Lupita Nyong’o Does Vogue

LN2-865x1024-e1403198300669 - Lupita Nyong’o Does Vogue

On becoming a fashion darling:

“[There are] epic six-hour fittings. It’s a job; it’s work, you know! We’d just try, try, try, try, try, try, try. At first it was very daunting, but I ended up really having fun with it… [Most times] especially for the bigger awards, the dress let me know it was going to be worn. It’s quite scary when you fall in love with a dress, because it’s nothing to do with your brain. It’s like a gut reaction.”

On the red carpet marathon:

“Everyone said, ‘Brace yourself, Lupita! Keep a granola bar in that clutch of yours!’ I didn’t really understand what they meant, and it was only once it was past that I realized that my body had been holding on by a thread to get through this very intense experience. Nothing can prepare you for awards season. The red carpet feels like a war zone, except you cannot fly or fight; you just have to stand there and take it.” She considers for a moment. “I hope they don’t make that the big quote!” she says, laughing. “Because that would be sad! Tell them not to do that!”

… says Lupita in Vogue.

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310 thoughts on “Lupita Nyong’o Does Vogue”

  1. Lupita looking flawless as always!!! All the quotes I read from her I love, she seems very sweet and also very smart.

  2. I know she is shopped here… but her skin, even in regular photos, always looks so amazing… I love it, I want it! Go girl! (I wish she would grow her hair out, into like a fro… jeeze she’d be so sexy with a big lush curly bouncy do…. right now she’s just cute)

    • From the photos I have seen, she doesn’t have clear skin. That is usually an indicator that she has been photoshopped.

      • They also photoshopped her thick calves and ankles for that one photo, they are much bigger in other photos of her on the internet.

  3. She looks great, her shoulders and arms are my workout motivation. No amount of workout could give me her teeth or lips though, I need professional help for those, lol. Gorgeous!

  4. She is stunning. I wonder what her work outs are…. I hope she spills.
    I also hope all this fame and attention doesn’t go to her head, and she doesn’t become over exposed.

  5. Beautiful woman, beautiful skin, but lower body is quite thick and chunky, all the way down to the calves…plus, she’s a little on the short side, which makes her look even thicker.

    • no, that’s called having musculature and a healthy layer of fat. you must be a fan of crooked sinewy legs like madonna or ashley greene. yuck

        • Haha, overall she looks good and I’ll just leave it at that. I was surprised by her lower body, I’ll just say dresses work best for her. Pretty. Gotta do cardio, frustrated with yahoo. Tried to send 4 messages. Try again later.

          • OK, don’t forget more fat is burned when doing cardio on an empty stomach! ahaha. Yahoo sux, too many problems.

        • I Googled “Lupita Nyong’o f” and the suggestions were ‘fashion’ ‘family’ ‘Facebook’ and ‘feet’. No ‘fat legs’ came up on my browser. So if it came up on yours, that’s because you must have searched it at some point (Google keeps track of your online searches and history). Even Google knows you’re crazy apparently. Try doing it on a different computer, you’ll see it doesn’t come up!

          • please ignore the troll. This poster has been banned repeatedly and ive reported her/him again. just ignore and the posts will be taken down soon.
            Remember the golden troll rule: you cant argue with stupid so dont even bother 🙂

          • Oh I figured as much! No wonder. Is she going to get banned a gain?
            Do we just respond with no troll or ignore?

          • It came up on my browser…you’re not insinuating all browser’s produce the same searches now are you?

          • Hehe changing your story because I made you look foolish? If you Google the same thing on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, it’s the same result. Nice try though. The problem is you searched ‘fat legs’ so that’s why Google is suggesting it for you. Google remembers your search history. Clear your cache/history and try again, dumb-dumb. My god, you’re not even smart enough to troll properly!

          • I couldn’t spell this woman’s name if my life depended on it…I never searched her name period.

            But, her legs are still thick, and yes, chunky…why does that matter to you? Are you her lol?

          • I don’t care if you call her legs chunky – that’s your opinion. I’m trying to point out you’re lack of logic: First you claim you Googled Lupita and instantly fat legs came up. Then I proved you wrong. Then you claim no, it’s just a different browser. Then I proved you wrong again. Now you change your story a 3rd time, that you never Googled her at all. 3 lies in a row, right there for us to see. So you can’t spell, can’t read, bad at lying – but pretend to study law, eh? More like special needs class for ‘slow’ adults 🙂 We learned spelling and computer searches in kindergarten.

          • Are you daft? Did you not see MY screen shot above?

            And it is not an opinion that she has chunky and or thick and or big legs……it’s a fact.

          • “And it is not an opinion that she has chunky and or thick and or big legs……it’s a fact.” hahahaha a fact ? Please stop embarrassing yourself and quit using words you do not understand. Fact = something that is indisputably the case, sported by numbers and researches.

          • It is a fact, b/c next to someone whose legs are slender and in shape, her’s look considerably bigger.

          • Don’t bother, this person takes with herself most of the time, it’s really scary actually, there are endless conversations about her workouts or body fat percentages (some people don’t even know that there is such a thing, they just life their lives happy und unaware of some batsh*t internet-chick who is obsessed with this)

          • I take care of myself, nothing wrong w/ that. And Lupita does have thick legs, esp. the calves and ankles, does not match her upper body. And your just as obsessed w/ your own body, but you probably don’t do much to help it.

          • I get the same search options as Punani Ouanani, plus ‘Facebook’ and ‘fansite’ so if the first option *you* instantly get is ‘fat legs’, then you must have Googled that option several times before, under either Lupita’s name or other celebrities’ names on multiple occasions. This doesn’t surprise me, given your obsession with low weight/body fat and your warped perception that almost everybody but yourself is fat, short and unattractive.

            No one asked you to “engage in screenshot battles”- that’s a responsibility you undertook yourself… The fact that you’ve gone so far to ‘prove’ such an insignificant point indicates that the only ‘nut’ around here is you.

          • Nope, I have never Googled the words boyfriend or family or fansite in my life and they came up as well. I suppose I also wrote all the articles that follow that search…..Lupita Nyong Fat Legs………as well? And took photos that accompany those articles that show her fat legs also? Hmmm…

            And my comments are accurate, if you don’t like them, don’t read them, and don’t respond to them.

        • Yeah, I agree with commentor Peaches, i don’t find fat either on Google.
          She’s fairly proportional judging from the scant bikini pics. When I think chunky lower body, I think kritstin bell, Alicia keys (tho she’s gained on her arms now too) rihanna and especially Leighton meester.
          I think if anything she is just very very toned up top

          • Yeah, my browser it came up, so it’s a common Google search.

            Also, her legs are quite thick/chunky when you compare them to legs that are slender and lean.

          • Oh what the hell, you’re the worst troll I’ve ever seen. You keep repeating the same thing like a broken record, shut the f* up already. I really, really hope that VS bans this dude ASAP. She’s bat sh*t crazy.

          • You’re angry reaction to my comment is illogical, it’s not about you, it’s about the woman in the post. Lupita’s legs are thick, and her calves and ankles do look weirdly swollen, all you have to do is Google her name and fat legs, it comes right up. If you don’t like my comment, I can’t help that.

          • Hey Natalia I am a guy who frequents all body image sites out of curiosity but never leave comments however I wanted to comment to you because I am really curious about your diet & fitness routine.
            For example what you eat for break, lunch & dinner, your snacks, how often you work out & what exercises you do. Oh & do you take supplements?

          • Oh come ON, this is just too much..Ben too? What else is next? Ben Kingsley wanting to know how you manage to be so peaceful and friendly..cardio and weight-lifting right? Apparently destroys brain cells on the way…

          • I assure you that if you trace my IP using your IPhone app it will be coming from Australia not Washington or wherever you girls think Natalia is from.

          • Nope. Like I said, it’s you. I know it’s you b/c otherwise you’d ask the moderatr to back you up. I have been, since coming here a few days ago – one user name.

