18 thoughts on “Lena Dunham Does Elle”

  1. I don’t care what anyone says. I like her. She’s bringing the sex appeal in these shots. I know she’s not everyone’s cup of tea and definitely doesn’t always “keep it classy,” but she doesn’t have to! She’s smart and honest, which I like. I do wonder if she’ll get fit for her health at any point.

    • right!
      Because she had stylists, in addition to good angles and photoshop.

      One thing that always gets me – does she have long lower legs? I have seen countless photos where her legs look long-ish, is it she has long legs, but chicken lower legs and heavy thighs?

  2. What is with the different hand poses in every cover she does? She look so awkward.. Still, she is not a model so kudos for trying

  3. Those shoes with the hearts…. I want them like, yesterday.

    I like Lena Dunham. Sometimes I think she pushes the envelope in her writing just for the sake of being that person which is kind of annoying but I also appreciate something and someone different. I even like her weird crazy clothes, even though they don’t always suit her body at least they are unique. I’ve totally worn clothes that don’t flatter me as much but that I LOVE because of the color, print, or whatever. We can’t all be supermodels but we can all have fun with our looks… lucky for the rest of us we aren’t under constant media speculation like these celebrities.

  4. My disdain for her as a person runs so deep that I can scarcely admit she looks better here than I have ever seen her. Which still isn’t that great.

  5. I just can’t admire someone who became succesful through nepotism. Like Lily Colins. I love her father, but damn… no respect for influential people’s kids, they have it easy.

  6. I suppose these were the best shots if they used them for magazine…. I don’t know who she is but looking at these photos she’s not an attractive lady at looks like she’s about to murder someone.

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