Madonna Explains Her Passion for Muscles

Madonna-Explains-Her-Passion-for-Muscles - Madonna Explains Her Passion for Muscles

Finally, we get to hear the story behind Madonna’s crazy muscles.

The UK Press Association reports:

MADONNA has brushed off criticism of her overly-muscled body – insisting she needs to keep in shape because it’s her job.

The Material Girl has sparked concerns about her obsession with fitness with her prominent biceps and frequent trips to the gym.
But the 51 year old is adamant she needs a rigorous training regime in order to cope with her strenuous on-stage dance routines.

She tells British TV show GMTV, “(I do it) for health reasons, and for aesthetic reasons. If I have to go out on stage and, you know, jump around in a pair of hot pants I better look good and also when I perform I’m like an athlete and I have to be in good shape. I’m not panicked, I just know what my job is and I know that if I want to be able to wear whatever I want to wear on stage then my body better look good.”

What do you say?

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27 thoughts on “Madonna Explains Her Passion for Muscles”

  1. I don’t like her figure, but she does make sense.

    Britney is more asthetically pleasing (not as muscley) but she stopped doing the high energy dance routines she used to do because they tire her out and she gets out of breath (her words, not mine). You really have to be in damn good shape to be able to run around for an hour on stage, and that takes work, especially if you’re as old as Madonna is.

    By the way, the obvious comment: her butt looks really weird.

  2. the more obvious comment is that SHE’S A SUPER STAR and she knows how to do her job.

    You can like her or not (title of one of her songs), but it’s clear that she is one of the gratest artist of all time! her image and body are “media”, she doesn’t have to be perfect or beautiful as a model, she has to performe and to express her music, her style… there’s a lot of people who criticizes her, but I went to three dates of her concert here in Italy, and it was always sold out and everyone after the concert was ENTHUSIASTIC…
    p.s.: I’m only 22…not 50 or older 😉

  3. Thing is, her body does not look good. And yeah, for all you supporting her: 80% of her concert is playback. If that’s an artist to you, wow… she should be a singer not a circus performer.

  4. Eh. Not my cuppa’ aesthetic wise, but muscle is at least healthy. Bet she doesn’t suffer from much osteoporosis any time soon.

  5. I think she’s right from the need-to-be-fit point of view, but I don’t really like the muscles on her.. Also: why does a 51 year old need to wear hot pants…?

    • they can be whatever they want to be as long as they are happy; or not, whatever; but we can say what we like and do not like. Some people take this politically corectness to really stupid levels.

  6. yes, you have to look good if you are on stage dancing, but there’s a difference between looking good and building up muscles lika a female bodybuilder. That is just too much. And there’s another thing I don’t really get, why on earth does she wear such unsuitable and revealing outfits???
    One can also choose other stage outfits, which look sexy or extraordinary and don’t show that much. It’s just not classy…

  7. I don’t like her action woman look personally, but why people ‘complain’ is beyond me. Her muscles aren’t disturbing the peace or anything.
    Obsessing with the gym is better than slouching on the couch, eating McDonalds round the clock.

    I do think her booty looks great though. She didn’t have that before she went gym-crazy.

  8. Dear uma…it’s clear that you didn’t go to any of her concert…so please don’t talk if you are not interested in knowing better her and her music. She’s not a perfect singer (and her concerts are proofs coz they are not in playback! at least you don’t means that she hasr to sing also the chorus part!!!), but she’s absolutely an Artist… Art isn’t merely reppresented by the perfection of a note but rahter by expressiveness, power and passion… so please, be respectful for other people thoughts.

    • Why aren’t you respectful to my thoughts than? I was at her concert last summer. It was 80% playback. I listen to jazz and metal. I KNOW what live music sounds like. Want a true artist? Google or youtube search Hiromi Uehara. Madonna is a performer, NOT an artist. Art is far more than shaking your a– for the crowd. Or, to be more precise, art is nothing like that. So, express your opinion. Believe what you want to believe. But do NOT dare to say that i need to respect others’ thoughts when you are putting me and my values down. Yes, i value art. And Madonna will never be up there for me. Am i entitled to think this? I actually don’t care. It’s my mind, my values, my opinions. Period

      • Your words contraddict yourself!
        The only person not respectful here is you…I regret if I said something offensive towards you, and I say sorry for that. But differently from you, I only try to support an Artist (yes, I insist…) that gave and still give me a lot of emotions and reppresent a main soundtrack of most part of my life, BUT YOU AND ANYONE ARE OBVIOUSLY FREE TO LISTEN TO WATHEVER KIND OF MUSIC YOU PREFER! I listen to different music too,for extreme exemple I went to opera lot of times in Verona, Venice… but I like Madge and always will, and I’m not interest in criticize you or denigrate your values…

  9. i say great! she’s in amazing shape, who could argue with that? and she’s right, who would want to jump around in front of thousands with their thighs jiggling…eek.

  10. I know we should all respect each other’s choices. But, my only criticism of Madonna is her clothing. And, why does she always have to pose with her legs spread?? She has a teenage daughter for goodness sake.

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