          • I saw your comment where you said that you eat a lower fat version of Paleo. I could not find any other comments regarding diet. Do you consume any dairy? Also how many grams of carbs do you eat & from what sources? Sorry for the questions but I am just curious because I have tried Paleo but also found that it did not do much for my body composition. I felt healthier than before when I was eating glutenous grains and cooking with unstable fats but I just didn’t get as lean as I would have liked so I am looking to make adjustments.

          • So you bytches that are calling me out left and right, now want to know my diet and exercise routine????


          • I have not called you out. Sorry, I know it must be confusing with all these fake posters. I really am a male & my true name is Ben. I wish I could offer proof but that might be inappropriate.

          • High carb, well 50 percent I’d trying to lose I’d say. Carb and calorie cycle, low fat, moderate protein. Since you’re a male and trying to lose fat, do up to 60 minutes of cardio a day, intense. If you can’t handle that start at maybe 30 and work your way up. Weights are atill important when losing fat so you keep muscle- just make sure your lifting correctly and I’d say at least 4 days a week, not neglecting any body part. No dairy, but I’m lactise intolerant. Most mexican and Asian descent are.

          • PROOF That M = Ben = Diqus_jdud: Ben asked a question and then answered himself. Before it changed to ‘M’ I took a screen shot:

          • Holy s*** these people need to stop with this website and head to a shrink. Who has internet conversations with themselves about weightless? Frightening.

          • Thank you for the reply. I tried going really low carb & found it to hard to lift weights. Cardio whilst going low carb was ok but not weight lifting. I guess that is why you mention carb cycling. I like advice on diet, carb cycling & exercise. It just makes sense. All the best.

          • That’s b/c you people keep repeating the same things to me….your attacks warrant no other responses……if you don’t like my comments, don’t read them.

  6. Lupita is beautiful. The second pic is stunning, she looks regal. Too bad I’m honey-blonde and could never pull off such a bold pattern like she can, it would wash me out.

  7. Lupita is beautiful and her body is great, lower body included and in no way chunky. I really like the pictures, they bring out her beauty. She also seems to be a likable person.

    • LOL I love that you googled ‘how to take screen shots’, we can see it right there. So cute that you’re learning to use the computer! Now try this: Log out, clear your cache/search history, try again. Or try a different computer if you’re not smart enough to know how. Google remembers your search history just like Disqus shows us your long history of trolling. Fat legs don’t come up for the rest of us because we don’t search fat legs.

      Next, learn to spell, learn to read, and learn the difference between fact and opinion. Soon you’ll be ready for 2nd grade! Aww, isn’t learning fun? Hehe it’s like arguing with a little kid ^_^

      • Nope, I have never Googled the words boyfriend or family or fansite in my life and they came up as well. I suppose I also wrote all the articles that follow that search…..Lupita Nyong Fat Legs………as well? And took photos that accompany those articles that show her fat legs also? Hmmm…

        Only a woman with weight issues would get angry over my comments, b/c they are not directed at you…….there is no logical reason for you to be offended, unless you too have thick/big/chunky/fat legs.

        • I know you didn’t Clear History because I can see your Google Searches in your screenshot. You googled:
          Calories in brussel sprouts, Top 10 Foods high in protein, Bristol Stool Scale, JBrand jeans, etc. Do you ever stop obsessing over your food? Also your Poop now? 🙂

          I’m not offended. Ad hominem attacks about my legs are illogical – you can’t see them. For all I know you’re big as a house yourself and jealous of Lupita.
          Poor 3rd world peasant girl. Can’t read, spell, use a computer, make a friend, or ever leave the house. I feel sorry for you.
          Shhh, I know you’re angry, but it’s ok sweetie. Wipe the drool off your chin and take a nap-nap.

          • You are overweight, to some degree. Maybe a lot, maybe a little. But you are. No woman on earth would get this angry at me, a person who has never even commented to you, if you weren’t.

          • LMAO this is too funny. I just proved you to be the laughingstock of this site, but you’re too butthurt to respond, so you resort to calling me fat. I’m not angry, I’m literally laughing how dumb you are. It’s like watching a 5 year old throw a tantrum! My dog is smarter than you. Woof woof!

          • You already lost. You’re just embarrassing yourself. Too bad your imaginary ‘friend’ isn’t here to defend you. Imaginary friends are for little kids. I guess it fits your mental age of 5 years old. I bet you’re an ugly old hag in real life, too, trapped in a child’s mind. So sad. K I gotta go walk my dog, the one that’s smarter than you. Have fun sitting on the computer you can’t even use properly all night, Googling your Poop lmao. Can’t make this stuff up!

          • That’s why I’m not overweight like you are, b/c I know how many calories are in brussel sprouts. 🙂

          • I already have a Bachelor’s degree. Do you?…….’get a degree about that….’ lol

          • you sound so immature ,just as bad as diqus, please stop replying im sick of you clogging up this comment section, can someone block these two please?

          • yeah honey you’re just making a fool of yourself, stop it with the cutesy american talk. and i wouldnt use the words ‘peasant girl’, you do realise this is a lupita nyongo article right? lol

        • The reason ‘family’ and ‘fan site’ came up is because those are default Google suggestions (e.g what the masses google most). Wow I think I learned how to use Google in Kindergarten. You’re like 30 and I have to school you in computer basics?

          So sad, so sad….it’s too easy. Poor baby. Aww, it’s ok. Time to go nap-nap. Let the grown-ups finish the discussion.

          • Peaches, I have never read anything more accurate as your assessment of this person. This is the same person who’s stats have changed from bust 36A to 34B to 34 1/2B, waist has changed from 24 then 25, back to 24. Height has changed from 5’6″ to 5.7.5″ back down to 5’7″, who’s age has changed from 25 to 44 then 23, claimed to be born in Estonia, then admitted to being born in Maryland, was a philosopher, then a model, now a lawyer, now a bodybuilder. Then admitted not too long ago that she looks like Giuliana Rancic, but most people know Giuliana does not look healthy or attractive, now has changed her story & now looks like Linda Hamilton. Hada fat butt & was overweight, then claims she is naturally thin & doesn’t gain weight. Poor thing is getting worse & worse. This person just might as well admit that she’s jealous of most of the women on this site who are praised for being healthy & having nice bodies. It’s killing her. That’s why if you read her comments in her previous posts she pretends to be several different people agreeing with herself & having conversations with herself. This jealousy is eating her alive. Poor thing has never won an argument, that’s why she resorts to calling everyone “fat” when she is made to look like a fool. Rest assured though, her imaginary friend will soon jump in.

          • You are right. When I was overweight at 108 lbs and 16% body fat, I was 34-25-35 at the biggest. Now, that I’m at my optimal weight, I’m 13% body fat, 33-24-34. And bra sizes always have a converter size. 36A can sometimes be 34B, & I can take both at either weight, depending on the designer, style, etc. Notice you didn’t list your stats…:)

          • Why, to give you another reason to be jealous of someone else? Okay, you asked- I’m 5’9 1/2″. I’m 34.5 24 34.5 body fat at 14%. I work out-lift weights & eat healthy. I have long straight dark brown hair, large pale gray eyes, full lips & am young. I am an esthetician who has my own successful business, married to a cardiologist, live in a beautiful house, travel around the world. Anything else? Be careful what you ask for, you just night get it. Hmm… I noticed you didn’t address all the other lies. Not surprising.

          • Sure Serena…….still waiting for you to confirm I’m ‘talking to myself’, ahum.

          • Is Serena another imaginary friend of yours, along with M, C, F MK, CK, etc?
            Again, no denial that you’re jealous & dishonest. Hmmm…
            Helpful hint: green is so unflattering on you 🙂

          • So…..your not going to confirm w/ the moderatr that I am ‘talking to myself’? haha………Look, if my comments bother you that much, don’t read them. Bye Serena.

          • She said an aesthetician who owns her own business, married to a doctor & who is taller and thinner than you are. Jealous much?
            It took you a whole day to come up with THAT? Not much else to say, huh?

