Black Tights Look Best on… Lindsay, Lauren or Lily?

black-tights-look-best-on-lindsay-lauren-or-lily - Black Tights Look Best on... Lindsay, Lauren or Lily?

Oh, I’m loving the triple “L” in the title.

Black tights and mini dresses. Almost a classic. Skinny girls wear this combo, thin girls wear it and curvy girls wear it. Proof?  Here are Lindsay (22), Lauren (22) and Lily (23) in their black tights and short dresses – and one is skinny, one is slim and one is curvy.

Black Tights Look Best on… Lindsay, Lauren or Lily?

Pick your favorite!

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27 thoughts on “Black Tights Look Best on… Lindsay, Lauren or Lily?”

  1. Lilo looks so fresh-faced here! LOVES IT!… Keep it up, Lindsey!

    I think the jacket is overwhelming Lily (who I love) & Lauren looks like she's gained a few lbs… that outfit isn't doing anything for her.

  2. best figure has lilo she is sooo skinny i love it

    but i like lillies look the most:)

    she has lost some weight recently and looks very nice:)

  3. hey you have all sizes of the spectrum!

    lindsay wins this one . conrad came close but I hate her outfit. and lily alrready lost,there no competition.

  4. I think they look best on Lauren. She always looks cute for some reason! Also, I think her legs are not too skinny for them– they are just perfect. Lindsay looks wayyy too skinny for those tights– they make her legs look like toothpicks! Lily looks good in the tights but I don't think they matched her outfit at all. I also think her legs are a bit too full.

  5. Lindsay's head looks way too big for her emaciated body!!

    Lauren looks pretty good and so does Lily – to be honest, i think Lily is the prettiest out of all three, i love her hair and she has a really nice friendly face. Lindsay needs to gain some weight…God.

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