Racy Madonna Promos for Hard Candy


Oh, wow! Can she get any racier?

First 3 pictures: Tummy, breasts, nipples… they’re all out and the (covered) rest is just as provocative, if not more! I really understand the meaning of “Flaunt it while you’ve got it” and yeah, Madonna’s got a flat stomach and impossibly toned legs, but there is just TOO MUCH “I gotta be sexy, gotta be sexy” going on here.

Second picture: I’m kinda surprised that Madonna is actually looking her age here and they didn’t metamorphoze her into a plastic and impossibly-flawless doll.


Definitely debatable!

So let’s talk!

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20 thoughts on “Racy Madonna Promos for Hard Candy”

  1. It's nice that her arms don't appear extremely sinewy in the pix. A shocker, I know, because they usually are repulsive. Good old Photoshop to the rescue. If she would dress with some class she could pass as attractive. But she always looks like a retired hooker to me.

    • I agree. Why not be an elegant, super-hot, age-appropriate instead of wearing crap I wouldn't have been caught dead in at 20!

  2. Whoa…. this is a NO. Her arms are extremely pitted-looking and her womanly parts are too womanly in the second picture, regardless of age. I assume that she would look a lot better if she wasn't so revealing, not even an 18 year-old would look desirable to me in something of this sort. Her arms are very strange and pitted looking, and the fourth picture is just a 'no'. I am even more tempted to call her a granny in those panties she's wearing and the facial expression elevates her not-so-young-anymore features. Sorry, honey, it happens to the best of us. Kudos to her for having a great bod still.

  3. im sorry, but all of these pictures are just disgusting!!! absolutely tasteless, nowhere near sexy or hot… and those panties… ewwwwwwwww…

  4. madonna is sexy. she will always be.

    even if her body isn't the ideal (i.e. more manly than most people like), she will always be hot and sexy because of her persona and they way she acts and carries herself. does anyone agree?

    i don't know. i feel like madonna can do know wrong in my eyes. she's a strong, successful, independent woman who has made an amazing career for herself. that's f—-g sexy!

  5. I am very surprised that madonna even let that 4th picture come out! lol Not that it's a bad thing, it's just not like her… She is trying to perpetuate that young Madonna thing all the time posing in racy pictures and than that, I don't understand. Even those two sets of pictures don't even look to be for the same campaign, I mean why would you do something so different in the same set of pictures… dressing like a 25 years old in the first three and 50 in the last one… weird.

    But it's a good thing that finally we see the real madonna, not the ultra photoshopped plastic pictures.

  6. I admire her dedication to her body.

    But EEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW…… I'm getting "grandma fetish" vibes… so sick, and I agree with whoever said this wouldn't be sexy on a 20year old… it leaves nothing to the imagination.

    Just NO… why must Madonna subject us to this?

  7. Maybe she still looks her age because she's making a point that even "mature" women can be racy and sexy / age doesn't matter? I think she looks quite hot. She is too skinny though but still.. what a toned body.. I'm quite envious.

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