          • I & everyone on here read the same thing. Perhaps it is you that is deliberately reading it wrong?

          • Her measurements are bigger than mine, her height is taller than mine, and her body fat is higher than mine……..duh.

          • Really? She is 2.5″ inches taller than you, her measurements are about the same as you “claim”, her waist is smaller, her measurements are more proportionate than yours & her body fat percentage is 1% more? For someone who is so much taller than you, then yes, she is leaner (& taller) than you.

          • I’m 33-24-33.5…and 12-13% fat….nope, on all but the height thing. anything else/?

          • Yep, her measurements are definitely more proportionate than yours. I thought you said that you were 13% fat. Now it’s down to 12%? Either way, yes, she is leaner.
            Look, I have no idea who you are or what is going on with you & all the other posters. I can only assume all the deleted comments are yours? Anyway, judging from the comments that weren’t deleted, your stats do seem to change, depending on whoever you’re talking to. Are you now done trying to change facts?

          • She’s an inch wider than I am in both spots, and she didn’t list her weight, that means it’s not low. I was overweight at 34.5 inches chryst……….

            Oh, and she’s not real :).

          • Oh, but I thought you said your waist was 25″, your hips were 34″ and your bust was-33″ And both her ‘spots’ are more proportionate than yours. At that height & 14%, yes, she definitely is leaner & more proportionate than you. By the way, if she’s not real, why did you reply to her? Tsk tsk… Anything else? My kitty cat is wanting attention….

          • If you read I was 34″ hips, and 25 ” waist, you also skipped over where I said at those measurements I was 108 and 16% fat……and that now I have lost it and am at my optimal weight of 105 and 12-13% fat (no one is that precise sorry, I go by what they tell me in the gym, could be either) that I’m 33-24-33.5.

            Yes, I was too heavy before…….now I’m not. And she is real, her stats aren’t 🙂

          • If you’re telling the truth, then you are both about the same( % & measurements) except she’s taller, so that would make up the 1″ difference. Either way, I’m sure she looks much leaner than you, if only because of the height difference (not to mention the 1% difference, which is really nothing when someone is so much taller). Anyway, maybe she will come back to this post & share more? Or maybe not, she sounds like she would be pretty busy. Curious, why would she not be real? She seems successful & takes care of herself, but there was nothing unbelievable or outlandish about her comment.

          • And you expect us to believe you aren’t her? Please, all the women who argue with us claim to be 5″9 and thin. Likely story, if you were thin you wouldn’t keep yapping.

          • Aah, after visiting other pages, now I know what the deal is with you & the other posters. Your jealousy (pretty obvious) your multiple identities (wow) and your LIES- after reading, by your own admission, about your out of shape body- with bloated belly,flat butt & soft arms and your black head problem (your words) our exchange from last night is really meaningless, isn’t it? Now I feel bad for pointing out the obvious las night. I just didn’t know how obvious. Oh well, that was 10 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. I wish you luck getting in shape & taking care of your skin (maybe make friends with the aesthetician above?) Take care & I’ll pray for you.

          • By the way, respond all you want, I won’t be back to this page anymore. I feel bad enough as it is after knowing the truth.

          • We are not jealous of women who are not thinner, leaner or fitter than we are, that would be absurd. And I have one identity and one username, the other poster, also has one ‘identity’, but uses different usernames (letters). I mean, you chicks make up your mind, either we are the same person or different……yeesh. And the other poster is 6 ft 2, which I envy, and 130-135 lbs……hahaha. Go away sanya/serena…….

          • Exactly……if the esthetician, can’t remember name…….was really thin, she would have listed her weight, that’s the first thing that bytch would have spouted out believe me haha…….but she didn’t feel like looking up what the BMI would be for her height, so she just made her measurements a little bigger than mine, and her body fat a little higher than mine……like I’m to envy her b/c she’s bigger than I am wtf??? But seriously, most thin women would not have a problem w/ my, and your, comments….that’s a good indicator.

          • You seem to be very impressed with the height of 5’9″, hence your repetitive accusations that everyone is lying about being that height. Are you some unfortunate freakish height like 4’11” or 6’2″ or something and really want to be 5’9″?

          • Stopped reading after ‘sure she’s much leaner than you’…….how dumb are you, that you can’t see that 14% is higher than 12 or 13%??? And she’s making it up anyway! haha

          • Yes, people do go to sleep at night……lol. If you stayed up after me, that’s your problem. I get up around 6 to do cardio on an empty stomach, shower, eat breakfast, stretch and then do weights six days a week. You should try it 🙂

          • All true. The funniest part is when she talks about how she loves being a ‘loner’ but I think she’s posted over 200 times in the past few days alone, mostly talking to herself, and inciting arguments – Really desperate for attention. Also funny how she cries ‘fat fat fat’ like a toddler throwing a tantrum when you point out her opinion isn’t fact.

            @skinnyvscurvy-6c8f44a2a0ff2073e8f68a1546e5d917:disqus Sorry if you think I’m mean. You’re right, I’ll stop feeding the troll. I don’t normally comment but have followed this blog for years on RSS, seen the same chick post truly vile things no one would dare say out loud, wanted to put her in her place for one. I just freaking love Lupita, she’s hot 🙂

          • You have no proof I’m talking to myself. If you want proof, ask the moderatr if mine and M or C or F or CK or N or anybody else – is me. Go ahead……I’m waiting……

          • Why do these women act so high and mighty lol? I mean, its just insane. I have never in my life. How does a woman whos 5;4 and 160 act so catty? 5’9 rich and thin my azz.

          • Is not mean when the person deserves to be treated that way, I laughed SO hard with everything you said but even though it was HILARIOUS I think you gave her/it more atention that what it deserves.

          • You’re right, sometimes I can’t resist a catty comment. I know it’s best to ignore, but…I was bored and her lies were so obvious re: lupita and fat legs on google 😉 In my defense a bunch of other people chipped in too. It’s hilarious how they think we’re all the same person, keep making up fake names too.
            And now her imaginary friend is back! Notice the troll is too thick to respond to our valid points, so instead she makes up info about how we look, when she can’t see us…cuckoo for cocoa puffs! :S

          • Um, first you refer to us as “they” and then you say im an imaginary friend? You dont even believe your own shyt.

          • Hahaha I lost it when she accused you to be overweight! Oh my god, this person needs to grow up 😀

          • Serena is overweight. That’s why she lost her period due to an ED recently. Her words……not mine.

          • Right, i’m studying to bea kindergarten teacher and the last kindergarten i was at the kids were the same, if someone doesn’t agree with them they are just STUPID etc…but of course that’s cute ’cause they are kids and don’t know any better..if you are an adult that’s another story…

          • If someone doesn’t agree w/ logic, it’s stupid. And that’s what happens here.

          • You’re the angry one, that’s why I don’t see you arguing w/ logic, only ad hominem arguments.

            Lupita’s legs are thick, and her calves and ankles do look weirdly swollen, all you have to do is Google her name and fat legs, it comes right up. If you don’t like my comment, I can’t help that.

          • GROW UP already, I love this job, i could easily have studied literature or somethign else but i took a year off after my graduation and worked with children/teens and i LOVED every second with it. Kids are great, i love listening to them and playing with them and see the world through their eyes, it’s fascinating to see them grow up and change etc. Maybe you should spend sometime with other people it will do you good and the training isn’t very easy and we have a lot of boys in class too!
            For all we know you could sit behind a dumpster all day in your imaginary world…

          • Says the unemployed loser who lives in a basement trolling all day. Why don’t you enroll in kindergarten, you might improve your comprehension …

          • Then she can fit in with the kiddies in calling other people names when they can’t think of an intelligent insult. Of course they’re just kids, what’s her excuse? Oh, that’s right, a low IQ.

    • This is like GOLD..i can’t stop to take a screen-shot or calories in brussels sprout (i mean come on?)’s all so posed, oh look at my intelligent/skinny search on the internet…and with the calculator, tryin’ to calculate your body fat today? CLASSIC.,.this is just..really..i’m laughing so hard right now..i can’t even..

