Who’s Hotter? Lindsay Lohan Versus Mena Suvari!

Who's Hotter? Lindsay Lohan Versus Mena Suvari! 1

Opaque stockings, black and shiny heels, little black dresses and slim (going on super skinny, in Lindsay’s case) figures, presented by Lindsay and Mena on the red carpet.

Who’s Hotter? Lindsay Lohan Versus Mena Suvari!

Choose your favorite!

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14 thoughts on “Who’s Hotter? Lindsay Lohan Versus Mena Suvari!”

  1. Mena Suvari is pretty with a good figure but Lindsay Lohan is hotter – prettier face and sexier body.

    Outfit-wise I'd go with Mena Suvari although I love Lindsay's necklace and her shoe boots are very on trend.

    The winner for me since it's a hotness comparison is Lindsay Lohan. She's beautiful no matter what's going on in her personal life.

  2. Ohhh Mena looks so gorgeous!! I quess Lindsay is the "sexier" one, but I love everything at Mena in this photo… Love her hair (I want that!) and make-up, and her dress is beautiful. I say Mena, cause she looks so much more unique yet classier while Lindsay is just another hot babe.

  3. lindsay screams fabulous. shes gorgeous. i can proudly say, she is the most prettiest girl in teh world ( after my girlfriend )

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