Liv Tyler: “The girls walking the catwalk [now] are very, very thin”

FFN_f_51786177 - Liv Tyler: "The girls walking the catwalk [now] are very, very thin"

On her style:

“I go through periods where I just want to wear sweatpants and a puffer coat, and I wish I lived in Maine where I grew up and I could just jump in the car and go to school,” she says. “And then I stop myself and say, wait, you’re so lucky you get to live in New York City and you have beautiful clothes. Pull yourself together.”

Her thoughts on the fashion industry and body image:

“If you look back at Helena Christensen or Christy Turlington, they were probably a 4 or a 6 — they had beautiful bodies, very lean, obviously, and gorgeous. They obviously took beautiful care of themselves — they weren’t malnourished. Today, sadly, is a different story. The girls walking the catwalk [now] are very, very thin and very tall. I hate to make big statements because people just run with it and take it out of context. The whole industry has changed, it’s hard to comment.”

… says Liv for Yahoo! Style.

More photos of her next!

FFN_f_51767626 - Liv Tyler: "The girls walking the catwalk [now] are very, very thin" FFN_f_51786173 - Liv Tyler: "The girls walking the catwalk [now] are very, very thin"  FFN_f_51879148 - Liv Tyler: "The girls walking the catwalk [now] are very, very thin" FFN_f_51889599 - Liv Tyler: "The girls walking the catwalk [now] are very, very thin" FFN_f_51889601 - Liv Tyler: "The girls walking the catwalk [now] are very, very thin"

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27 thoughts on “Liv Tyler: “The girls walking the catwalk [now] are very, very thin””

  1. Helena and Christy – now those were beautiful woman who dominated the runway. That scrawny Maud gal from the other day looks like a scared girl in comparison.

  2. She’s soooo pretty. I wish she would do more movies.

    And I think she’s right. She actually tells it evenhandedly without slamming people.

    • I think she’s so pretty too, but not a great actress. I recently watched The Ledge (2011) and while she was nice to look at, her poor acting was distracting!

  3. Linda will always be my favorite, she had the glamour and charisma of an old Hollywood star. Cindy was boring. Christy was smart and had a face like a sculpture. Naomi was a diva, maybe a little bit too much lol.

  4. I remember she was so beautiful as Arwen, she hasn’t really changed much, but something’s off and different…She lost her spark. I think she has a lovely personality, but her outfits are usually a mess

      • Maybe, but to me she doesn’t look aged at all. I always think that she looks very young. It’s just something different with her facial expressions,her eyes or lips

  5. Not really sure how to feel about her quote, and I don’t get why everyone seems to think she’s drop-dead gorgeous. I was on a different site the other day and everyone was fawning over how beautiful she is. I think she’s attractive, just not stunningly so.

    • If you haven’t seen it yet, I think Stealing Beauty might change your mind about her. I always thought she was very pretty and a great choice for playing Arwen in LOTR but wasn’t wowed by her. That movie changed my opinion completely.

  6. Don’t know why she feels lucky to be living in NYC… that’s probably the last place on earth I would ever choose to live. I can last 2 days there and then I feel I am going insane. Will never understand how people can enjoy being surrounded by concrete and buildings over nature…

    • I feel insane when I live in suburbs or small town. The lifestyle is going everywhere in a car and never walking around. Wake up, get in car, sit in traffic, work, back in traffic, home, drive to gym to jog on treadmill instead of just walking outside…bizarre. When I visit my family sometimes I want to yell JUST GO OUTSIDE lol

      • hm I don’t know what area you’re referencing but where I live people are outside all the time and it’s lovely. It can be hard living in a very rural place where you do have to get in the car to go anywhere (that’s how I grew up as a teenager) but you can achieve a great balance imo by living in a town where you can walk places, but it’s small enough that a short drive out of town and you are in nature, and there is no claustrophobic feeling of being surrounded by buildlings and cement as in large cities. I totally feel you about getting in the car.. I live in town, next a river, with trees out my window, take the bus, and walk to the gym, which is ideal for me.

        Everyone is different though so whatever makes us each happy 🙂

      • It’s a bit different (taking a guess here) somewhere like in the U.S where it seems to be either live in the middle of the city or take a long car trip from the suburbs to go anywhere, or that in general it’s hard to ride a bike or walk places. Sure there’s places where the infrastructure is built around nature and there’s a lot of parks but where I live, a big-ish city in the North Europe the woods and lakes are literally like half a km away yet the city centre is about 4 km away.

  7. Wasn’t she big in the 1990’s? The era of “h—oin chic” waifs and Kate Moss? The super skinny look was just as big back then. I don’t think much has changed; she’s just being nostalgic.

  8. A size 4 or 6 today is much larger than a size 4 or 6 twenty years ago (during the 80s when Christy and Helena were are their prime). Vanity sizing.

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