      • It’s illogical to laugh at someone b/c they research food and take care of their bodies. I left them in my screenshot b/c I don’t care if anyone sees them, and I didn’t feel like clearing my search history for the sake of the people here…..not worth it.

          • Keep telling myself that research the nutritional value of food will help me maintain a healthy, lean body? I will. And you do see the jeans I wear, don’t you 🙂

        • Natalia i have a feeling that you need to get laid big time. you’re one of those girls who never developed and b❆❆bs or butt so you decided that everyone else was “fat” lol stop projecting the fact that you look like a dude on everyone else, loser

          • I have b❆❆bs and a butt, mine match in circumference unlike yours Serena. I am 33-24-33.5, and after I lose that last pound, I will be 33-24-33. And I don’t have sex b/c I’m not a low class person and I’m intelligent. A unintelligent woman gives a man something and gets nothing in return (no financial benefit, no security), except a likelihood of disease and pregnancy.

          • Or someone who listens to you, spends his time with you so that you don’t have to spend all your day on the computer google calorie content of foods? A home and a family, someone to spend to rest of your life with? to laugh, love and even is one of the best things in life and one that can hurt you the most (i bet we can all agree on that) but i rather try and be happy than to never try and be miserable…and there are also a lot of women who are just into sex and nothing in return, woman can be cruel as well! Stop with you intelligent-crap, all kinds of people fall in love and they are not stupid for sound like a little boy I DON’T LIKE GIRLS; THEY SMELLY..*sigh*…

          • You don’t have sex because you are not low class? Ahahaha you are even more of a loser than i thought. You just can’t get a man most likely because you look like a dude with a wig on lol

          • I don’t want a man, I have my own money and don’t need to marry. And yes, lower class women do have sex w/out marriage, also, the dumb ones do, I hate to say it. As I said, what woman would give her time and energy and risk disease and pregnancy, and get absolutely nothing in return (no benefits from that derived fr. marriage). That’s why we have the legal binding contract of marriage – to protect people and give them rights and benefits. If you’re not married, you don’t get the benefits, and you give yourself away for nothing. And I’m not religious, I’m practical. And also, not interested in marriage, kids, etc.

          • seriously? you are making a fool out of yourself please stop, you clearly cant have got laid yourself if you are that judgmental, cant somebody block this person clogging up the comment section?!

          • Who’s Serena? diques_jdud_44yj2-hhf – you could do something productive with your life (if you had one) than lurk around this site starting retarded conversations with others (mainly yourself). Just, can you reflect on yourself a bit? And maybe realise that there’s so much more to life than knowing how many calories are in water. You seem to have all kinds of problems, self-denial and jealosy being the main problems. You want to live in a made up world where you look perfect and everyone likes you, but it’s not going to happen if you overly obsess over things like this and act like a turd.

          • Serena is the one that always attacks me whenever I comment here, one of them. She’s the most irrational.

            If you don’t like my comment about Lupita, I can’t help that

          • @snuggepup Don’t bother responding. Just click the flag to report to Mod. Serena is probably a made up person the troll talks to in her head like cm, g, Candy, etc the others. KCATE too probably since she looks like another alias – the only person clogging up the comments is disqus_jdud so ignore her until Mod can delete.

          • Well anon size 4, ahum, why don’t you ask the moderatr if my IP address is the same as those other ones? I’ll wait…:)

          • Yes, I’m sure you’ll wait, quite literally all day. Since you sit behind the computer from sunrise to midnight making thousands of irrational, angry, comments all day, attacking everyone, the proof is in your posting history.

            IP Address is irrelevant – many people use Apps to block IP sites/blogs from seeing theirs. Or you could use a smartphone and a computer. For someone who hides behind the computer 24/7 you don’t seem to know much?

          • But if you use an IP blocking ap., it says so. Don’t suppose you’d like to ask the moderator is she sees this……? 🙂 Why so angry size 4……..:)…you are the anon I spoke to before that admitted you are a size 4….aren’t you? :)))

          • No, I’m not the anon you spoke to (I just picked anon as a random name. I don’t have an account). I’m not a size 4. I’m not angry, but amused by your persistence. It’s obvious to everyone that you’re quite angry, which is why you made too many comments ranting like a maniac. Actually I’m starting to see ‘M’ could be a different person because she seems calm and rational and you seem….deranged. Noticed she’s not even defending you? 😛

            If you don’t believe us that you sound like a maniac, feel free to email your comments (hundreds of them) to someone you trust, like a Parent or Sibling. Ask for feedback. Do you think they’ll be pleased? This is not healthy nor productive. Maybe you could volunteer, learn a new language, get a hobby, etc. I’m a teacher so over the summer I have free time. I volunteer in a hospital and go hiking and rock-climbing. Maybe try boxing to get the anger out? Sitting at the computer for 18 hours/day is not healthy, objectively speaking of course. Ask your Doctor if you don’t believe me.

          • Yeah, I’d be ashamed to admit I was a size 4 also…..the hips start at 36 and go up to 38 inches 🙂

          • *Sigh* of course you ignored all my points and are obsessed with my size – I’m starting to think you’re Autistic and fixate intensely on 1 thing. I’ve had autistic students in class who think similarly. It’s hard to get them to address reality. Your behavior is astoundingly delusional. I suspect this is the only social interaction you get all day, so you keep coming here despite being banned? Well I have to go now, but we all know you’ll be here for the next 12 hours saying the same thing over and over 🙂 It’s really sad actually. Even ‘M’ thinks you’re crazy and stopped talking to you….your only ‘friend’ has abandoned you! Uh-oh time for a meltdown.

          • DRTL……it’s irrational for you to attack me, I never said anything to you first. If you don’t like my comments, skip em. Don’t know what else to say to you. But there is really no other reason for women here to attack me other than that they are ED or prior ED or overweight to some degree……being that I never commented to them.

          • For the curious, I used to frequent this site before Natalia came around the first time, and Serena was a regular poster. Natalia became convinced that the Serena here was a girl at school who was “jealous” of her.

          • Of course she was. She has a breakdown here once where she admitted to having an ED and losing her period, that’s why she had the issues she had.

          • Yes I think Serena or Casey was a girl who took Natalie’s boy friend in school many years ago? So now she hates her and thinks we’re her, also explains her anger toward men and why she thinks the dozens of posters asking her to stop are all her old school enemy…the delusion is sad, poor scorned girl

          • She’s hated Serena ever since Serena told her off & made her look like the buffoon that she is. Of course, she is just one of many who have done that to the poor thing. But for some reason she latched on to this other girl. The logical conclusion would be jealousy.
            Interesting tidbit: On a post few months back, I can’t remember which one, this diqus person admitted to her friend Candy that she does pretend to be other people, apparently she thought she was fooling people. Anyway, she admitted that she was a bit overweight & unemployed & basically unhappy with life. And her little friend Candy was in some sort of therapy, too. She also admitted that she despised this other girl because she has a man & seems happy.
            Sorry for the long post but just some amusing history at a time when she was feeling like being honest.

          • So…….. she really is Natalia? OMG… If one is banned from the site how can she come back to harass us… I just hope someone notices her yelp for help irl so she can get some real help to those problems.

          • Lol of course, haven’t you noticed for weeks now Natalia has been commenting here under many new names? It’s obvious bc all her comments are the same: listing her measurements and obsessing over body fat, saying all women are fat and jealous of her. She repeats the same things over and over but people still argue with her – pointless. Just comment and move on, for godsake. I don’t know why the moderator doesn’t block her.

          • Okay, you are right. I never have sex because I am fat and ugly.. and I have a moustache that just keeps coming back, no matter how much I wax it.

          • Yeah, you’re using my username (not in blue BTW so it’s not me), b/c you are not overweight at all, and are perfectly happy w/ your body, and my comments do not make you feel fat at all.

