers are even higher so okay, I’m pretty impressed!

  13. ugh she is SUCH a hypocrite!! She has only recently come back into the public eye after have several cosmetic surgeries. She has gotten a nose job and gotten some nipping and tucking on her eye lids. Honestly I have absolutely no problem with someone who chooses to get a nose job or a face lift or whatever they think they need to feel more confident in their own skin. But I find it completely appalling to then have to hear them voicing their opinions on how they don’t really think physical beauty is important. If she really thought that “what you have to offer” is “more important than what is on the outside”, then why did she feel the need to undergo multiple surgeries to try to improve her “outside”? Ugh I have always felt that she was just acting/dressing super strange as a way to get publicity and her blatant lies that are quoted above just reiterate my thoughts that she entirely fake.

  14. The whole Lady Gaga persona was invented BECAUSE she is not conventionally beautiful. If she were conventionally beautiful, she would never have needed/used the gimmicks to become so famous

    • EXACTLY. With her looks, she could never be Britney Spears and her people knew that. So they created this whole pseudo-artsy/avante garde persona/style for her, because that was the only way she could make it, was with all the smoke and mirrors.

  15. I dont understand, she is all about self-confidence and promoting being yourself yet she always seems to hide who she actually is with layers of makeup and elaborate costumes. Almost as a distraction… from herself.

  16. I like the photoshoot, but those candids are awful. I like that she’s not caught up in being beautiful, but to say she’s living for her music is kind of silly. She’s very obviously obsessed with her image.

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