            Sure. 🙂

          • If I told you I was 5’10” and 115 pounds and a well-known philanthropist, would you believe me? No, because I didn’t prove it. So, either show us a picture of your supposed perfection, or shut up. Which law school do you attend? Who are your professors? What is your bachelor’s degree in? From which industry does your family wealth come? All you do is sit around all day and make up an imaginary life you wish you lived.. Now hurry and google some things so you can make up answers to all the questions I just asked you.

          • Why on earth do you think I care enough what you think to tell you all that shyt LOL……this article WAS about Lupita’s legs………..chunky as they are.

          • LOL I didn’t type that. I saw YOU post that under ‘Anon’ (trying to be me) and then it changed back to your username! In attempting to frame me, you proved yourself a liar! Now you are pretending I typed it? Hahah this is too funny. Btw I have an iPhone App that can trace user’s IP addresses so yes, I see you’re posting from a few miles outside Washington, including the comment above, where you admitted you’re ugly, fat, and have a mustache!

            hahahahaha this is too funny oh my god. I am cackling at you here.

          • No, sorry, I am just an observer. I don’t usually comment on female blog sites but since it was not regarding me making a comment on a female body I thought it would be ok to post a comment to Natalia as I am truly curious about her diet & exercise routine because of her low body fat %.

          • @Ben How do you explain this screen shot? First you claim you’re asking fitness advice, but then you say Natalia has limp hair and is ugly below….?Something fishy is going on here

          • Type what? Saw me post what? Didn’t read the rest.
            You lack even the most basic communication skills. And you’re a size 4. Poor you.

          • Finally..the truth is out guys and now we can all be at peace and stop feeding this troll! Have a good life (whatever that means in your world) 🙂

          • Some of her comments have become “Guest”, for me atleast. Is this the end of the terror? She’s getting kicked out?

  8. Don’t ban the troll! It’s fun to watch these stupid arguments although I know I’m lame by doing it. I must say that both the troll and the other people that argue with her are mean, not just her. I don’t know why someone is responding to the troll ( I guess they are bored like everyone visiting this site).

  9. Beautiful from head.. to waist. Even the magagzine is covering up, not showing her legs. But shes very pretty and looks fit.

  10. Girls, if you¡d like to get great toned arms like hers and don’t have her awesome black genes then boxing is one of the best ways to go, I’ve done it for 3 years, left it for 1 year and a half because of a knee injury, came back and my arms are already getting back in shape, like honestly my arms and shoulders are one of the favorite parts of my body, it really works and you’ll have tons of fun (and a lot of other benefits) while doing it =)

    • Arms can’t be ‘toned’ there is no such thing. Muscle either atrophies or hypertrophies, that means gets smaller or bigger BTW. And Lupita’s arms are ok, but not great. Linda Hamilton in T2 had great arms, that started a national movement of women dying to have her arms….which, were achieved through weight training BTW.

      • Just googled world stats on black women and overweight/obesity, didn’t find much on the first page, didn’t feel like looking more…..but in the US, it’s 80%.

        Also, like to say ahead of time, this is an accurate scientific fact, and not a razist comment. These stats are from the NIH, CDC, WHO to name a few.

        The black women I admire, and the ones that are beautiful, are not obese or overweight…Iman, Grace Jones when young, Alec Wek, and the model that was with Cara Levigne in the other post…can’t remember…..Lupita is beautiful at least from the waist up, (and the height thing too if she were taller she’d be awesome).

    • If anyone else has the intention of replying my comment i beg you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not feed the troll, cause we know “both” of them are the same person, please, I’m trying my best to ignore it and we should all do that up untill it gets tired and goes away, we all know everything it says is bulls— so let’s just not waste time and energy arguing with it, at least not on my comment because I’ll get the notifications and it willl be really annoying for me.

      • I’m not a troll, you’re the troll b/c you keep of making statements on the internet in hopes of getting someone (me) to respond.

        I on the other hand do NOT want to be responded to.

        Also, why don’t you ask the moderatr if me and C or M or N or CM or any other letters, are the same people. You look foolish.

      • You did not ask the moderatr if I am the other person I am talking to b/c you know it’s not true. You sound ridiculous saying it. Is it that impossible for 2 people to share the same thoughts? For you to even say something like that, just shows that you are illogical, and it sounds like you have an eating disorder if you are that bothered by other peoples comments about other women’s bodies. You’re anger is just not normal. It’s not normal to lash out hatefully at strangers, merely for speaking their minds. If you can’t take others viewpoints, then you should not be on a body image website, esp. if you have an eating disorder.

        • The Mod called you a troll (not trolls as in plural, indicating 1 person) and said to flag your comments – proof posted below. Do you feel embarrassed?

          As for proof that you are nuts, just click on your username and see that you’ve posted 210+ comments today and yesterday alone, mostly angry rants – how much more proof do you need before you see reality?

          • The moderatr didn’t say I was both people, and you didn’t ask, b/c you know I’m not.

          • Oh my, now she’s discovered Linda Hamilton & decided that she wants to look like her, hence this new obsession with her. First it was Miranda Kerr, now Linda. I wonder who it’ll be next month. If she doesn’t want to be responded to, then why does she keep responding to other people over & over, repeating the same desperate drivel?
            This is like a tragic comedy.

          • Yeah, you should discover Linda Hamilton too, maybe you would lose the fat and not be so bitter to strangers on the internet, who aren’t even talking to you btw…..

          • Ooh, hit a nerve, didn’t I? Only an illogical, irrational, emotional woman would respond to someone (who wasn’t even talking to you, by the way) with childish personal attacks. Quite frankly, you shouldn’t be insulting other people’s looks when you have no idea what they look like(quite illogical) especially since you admitted that you were out of shape with a flat butt, was put on accutane because you have greasy hair & skin with pustules & blackheads on your face & back. Wow, no wonder you’re so bitter & envious of everyone else.

          • You have the wrong person…I am not the other poster. And I suggest weight training and cardio and a healthy diet, to anyone that is unhappy w/ their body, and you seem to be very by how angry you are.

          • Hey i’m not bragging, i’m normal. You on the other hand ahahahahaaha! Maybe you won’t sound so pathetic, talking to yourself on a damn blog, if you actually do get some 😉 It’s embarrassing! lol

          • Yes, you are normal. You have a normal woman’s body, not an exceptional one, and you have pre-marital sex, like most common US women. Congrats.

          • And i’m sure you look exceptional because you are actually some dude with a wig who stuffs your bra and tucks your man part backwards lol Don’t forget to take your hormones. Maybe they will make you less bitter and angry towards other women who actually have woman parts 😉

          • I don’t think I look exceptional, I do look exceptional. There is a difference. I am exceptional physically b/c I am taller than the average woman in most parts of the world, I am thinner than most women, I am leaner than most women, and I have muscle. Less than 1% of women my height, have my weight and body fat, and measurements….I Googled it 🙂

          • You’re forgetting I’ve seen your body on the internet. You are average, that is why you criticize me.

            And Lupita’s legs are thick, and her calves and ankles do look weirdly swollen, all you have to do is Google her name and fat legs, it comes right up. If you don’t like my comment, I can’t help that.

          • I have you seen you in real life too, and you are average. You need to lose about twelve pounds, and you could stand to be about two inches taller.. Also, you should try some sort of volumizer for your limp hair.

          • I have seen you. If the things I just said aren’t true, just add a picture to your profile… really, show us all.
            And its sir, not ma’am (sp btw)
            And, I don’t need to lose any weight, I am currently trying to bulk. I don’t mind posting a picture to prove it, either.

          • I can’t help but notice you constantly mention how fantastic you look, yet you’re reluctant to provide any evidence of this, hiding behind several profiles, with no picture.

            Maybe you should post one so we can all see how drop-dead-gorgeous you actually are? I’m sure you won’t and will use the excuse that you have nothing to ‘prove’ to anyone.

            You (incorrectly) assume that all the other commenters are fat, but in the same way, you can try all you like to convince us that you look amazing but with no proof, you just seem like a narcissistic, mentally-disturbed, deluded, unattractive LIAR.

          • I would never go out of my way to be rude to someone who wasn’t rude to me first. But since your comment was so rude, I’ll be rude back. I remember your photos you posted a long time ago to ask the modrtr what body shape you were…….you were, ahum, not a waif. How does it feel? 🙂

          • Um… It feels fine, thanks because I’m secure in myself as a person and know that my values are not based on solely my appearance i.e. having the lowest weight possible. 🙂

            Nice try attempting to get me to share your evident insecurities with yourself though. 😉 Again, I repeat: I at least have the guts to post a photograph of myself… You can only post words to create a false image of yourself. 🙂

          • I never said your values are based on solely (sp btw), on your appearance. I said you are not thin, not lean and rather wide at the bottom. Hey… started it. Look……if you don’t like my comments, don’t read them, but it is quite irrational of you and the other ideeottes here to constantly harass me and the other user, just b/c we comment here. It’s irrational, don’t you get that?

          • Lol… If you think I am rather “wide at the bottom”, you must have got me confused with someone else. My legs are actually the thinnest part of my body and I’ve been told that they’re ‘too skinny’ several times before, so again nice try. 😉

            I’m aware of what you said, but your comments make it seem like your utmost value is your (alleged) thinness. *This* is why I think you’re disliked by other commenters- you emit an air of superiority because you’re (apparently) tall/thin, and believe that anything other than this aesthetic is somehow inferior.

            I’ll say it one more time… I’ve never seen your so-called perfect body, so I and most of the other users are inclined to think it’s a figment of your imagination. 🙂

          • I was referring to your ‘bottom’, your hips, your butt, your girth…and if your legs are too skinny, I suggest weight training, like I do in most of my comments.

            Again, it’s irrational typical female behavior to attack someone, who never said boo to you in the first place.

          • LOL!!! Your comments get more and more ridiculous each time… I’ve frequently expressed ‘butt envy’ on this site because my backside is pretty small, even though I’m black, despite the stereotype (This disproves your theory of black women being obese, by the way). However, I’m also very fit- I run 5 times a week, my heart rate is around 50 etc.

            There’s nothing ‘wide’ about my hips either unfortunately and I wouldn’t say my waist is tiny, but it’s definitely on the smaller side, so I’m not really sure whose picture you’ve got in your head which you are now associating with me?

            Thanks very much for your suggestion- I’d actually like to start weight training to increase my *upper* body strength, but my legs to me are not in fact ‘too skinny’- I quite like them as they are and they’re the same legs which allow me to maintain my fitness so I have a lot to thank them for. 🙂

          • P.S. I wasn’t attacking you- I was just pointing out how irrational it seems to make assumptions of people you’ve never seen, branding them overweight/unattractive, but at the same time expecting them to believe that *you* are a perfect 10 without providing any proof.

          • Don’t worry, she literally tells everyone they look bad and keeps repeating she has seen how we look when she obviously hasn’t…It’s kind of alarming how crazy she is, talking to herself, pretending she can see things she can’t,etc. Only a professional can help her but she has to make the first step.

            Honestly we should all ignore her, she will get bored soon enough. I took this blog off my Feedly because it needs better moderation. Maybe if we all left for a few weeks the Mod would address it 🙂

          • uh nice try?? I screenshotted this before you changed your name… what’s the point of going off on someone and then writing a “nice reply” against yourself??? v confused

          • @skinnyvscurvy-c619cf4e73bf96e03241e9e2dee1e5f7:disqus No the troll tried to post under ‘Anon’ to impersonate me, saying I have a mustache etc but Disqus automatically reverted to her user name because she probably forgot to logout. To cover, she accused me of impersonating her….This is getting really creepy actually. I wish there were mods on this site.

          • You tell me!!! I just screenshotted what I saw, which was you posting a “nice” comment in reply to someone you had just been attacking… then changing your screen name

          • Um……MM….you have to sign out of one account, before you can comment under another name…….that’s impossible.

          • Now i’m so confused…it’s like watching an episode of lost..what the..already suspected ben is another one of her aliases and now he is attacking her? she is attacking herself? what the f*ck is going on here guys? some s*it going down here really…

          • @an I have seen comments posted by ‘Tom’ ‘Ben’ claiming they have seen Natalia and she is ugly and has limp hair. I screenshot’ed this. But then one claims he is just trying to get bulking advice? I have seen the usernames change from Tom to Ben to Disqus_jdud etc etc
            So confusing. Is she attacking herself calling herself ugly? I think her brain finally broke down :/

          • I tell everyone they must be overweight 1) b/c most women are overweight, so the odds of them being here, are equal to that at least and 2) there is no other reason to attack me for merely leaving my comments, other than that you guys have something wrong with your own bodies and are jealous of me.

            Don’t want me to think that? Stop commenting to me.

          • Yeah, we probably should… It’s just there’s a part of me that finds it amusing to watch her (or him) make an absurd statement, then fail to address it without making incorrect assumptions about or personally insulting other people… You would think when this many people are pointing out someone’s idiocy to them, they’d at least take a moment to consider what they were saying but nope… This troll proceeds to display more and more imbecility with every comment. 🙂

          • Nobody, no one on earth, would spend as much time as all of you do – if you really thought I was a troll, and that my comments had no truth to them.


          • sounds like you speak from tell us what other sites are you trollin’ on? Skinnygossip? Maybe you pretend at sg that everybody is too skinny and only ‘fat/obese’ is the ideal just to offend people? I guess you are right, maybe your brain finally broke down, Ben!

          • Yeah……..I’m just going to have to weed out responses, takes too long. Yours are the first to go, and comments like yours, from whomever……..rude, hostile, immature……..I WILL SIMPLY NO LONGER REPLY TO.


          • No, what’s irrational is for these people to attack me, when I’ve never even commented to them. And chances are, they are pyssed at me, b/c my comments hit home (meaning, they are overweight to some degree or other). No other reason for the rancor…………come on……..

          • You have to admit though that calling people you’ve never met overweight/ugly IS irrational- you’ve never seen them so you have no clue how they look, just like they’ve never met you; try as you might to force into their heads how attractive you are, having never seen or met you, just as you assume they’re fat, they have every reason to think the same of you, especially since you’re so reluctant to provide evidence. Do you get my point?

            Also, I’m intrigued to know what your definition of ‘fat’/overweight is… according to BMI, it’s anything between 25 and 29, but I have the feeling to you, it’s anything over what your own naked eye perceives to be less inferior to the… unusual image of perfection you have in your head.

          • She called herself overweight at 108 lbs. So anyone who is not severely underweight is overweight to her. Body dysmorphic people often have tis distorted way of thinking, they literally see excess fat where there is none.

          • At 108 and 16% body fat, eating pints of coconut ice cream, fries, potato chips, I was overweight. For me. My natural weight is 104/105. What of it? You forget, I am not average. I am an ectomorph, they make up 2.5% of women, and I’m naturally underweight, whether I’m 108 or 104…….we make up .07% of the population. Most women would have to starve to get to what, for me is overweight

          • A true ectomorph is rare in today’s population. Why? Through the course of history humans have survive famine and hardships due to the ability to store far. This an individual with a very low fat percentage and the inability to sustain muscle would eventually weaken and succumb to the elements. So those with higher fat would have survive. The rarity of your body type doesn’t make a superior human being nor does it make you inferior.

          • It is also a well known fact that having too low of a body fat percentage can affect fertility therefore not reproducing. Just droppin some scientific logic. :-)~

          • It’s also known that if a woman is of a endo/meso combo body type, and has a ‘too low body fat’, that it can more likely affect fertility, than if she were an ecto, who are naturally meant to have a low body fat. Ectos can remain healthy, menstuating and fertile w/ much lower body fats than endo/meso combos, b/c we are meant to be that way naturally – it’s not through starvation/crash diets/over exercising. I’ve heard on this site here, of women that stopped menstruating at 16%…….I was overweight, stuffing myself and doing cardio maybe once a week at 16% (never stopped weights though).

          • “The rarity of your body type doesn’t make a superior human being nor does it make you inferior.”

            I never said it did.

            And two……hmmm…objectively speaking, being an ectomorph does not make my body itself superior/inferior to the other two types (health, genetics, disease, etc.), though one can argue it does make it ‘superior’ from an aesthetic POV b/c an ectomorphic body type is the most coveted female body type, in Western civilization, at this time in history….has been since the 1960’s w/ the onset of Twiggy. I can’t say about prior to the 21st century, Candy would be the one to ask about that.

          • Semantics. “Most coveted” more like a sick obsession my some women influenced my social media. I would venture to say that if you stood next to a woman if the same height with an hourglass body type and then asked ” which body would you rather have?” A majority of the women would say the hourglass.
            I’m sure you’ll argue differently as you must always be right.
            Whatever helps you sleep at night.

          • No, most models are ectomorphs. Models always have been the epitome of female beauty in Western culture.

          • Fine you’re right. Your body type is the envy of all the world. Your attitude an personality however is a less than desirable trait. You come off as a self righteous see you next Tuesday. Take the stick out of your a– and go lift some weight. I guess that makes me a sore loser but ya know what? Based on your other posts you appear to be a compliance liar anyway. No body gives a rats add about your measurements or statistics and since you’re so superior to all of us little peons then why do you feel the need for everyone to agree with you and validate your opinion, excuse me “your truths”. I feel sorry for you. I truly do. Now I have some real life important things to do because some of us have a life outside of rambling on the internet and working out. Insult me. Shame me. Prove me wrong. It’s meaningless to me.
            I jut thought I would do you a kindness and give you something to do today. Lmao. Have fun with that.

          • She always reads the “rest”. Someone who spends 24 hrs. a day on the computer always reads every word, that’s why she leaves 100 comments on every post. She just says “too long, didn’t read”, blah blah… because she lost the argument & can’t think of a comeback. Ha, so transparent.

          • Runway models maybe however they are meant to be “hangers”. The models that the envy of most of us are not true ectomorphs. Look up the definition. An ectomorph is the ruler body type. Straight up and down with NO curves. Ok, I’m done. You’ll come back with some other statement of fact to prove me wrong. But I’ve said all I have to say.

          • Ectomorph often referred to as the “ruler” body type. Straight up and down. Doesn’t sound like a VS model.

          • Zoe…….are you almost done LOL? I mean……

            It is irrational for me to get attacked for doing what everyone else does here – comment.

            And no it not irrational for me to assume they are overweight, whether a lot, or a little, b/c if they were happy w/ their bodies, they wouldn’t give a damn what I say.

            I know I don’t give a damn what their comments are.

            And overweight? It’s anytime you have excess body fat……..BMI is antiquated and unscientific. There is no physiological reason to take someones height squared times their weight. He rigged the formula when it didn’t work right the first time for him, Quetelet did.

          • Zoe, you are very wide in the hips,and no your waist is not small. If you have no butt (the butt is 3 muscles actually), and have skinny undeveloped legs, again, I suggest weights.

            Second, your physical state does not prove that most black women are not obese, they are, around 80% in the US.

          • Again, thanks for your suggestion but I repeat… there is nothing ‘wide’ about my hips, and actually my waist is small… However, I’m also aware of the fact that our definitions of ‘small’ differ vastly. If you can apparently remember me posting my picture, can’t remember my stats (which would indicate that I’m not fat as you seem to be implying), I’d suggest that you’re confusing me with someone else- sorry to disappoint you. 🙂

            It’s odd how you think that being tall/thin is the epitome of beauty, but think having 36-38 inch hips is something to be ‘ashamed’ of… most commercial models I come across are a size 8 UK, which is a UK 4… are they also fat, unattractive and genetically inferior to you?

            In regards to US obesity/race… I’m no expert as I’m from the UK. However 60% of white US women are also obese, which may not be as high as the statistic for black women you quoted, but I think it proves that obesity is a problem in America overall, not solely in Black America.

          • Is that why you’re sitting down, b/c there is nothing ‘wide’ about your hips? 🙂

            And I never said white women aren’t obese, I said black women are the fattest and have the highest rates of obesity, in the US and the UK, and maybe, MAYBE even the world (it’s partly due to genes, so that’s possible.)

            Didn’t read the rest Zoe…..not really that interested….it’s just too much. This is boring me.

          • Nope, I was actually sitting down to a) show off my legs, and b) because at 5’11 it was difficult to get a shot indoors that would fit my whole body in from head-to-toe, bearing in mind the fact that I was wearing heels… Even when sat down, my feet ended up being cut off at the bottom (long leg problems) Nice try again though. 😉

            In regards to obesity, you make a point but there’s been research into this and it’s been suggested that non-whites are actually more likely to be obese due to poverty, which leads to a lack of education regarding proper nutrition, as well as the fact that unhealthy foods are often the most inexpensive, so they’re often chosen over healthier, pricier foods.

          • Also, don’t know about you but when I sit down, my hips actually get *wider*… Wouldn’t it make sense if I were so ashamed of my hips to stand up and position myself at an angle to make them appear slimmer? Just a thought. 🙂

          • You’re wide bottomed, number one. Again you started this.

            Two, I don’t care why 80% black women are so fat, I’m just glad I’m not one.

          • You are delusional, number one. You are a liar, number two. You are a coward, number three. There is nothing wide whatsoever about my bottom half- in fact, I’d actually love to have bigger/more defined hips but overall I love my body. 🙂

            I’m glad I’m healthy and not overweight too but I can’t really say I share your dislike for being a black woman generally… nice try offending me though. 🙂

            I’m about to make dinner- (us fat black gals just *can’t* resist food) :p so I won’t be responding to any more of your comments for a good while at least, if at all. Bye! 😀

          • She is racist against Black women. In the past I remember she made fun of Black women’s hair or something and always calls them fat,so do her alter egos. I think it’s because Black ladies tend to be curvy hourglass types and she can’t stand it. She is jealous of feminine figures. Yeah in America a lot of Black women are obese because of poverty they can’t afford nutritious foods and gym classes.

            Anyway this is too confusing. All the usernmaes keep changing, I saw ‘Tom’ and ‘Ben’ change too, they are aliases…I am leaving now but you know she’ll be here all day typical…

          • So……..the CDC, NIH, NBIH the WHO are razist too for saying that most black women are obese/overweight? ………I see…….

          • It’s not pointing out that 80% of US black women are obese that makes you ‘razist’ i.e. racist, just like pointing out that 60% of white US women are obese would not make *me* racist. It’s the statement you made that “…80% black women are so fat, I’m just glad I’m not one”, which makes it seem like you find it more acceptable to be obese an obese white woman, than a black one.

            Obesity has nothing to do with race, but just remember that 60% is still the *majority* of white women, so a lot of the US population regardless of race is obese, plus a higher percentage of the US is white.

          • Yeah, read this whole one……had a good lunch, more patient. I apologize, I should not have said it like I did, it was really a knee jerk reaction, I had been typing too much, needed to go to the store, fed up w/ too many childish comments…….hadn’t eaten lunch haha. Yeah, I mean…….I’m sorry….I’m glad I’m not an obese black woman, or white woman ahhaahaha. No hard feelings. In genetics, we did talk about the poverty influence on the high obesity rates of Nat. Americans and Af. Americans………my teacher explained it like……..the diet changed too rapidly fr. their traditional diet, that is why the effects of obesity are felt more among those populations.I felt bad about calling you wide, I’m sorry. I just got defensive b/c you were a little rude in your first comment to me, I don’t like being rude back, I do make it a point to treat others how they treat me though. You’re not that wide!

          • That’s fine. 🙂 I don’t like being mean either… It’s just I get a little frustrated when people are so judgemental about other’s appearances. I understand that you prefer a thinner aesthetic and that’s ok; it’s just the way you express it.

            Obviously the perception of ‘too fat’ and ‘too skinny’ varies from person to person but I don’t really think it’s up to me to tell anyone else that they’re fat and *should* lose weight; if they’re overweight or bigger than my personal ideal and they’re also happy, that’s their choice.

            I know I’m not tiny- (at 5’11 it would be difficult to maintain 33 inch hips), so I guess mine are ‘wide’ compared to my waist, and esp. compared to yours but I’m still slim, healthy and fit, which I think is the most important thing. 🙂

          • Health, appearance, wealth, in that order, for me at least…….NOT the other way around. I don’t think I called Lupita fat, I said her legs are thicker/bigger/ than her upper….you know? As opposed to like Grace Jones, who I think I mentioned here, who is proportionate ( I know Grace is old now but she and Iman and Christy T. and like my favorite ‘old’ batch of models, and beauty, strength and fitness inspos, I just watched Conana the Barbarian and had to pay 2.99 to rent it, but Grace was sooooooo beautiful in it)You know, I think…….if someone has excess body fat, it only makes sense to look for a healthy way to get rid of it. And excess body fat is fat that prevents you from seeing your muscles. I don’t bother w/ BMI, or stuff….what about you? What do you think about that? Oh, and love to have you height haha, but I guess you know that ahahhahahahah!!!!!!!!

          • How tiring when people continually play the race card? The information about black American women she provided was correct.

          • Agreed, but the way she initially worded her comment made it seem like it was more acceptable to be an obese white woman than an obese black one, as she said something along the lines of “I don’t care why black women are obese- I’m just glad I’m not one”, hence why her comment was deleted.

            She’s since apologised and explained that it was just a poorly-worded statement so the matter has been laid to rest.

          • Oh please, everyone knows, including the moderator, that you’re pretending to be several different people & one of those admitted to being out of shape, greasy problem skin & oh, I forgot- fat arms & a bloated stomach. Perhaps you should take your own advice & take up weight training & cardio, instead of wishing you looked like someone who is fit. Also, work on the bitterness, jealousy & anger about your looks! You’re on the right track with the accutane, now work on your body & get fit!

          • I’m not the other poster, and you know that. But why don’t you ask the moderator if you think I’m lying 🙂 You must really be fat or short or both if you can get this angry simply over my comments and my stats. I suggest you take up weights and cardio, I’ve been doing them since I was 18. 🙂

          • Now you’re pretending to be someone named Kcate? LOL Since admitting to being out of shape, fat, bloated & pimply now you’re backtracking & calling everyone else fat to make yourself feel better. I repeat: take up weight training & cardio & you will eventually get in shape. It’s obvious why you accuse everyone who tells you off of being fat-it’s because you feel angry & lonely in your own unsatisfactory body & are projecting your own insecurities & anger on everyone else.
            Come back when you can honestly, intelligently answer why you are so jealous of so many women who are actually fit.
            Maybe a support group can help?

          • No that was prob. you to make me look bad. I suppose if you want to prove to everyone here, that is so important LOL, then ask the moderatr right now if KCATE and me are the same…….I’m waiting. Wow….all b/c I said this woman has thick unattractive legs. You’re not her are you? 🙂

          • Now paranoia? Oh dear, this is more serious that I thought.
            Anyway, I’m off to take my dog to the vet, have lunch with friends (real friends), visit my newborn niece at the hospital, do some grocery shopping, then to the gym to do my weight training & cardio (sorry to disappoint you)
            When I return later this evening, I m sure your comments will have been deleted as usual, but I’m sure I will not have missed anything-just the same lame insults & hysteria we get from you. Have fun sifting through magazines, deciding who you will look like next month.

      • Ignoring is definitely the best solution but are we just going to leave such comments and act as if we are blind ?? I mean somebody has to find a solution or this site will just get worse and worse !

  11. I really don’t like her face, but she has a very nice body and what seems like a very nice personality. So who can’t love her?

    I really like the first pic as well.

  12. This is Vogue US?? Yeaaah congrats to Lupita and I’m glad to see a black woman with a skin that’s darker than the mixed women that we call “black” on the cover.
    I wouldn’t have put much makeup on her tho, she just doesn’t need it and it hides her natural beauty.

    • agree!! And they didn’t even lighten her skin like magazines do so often to black actresses (FINALLY). She’s so stunning.

      • I lover her super dark skin, it’s striking. I like extremes, really pale, really dark…gorgeous skin, just not the legs………

  13. I know I’m going to be the odd (wo)man out here, but I truly don’t find her to be extraordinarily stunning. I think her skin is radiant and her personality is beautiful, but having known many African women (ranging from Somali to the Ivory Coast), there are MANY dark ladies who are equally radiant if not more so.

    Honestly, I feel like the admiration for her is parallel to that of a blonde haired, blue eyed woman in an African or South American country (during earlier time periods). Local citizens would gush over golden locks and blue eyes: not necessarily because the woman was physically stunning, but because she was different, unique and thus exotic.

    You can find this in almost any culture. We like what’s different. Lupita is unique in Hollywood, and so people act as though she is the only gorgeous African woman out there — when in truth, it’s simply people’s lack of exposure that makes her such a rare “goddess.”

    Just my opinion. To each her own, though.

  14. Oh god. SvC comment section has taken reality show concept to a whole new level….meaning it has become insufferably boring -.- World, my deep apologies for having contributed, along with many others, to trigger Natalia’s psychosis.

    • I hear you sister..and i won’t reply to her anymore..i just want it to end, you know? I LOVED reading the first this was sort of amusing like hey natalia is back but this time it really got worse, she is pretending to be so many different people and is taking so much space with her crazy monologes…

  15. Yeah, Lupita has thick, shapeless legs. She looks stunning in long, floor length gowns, and only so so in short skirts. That’s her only real flaw.

        • Notice Purrtriarchy has 15,777 comments…my God…who has this much time to snark online? We can only hope a family member finds her computer history and gets her the help she needs. It’s not funny to me, just sad.

          • How do you know *what* I do online??

            And comments add up over the YEARS…

            PS try attacking the argument instead of resorting to a childish ad hominem fallacy, kiddo

          • Stating the # of your comments is not an ‘ad hominem’ attack, simply a fact, like stating the U.S president is Obama. Learn what ‘ad hominem’ means before you try to seem clever by using Latin phrases you don’t understand, ‘kiddo’. I noticed it jumped to 15,788 very quickly – considering you made 11 comments that quick, I’ll assume you’re an internet addict, but that’s your right.

            My mistake if you’re not the troll who spews hundreds of crazy comments here – it was an honest mistake. Of course you’re entitled to your opinion about Lupita, no one is debating that. I agree she looks better in long gowns than short dresses.

          • Debating by misquotation I see. Noticing the comment # is not an ad hominem. But the rest of your post was.

            I rarely comment here. I spend most of my time in actual debate at The Atlantic, Mother Jones, Patheos Blogs and RH Reality Check.

          • Lol I’m not ‘debating’ or ‘misquoting’ you. As I already said, my mistake – I confused you for a regular troll here, hence my previous comment. I take it back.

            You seem very defensive though. I notice people who spend far too much time online in pointless debates are often hyper defensive. Fortunately I don’t take the internet too seriously. I did apologize for my mistake if that was unclear earlier, bye

          • Yes…that’s why I thought you were her – your high post count (she trolls a bunch of blogs in addition to this). Most of her comments have been deleted by the Mod now. I apologize again for mistaking you for her. I see that you’re much more rational lol ( :

          • I am familiar with her. Even spent some time “debating” her on the subject of objective beauty. She kept insisting that models = objective beauty for as long as cro magnon man has existed. Which is utter bull crap.

  16. The bathing suit makes her look big around the middle and her legs are kind of blocky but other than that she is very pretty.

  17. I moderate like 10 times a day 🙁 I delete the troll comments non stop, basically. I honestly don’t know what to do and I am considering moderating all comments before anything appears on the site.

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